Written By Alfredo Esparza

ECW Hardcore TV #52 (4/12/1994)

Taped 3/27/1994 at the ECW Arena in Philadelphia, PA. Aired on 4/12/1994.

Show opens with Shane Douglas cutting a promo on Road Warrior Hawk after he and Sherri Martel took out Badd Company. Hawk heads to the ring and takes a chair shot to the head that Hawk no-sold! Shane and Sherri leave the ring and Hawk cuts a promo on Douglas.

Joey Styles welcomes everyone to the show and talked about Shane Douglas crossing the line at a press conference with Terry Funk. He mentions that Shane Douglas has reached a deal with Jason for Mr. Hughes.

Jay Sulli is backstage with Shane Douglas and Sherri Martel. Jason shows up and praises both Shane and Sherri and then insults Jay Sulli’s suit. Mr. Hughes shows up and takes the microphone away from Sulli so that Jason can continue speaking. He tells them that whenever they need Mr. Hughes services that are available.

That’s followed by Road Warrior Hawk promo about Shane Douglas and admitted that the chairshot hurt but hurt in a way that some pain can feel good. He says that he’s “cold steel” and vows to get The Franchise and make him pay the “Warrior Way” which is slow and painful.

The Public Enemy (Johnny Grunge & “Flyboy” Rocco Rock) vs. Mike Norman & Mikey Whipwreck

Joey Styles mentions that he’s joined by Matty In Da House who has something to say about an upcoming Tag Team title match. He tells him that the ECW Tag Team title match on Saturday between the Public Enemy vs. The Bruise Brothers will be a “human cage match” or as he said it’s best known as a lumberjack match.

Back to the ring, The Public Enemy double-team Mike Norman. Rock then tosses him into Whipwreck for a tag. Whipwreck has his fist up ready to fight while Rock stalls in the corner and as Whipwreck charges at him, he gets him with a knee to the mid-section. Rock with a backdrop suplex for a two-count. DDT by Rock. He screams into the camera before tagging in Grunge.

Double-team face-first suplex by The Public Enemy. Grunge waves to the crowd that it’s over. He lands a forearm to the back of Whipwreck. Grunge with the reverse DDT and tags Rock and he lands a senton (The Drive-By) for the pin on Whipwreck. The Public Enemy screams into the camera one more time.

WINNERS: The Public Enemy

They return to Joey Styles and Matty In Da House at the ECW Arena Eagle’s nest. Styles tells Matty that he’s going to start calling him “Scoop”. Matty tells Joey that he’s sorry because he knew that he wanted to break the scoop and then screamed into Styles ear, “I’m not sorry!!!”

Video highlights of the Public Enemy and Bruise Brothers brawling throughout ECW Arena.

Jason “The Sexiest Man on Earth” video with “Whatta Man” as the song. This upsets Joey Styles

Jay Sulli is backstage to interview ECW TV Champion J.T. Smith about him wanting a match on the next show against The Pitbull. Sulli said that Smith is still having issues with his knee and ECW is even concerned about his injury but Smith wants the match.

The Pitbull shows up and confronts Smith and tells him he’s going to win that title. He tells Smith that he’s no paper champion and respects him but said he’s done his homework. He then cuts a promo about him not being prepared to wrestle the Pitbull. Pitbull tells Smith to be prepared because he’s going to rip his knee out and eat it! He also tells Smith that he’s already won the fight. They shake hands and stare each other down.

Pitbull then says he has another thing to say and tells Smith that he doesn’t need to insult him or kick the crutches he has and then slaps Smith hard and yells at him a little more.

Joey Styles is shown upset at what just happened to J.T. Smith at the hands of The Pitbull.

Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka (w/ Hunter Q. Robbins III) vs. “Surfer” Ray Odyssey

Jimmy Snuka stalls a bit before starting the match. They finally lock-up and Snuka shoves Odyssey into the corner. Snuka backs Odyssey into the ropes and gets him with a cheap shot and then a knee to the mid-section. Thumb to the throat after gets the referee warning Snuka. He follows that up with some hard chops.

