Written By Alfredo Esparza

EMLL 9/14/1984

Taped 9/14/1984 at Arena Mexico

Dr. Alfonso Morales & Pedro “El Mago” Septien open the show and talk about the heavy rain hitting that evening in Mexico City. Septien mentions that the Gran Cochisse vs. El Satanico is worth the price of admission on it’s own and the cameras quickly cut to the ring as the action for the first match starts.

Atlantis, Cachorro Mendoza & Samurai Shiro vs. MS-1, Talisman & Terror Chicano

The rudos are beating up Cachorro Mendoza in their corner during the first fall. Terror Chicano kicks at Cachorro while MS-1 and Talisman hold him. Mendoza gets tossed to the outside. Samurai Shiro gets in the ring against Terror Chicano. Dr. Alfonso Morales mentions Samurai Shiro’s full name “Shiro Koshinaka” and mentions that “Kamikaze” Mitsuharu Misawa had returned to Japan. Talisman gets in and attacks Shiro.

MS-1 goes after Atlantis and brings him into the ring where he and Talisman beat on him. Mendoza tries to save Atlantis but Terror Chicano grabs him. Talisman tosses Atlantis into Mendoza a few times. He slams Atlantis a few times. Talisman gets Atlantis in a submission hold but Shiro makes the save. MS-1 attacks Shiro and they both exchange punches. Atlantis did submit. The tecnicos end up on the outside.

Cachorro Mendoza gets in the ring and MS-1 gets him in a submission hold. Dr. Morales mentions that there are rumors that Terror Chicano is the brother of Sangre Chicana but says there are so many rumors made about luchadores that one never knows what is the truth. Rudos win the first fall as MS-1 submits Mendoza. Talisman continued to beat on Atlantis outside the ring.

Terror Chicano and Cachorro Mendoza start the second fall and exchange punches until Mendoza gets fired up and tosses Chicano into the corner. He caught Chicano with a knee lift and Chicano claimed he was fouled. Mendoza tosses him to the outside. MS-1 jumps and they exchange chops until MS-1 knees Mendoza and sends him to the outside as well. Koshinaka comes in and he gets whipped into the ropes but Shiro catches MS-1 with some chops. He whips MS-1 and catches him with a hip attack that knocks him to the outside.

Atlantis gets in the ring and wants Talisman in. Talisman gets in the ring and Atlantis armdrags him a few times and Talisman heads to the outside. Shiro catches MS-1 with a backslide for the pin. Cachorro jumps into the ring and he goes after Terror Chicano and rolls him into a cradle for the pin. Tecnicos win a quick second fall.

Third fall starts with Atlantis wanting Talisman back in the ring but MS-1 jumps in and grabs hold of Atlantis. Talisman jumps in and charges at Atlantis but Atlantis moves and he instead hits MS-1 who falls to the outside. Atlantis whips Talisman into the ropes and catches him with a quebradora! Crowd cheers loudly. He gets Talisman with another quebradora and Talisman falls to the outside.

Mendoza and MS-1 now in the ring and Mendoza punches MS-1! MS-1 gets fired up and he and Mendoza exchange punches until Mendoza catches him with a kick and gets a near fall due to Terror Chicano making the save. Mendoza heads to the outside. Koshinaka and Terror Chicano now in but Talisman makes the save. Atlantis jumps in but Talisman gets him with a knee lift. Talisman tries to remove Atlantis mask but Mendoza makes the save.

Terror Chicano and Mendoza square off but MS-1 attacks Mendoza. Snapmare by Chicano and he tries to get Mendoza to submit but Shiro makes the save and tosses Chicano to the outside. MS-1 gets in the ring and distracts Shiro who gets attacked by Talisman. MS-1 with a few kicks at Koshinaka and he goes for a pin attempt but Atlantis makes the save.

Talisman gets involved and he again goes after Atlantis mask. The other rudos get involved. Cachorro knocks MS-1 out of the ring. Talisman continues to beat on Atlantis. He tosses Atlantis to the outside. Mendoza and Terror Chicano get in the ring. Chicano with some kicks at Mendoza and he kicks him to the outside. Koshinaka gets in the ring and MS-1 attacks him. Dr. Morales mentions that Terror Chicano is the “compadre” of Gran Cochisse.

