Written By Alfredo Esparza

CWA Memphis Championship Wrestling 12/20/1980

Taped 12/20/1980 at the WMC Studios in Memphis, Tennessee. Aired on 12/20/1980.

Lance Russell and Dave Brown are on commentary.

Koko Ware vs. “Beautiful” Bobby Eaton (w/ Jimmy Hart) for the CWA Television Title

Bobby Eaton gets Koko Ware in the corner but referee Jerry Calhoun gets him to back up. Ware with a headlock takedown on Eaton. Eaton tries to pull Ware’s hair but referee warns him about doing it. Koko keeps the side headlock on Eaton. Eaton whips him into the corner but Ware knokcs him down a few times and catches him with a dropkick. Followed that up with an armdrag and back into a headlock on Eaton.

Eaton complains that he’s being choked by Ware while in the side headlock. Eaton picks Ware up but Koko hangs onto Eaton with the headlock. Referee starts a count every time Eaton’s shoulders drop onto the mat. Eaton gets back up and whips Ware into the ropes and drops him with an armdrag but Koko gets back up and backdrops Eaton and then armdrags him and gets Eaton again in a headlock.

They both get back up and Eaton whips Ware again into the ropes and catches him with a knee to the mid-section. Eaton with an uppercut knocks Ware down. He punches Koko in the face. Elbow to the face by Eaton. Side headlock by Eaton. Eaton pulls Ware’s hair to take him down onto the mat and in a side headlock trying to wear Koko down. Ware counters it into a headscissors! Eaton complains that he had his hair pulled.

Eaton escapes and they quickly run the ropes and Ware catches him with an armdrag and back into a headlock but Eaton pulls the hair to escape. Bobby starts to stomp on Koko and follows with some right fists thrown at Ware. He whips Ware again into the ropes and backdrops him. Elbow to the face by Eaton followed by a knee across Ware’s shoulder.

“Beautiful” Bobby chokes Ware in the corner. Koko throws a right at Eaton but Bobby keeps elbowing and punching him. Eaton with another backdrop and follows with a running elbow drop on Ware. He punches Ware again. Eaton whips Ware into the ropes but Ware catches him with a sunset flip for the pin! Jimmy Hart crawls into the ring trying to stop the count but he’s too late. Koko wins!

WINNER: Koko Ware

Jimmy Hart and Bobby Eaton attack Koko Ware after the match. They stomp and punch at Ware. Referee tries to get them to stop. Tommy Gilbert and Carl Fergie run out to make the save for Ware.

The Angel (w/ Jimmy Hart) vs. Pat Hutchinson

The Angel gets Hutchinson in the corner and delivers a hard chop. He gets Hutchinson in a front facelock and gets him back on the ropes. The Angel whips Hutchinson into the ropes and catches him with a knee to the mid-section. He goes for the pin but picks Hutchinson’s head back up. The Angel kicks and slams Hutchinson. Follows it up with a knee to the back.

The Angel continues to kick at Hutchinson. Russell tells Hart to sit down. A big boot at Hutchinson’s face. He drops his knee across Hutchinson’s back a few times. Hutchinson getting destroyed in the ring as The Angel headbutts him a few times. The Angel whips Hutchinson into the ropes and backdrops him. He doesn’t go for the pin again and the referee warns him.

More punishment at Hutchinson by The Angel. Headbutt knocks Hutchinson down to the mat. The Angel whips Hutchinson into the ropes and catches him with the claw across his forehead. He knocks out Hutchinson with the claw and gets the win.

WINNER: The Angel

Jimmy Hart gets into the ring to get The Angel to break the claw. Crowd boos them.

Lance Russell gives a rundown of upcoming shows. Tommy Rich promo for a show in Junction City where he’ll be teaming with Bill Dundee against Tojo Yamamoto & The Angel. Bill Dundee joins them and also talks about that match.

Carl Fergie & Tommy Gilbert vs. Guy Mitchell & Roger Kirby (w/ Jimmy Hart) in an expiration of time Tag Team Match.

Tommy Gilbert and Guy Mitchell start the match. Gilbert gets him on the ropes and delivers a forearm. They lock-up again and Mitchell misses a punch at Gilbert. Side headlock by Gilbert and he tags in Carl Fergie who keeps the side headlock on Mitchell. Gilbert tags back in and continues to hold the headlock. Quick tags and Fergie’s back in and keeps Mitchell in the side headlock

Mitchell whips Fergie into the ropes but Fergie is able to get him back in the side headlock. He tags in Gilbert and he kicks Mitchell and puts him back in the side headlock. Mitchell is able to reach his corner and Kirby grabs onto Gilbert. Mitchell throws a punch but Gilbert moves out of the way and he instead hits Kirby who gets knocked off the ring apron.

Gilbert gets Mitchell back in a side headlock as Jimmy Hart checks on Roger Kirby on the floor. Kirby climbs back to the ring and gets tagged in by Mitchell. Gilbert kicks at Kirby but he seems to hurt his left leg while doing it. Kirby attacks Gilbert’s knee. Mitchell gets in the ring. Fergie does as well and the referee takes Fergie out of the ring but the heels attack Gilbert’s knee.

Mitchell back in and he attacks Gilbert’s left knee. He kicks at Tommy’s knee. Gilbert escapes and tags in Fergie. Kirby tags in as well but Fergie takes on both. He whips Kirby into the corner and then goes for the pin but only gets a one-count. Fergie twists Kirby’s head. Mitchell jumps in and attacks Fergie but referee gets Mitchell out of the ring and while that’s going on, Gilbert replaces Fergie in the match.

