Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 11/13/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 11/13/1982

Taped 11/10/1982 at the WPCQ-TV Studios in Charlotte, North Carolina. Aired on 11/13/1982.

Bob Caudle is on commentary.

“Rowdy” Roddy Piper vs. Frank Monte

Match is joined in progress as the show opens with both in action. Piper with some punches at Monte’s face. He rips at Monte’s face. Monte fights back with some forearms. They exchange some.

Piper with a backdrop and he covers Monte for the pin. Short match.

WINNER” Roddy Piper

Sgt. Slaughter & Don Kernoodle join Bob Caudle for an interview talking about wrestling on television for the first time in 5-6 weeks. Slaughter says they’ve been looking for opponents and he pauses and looks over to the ring as the fans cheer and Roddy Piper heads over to confront them.

Sgt. Slaughter tells Piper that he doesn’t look so tough on his own and asks him to get himself a partner to wrestle them. Piper tells Slaughter & Kernoodle that he does have a partner. They poke fun at Piper for wearing a “skirt” and think his tag team partner is someone like Fabulous Moolah or Tommy Rich. Sarge asks Piper who his tag team partner is and Piper replies that it is Abdullah The Butcher which surprises both Slaughter & Kernoodle. They can’t believe it.

Chief Wahoo McDaniel & Roddy Piper join Bob Caudle who immediately asks Piper about stunning the tag champs by telling them who his tag team partner was. They show a clip of Ric Flair and Greg Valentine attacking McDaniel with Roddy Piper also involved. Piper pokes fun at Flair being a “60-minute man” saying that’s not a long time. Piper stopped both with a chair.

Piper talked about how all he needs in his corner is McDaniel and that it’s a good thing he changed sides. McDaniel talked about not feeling bad about having lost the U.S. title to Greg Valentine. They show a clip of Valentine winning the title from him. McDaniel praised Valentine for being a former champion and brought up how Valentine once broke his leg. The clip shows that Humperdink handed Valentine something and used it to beat McDaniel.

McDaniel tells Caudle that he could protest the title loss but that would require 2-3 months of writing letters and he’d rather just win it back in the ring and he vows to win it back before Thanksgiving. Piper warns Flair as he leaves.

Wahoo McDaniel vs. Masa Fuchi

Masa Fuchi with a clean break off the ropes. McDaniel takes Fuchi down on the mat but they break it off quickly. Fuchi with a wristlock but Wahoo chops him. Fuchi chops him back and slams hi head into the top turnbuckle. More chops and a fist drop off the middle rope by Fuchi.

McDaniel with a leg takedown but Fuchi rakes Wahoo’s face and kicks him off. They exchange hard chops and Fuchi goes down and Wahoo gets him in a chinlock. Fuchi back up and he reaches the ropes to force a break.

Fuchi with a knee to the mid-section followed by a backdrop for a near fall on McDaniel. He gets Wahoo in a nerve hold. Referee warns Fuchi about the nerve hold not trying to choke Wahoo. Wahoo with a forearm to the mid-section followed by a thumb to the eye. Hard chops from Wahoo and then another chop knocks Fuchi down and he covers him for the pin.

WINNER: Wahoo McDaniel

Jos LeDuc (w/ Sir Oliver Humperdink) vs. Ricky Rudd

Young Ricky Rudd is better known now as “Ravishing” Rick Rude. LeDuc backs Rudd into the ropes and pokes his eyes before breaking the hold. Caudle mentions Rudd’s impressive physique. LeDuc gets Rudd into the corner and catches him with a forearm and then rakes his face across the top rope.

LeDuc with a forearm knocks Rudd down. He gets Rudd in a front facelock. He punches at Rudd and gets him back in a front facelock. Referee forces LeDuc to break the hold. LeDuc gets Rudd in a full nelson. Rudd reaches the ropes but gets hit with a forearm across the back. LeDuc with more forearms thrown at Rudd.

LeDuc chokes Rudd across the top rope. He whips Rudd into the ropes and catches him with a kick. LeDuc follows that up with the backbreaker for the pin.


Greg “The Hammer” Valentine (w/ Sir Oliver Humperdink) vs. Ron Ritchie

Referee starts a count to get Sir Oliver Humperdink out of the ring. Ritchie and Valentine lock-up and break cleanly. Ritchie goes for a takedown on Valentine but Greg escapes. Valentine with a go-behind takedown for a near fall but Ritchie escapes.

Ritchie gets Valentine in a headlock but gets whipped into the ropes and gets caught by a high knee. Valentine with a backbreaker followed by a kneedrop across the mid-section. He goes for a waistlock on Ritchie. Ritchie tries to fight back. They exchange some hard punches. Valentine picks Ritchie up and drops him across his knee with a reverse atomic knee drop.

Valentine with a stomp on Ritchie. Ritchie tries to fight back but Valentine continues his attack with a wristlock. Ritchie picks up and dumps Valentine. He catches Valentine with some punches and kicks and whips him into the ropes but Valentine catches him with an elbow.

Valentine with a piledriver on Ritchie. He goes for a backdrop driver on Ritchie and then drops the elbow for the pin.

WINNER: Greg Valentine

Sir Oliver Humperdink joins Bob Caudle to talk about the U.S. Champion Greg Valentine and mentions that Bruiser Brody will be coming into the area.

King Parsons and Gary Black join Bob Caudle to talk about their upcoming match with the World Tag Team Champions, Sgt. Slaughter & Don Kernoodle. Parsons is excited about that match and said he’s ready. Black mentions how privileged he is to team with Parsons and says he was in the Marine Corp. for 3 years and he wants to punch Slaughter in the face.