MS-1 slams Shiro and goes for the pin but can’t get it. Atlantis and Talisman get in the ring and again Talisman accidentally hits MS-1 with a knee that sends him to the outside. Talisman tosses Atlantis at the corner and Atlantis goes flying over the top rope. Mendoza comes in and he sends Talisman to the outside with a dropkick. MS-1 charges into the ring and misses a body block at Mendoza. Cachorro catches him with shoulder block.

Mendoza goes for a roll-up and cradles over MS-1. As he has the pin on MS-1, Terror Chicano gets in the ring and gets Mendoza’s shoulders on the mat and there’s a double pin at that moment with Mendoza and MS-1’s shoulders on the mat. Samurai Shiro gets back into the ring and he kicks Terror Chicano. He follows that up with a suplex and gets the pin on Terror Chicano. k

Talisman jumps into the ring and slams Koshinaka. He lands a senton and gets the pin. That leaves Talisman and Atlantis in the match. They exchange some punches. Atlantis gets him with a dropkick but misses a second. Talisman then fouls Atlantis and pulls his mask off for the DQ.

Some kid rushes to ringside and removes his shirt to cover Atlantis face! AWESOME!!! Dr. Morales marked out for that moment.

WINNERS: Atlantis, Cachorro Mendoza & Samurai Shiro by DQ

After the match, Atlantis challenged Talisman to a mask match.

Mascara Año 2000, Rayo de Jalisco Jr. & Tony Salazar vs. Cien Caras, El Egipcio & Sangre Chicana

Before this match starts, the rudos from the previous match were still ringside as the rudos for this match were entering the ring. Sangre Chicana and MS-1 start yelling at each other. MS-1 then goes into the ring and attacks Sangre Chicana. They brawl in the ring and Sangre Chicana knocks MS-1 out of the ring. MS-1 continues to yell at Sangre Chicana while his partners try to get him away.

Ring announcer then makes the announcement that MS-1 challenged Sangre Chicana to a hair match. Crowd cheers loudly. Richardson (Sangre Chicana) then tells the ring announcer that he accepts the challenge from MS-1. Crowd cheers on even louder. Cien Caras tries to get the other rudos out of the ringside area.

Dr. Alfonso Morales then mentions that this next match will be a “Cain vs. Abel” match as Cien Caras would be facing his brother Mascara Año 2000. Sangre Chicana signs autographs for fans ringside. Rudos attack the tecnicos as they enter the ring with them tossing Salazar out of the ring. All three rudos then attack Rayo de Jalisco Jr. Meanwhile, Mascara Año 2000 is ringside and doesn’t appear to be in any hurry to get into the ring.

Rayo gets kicked to the outside. Dr. Morales wonders if Mascara Año 2000 might be turning on his partners. Cien Caras yells at his brother to get into the ring and Mascara Año 2000 refuses to get into the ring. Referees start the count for the first fall. Cien Caras and Rayo de Jalisco Jr. brawl in the ring. Sangre Chicana tosses Mascara Año 2000 off the ring apron. El Egipcio and Tony Salazar also get involved. Rayo attacks Cien Caras outside the ring.

Rudos are DQed in the first fall for fouling Mascara Año 2000. Rayo brings Cien back into the ring where they continue to brawl. Pedro “El Mago” Septien on commentary mentions that Cien Caras turned on Rayo de Jalisco just 3-4 months ago so they now have a heated rivalry. Rayo tries to remove Cien Caras mask. Everyone else is brawling outside the ring.

Cien Caras tries to escape Rayo de Jalisco Jr. but he chases after him. El Egipcio tries to calm Cien Caras down as he starts to argue with Sangre Chicana. Everyone is outside the ring.

Tony Salazar and El Egipcio enter the ring to start the second fall but Sangre Chicana and Cien Caras jump in and attack Salazar. Cien Caras then hits Rayo with a forearm as he gets into the ring. Mascara Año 2000’s still laid out on the floor. Rayo and Salazar get attacked by all three rudos. Cien Caras kicks at Rayo Jr. several times as he’s being held by the other two.

Tony Salazar starts to beat on El Egipcio in the ring. He catches El Egipcio with some flying headbutts and goes for the tirabuzon but the rudos make the save. Cien Caras grabs hold of Rayo de Jalisco Jr. and Sangre Chicana charges at him but hits Cien Caras instead which gets a good laugh from the fans.

