Written By Alfredo Esparza

World Class Championship Wrestling 11/6/1982

Taped 10/26/1982 at the Sportatorium in Dallas, Texas. Aired on 11/6/1982.

Bill Mercer and Jay Saldi are on commentary.

The Great Kabuki (w/ Armand Hussein) vs. Raul Castro & The Samoan in a handicap match.

Jay Saldi mentions that The Great Kabuki is undefeated in handicap matches. The Great Kabuki shows off his nunchuck skills before the match starts off in an attempt to psych out his opponents.

All three men circle each other as both The Samoan and Raul Castro stay in the ring. The Samoan charges at The Great Kabuki and starts off against him. Raul Castro joins in and each takes a shot from The Great Kabuki. Kabuki with punches and spin kicks takes both down. He stomps on Raul Castro.

The Great Kabuki gets The Samoan with a nerve hold and follows with a kick and more chops. He gets Castro with a body scissors. Castro makes a comeback with a body scissors of his own and follows with a pair of dropkicks but misses the second one. Superkick at The Samoan! The Great Kabuki gets Castro with a leg scissors drop and referee quickly calls for the bell as Castro gives up.

That leaves The Samoan alone against The Great Kabuki. Side headlock by the Samoan. Fans chant for the Samoan with a “Go Sam Go” chant. He knocks Kabuki down to the mat and catches him again with a dropkick. He whips Kabuki into the corner and catches him with a shoulder tackle. Headbutt by the Samoan! He climbs to the top rope and misses a diving headbutt. The Great Kabuki gets him with a leg scissors drop twice and The Samoan gives up. Referee calls for the bell and The Great Kabuki is declared the winner.

WINNER: The Great Kabuki

The Fabulous Freebirds (Michael P.S. Hayes & Terry “Bam Bam” Gordy) vs. Gran Markus II & The Super Destroyer I (w/ Armand Hussein)

Before the match starts, King Kong Bundy and Wild Bill Irwin attack the Freebirds! Gordy fights back against the two. Hayes is on the floor and heads back into the ring. Bundy and Irwin toss Hayes into the corner. Bundy heads to the other corner and prepares to charge into Hayes for a splash but Gordy gets back in the ring and catches him with a clothesline. The Freebirds fight back.

Gran Markus & The Super Destroyer I try to break them up. Brawl continues. Al Madril and an additional referee run out trying to break things up. Ring announcer Mark Lowrance calls for more help from the back but no one shows up. Bugsy McGraw and Ken Mantell join in. Bugsy tosses others out of the ring while not breaking up the brawl. Jose Lothario shows up. They’re finally broken up. Wild brawl. Referee David Manning warns everyone that they will be fined $500 if they continue.

Bill Mercer and Jay Saldi talk about King Kong Bundy deciding to wrestle as a free agent in World Class as he’s still having some issues with H & H Incorporated.

Match finally starts with Terry Gordy and The Super Destroyer I. The Super Destroyer I’s whip gets reversed and Gordy backdrops him and then slams him with one arm. He follows with a kneedrop across Super D’s neck. Gordy with a punch to Super D’s face. He then grabs Gran Markus II and tosses him into the other corner. Hayes tags in and beats on Markus II. Jay Saldi points out that Gordy was bleeding from the nose.

Gordy tags back in and lands an elbow to Markus back. He delivers a hard punch at Gran Markus II who tried to fight back but gets cut off by Gordy. Fans loudly chant for Gordy. Hayes tags back in but Markus II gets him in their corner and he and Super D double-team Hayes. Hayes recovers and backdrops Super Destroyer I. Hayes tags in Gordy.

Terry Gordy and Gran Markus II brawl with Gordy throwing elbows and punches. He tosses Super Destroyer I out of the ring. Gordy picks up Gran Markus II for a piledriver and Hayes climbs up to the middle rope for a double-team piledriver. Terry Gordy covers Markus II for the pin.

WINNERS: The Fabulous Freebirds

Hayes grabs the mic and calls out Irwin and Bundy and cuts a great promo about the Freebirds and vows they will get them.

An update on Kerry Von Erich’s recovery follows. Bill Mercer interviews Kerry Von Erich who tells him that his knee is completely rehabilitated and he was physically and mentally ready. He isn’t only after the world title but after Ric Flair. Mercer asks him about the Von Erich’s claim that Ric Flair placed a bounty on Kerry, which Flair denies. Kerry said they have proof.

They show an interview from Ric Flair who insults Kerry Von Erich saying he is not in his class. Flair says he’s 31-years-old, filthy rich, custom-made and a legend. He tells Kerry that if he wants him in a match, he needs to give him an incentive.

Kerry Von Erich says this is no longer a game but a war against Ric Flair. Mercer believes that Flair is trying to get him to work a better deal for their match. Kerry was also upset that he insulted Dallas and Forth Worth and vowed to get him.

Bugsy McGraw & Al Madril vs. The Magic Dragon & The Checkmate (w/ Armand Hussein)

Bugsy McGraw and The Checkmate start the match. Bugsy struts around the ring before locking up with The Checkmate. The Checkmate with a headlock takedown on Bugsy. McGraw whips Checkmate into the ropes but Checkmate stops before getting punched. Checkmate goes to his armadillo roll-up stance and Bugsy punches and attacks him with no luck.

