Written By Alfredo Esparza

SMW TV #56 (2/20/1993)

Taped 2/8/1993 at the Jellico High School in Jellico, TN. Aired on 2/20/1993.

Bob Caudle and Dutch Mantell are on commentary. Mantell has more posters asking if real men join the military. He also tells Caudle that he is “Dr. Dutch Mantell”. They pick out an opponent for Smothers and it is The Nightstalker.

The Dirty White Boy comes out and celebrates when he sees Mantell pull The Nightstalker’s name out of the hat and he doesn’t think Smothers can beat him so he’s not going to get $5,000.

The Heavenly Bodies Incorporated (Stan Lane, Dr. Tom Prichard & Bobby Eaton) (w/ Jim Cornette) vs. Reno Riggins, Dixie Dynamite & Len Fields

The Dixie Dynamite and Dr. Tom Prichard start the match. They mention on commentary that now that Cornette formed the “Heavenly Bodies Incorporated” any three members of the team can defend the SMW Tag Team Titles. Headscissors by Dynamite leads to Prichard getting out and complaining to the referee. Some good mat work by the two and again Prichard complains to the referee about hair pulling.

Prichard gets Dynamite in the corner and punishes him and whips him into the ropes. Dynamite catches him with an armdrag and some dropkicks. Prichard gets Dynamite in the corner and Lane grabs Dynamite and Prichard charges at him with a forearm. He tries to do it a second time only this time Eaton is holding Dynamite and gets out of the way and Prichard ends up hitting Eaton and knocking him down.

Bobby Eaton charges into the ring and shoves Prichard. Cornette and Lane try to calm him down. Eaton tags in to go against Dixie Dynamite. He gets Dynamite in the corner and punches him. Dynamite blocks a hiptoss and gets Eaton in one instead. Flying headscissors by Dynamite.

Len Fields tags in and Eaton gets him in the corner. Fields with a hiptoss. Eaton gets in a knee at Fields but Fields tags in Riggins. Eaton catches Riggins with a clothesline as soon as he enters the ring. Lane tags in and Riggins does several leapfrogs and catches Lane with a dropkick and an armdrag takedown. Fireman’s carry takedown by Lane to counter Riggins. Eaton tags back in and lands an elbow across Riggins back. Prichard tags in and gets Riggins with a suplex.

Kneedrop by Prichard gets Cornette to cheer. Riggins catches Prichard with a punch and tags in Fields who fires a few shots at Prichard. Prichard punches him and powerbombs Fields. Lane tags in and kicks Fields a few times and tags in Eaton. Eaton and Lane team up for the Alabama Jam for the win.

WINNERS: The Heavenly Bodies Incorporated (Lane, Prichard & Eaton)

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express join Bob Caudle for an interview. Robert Gibson and Ricky Morton talk about their upcoming #1 Contenders match with the Stud Stable. Morton says the Stud Stable stands in the way of them wrestling the Heavenly Bodies.

SMW Commissioner Bob Armstrong joins Bob Caudle and says since returning to SMW from his trip, he’s found a lot of problems. First one is Jim Cornette incorporating The Heavenly Bodies and says they are going to look thru the rulebook to see how they can stop the Bodies from having 3 members defending the tag team titles.

The second is Paul Orndorff piledriving the referee recently. They show a clip of Orndorff doing it. Armstrong says Orndorff is now suspended indefinitely and says he’s gone. Crowd cheers.

The third thing was they had to pay Kevin Sullivan’s medical bills from seeing his psychiatrist. They show a video of Kevin Sullivan getting a drink. He also gets told that he is the “caretaker”. Sullivan is pleased that SMW will be paying his therapy. He introduces Dr. Michael Phillips who tells Sullivan that they will get him back together again. Sullivan then cuts a promo on Armstrong, Lee, Mongolian Stomper, Horner and Smothers and tells them that he’s never lost a game he’s ever played.

“Prime Time” Brian Lee vs. Larry Santo

Larry Santo attacks Brian Lee before the match starts. He lands some forearms on him. Lee catches Santo with a kick and follows with a clothesline. He throws a few punches and gets him with another boot to the face. Lee whips Santo into the ropes and catches him with a powerslam. He follows that up with the cancellation power bomb for the win. Short match.

WINNER: Brian Lee

Tim Horner & Ricky Morton promos for an upcoming show.

Kevin Sullivan and The Nightstalker join Bob Caudle and he asks Sullivan about Tommy Starr. Sullivan called it a regrettable incident that happened before he was getting therapy. He said that he knocked out all of Tommy Starr’s teeth. Sullivan says he’s worried about The Nightstalker and thinks he has real problems.

The Nightstalker says he has only three problems: Brian Lee, Tim Horner and now Tracy Smothers. He says he’s hungry and needs to be fed. Sullivan laughs as Nightstalker mentions this.

Tracy Smothers vs. The Nightstalker for the SMW Beat The Champ TV Title

The Dirty White Boy hits Tracy Smothers with a chair as he enters for his match. He then takes him down and hurts Smothers arm and shoulder and leaves him laid out on the gym floor!

Commissioner Bob Armstrong comes out and announces that he’s fining The Dirty White Boy $1,000 for what he just did. He then tells Smothers that the rules for the SMW Beat The Champ TV Title was that it had to be 5 weeks in the row in order to win the $5,000. Armstrong tells Smothers that he’ll talk to the board about getting his money but Smothers refuses to forfeit the match and tells Armstrong that he’s going to earn that money.