Rayo de Jalisco Jr. grabs hold of Sangre Chicana and Mascara Año 2000 is finally back in the match and he enters the ring and Rayo wants him to attack Chicana. Mascara Año 2000 accidentally dropkicks Rayo as Chicana moves out of the way. Sangre Chicana and Mascara Año 2000 brawl for a bit and then foul each other! Referees only see that Sangre Chicana got fouled so they give the win to the rudos as they disqualify Mascara Año 2000 for committing the foul.

Third fall starts with Cien Caras kicking Rayo de Jalisco Jr. out of the ring. Rayo gets back into the ring and he gets caught by Cien Caras in an abdominal stretch but Rayo reverses it. Salazar then hits a plancha off the top rope at El Egipcio. He follows that up with a reverse headbutt off the ropes at El Egipcio for the pin. Rayo submitted Cien Caras. Tecnicos win the match. Mascara Año 2000 chases after Sangre Chicana.

Rayo de Jalisco Jr. challenges Cien Caras to a mask match. Cien Caras gets back into the ring but then backs out. They all continue to go back and forth attacking each other. Mascara Año 2000 shoves Sangre Chicana and he knocks down Cien Caras. Cien Caras gets upset at Chicana and El Egipcio but he stays aligned with them. Tecnicos keep shoving the rudos into each other to continue them arguing with each other.

WINNERS: Mascara Año 2000, Rayo de Jalisco Jr. & Tony Salazar

Gran Cochisse vs. El Satanico for the NWA World Middleweight Title

This was a 2-out-of-3 falls title match. Dr. Morales mentioned that the evening that El Satanico cleaned that NWA World Middleweight title belt, he lost it. Everyone poses with the belt. Terror Chicano will be El Satanico’s second while El Modulo is seconding Gran Cochisse. Referee for the match is Roberto “Guero” Rangel.

First fall starts with El Satanico getting Gran Cochisse in a waistlock. Cochisse struggles to break out of the hold until he pulls down El Satanico’s arm and takes him down with a wristlock. El Satanico counters into a headscissors. Cochisse tries to get El Satanico’s shoulders on the mat to get a pin. He then counters into a variation of a Boston Crab while El Satanico keeps him in the headscissors. El Satanico reverses into a pin attempt. Cochisse counters with a rana for a pin attempt before they break it up.

El Satanico with a hiptoss into an armbar on Cochisse. Gran Cochisse counters with a front facelock but El Satanico won’t break the armbar. They drop to the mat and Satanico keeps the armbar and then back up into a hiptoss. Gran Cochisse drops Satanico and then tries to roll through for a pin. Good sequence here. Clean break after a pin attempt.

They go for a test of strength. El Satanico breaks it and goes for a wristlock into an armdrag. They hit the ropes and Gran Cochisse with a monkey flip on El Satanico. Satanico does the same but Cochisse catches him with a pair of armdrags. Clean match so far. El Satanico with a pair of headscissors foes for a third but Gran Cochisse blocks it. Referee stops the action because he notices that there’s some substance on El Satanico’s arm so he cleans it off.

El Satanico sends Gran Cochisse to the outside. Referee counts while El Satanico waits. Cochisse back in with a big backdrop on El Satanico. Gran Cochisse goes for a rana but Satanico dumps him off his shoulders. El Satanico goes for an armlock submission hold (La Satanica) to win the first fall. Gran Cochisse remains on the mat in pain while Terror Chicano provides some air with his towel at El Satanico.

Second fall starts with El Satanico going for a hammerlock on Gran Cochisse. He continues to attack Cochisse’s left arm and hits him with a knee across it. El Satanico headbutts the left arm. Gran Cochisse rolls around the mat in pain after every attack to his left arm. Gran Cochisse trips up El Satanico and then lands an elbow across his stomach which El Satanico claims was a foul. Referee doesn’t believe him. El Satanico grabs hold of Cochisse and tosses him into the corner and gets back to attacking the left arm.

Gran Cochisse makes a comeback with a wristlock on El Satanico’s left arm. Crowd cheers for him. He tosses Satanico into the corner turnbuckles. Gran Cochisse with the Markus armbreaker on El Satanico. Now El Satanico rolls around on the mat grabbing his left arm. Gran Cochisse with a knee to the left arm. Gran Cochisse goes for a variation of an abdominal stretch on El Satanico but he shoves Cochisse off.