The Checkmate catches McGraw with a pair of uppercuts and whips him into the corner but Bugsy catches him with a knee to the mid-section. Checkmate goes back to rolling up into his armadillo stance and Bugsy tries to grab hold of him with no luck. Checkmate charges at McGraw but he moves and Bugsy slams him. Checkmate moves out of a charging McGraw and again goes back to his armadillo stance. McGraw decides to do the same spot and Checkmate quickly goes after him with a front facelock.

McGraw picks up Checkmate and tosses him up in the air. Checkmate tumbles to the outside and Hussein gives him a bit of a pep talk. He gets back into the ring. McGraw tags in Madril and he punches Checkmate right away. Checkmate whips Madril into the corner and punches him. He whips Madril into the other corner but McGraw lays on the top turnbuckle to block the momentum and Madril catches Checkmate with a punch again.

Al Madril whips Checkmate into the corners and Magic Dragon tries to make the save for him but is unsuccessful. McGraw attacks The Magic Dragon. Checkmate is able to tag in The Magic Dragon who chops away at Madril. He tosses Madril into the top turnbuckle. Fans chant loudly for Al Madril. The Magic Dragon gets Al Madril in a headlock.

The Magic Dragon catches Madril with a clothesline and again gets him in a chinlock. Checkmate tags in and headbutts Madril in the neck. Knees to Madril’s back! He goes for a catapult sending Madril into an elbow from the Magic Dragon. Checkmate goes for a second catapult but Madril catches the Dragon with a forearm and then delivers a series of punches at Checkmate! Crowd cheers loudly.

Checkmate goes back to his armadillo stance and Madril goes for a front facelock but Checkmate reverses it and tags in The Magic Dragon. Dragon chokes Madril on the mat. He punches and chokes Madril. Madril back up and gets in a few shots at the Dragon but Checkmate tags in and continues to punish Madril. Madril tries to fight back but Checkmate keeps cutting him off.

The Checkmate goes for a Boston Crab but Madril breaks it and tags in Bugsy McGraw who attacks both of his opponents. McGraw with some punches at the Dragon followed by the atomic drop. He tags Madril back in and he whips the Dragon into the ropes and catches him with some chops. The Magic Dragon with a headbutt to Madril’s mid-section. All four men get into the ring. Madril and Bugsy reverse a whip into each other and punch both of them. They do it a second time.

Madril whips The Magic Dragon into the ropes and catches him with the flying shoulder block. He goes for a second one but the Dragon moves and Madril hits the turnbuckles. The Magic Dragon goes for his flip out of the corner but Bugsy catches him with a punch. Madril climbs to the top rope and catches Dragon with a flying bodypress for the pin.

WINNERS: Bugsy McGraw & Al Madril

Kevin Von Erich vs. “Wild” Bill Irwin

Fans start chanting “Chauncy” at Wild Bill Irwin before the match starts. Kevin sweeps Irwin’s leg knocking him down. He follows with a wristlock on Irwin and into an armbar. Bill Mercer mentions that they aired a tape of the World Class show featuring King Kong Bundy vs. Fritz Von Erich from Fritz’ retirement match in Japan and he is upset at Gary Hart because he didn’t get any money from that. Irwin whips Kevin into the ropes and Kevin leapfrogs over Irwin and catches him with a dropkick.

Side headlock by Von Erich on Irwin. He takes him down to the mat and the fans are shown ringside calling for the claw. Irwin gets Von Erich in the corner and catches him with a knee but gets a whip into the other corner reversed and Kevin gets him with a headscissors. Irwin rolls over to the ropes to break the hold.

Kevin tells Irwin that he could have cut his head off with that move. He gets Irwin in the corner and the referee tells him to break it off but he refuses and charges into Irwin with a knee to the mid-section a few times. Von Erich snapmares Irwin and gets him in a sleeper but then switches it over to a bodyscissors. Irwin stretches out for the ropes while yelling in pain. Kevin rolls him over a few times and tries for a pin while holding Irwin in a headscissors. He goes for La Rueca on Irwin.

Von Erich continues his attack with an elbow and then whips Irwin into the ropes and goes for another flying headscissors only Irwin tosses him onto the ropes to break the hold. Irwin with some forearms to Von Erich’s back. He kicks at Kevin’s back. Irwin slams Von Erich’s head into the top turnbuckle and then slams him and gets a two-count on Kevin. Irwin keeps grabbing at his lower back/hip area.

Kevin fights back with some forearms but Irwin counters with a punch to the face and a knee to the lower abdomen. Irwin whips Kevin into the ropes but Kevin gets Irwin in an abdominal stretch. Irwin grabs the referee and tosses him at Kevin to break the hold and that gets him disqualied. Irwin then tosses Kevin over the top rope to the floor. Kevin gets back in and Irwin slides to the outside and leaves.

WINNER: Kevin Von Erich by DQ.

Show ends with Mercer and Saldi talking about the feud between Bundy & Irwin and the Freebirds, the new tag team of Al Madril & Bugsy McGraw, and Kerry’s upcoming return.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode highlighted by the wild brawl between the Freebirds, King Kong Bundy and Wild Bill Irwin. That sets their feud and a tag title match up. The other tag match on the show was pretty good. Always enjoy watching Checkmate’s matches. Kerry and Flair interviews did a great job continuing their feud. Again the crowd energy at the Sportatorium just made this a fun show overall.


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