All-Star Wrestling 9/2/1978

Written By Alfredo Esparza

WWWF All-Star Wrestling 9/2/1978

Taped 8/30/1978 at the Fieldhouse in Hamburg, Pennsylvania. Aired on 9/2/1978.

Vince McMahon is on commentary.

The Fabulous Moolah vs. Vicki Williams

Vickie Williams gets some fans whistling for her while several boo Fabulous Moolah while she’s introduced. Vickie’s wrestling the match barefoot. Women lock-up and end up on the ropes with Moolah throwing a cheap shot but Williams fights her off to the delight of the fans. Referee Dick Woehrle warns both women. Williams takes Moolah down but she reverses it into a headscissors. Williams escapes.

Fabulous Moolah grabs hold of Williams in a deathlock submission hold. She pulls at Williams hair. Referee and Moolah argue a bit. Williams with a leg takedown on Moolah. She gets Moolah in a leglock submission hold but Williams breaks out of it. Williams tries to get Moolah again but she reaches the ropes. Hard chop and a kick by Moolah. She chokes Vickie.

Headbutt by Moolah sends Williams down to the mat. She does it a second time and then chokes Williams on the ropes. She snaps Williams off the ropes and goes for a pin but only gets a two-count. Williams fights back with a forearm and gets a near fall on Moolah. Moolah tries to escape but Williams gets her tied up on the ropes. Williams bounces on the other side of the ropes forcing Moolah to keep locked into the ropes.

Referee is able to release Moolah off the ropes and Williams is still distracted bouncing on the other side of the ropes. Moolah charges at Vickie but she moves out of the way and Moolah goes flying over the top rope to the floor!

Williams brings Moolah back into the ring. She goes for a flying headscissors but Moolah tosses her over the top rope. Moolah kicks Wililams off the ring apron as she tries to get back in. Williams pulls Moolah to the outside and hits her with a forearm to the chest! They try to get back in the ring and right as Williams slams Moolah back into the ring, referee signals for the bell to ring due to him counting out Williams. Fabulous Moolah wins the match.

WINNER: Fabulous Moolah via countout

“Crazy” Luke Graham (w/ The Grand Wizard) vs. Jimmy Ray

Luke Graham gets Jimmy Ray on the ropes but Ray escapes and goes for a waistlock on Graham but Graham reverses into a wristlock. Ray reaches the ropes but Graham lays in a forearm to his back before breaking. Ray gets in a few forearms at Graham’s left arm while applying an armbar but is forced to break the hold.

Graham gets in some forearms on Ray and then slams him onto the top turnbuckle and continues to hit him with more forearms. Referee warns Graham. Ray fights back with some headbutts that have no effect on Graham and instead Ray falls to the mat. An elbow to the back of Ray’s head. Graham with a knee to the mid-section. He chokes Ray and even uses the ropes for added leverage. The Gran Wizard argues with the referee a bit.

Graham with a knee to Ray’s shoulder. He hiptosses Ray and gets him in a chinlock that looks more like a nerve hold. Graham switches to a choke hold and is forced to break by the referee. Front facelock by Graham and he backs Ray into the corner. He whips Ray hard into the turnbuckles. Graham continues to punish Ray. He yanks Ray’s hair and tosses him down to the mat.

Bear hug by Graham and Ray pulls at Graham’s hair. Graham tells the ref to check his tights and as he does that he gets a thumb to the mid-section. Ray is just being worn down by Graham. Graham snaps Ray off the ropes. The Grand Wizard places something in the back of Graham’s tights. Jimmy Ray fights back and punches at Graham. He gets some forearms on Graham and whips him into the ropes but Graham kicks him and follows with an elbowsmash.

Graham punches Ray. Front facelock by Graham on Ray. McMahon mentions that Jimmy Ray gets a lot of criticism because some feel he’s too nice and hesitates to attack his opponents. Graham continues the beatdown on Ray and uses the foreign object on Ray. He splashes Ray and covers him for the pin.

WINNER: Crazy Luke Graham

Graham gets in another cheap shot on Jimmy Ray after the match.

The Grand Wizard and Luke Graham get interviewed by Vince McMahon with Grand Wizard praising Luke Graham on getting another victory and showing how superior he is to his opponents around the world. Graham said there are a lot of tough guys around but when all those tough guys get together they all call him “The Boss”. McMahon doesn’t believe it and Graham gets upset.

McMahon asks about the foreign object used with The Grand Wizard and Luke Graham denied he used. The Grand Wizard said that his time in the Orient and learning hypnosis has worked because he hypnotized McMahon and the fans into believing they saw Graham do something that didn’t exist. He denied doing it. Graham tells McMahon that is why they call his manager The Grand Wizard.

The Grand Wizard holds up a fan-made sign that said he would guide the Golden Grahams (Superstar & Luke) to the top. He vows to take them to the top. Graham agrees that The Grand Wizard is the best manager in the world. The Grand Wizard runs down Bob Backlund and others. McMahon wants to check if Graham has his foreign object hidden. The Grand Wizard is upset at McMahon for doing that and then asks Graham if he’s ever used a foreign object in any match. Graham denies doing so and says he’s wrestling handicapped wrestling with an injured thumb and a bad hip.