Sgt. Slaughter & Don Kernoodle vs. King Parsons & Gary Black

Don Kernoodle and King Parsons start the match. Kernoodle quickly tags Slaughter after taking him down to the mat. Sgt. Slaughter takes down Parsons and again quickly tags in Kernoodle. Quick tags from the champs just keeping Parsons down on the mat. Kernoodle with an elbow drop and tags in Slaughter who continues the attack on Parsons.

Kernoodle back in with a fireman’s carry takedown on Parsons. Slaughter tags back in and slams Parsons. He follows with a knee drop and then tosses Parsons into the corner and tags Kernoodle back in. Kernoodle with a knee across the arm and shoulder. Slaughter back in and he stomps on Parsons and gets him in an armbar.

Kernoodle gets back in the ring and punches Parsons. Parsons with a headbutt on Kernoodle but Slaughter’s quickly back in. He tosses Parsons into the corner. Kernoodle gets back into the ring and he gets Parsons in a hammerlock. One fan yells out to Parsons that he has a partner. The tag champs keep cutting Parsons off.

Slaughter and Kernoodle with their quick tags keep wearing down Parsons. Parsons fights back but Kernoodle keeps him from tagging out until he decides to snapmare Parsons close to his corner and Parsons is able to tag in Black.

Kernoodle tosses Black into Slaugher’s elbow and tags him in. Slaughter with some elbows and picks him up for a suplex but instead passes him over to Kernoodle who gets Black with a running slam. Black gets whipped into the ropes and Slaughter catches him with a clothesline. Slaughter gets Black with the Cobra Clutch and quickly submits.

WINNERS: Sgt. Slaughter & Don Kernoodle

Sir Oliver Humperdink and Paul Jones join Bob Caudle. They talk about how everyone is out for Humperdink and Jones says that he has nothing to worry about with the House of Humperdink watching his back. Jones mentions that there’s a tournament that will be going on soon. Greg Valentine joins them as well. He claims to not even know what brass knuckles look like so he doesn’t know what McDaniel was complaining about with his loss.

Leroy Brown and Jos LeDuc join them and Humperdink mentions that there will be a one-night tournament for the TV title that he feels LeDuc never lost and was only stripped of the title because LeDuc put his hands on an NWA official. LeDuc isn’t allowed in the tournament but Humperdink says he does have someone in the tournament and that is Leroy Brown. He promises Brown the title.

“Bad Bad” Leroy Brown (w/ Sir Oliver Humperdink) vs. Mike Rotundo

Rotundo still has the neck brace on. Humperdink joins Caudle on commentary. Rotundo fights back against Brown. Brown gets Rotundo in an armbar but Rotundo hiptosses him off and attacks Brown’s left arm. Brown gets back up but Rotundo takes him back down and keeps the armbar locked on.

Fireman’s carry takedown by Rotundo and he continues to attack Browns’ left arm. Caudle mentions several names appearing soon. Brown tries to fight back but Rotundo keeps him in the armbar. Leroy Brown pulls Rotundo by the trunks and whips him into the ropes and shoulder tackles him however Rotundo catches him with a dropkick right away. He gets Brown back in an armbar.

Brown with a chop but Rotundo with a leg sweep and then he gets Brown with a spinning toe hold. Leroy Brown with a thumb to the eye of Rotundo to break the hold. He catches Rotundo with an elbow. The fans cheer loudly for Rotundo. Brown slams Rotundo and then drops an elbow for a near fall but Rotundo’s foot reaches the bottom rope.

Brown tosses Rotundo to the outside and then slams him and drops him down to the floor. They both get back in the ring and Brown slams Rotundo again. Brown picks up Rotundo for a piledriver but Jack Brisco runs out and saves Rotundo and sends Brown to the outside. Brown wins by DQ due to Brisco interfering.

WINNER: Leroy Brown by DQ

Mike Rotundo joins Bob Caudle and Rotundo thanks Jack for helping him and says he’s not going to take it anymore and he’s tired of Leroy Brown. He vows to beat Brown in the ring and if Humperdink gets involved, he’ll take him out too. Rotundo wants another match with Brown on TV next week. He tells Caudle that he has to learn how to take care of himself and he wants to become a world champion in pro wrestling.

Bob Caudle tells Rotundo that the House of Humperdink is growing and Humperdink just mentioned that Bruiser Brody was going to be joining them soon.

Jack Brisco, Jerry Brisco & “The Boogie Woogie Man” Jimmy Valiant vs. Gene Anderson, Ken Timbs & Pvt. Jim Nelson

All six men brawl in the ring. Valiant sends someone to the outside. Jerry Brisco in with Nelson who quickly tags in Anderson. Valiant comes in and punches Anderson. Timbs tags in and gets caught by a dropkick by Jack Brisco who then gets Timbs in the figure-four leglock for the win. Everyone else brawls around them as the match comes to an end. Match last about 30 seconds.

WINNERS: Jack Brisco, Jerry Brisco & Jimmy Valiant

Jack & Jerry Brisco join Bob Caudle and talk about wanting to be in the TV title tournament. Jerry Brisco also wants a shot at the Tag Team titles. Jack Brisco also warns Paul Jones that he’s coming for his Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Title.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode. Matches were all kept pretty short as there were about 7 matches on this show. The highlight of the show was probably Piper surprising Sgt. Slaughter & Don Kernoodle by revealing that his tag team partner was going to be Abdullah The Butcher. This also had a very early appearance of Rick Rude, who they were calling “Ricky Rudd”. They did a solid job continuing to build up the Leroy Brown and Mike Rotundo rivalry.


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