Smothers gets in the ring and The Nightstalker quickly attacks him. Tracy fights back and punches at The Nightstalker. He misses a splash to the corner as The Nightstalker moves out of the way. The Nightstalker attacks Smothers left shoulder. Shoulder breaker by The Nightstalker and then he tosses Smothers to the outside.

The Nightstalker tosses Smothers into the ring post. He sends Smothers back into the ring. Shoulder tackle off the ropes by The Nightstalker. He continues to work over Smothers left shoulder. Nightstalker slams Smothers but misses an elbow drop.

Smothers fires off some punches but Nightstalker catches him with a powerslam. Nightstalker climbs to the top rope and Smothers moves out of a dive and tosses Nightstalker to the mat. Shoulder block by Smothers and he catches him with a dropkick. The Dirty White Boy shows up and grabs all of Smothers gear and flag and rips it and tosses it into a trash can.

The Nightstalker grabs Smothers who was distracted and powerbombs him for the win. He becomes the new Beat the Champ TV champ. The Dirty White Boy gets in the ring and attacks Smothers. He handcuffs Smothers to the top rope. The Nightstalker is shown holding the dressing room so no one cmes out to help Smothers.

The Dirty White Boy places the flag in the trash can and pours lighter fluid on it. He continues to attack Smothers. The Dirty White Boy lights up the flag! Several wrestlers finally come out and Tim Horner brings a fire extinguisher to stop the fire.

WINNER: The Nightstalker

The Dirty White Boy (w/ Mr. Ron Wright) vs. Ted Allen

The Dirty White Boy attacks Ted Allen as he enters the ring. They go back and forth for a bit before The Dirty White Boy gets Allen with a DDT. He headbutts Allen and then whips him across the ring and catches him with a clothesline. Kneedrop by DWB.

The Dirty White Boy doesn’t remove his belt or gear as he continues to beat on Allen. An elbow to the back of the head. Allen fights back but DWB beats him down and catches him with a boot to the mid-section. Another DDT by The Dirty White Boy.

Tracy Smothers charges at the ring but Tim Horner, The Dixie Dynamite and Reno Riggins try to keep him away. The Dirty White Boy attacks Smothers. Referee appeared to award the win to The Dirty White Boy.

WINNER: The Dirty White Boy

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson) vs. The Stud Stable (Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden) (w/ Dutch Mantell) in a #1 Contenders match.

Jim Cornette joins Bob Caudle on commentary with Dutch Mantell ringside with The Stud Stable. Caudle asks Cornette if he has a preference and Cornette replies that he hopes they all die.

Robert Fuller and Robert Gibson start the match. Fuller shoves Gibson into the corner and breaks cleanly. The Heavenly Bodies show up with some soft drinks, popcorn and chairs to sit ringside. Bob Caudle sends out his condolences to the fans, friends and family of Andre The Giant who had died recently.

Gibson knocked down Fuller with a punch. Everyone in the ring is distracted by the Heavenly Bodies being ringside. Gibson with a hammerlock on Fuller. Fuller tags in Golden and Gibson gets him with an armdrag takedown. Morton tags in and punches at Golden. Mantell argues with the referee about the Heavenly Bodies being ringside.

Jimmy Golden gets Morton in the corner but that gets reversed and Morton gets Golden with an armdrag takedown. Gibson tags in and he gets a cradle on Golden for a near fall but Fuller gets in. Fuller trips up Gibson and Golden drops a knee on him. He follows it up with a backdrop. Fuller back in and he attacks both. All four get in the ring with the referee getting Morton out of the ring.

Double-team attack on Gibson by The Stud Stable. Golden gets Gibson with a suplex and only gets a two-count. Fuller tags back in and kicks Gibson. Front facelock into a suplex by Fuller. Morton makes the save on a pin attempt. Golden back in and he whips Gibson into the ropes and Gibson gets him with a fist to the head. He tags in Morton.

Morton fires away at both Stud Stable members. Gibson back in as well. Referee gets Gibson out of the ring and The Stud Stable with a double-team clothesline. Gibson goes after Fuller in their corner. Morton bumps into Golden and sends him to the floor. Golden grabs the big bag of popcorn from Eaton and throws it at all of the Heavenly Bodies. Bobby Eaton grabs his drink and throws it at Golden’s face. Golden gets rolled-up by Morton for the pin.

WINNERS: The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express

The Dirty White Boy and Jim Cornette promos for upcoming house shows.

The Stud Stable do an interview upset about The Heavenly Bodies getting involved in their match. Fuller vows to get revenge on The Heavenly Bodies, The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express and Jim Cornette! Mantell promises to whoop Jim Cornette with shoo-baby. Golden tells the Bodies that next time they throw something at him make it Budweiser! LOL!

Bob Caudle ends the show letting everyone know that next week they’ll have an update on Tracy Smothers condition.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Very good episode. Thought the entire angle between Tracy Smothers and The Dirty White Boy was great. The final match with The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express and Stud Stable got distracted by The Heavenly Bodies ringside and the eventual interference was good as well. Wasn’t a big fan of the Kevin Sullivan angle. A little too much in my opinion.


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