Dominic DeNucci vs. Baron Mikel Scicluna

Some reversals early on between the two. DeNucci kicks Scicluna off him. Scicluna gets DeNucci in a full nelson. DeNucci tries to escape but Scicluna gets DeNucci on the mat and holds onto his legs. DeNucci pulls Scicluna by the trunks to escape which gets the fans to laugh. Dominic celebrates and laughs a bit.

Scicluna is upset about what DeNucci just did. He gets in a knee and some punches at DeNucci in the corner. Side headlock by Scicluna. DeNucci strikes back and knocks Scicluna down with a shoulder block. He hits the ropes again but Scicluna grabs him and slams him down to the mat. DeNucci kicks at Scicluna which upsets him. They lock-up again and Scicluna yanks DeNucci’s hear to take him down and stomps on him. DeNucci gets back up and threatens to punch Scicluna. Scicluna with some kicks and he goes for a nerve hold on DeNucci. DeNucci punches and double chops Scicluna. Scicluna misses a punch. DeNucci gets thrown into the ropes and knocks Scicluna down. He punches Scicluna and the referee warns him.

DeNucci threatens to stomp on Scicluna’s mid-section. Referee does count attempts on Scicluna who’s on the mat. Fans laugh about this. DeNucci with a spinning toe hold but has to break the hold. Scicluna back up and he gets in a few punches at DeNucci. He slams DeNucci’s head into the top turnbuckle. More punches thrown by Scicluna. DeNucci starts to fire up and headbutts Scicluna. Double chop by DeNucci and he gets the Baron in the corner.

Both brawl in the corner. Referee tries to break it up. They shove him away and the referee decides to disqualify both men. Baron threatens to punch the referee but DeNucci defends him and picks up the referee who kicks at Scicluna’s direction.


“The Russian Bear” Ivan Koloff (w/ Capt. Lou Albano) vs. Freddie Marzino

Ivan Koloff with the beatdown immediately at the start of the match. He tosses Marzino into the corners. Albano is running around ringside. Koloff with a kick to Marzino. He slams Marzino and then snapmares him and grabs him in a hammerlock. Koloff pulls at Marzino’s hair. He gets Marzino with a backbreaker but refuses to pin him. He slams Marzino on the mat and climbs up to the top rope and lands a knee across Marzino’s chest and gets the pin. A quick squash match.

WINNER: Ivan Koloff

“High Chief” Peter Maivia & Bob Backlund (w/ Arnold Skaaland) vs. Stan “The Man” Stasiak & Tony Russo

Tony Russo replaced “Butcher” Paul Vachon for this match. That is a big difference in star level that they went from Vachon to preliminary wrestler Russo for this match. Crowd cheers loudly as Backlund, Maivia and Skaaland enter the ring.

Stasiak and Maivia start the match. Stasiak gets Maivia in his corner and Russo grabs hold of Maivia. Stasiak throws a punch but Maivia moves out of the way and Stasiak hits Russo instead. Fans cheer loudly. Stasiak looks apologetically at Russo. Maivia gets Stasiak in a side headlock. Maivia takes Stasiak down into another side headlock after he knocked Stan The Man down a few times.

Stasiak tosses Maivia into the ropes and Maivia hits Russo and then gets Stasiak again in a side headlock. Backlund runs in and gets Stasiak but gets out. Maivia tags in Backlund who gets Stasiak in a side headlock and rolls it through and then gets him with a knee lift. Stasiak tags in Russo. Backlund gets Russo and tags in Maivia.

Russo whips Maivia into the ropes but Maivia is able to get Russo again in a side headlock. Backlund tags back in and continues with the headlock on Russo. Another tag as Russo gets in a forearm on Backlund, Maivia comes in and gets him in a headlock. Russo gets Maivia in his corner and he and Stasiak double-team Maivia. Stasiak with some rights and he chokes Maivia.

Stasiak kicks Maivia out of the ring. Backlund heads over to help him out. Maivia back in the ring and Stasiak knocks him down and tags in Russo. Russo gets Maivia in his corner and Stasiak holds on to him. Tony Russo then hits the ropes and charges at Maivia with a kick but Maivia moves out of the way and Russo kicks Stasiak instead!

Backlund tags back in and he whips Russo into the corner and knocks Russo down. He elbows Russo across the face. Follows that up with a legdrop for the pin but Russo kicks out. Backlund gets Russo in a headlock again. Russo elbows out of it and tags in Stasiak. Stasiak with some punches thrown at Backlund. He chokes Backlund. Maivia runs out. Russo tags back in but Backlund tags Maivia in. Maivia and Backlund some quick tags on Russo. Backlund with an atomic knee drop for the pin on Russo. Maivia keeps Stasiak from getting into the ring.

WINNERS: Peter Maivia & Bob Backlund

Show ends with Vince McMahon mentioning that next week The Yukon Lumberjacks will wrestle Jimmy Ray and Larry Zbyszko.

SHOW THOUGHTS: This show had a rough stretch in the middle that I don’t know if I would recommend anyone watching between that Luke Graham and the DeNucci-Scicluna matches. That was pretty rough to watch. I thought the women’s match had a pretty entertaining final minutes. Ivan Koloff match was a good ol’ squash match. The tag main event was okay and despite Russo being a drop-off in star power to Butcher Vachon, he was more athletic when it came to going against Backlund and Maivia and made the match better. I even enjoyed the Grand Wizard & Luke Graham interview segment but those two matches in the middle of the show felt like they were never going to end.


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