Odyssey tries to fight back but Snuka stops him with a punch. Snuka whips Odyssey into the ropes and Odyssey ducks a clothesline and gets Snuka with a clothesline of his own. Some fists thrown at Snuka. Snuka stops Odyssey in the corner and knocks him down. He slams Odyssey and climbs up to the middle ropoe and goes for a fist but Odyssey picks his foot up.

Odyssey with more punches thrown at Snuka. He catches Snuka with a dropkick off the ropes. Odyssey with a slam and he climbs to the top turnbuckle and goes for a dropkick that knocks Snuka down. He charges at Snuka but Robbins trips him. Odyssey turns towards Robbins and decides to hit a plancha onto Robbins to the floor! He starts punching Robbins! Crowd cheering loudly as Odyssey continues to beat on Robbins.

Hunter Q. was taken into the ring by Odyssey but Snuka grabs him with a belly-to-back suplex. Snuka with a slingshot suplex. Backbreaker by Snuka. Snuka climbs to the top rope and hits the Superfly Splash for the win over Ray Odyssey!

WINNER: Jimmy Snuka

Tommy Cairo promo about his friendship ending with The Sandman and how abusive The Sandman was to Miss Peaches.

Tommy Dreamer vs. The Sandman

The Sandman comes out for his match smoking a cigarette. He attacks Tommy Dreamer as soon as he gets into the ring and sends Dreamer face-first into the turnbuckles. He does it a second time. The Sandman tosses Dreamer to the outside. Dreamer comes back in. The Sandman sends him outside again.

Dreamer charges back in and attacks The Sandman. He gets tossed to the outside by The Sandman again but gets back in. Dreamer with a dropkick at The Sandman. He removes his jacket and uses it to choke The Sandman and toss him across the ring. Shoulder block by Dreamer and he goes for the Dream Weaver on The Sandman. The Sandman knocks out the referee.

Sal Bellomo heads out and takes off the referee’s shirt and puts it on. He gets into the ring and counts the pin for Dreamer.

WINNER: Tommy Dreamer

Sal Bellomo remains in the ring and tosses some gifts to the fans. The Sandman attacks him with a chair.

Paul E. Dangerously promo about Sabu and how so many people want to be hardcore like Sabu. Dangerously vows that Sabu will be more hardcore for his next match.

“The Franchise” Shane Douglas & Mr. Hughes (w/ Sherri Martel) vs. Chad Austin & Johnny Blaze

Match was joined in progress with Mr. Hughes beating on Johnny Blaze. He gets Blaze with the sidewalk slam and refuses to pin him. Douglas gets in the ring and stomps on Blaze. Hughes attacks Chad Austin and beats on him while Douglas continues to beat on Blaze. Bell rings signifying the end of the match.

WINNERS: Chad Austin & Johnny Blaze

Mr. Hughes with a sidewalk slam on Austin. Donn E. Allen and Billy Firehawk run out to help and get taken out quickly Mikey Whipwreck and Mike Norman get knocked out as well by Hughes. Mr. Hughes keeps knocking down everyone who runs out to stop them. Dreamer and Cairo get taken out by Mr. Hughes.

Road Warrior Hawk’s music plays and he stares down Mr. Hughes. Douglas attacks him with the belt. Mr. Hughes clotheslines Hawk but Hawk quickly gets back up. He gets Hawk with a sidewalk slam and Douglas and Hughes continue to attack Hawk. Hawk gets whipped into the corner and Hughes splashes him in the corner and then on the mat. Douglas follws with a splash off the top rope.

Shane Douglas cuts a promo on Road Warrior Hawk. They all leave Hawk laid out in the ring. Show comes to an end.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Okay episode. Best match on the show was Jimmy Snuka vs. Ray Odyssey and that was moreso due to Odyssey attacking Hunter Q. Robbins. Most of the matches on the show were kept very short. The highlight of the show was that segment with J.T. Smith and The Pitbull which I thought was great with Pitbull screaming at Smith, slapping him and screaming at him a little more about winning the TV title.


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