Written By Alfredo Esparza

CWA Memphis Championship Wrestling 12/27/1980

Taped 12/27/1980 at the WMC Studios in Memphis, Tennessee. Aired on 12/27/1980.

Lance Russell and Dave Brown are on commentary.

The Angel (w/ Jimmy Hart) vs. David Price

The Angel beats on David Price as soon as he grabs him on the ropes. He punches, forearm smashes and kicks at Price. Hart can be heard yelling out some encouraging words at The Angel. Price tries to fight back but Angel kicks him almost to the floor but Price holds onto the ropes. The Angel with a front facelock on Price.

Price reverses it into an armbar but The Angel escapes and proceeds to beat on Price in the corner. The Angel then tosses Price to the floor. Price gets back into the ring and The Angel delivers more forearms at him. He goes for the pin but Price kicks out. Side headlock leads to another punch by The Angel. He beats price on the ropes and throws him into the ropes. Price gets his foot tangled in between the middle and bottom rope. The Angel continues to attack him while he’s stuck on the ropes.

Referee is able to get Price loosened off the ropes. The Angel whips Price into the corners. He goes for a snapmare and a pin attempt. Price reverses a headlock into a hammerlock but The Angel elbows him. He catches Price with a knee to the mid-section. More punches thrown at Price. The Angel goes for the claw and gets the pin on Price.

WINNER: The Angel

“Superstar” Bill Dundee & Tommy “Wildfire” Rich vs. David Oswald & Gypsy Joe in a 2-out-of-3 falls match.

Gypsy Joe and Tommy Rich start the match. Rich with an armdrag takedown on Joe. He tags in Dundee who gets Joe in a side headlock. He gets a near fall off the ropes on Joe. Gypsy Joe gets Dundee in the corner and gets him with a chop and a solid right to the chin. Oswald tags in.

Oswald gets Dundee in a side headlock. Dundee picks him up and drops him across his knee and gets a near fall on Oswald. Dundee tags in Rich and he whips Oswald into the ropes and catches him with a dropkick for a two-count. Gypsy Joe jumps into the ring but the referee gets him out. Rich gets Oswald in a reverse facelock. Referee keeps warning Gypsy Joe about trying to get in the ring.

Rich tags in Dundee who punches Oswald and gets a near fall again. Body slam by Dundee but Oswald reaches over and tags in Gypsy Joe. Dundee with a hard clothesline at Gypsy Joe. Joe with a hard chop but Dundee chops him back. Dundee punches Joe a few times. Side headlock by Dundee. Joe escapes with a wristlock and takes him down. Dundee reverses into a headscissors but Joe escapes. Oswald grabs Dundee in his corner and he and Joe get in some cheap shots but Rich heads over to the corner.

Gypsy Joe with a hard chop at Dundee. Dundee gets back up and punches Joe and then catches him with a dropkick for a near fall. Rich grabs Joe by the hair while Dundee went over to Oswald. Joe’s able to tag in Oswald who continues to beat on Dundee. He backdrops Dundee and goes for the pin but Dundee kicks out. Gypsy Joe back in and he elbows and stomps Dundee. He whips Dundee into the ropes and Dundee counters into a sunset flip for the pin. Rich stops Oswald from making the save. Dundee & Rich win the first fall.

Tommy Rich and Bill Dundee promo for upcoming tag team match against Mitchell & Kirby in Louisville and Rich in a singles match with Valiant on another show.

Second fall starts with Bill Dundee and Gypsy Joe with Dundee landing a forearm across Joe’s chest. He follows that up with a hard chop at Joe’s chest. Joe follows up with some punches and kicks but Dundee fires back with some punches and tries to choke Joe. Rich elbows Joe when he heads into that corner. Dundee with a backdrop and kneedrop on Joe. Oswald gets involved but Rich goes after him.

Gypsy Joe with a chop and he whips Dundee into the corner. Dundee goes for a cross body block out of the corner but Joe moved out of the way and Dundee lands on the mat. Joe beats on Dundee and tags Oswald back in. Oswald with a nerve hold on Dundee. Dundee snapmares Oswald off him and tries to go for the tag but Oswald stops him.
Gypsy Joe tags in and drops a knee off the middle rope at Dundee. Fans cheer on Dundee. Joe continues the attack. Oswald back in with a kneedrop across Dundee and back with the nerve hold. They keep Dundee from tagging Rich. Gypsy Joe back in and he continues to attack Dundee. Oswald comes in and gets a few shots in on Dundee. Referee gets Oswald out. Joe goes for the pin but Dundee kicks him off and Oswald gets in to keep Dundee from tagging out.

Gypsy Joe and David Oswald double-team Dundee. Joe slams Dundee’s head on the ring apron. Oswald slams him and gets a near fall. Joe back in and they both beat on Dundee. Dundee tries tagging in Rich but Joe keeps him away. Dundee breaks a pin attempt and drops a knee on Joe. Everyone gets in the ring for a few seconds. Gypsy Joe continues to beat on Dundee.

Dundee kicks Gypsy Joe but Oswald grabs him and they continue to beat on him. Rich gets in the ring as Oswald came in. Joe slams Dundee and tags in Oswald who slams Dundee again. Oswald goes for another slam but Dundee cradles him in a small package for the win. Rich stops Gypsy Joe from making the save. Rich & Dundee win the 2nd fall and win the match in straight falls.

