Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-South Wrestling 7/16/1983

Taped 7/6/1983 at the Irish McNeil’s Boys Club in Shreveport, Louisiana. Aired on 7/16/1983.

Boyd Pearce and “Cowboy” Bill Watts are on commentary.

Steve “Dr. Death” Williams & Joe Stark vs. Arn Anderson & Ralph “Big Boy” Williams

Arn Anderson and Joe Stark start the match. Anderson knocked down by a shoulder tackle and he gets him with an armdrag. Arn gets him with a shoulder block to the mid-section and tags in Williams. Watts mentions that Dr. Death would wrestle for Mid-South Wrestling for a bit of time and when the USFL season starts in January, he’d head back to his team.

Big Boy with a backbreaker. He tags in Anderson and they continue to beat on Stark. Brainbuster by Anderson on Stark and he goes for the pin but Stark’s leg reaches the ropes. Big Boy back in and he slams Stark and lands a legdrop on him for another near fall. Big Boy Williams misses an elbow at Stark who tags in Dr. Death!

Dr. Death fires away at Big Boy Williams! He tosses Big Boy into the corner and charges at him with a tackle. He charges at Arn Anderson and knocks him down with a tackle too. Doc gets Big Boy Williams with another tackle. Stark comes in and dropkicks Anderson out of the ring. Dr. Death backdrops Big Boy and then backdrops him. He then gets Big Boy with the Stampede powerslam for the pin. He stops Anderson from trying to attack him.

WINNERS: Steve Williams & Joe Stark

Recap of Kamala beating on two opponents in a handicap match from World Class Championship Wrestling.

King Kong Bundy vs. Art Crews

King Kong Bundy tosses Art Crews away after a lock-up. He then gets Crews on the ropes and whips him but Crews ducks a clothesline. Crews catches Bundy with some forearms that rattle the big man but Bundy recovers and gets in some shots at Crews right away. Watts on commentary mentions how there are so many big men in wrestling right now and mentioned they’ve already shown three in this episode.

Bundy uses the ropes to choke Crews. Crews tries to fight back but Bundy keeps knocking him down. He catches Crews with an elbow. Bundy misses a right and Crews lays in a forearm and some punches but Bundy keeps attacking Crews. Bundy whips Crews into the corner and splashes him. He follows that up with the Atlantic City Avalanche for the pin. The five count and Bundy’s arm is raised!

WINNER: King Kong Bundy

“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan & Magnum T.A. vs. Boris Zurhkov & Rip Rogers

Rip Rogers slaps Duggan twice which gets a great reaction from Watts & Pearce on commentary. All four men start to brawl with Duggan lifting Rogers up in the air and dropping him down to the mat. Magnum T.A. dropkicks Zurhkov out of the ring. Duggan slams Rogers and then tosses him to the outside.

Zurhkov and Magnum get in the ring and Magnum leapfrogs Zurhkov a couple of times and catches him with a dropkick and armdrag. Zurhkov recovers and tags Rogers in. Rogers with a side headlock on Magnum but Magnum whips him into the ropes, Rogers pauses when he nearly runs into Duggan. Magnum catches Rogers with a dropkick instead. Duggan punches Rogers. Magnum with an armdrag on Rogers but Rip tags in Zurhkov.

Magnum T.A. gets Zurhkov in an armbar and then switches over to a wristlock and tags in Duggan. Duggan lands an elbow across Zurhkov’s arm. He tosses Zurhkov into the corner and then gets back to attacking his left arm. Rogers is turned away from the action when Zurhkov heads over and slaps his back to tag him in. Rip wants nothing to do with Duggan and backs away but Duggan gets him in the ring.

Duggan with a wristlock and he tags in Magnum who lands an elbow across Rogers’ left arm. Zurhkov catches Magnum with a knee to the back. Rogers and Zurhkov with a double-team slam on Magnum. Rogers back in and he whips him into the ropes but Magnum goes for a sunset flip for a near fall. Magnum tags in Duggan who attacks Rogers. He whips Rogers into the ropes and backdrops him. Duggan knocks Zurhkov out of the ring. Magnum picks up Rogers for an atomic knee drop and Duggan hits a spear at Rogers for the pin. Fans cheer the babyface team loudly.

WINNERS: Hacksaw Duggan & Magnum T.A.

“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan vs. Ted DiBiase

This match was originally going to be DiBiase vs. Johnny Rich. Johnny Rich shows up wearing his jeans and his right hand is a cast. Rich tells Reiser Bowden that he was injured in an earlier match and the doctor told him that he shouldn’t wrestle and he’ll have a replacement for the match. DiBiase calls it a sorry excuse and doesn’t believe Rich’s hand is injured. He tells Rich that he’s just a coward and tells him to get out of the ring.

Hacksaw Duggan charges into the ring as Rich’s replacement for the match! The two quickly start to exchange punches. Duggan gains control and knocks DiBiase down. He whips DiBiase into the ropes and catches him with an elbow. More punches thrown by Duggan. DiBiase reverses and catches him with an elbow but misses the fist drop.

Duggan continues to attack DiBiase. He gets DiBiase with an atomic knee drop and then delivers a forearm that sends DiBiase to the floor. Duggan throws DiBiase back into the ring and Ted with some punches thrown at Duggan. DiBiase whips Duggan into the corner and continues his attack. DiBiase misses a shoulder into the corner. Duggan beats on DiBiase in the turnbuckles.