Big elbow across Kirby’s head by Gilbert. He backdrops Kirby and tags in Fergie who goes for the pin but Mitchell breaks it up at two. Small package by Fergie but again Mitchell breaks up the pin. Kirby tags in Mitchell who slams Fergie’s head into the top turnbuckle and then chokes Fergie. Some forearms thrown by Mitchell in the corner. He distracts the referee so Kirby can get in some cheap shots at Fergie.

Mitchell continues to punish Fergie. Gilbert runs in and kicks Mitchell but the referee gets him out. Mitchell tags in Kirby who stomps on Fergie. They double-team Fergie and choke him in their side of the ring. Mitchell with some elbows across Fergie’s neck while he’s outside. Kirby and Fergie continue to fight in the ring. Mitchell and Kirby continue to punish Fergie. He whips Fergie hard into the corner and he bounces out of there.

Gilbert runs in and all four men are in the ring. Mitchell has Fergie in a backbreaker. Kirby places Gilbert in the other corner upside down. Referee is trying to loosen Gilbert out of the corner. Jerry Lawler runs in and attacks Kirby and Mitchell! He tosses Kirby off the top rope and Fergie covers Kirby for the pin! Fergie and Gilbert win the 1st fall. Jimmy Hart screams at the referee that Jerry Lawler interfered. Referee Jerry Calhoun ignores him.

Bell rings for the match to continue with Guy Mitchell and Carl Fergie starting the match but it’s suppose to be Kirby in the ring. Fergie slingshots Kirby into the ring while the referee gets Mitchell out of there. Elbow across the head of Kirby. Mitchell makes the save for Kirby who’s caught in a chinlock. Jimmy Hart is ringside yelling at the referee. Gilbert tags in and he beats on Kirby.

Gilbert gets Kirby in a front facelock. Fans loudly cheering for Gilbert and Fergie. Kirby escapes with a snap suplex but Fergie makes the save. Fergie tags in and slams Kirby into the corner and again gets him in a chinlock. Mitchell and GIlbert keep trying to get in the ring. Fergie gets Kirby in a hangman’s move but Mitchell makes the save.

Fergie tags in Gilbert who gets Kirby in a chinlock in the corner. Forearm knocks down Kirby. Kirby with a headbutt to Gilbert’s mid-section but Gilbert recovers and continues to beat on Kirby until Mitchell makes the save. Mitchell with some punches at Gilbert. Fans chant “Go Tommy Go!” Mitchell punishes Gilbert’s left arm. He tags in Kirby who punches Gilbert and gets him in an armbar.

Gilbert whips Kirby off him. Mitchell runs in and stops Gilbert from tagging Fergie. He keeps the armbar on Gilbert. Fergie tries to make the save for Gilbert. Double-team attack by Mitchell and Kirby as the referee gets distracted. They take turns stomping on Gilbert. Mitchell gets back in the ring and continues with the armbar on Gilbert.

Tommy Gilbert makes a comeback and knocks Mitchell down. Mitchell with a forearm at Gilbert’s mid-section and he tags in Kirby. They beat on Gilbert and get a near fall on him. Tommy with a comeback fighting back against both. Fergie gets in the ring. Gilbert fights off both guys but Mitchell catches Gilbert with a kick to the stomach and covers him for the pin. Kirby helps him with the pin and they win the 2nd fall. Tied 1-1 now.

Third fall about to start with Tommy Gilbert in the ring. Mitchell, Kirby and Hart are huddled ringside and Gilbert decides to kick Kirby’s neck and that knocks him down. Mitchell gets in the ring with Gilbert. Gilbert kicks at Mitchell. Both exchange punches but Mitchell gets tied up on the ropes. Gilbert punches at him and then goes after Kirby. He tosses Kirby into Mitchell and covers Kirby for the pin but Kirby kicks out.

Fergie and Gilbert continue their attack. Gilbert kicks Kirby to the other side of the ring. Kirby rolls out of the ring. Gilbert knocks Mitchell down and tags in Fergie who beats on Mitchell. He attacks Mitchell’s left arm. Roger Kirby jumps in. All four men are now in the ring. Fergie with an armbar on Mitchell but Kirby makes the save. They toss Fergie into the corner. Hart places his walking stick in the middle of the turnbuckles and they toss Fergie into them.

Hart tries to hit Fergie again with his walking stick only Fergie catches him and goes after Hart outside the ring. The Dream Machine runs out and attacks Fergie! Mitchell and Kirby attack Gilbert. Lawler runs out with a baseball bat and cleans house of Hart’s men.

Guy Mitchell tosses a garbage can. Lawler tells them to get back in the ring while he’s still holding the baseball bat.

WINNERS: Carl Fergie & Tommy Gilbert

More promos for the Junction City show with Jimmy Hart, The Angel and Tojo Yamamoto.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Okay episode. Thought the TV title and tag team main event were pretty good. TV title match while good, I was expecting a bit more out of Ware and Eaton but that was clearly going to be a match to build towards more later on. Lawler getting involved in the tag match helping Fergie and Gilbert early in the match and again at the end also sets up his return to full-time action. This was a Memphis show focusing on what was going on in the ring and setting stuff up there instead of doing a lot of interviews.


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