WINNERS: Bill Dundee & Tommy Rich

Tony Charles vs. Pat Hutchinson

The graphic lists the match having “David McGhee” in it instead of Pat Hutchinson who David Brown introduced at the start of the match. Hutchinson goes for a leg takedown but Charles stops him and reverses it. Charles gets Hutchinson in a side headlock. He picks Hutchinson back up and takes him down a few times in an armbar.

Bill Dundee and Tommy Rich show up and join Lance Russell. Dundee mentions that Tony Charles is one of the nicest men in wrestling and that he’s always laughing and joking backstage. They mention that they are going to put some free autograph pictures out for fans along with a jar for donations in order to help Tony Charles out because he’s a good guy who needs some help.

Tony Charles goes for a Boston Crab against Hutchinson and Pat reaches the ropes. Charles gets Hutchinson with a backbreaker. He follows with a leg takedown and again gets Hutchinson in a Boston Crab. Hutchinson reaches the ropes to break the hold. Charles goes for a submission hold on Hutchinson but Pat escapes. Charles goes for a cradle on Hutchinson and again he escapes. Tony Charles rides Hutchinson but he reaches the ropes.

Side headlock by Charles followed by a forearm uppercut. Hutchinson tries for a leg takedown but Charles blocks it. Charles whips Hutchinson into the ropes and catches him with a dropkick for the pin. Tony Charles checks on Pat Hutchinson and gives him a pat on the back.

WINNER: Tony Charles

They show highlights of a match between The Dream Machine and Carl Fergie from Mid-South Coliseum. The Dream Machine beats on Fergie and does a cool looking legdrop on him. Fergie getting destroyed by The Dream Machine. He gets Fergie in an armbar submission hold and gets the win. The Dream Machine refuses to break the hold. Jimmy Hart wants him to keep it on. The Dream Machine wipes out a second referee and Koko Ware. Rick Morton comes out and attacks Jimmy Hart so Dream Machine punches him. Hart chokes Morton with his cane while The Dream Machine continues his attack on Fergie. Jerry Lawler comes out and goes after The Dream Machine.

The Dream Machine and Jimmy Hart join Lance Russell for an interview. Russell starts the interview telling The Dream Machine what he did to Carl Fergie was wrong. The Dream Machine calls Jerry Lawler a “low-life, egg-sucking dog” and said Fergie was begging for Lawler to make the save. He insults referee Jerry Calhoun, Koko Ware and Ricky Morton and how easy it was to put them out. The Dream Machine said Lawler was a coward for attacking him from behind. He insults the city of Memphis.

The Dream Machine challenges Jerry Lawler to come out right now. Hart starts to count to 10 hoping Lawler shows up. Lawler doesn’t show up. The Dream Machine asks Russell what he’s going to say to defend Lawler. Russell tells him that he doesn’t have to defend him.

“Handsome” Jimmy Valiant & Tojo Yamamoto vs. Koko Ware & Tom Maley in an expiration of time match.

Jimmy Valiant and Koko Ware start the match and Ware catches him with an armdrag. Valiant claims his tights were pulled. He then tells the referee that Ware pulled his hair and he “came to wrassle”. Wristlock takedown by Valiant and he tags in Yamamoto. Yamamoto with a wristlock and a little hair pulling. Valiant back in and he holds Ware up so that Tojo could chop him. He then tosses Ware into the turnbuckles.

Tojo back in with more chops. He tags in Valiant who runs the ropes and fires in a right handed punch at Ware. He chokes Ware near the ropes. Yamamoto with a cheap shot at Ware. Ware fights back but Valiant and Yamamoto keep him in their corner and do quick tags. Ware makes a comeback but Tojo rakes his eyes and tags in Valiant. Valiant with a slam and a pin attempt.

Valiant tags in Yamamoto who chops Ware. He gets Ware with a knee lift. Valiant back in with a big punch at Ware. He tags Tojo back in and Yamamoto chops Ware and covers him for the pin. They win the first fall.

Valiant outside the ring yells “Greatest Tag Team in The World”!

They continue the match with Ware and Valiant with Ware attacking Valiant as soon as he gets in the ring. Ware attacks Tojo as well. He whips Valiant into the ropes and caches him with a dropkick. Ware tags in Maley but Valiant grabs him and slams him. Tojo tags back in and he continues to beat on Maley. He drops Maley face-first into the mat.

Valiant tags back in and whips Maley into the ropes and elbows him. He follows with an elbowdrop for the pin on Maley. Ware tries to make the save but Tojo stops him. Valiant and Yamamoto win 2-0.

WINNERS: Jimmy Valiant & Tojo Yamamoto

Jimmy Valiant promo for his Louisville Gardens match against Tommy Rich and talked about hating Rich and embarrassing him and his mother.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Okay episode with the highlight being The Dream Machine segment with them airing highlights of his match against Carl Fergie and challenging Jerry Lawler in his interview. The Rich & Dundee tag match was fun especially when Gypsy Joe was in with Bill Dundee and they were throwing some stiff shots at each other. Matches were mostly just okay but still had some fun action in them.


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