El Satanico drops Gran Cochisse on the mat and they both stare at each other. Cochisse goes for a headscissors but Satanico blocks it. El Satanico misses a dropkick. He armdrags Cochisse and they exchange pin attempts. El Satanico struts and smiles as he gets a breather. He shoves Cochisse to the mat. Gran Cochisse with a headscissors that sends El Satanico to the floor.

El Satanico gets back in the ring and Gran Cochisse charges at him with a pair of topes. He gets a two count on El Satanico. Dropkicks by Gran Cochisse followed by a rana only El Satanico reverses it and gets a one-count. El Satanico with a bodyslam and a pin but Cochisse kicks out at two. El Satanico picks up Gran Cochisse for another slam but Gran Cochisse ends up cradling El Satanico for the pin and wins the second fall.

Third fall starts with El Satanico extending his hand out to Gran Cochisse which the fans tell Cochisse not to accept. El Satanico gets upset at the fans. Gran Cochisse instead grabs his arm and delivers a knee to Satanico’s back. He then drops El Satanico onto the mat. He whips Satanico into the ropes and again picks him up and slams him down onto the mat.

Gran Cochisse picks up El Satanico over his shoulders and then slides down onto the mat trying to get El Satanico’s shoulders on the mat for the pin but El Satanico escapes. El Satanico reaches the ropes to break the action. Gran Cochisse whips El Satanico into the corner but doesn’t attack. Reverse cross armbreaker by Gran Cochisse on El Satanico trying to get him to submit.

El Satanico counters and gets Gran Cochisse in a leglock submission hold. Gran Cochisse tells the referee that Satanico fouled him with his elbow to his mid-section. Gran Cochisse used his legs to escape and drops El Satanico. Hiptoss by Gran Cochisse. He goes for La Reinera on El Satanico who counters into a roll-up for the pin.

El Satanico gets Gran Cochisse with another pin attempt but Cochisse kicks out at two. Gran Cochisse with a Gori Special! El Satanico counters into a backslide for a pin but Cochisse kicks out. He gets another near fall on Cochisse but can’t keep the pin. Gran Cochisse with another submission old but El Satanico escapes and drops him again on the mat.

El Satanico whips Gran Cochisse into the corner and then gets a whip into the corner reversed. Gran Cochisse goes for a cross body block out of the corner for another near fall. They hit the ropes and Gran Cochisse nearly gets a pin on El Satanico but he crawls out of it. Dropkick by Gran Cochisse but he misses a second. El Satanico goes for a pin but Gran Cochisse goes for la mecedora but El Satanico bridges over him for the near fall.

They get back up and Gran Cochisse goes for a body scissors but El Satanico gets him in a cradle for a pint but Cochisse kicks out. Gran Cochisse dropkicks El Satanico to the floor. He teases a dive to the outside but El Satanico ducks near the ring. El Satanico climbs up to the ring apron and Gran Cochisse dropkicks him off and then follows with a plancha to the floor!

Referee starts a 20-count as the two men are outside. Both get back in before the count ends. Gran Cochisse with some topes and a near fall. Gran Cochisse whips El Satanico into the ropes and slams him down to the mat. He goes for a leglock but El Satanico breaks it away.

Gran Cochisse again slams El Satanico. He misses a senton. El Satanico goes for the Texas Clover Leaf but Gran Cochisse breaks it immediately. Shoulder blocks off the ropes. Gran Cochisse goes for a leapfrog but El Satanico turns it into a submission hold and he gets Gran Cochisse to submit. El Satanico wins the NWA World Middleweight Title!

WINNER: El Satanico

Gran Cochisse heads over and congratulates El Satanico on his win. El Satanico gets interviewed by Dr. Alfonso Morales and El Satanico said he never thought he was going to lose. He mentions that he had a stomach virus the previous night but he was here and knew he was going to win the title. He felt last time he lost was because the referee Rangel robbed him but he wanted him as the referee again to prove he could overcome those odds. El Satanico then said he can’t be beat and he’s already beaten Lizmark, Sangre Chicana, El Faraon, Atlantis and everyone in the middleweight division.

Gran Cochisse joins them and says El Satanico won fairly but he wanted and deserved a rematch because he’s not happy with the loss. El Satanico then tells Gran Cochisse that he’ll never be satisfied and this will only end when he beats him in a hair match and sends him back to Guadalajara. Gran Cochisse then said that he deserves a rematch because the previous night in Cuernavaca, he hurt his waist because it was raining and he slipped on the floor. He then said that if he can’t beat him in a title match, he’ll accept a hair match.