DiBiase moves out of the way of a Duggan spear. He climbs to the top rope but Duggan grabs him and slams him down. Duggan with some punches thrown at DiBiase. He slams DiBiase’s face into the mat. The crowd starts to scream. Bundy runs out with his right arm taped up and he attacks Duggan. He beats on Duggan and DiBiase helps him.

Joe Stark runs out and gets knocked out. Johnny Rich and Magnum T.A. come out and they brawl with Magnum making the save for Duggan. The Junkyard Dog finally runs out and clears DiBiase out of the ring. Referee disqualifies DiBiase.

WINNER: Hacksaw Duggan by DQ

“Hacksaw” Butch Reed vs. George Weingeroff

Boyd Pearce again mentions how George Weingeroff is almost totally blind but because of his athletic prowess and amateur wrestling can handle himself against the best. Watts tells him that he’s legally blind. Reed gets upset that Weingeroff is able to escape his attack. Weingeroff with a fireman’s carry takedown on Reed. He catches Reed with a pair of dropkicks and Reed heads to the outside.

Reed gets back in the ring and lands a knee and a forearm on Weingeroff. He starts to beat on Weingeroff and delivers an elbow at him. He kicks at him and then lands a middle rope elbow on Weingeroff. He continues to punch Weingeroff and then uses the ropes to choke him. Reed with some more kicks and whips Weingeroff into the ropes and catches him with a dropkick.

Reed tosses Weingeroff to the outside. Fans yell at Reed who kicks away at Weingeroff who’s trying to get back in the ring. Reed with a forearm across Weingeroff’s chest sends him back down to the floor. He keeps Weingeroff from getting into the ring for a bit. Weingeroff finally gets in but Reed catches him with a knee to the mid-section. Reed continues to punish Weingeroff. He chokes Weingeroff with his foot across his throat. They get in the corner and Reed punches away at him.

Reed with more punches at Weingeroff. He stomps on Weingeroff a little more and then whips Weingeroff into the ropes and George gets him in a sunset flip for a near fall. Reed back up and he punches away at Weingeroff. He bites his head and the referee warns Reed. Reed with a suplex on Weingeroff and follows with a running knee drop but Weingeroff kicks out.

Weingeroff fights back against Reed. Reed misses a clothesline and Weingeroff with a punch. He takes it to Reed in the corner but Reed counters and gets back to beating on Weingeroff. Side suplex by Reed. He stomps on Weingeroff. Reed whips Weingeroff into the ropes and Weingeroff with a surprise pin attempt with a roll-up. Weingeroff whips Reed into the ropes but Reed kicks him and then misses an elbow drop!

Reed raises his knees up as Weingeroff goes for a splash. Reed stomps on Weingeroff and legdrops him. He then gorilla press slams Weingeroff and drops him down across his knee. Reed with a flying shoulder tackle for the pin. Good match.

WINNER: Butch Reed

Tim Horner vs. Doug Vines

Tim Horner with a quick pin attempt on Doug Vines. Horner whips Vines into the ropes and catches him with a series of armdrags and a dropkick that send Vines to the outside. Vines returns and gets Horner with a knee to the mid-section. He slams Horner and then drops an elbow to get a two-count. Vines whips Horner into the ropes but Horner reverses and backdrops him. Horner with an armbar.

Vines whips Horner into the ropes and they have this cool sequence with Horner trying to get a pin but Vines escapes but Vines can’t seem to grab hold of Horner. Horner slams Vines and again gets him in an armbar. Vines punches at Horner and whips him into the ropes and knocks Horner down. Kick to the mid-section by Vines. He drops an elbow on Horner.

Armbar by Doug Vines slows down Horner. Horner with a leg takedown and he goes for a cradle on Vines but they’re near the ropes. Some mat work until Vines gets in some punches. He whips Horner and backdrops him and gets a two-count. Another whip into the ropes and Horner catches Vines with a Thesz Press for the pin.

WINNER: Tim Horner

Mr. Wrestling II vs. Tony Zane

Tony Zane charges at Mr. Wrestling II but II catches him with a hiptoss. Mr. Wrestling II with a punch to the mid-section and he gets Zane in a front facelock. Zane gets in a forearm while on the ropes. Mr. Wrestilng II gets him with one of his own. He takes Zane back down to the mat. Mr. Wrestling II just smothers Zane on the mat. They reach the ropes and the referee forces a clean break.

Zane gets Mr. Wrestling II with some punches but Mr. Wrestling II fires back with some forearms. He backdrops Zane. Mr. Wrestling II ducks a punch from Zane and gets him with an atomic knee drop. II then follows with his patented knee drop for the pin right before time ran out.

WINNER: Mr. Wrestling II

Watts and Pearce mention that next week’s show will have Kamala vs. Hacksaw Duggan from Houston.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode with the big Hacksaw Duggan and Ted DiBiase surprise match. Thought that was all well done including having Bundy attack Duggan to help DiBiase. The tag match prior to that was pretty good as well. The other match that I thought was good was the Reed vs. Weingeroff match. Dr. Death back on Mid-South was cool to see especially how wild he looked in closing out that match.


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