Ringo Mendoza vs. Tony Benetto in a hair vs. hair match

Dr. Alfonso Morales interviewed Tony Benetto before his match and he talks about wanting to see Ringo Mendoza bald like a cueball. Ringo tries to climb into the ring but Benetto knocks him down. Dr. Morales heads over to interview Ringo Mendoza and he tells Morales that he’s going to win Benetto’s hair for the fans. Dr. Morales asks Ringo how many times he’s lost hair matches and Ringo replies that he’s lost count on how many times he’s lost hair matches.

First fall starts with Benetto attacking Mendoza and tossing him into the turnbuckles. He beats on Mendoza with the fans whistling at him. Benetto backdrops Mendoza and goes for the pin but decides not to pin him. He bites Mendoza’s forehead. More punches thrown by Benetto. Benetto slams Mendoza and again picks him up while going for the pin.

Benetto with a slam on Mendoza. He gets Mendoza in a Gori Special and forces Mendoza to submit. Quick first fall win for Benetto. He continues to beat on Mendoza and tosses him into the ring post.

Bell rings for second fall to begin but Mendoza’s still outside the ring trying to recover. Mendoza gets back in and Benetto knocks him down. Benetto with a neckbreaker. Crowd boos Benetto. Knee lift on Mendoza. He stomps on Mendoza and follows with another knee lift. Benetto refuses to pin Mendoza. He continues to punch Mendoza and drops him head-first onto the mat.

Referee forces a break on Benetto as he is choking Mendoza. Benetto continues to throw punches and toss Mendoza down to the mat. He goes for an inverted surfboard on Mendoza. Elbow to Mendoza’s head and then he drives Mendoza into the corner hard. Crowd keeps getting restless waiting for Ringo to make a comeback. Benetto continues to punish Mendoza and sends him again to the outside floor.

Mendoza gets back in and he continues to get beaten down by Benetto. Referee warns Benetto about using a closed fist on Mendoza. Mendoza makes a comeback while on commentary they are announcing the matches for that year’s Anniversary show. Mendoza catches Benetto with a dropkick. He uses his speed to confuse Benetto and Benetto ends up falling to the outside.

Benetto gets back into the ring and Mendoza catches him with a pair of topes and a plancha for a near fall. Dropkicks delivered by Mendoza. Mendoza goes for a submission hold and gets the 2nd fall win!

Third fall starts with Benetto refusing to get back into the ring. He finally gets in when the referee starts a count on him. Benetto begs off Mendoza but Mendoza gets him with a Markus armbreaker. Mendoza continues to attack Benetto’s left arm. Benetto fights him off and punches Mendoza a few times.

Benetto whips Mendoza into the corner hard and that sends Mendoza down to the mat. He does it a second time to Ringo. Neckbreaker on Mendoza. Gori Special by Benetto but Mendoza reverses it into a rana for a near fall. More near falls by both. Mendoza goes for another pin and bridges over. Fans boo the action going on. They toss each other into the corner and Mendoza catches Benetto with a dropkick and sends Benetto to the floor. Benetto ducks a dive attempt but Mendoza climbs the ropes and hits a plancha on Benetto.

They both get back into the ring and Benetto goes for a Cavernaria variation but Mendoza breaks it. Ringo misses a body press out of the corner and Benetto gets a two count. Benetto slams Mendoza and climbs to the top rope but he misses a senton! Ringo with the Ringuina on Benetto and he submits. Mendoza wins the 3rd fall and hair match!

WINNER: Ringo Mendoza

The fans rush the ringside area to get a closer look at Benetto getting his head shaved.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Fun episode and we don’t have a lot of complete episodes of lucha libre shows from prior to 1989 so this complete 1984 episode was a cool find from a few years ago. Best match on the show was the El Satanico vs. Gran Cochisse title match. I thought the hair match was a bit disappointing but they also were going to have a hard time following up the title match. I also enjoyed how the trios matches blending into some rivalries when the rudos from the first match had some words with those in the second match. Also enjoyed how the Dinamitas were split into one being a tecnico and the other a rudo and when Sangre Chicana was going after Mascara 2000, Cien Caras seemed bothered by it and argued with his partner Sangre Chicana.


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