Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 10/30/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 10/30/1982

Taped 10/27/1982 at the WPCQ-TV Studios in Charlotte, North Carolina. Aired on 10/30/1982.

Bob Caudle opens the show and quickly sends it to the ring as there is a match already getting started.

Jos LeDuc (w/ Sir Oliver Humperdink) vs. Johnny Weaver for the NWA TV Title

Johnny Weaver with a takedown on Jos LeDuc. He has LeDuc in a side headlock on the mat. LeDuc escapes and chokes Weaver as Caudle mentions they are going to a break. They return from the commercial break with Weaver delivering some punches at LeDuc. He whips LeDuc into the ropes and catches him with another punch to the mid-section. Weaver with an armbar on LeDuc.

Weaver with a kick to the mid-section as he keeps LeDuc in an armbar. LeDuc reaches the ropes and Weaver breaks the hold. They lock-up again and LeDuc gets him in the corner and uses some illegal tactics on Weaver but Johnny counters with an eye poke and he pulls LeDuc out of the corner and takes him down on the mat with a leg hold.

LeDuc pulls at Weaver’s hair trying to break out of the leg hold. Weaver continues to punish LeDuc’s left leg. LeDuc punches and rakes Weaver’s eyes to force him to break the hold. LeDuc slams Weaver’s head into the top turnbuckle. Weaver fights back and whips LeDuc into the ropes and gets him in a sleeper hold but LeDuc reaches the ropes. Johnny keeps punching at LeDuc. Caudle names several stars heading to Mid-Atlantic in the coming weeks.

LeDuc escapes and starts punching at Weaver. He uses the ropes to choke Weaver. Weaver punches and kicks at LeDuc. He grabs LeDuc and charges out of the corner for a bulldog but LeDuc sends Weaver into the corner turnbuckles and Johnny bounces off and falls to the mat. LeDuc goes for the pin and places his legs on the ropes for added leverage on the pin on Weaver and gets the win.


New Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Paul Jones joins Bob Caudle for an interview. They are quickly interrupted by Sandy Scott who talks about the TV title match and how LeDuc won the match. Sir Oliver Humperdink and Jos LeDuc show up and Scott tells them that he can’t reverse the decision but he can make LeDuc get back in the ring and give Weaver a rematch. Humperdink tells Scott not to put his hands on him. LeDuc shoves Sandy Scott out of the way.

Paul Jones gets upset as well and doesn’t know who Sandy Scott thinks he is and can’t tell Sir Oliver Humperdink or Jos LeDuc what to do. He warns Weaver about not pushing The House Of Humperdink around. Jones then talks about how he won back the title and that he is a winner and he won’t associate with losers like Jack Brisco. Jones then tells Caudle that he’ll stick around and provide some color for the next match.

Sandy Scott returns to inform everyone that he’s taking this to the NWA Board of Governors and says LeDuc will either get fined, suspended or stripped of the title for what he did. Paul Jones laughs at Scott’s threat.

Wahoo McDaniel vs. Ken Timbs

Wahoo McDaniel with an armdrag takedown on Ken Timbs to start the match. McDaniel takes Timbs back down again and works on his arm. Timbs counters but Wahoo chops him a few times to take him back down and into a wristlock. Timbs with some forearms to break out of the hold. He whips McDaniel into the ropes and lands an elbow that gets him a near fall.

McDaniel back up and he delivers several chops at Timbs. He snapmares Timbs and gets him in a reverse chinlock. Timbs reaches the ropes and forces Wahoo to break. McDaniel takes Timbs back down with a waistlock and into a headlock. Timbs escapes and gets Wahoo in a hammerlock but that gets reversed by McDaniel and he gets Timbs back into a chinlock.

Wahoo chops Timbs across the top of his head a few times. Another snapmare and Timbs back into a chinlock. Timbs reaches the ropes but McDaniel with some chops. They exchange blows with McDaniel getting in some hard chops. Wahoo whips Timbs into the ropes and catches him with another chop and covers him for the pin.

WINNER: Wahoo McDaniel

Mike Rotundo joines Bob Caudle for an interview to talk about his match against Leroy Brown. He tells Caudle that he hasn’t slept the last few days but he’s looking forward to prove himself against someone like Brown. He believes he’s ready for Brown this time around. Rotundo says he has to use his wrestling skills to go against Brown’s size. Caudle asks Rotundo about having to be on his toes because Brown is out to look to hurt people. Rotundo agrees and says he has to learn how to fight against Brown and has to keep an eye out on Humperdink.

They return from a break and Mike Rotundo is still with Bob Caudle, who asks Rotundo if he’s sure he’s ready for a match against Leroy Brown. Rotundo says some people think he might be a little crazy but he’s ready for this match.

“Bad Bad” Leroy Brown (w/ Sir Oliver Humperdink) vs. Mike Rotundo

Mike Rotundo with a leg takedown on Leroy Brown and into a leglock. Brown reaches the ropes. Humperdink joins Caudle on commentary. Side headlock by Brown but Rotundo whips him into the ropes and takes him back down and into a leglock. Rotundo attacks Brown’s left leg. Brown chops Rotundo across the chest to break out of the hold. Rotundo takes him back down to the mat again and keeps hold of his left leg.

Rotundo keeps Brown on the mat and gets him in a leglock. Brown pulls at Rotundo’s hair but can’t escape Rotundo attacking his left leg. Leroy pokes Rotundo’s eyes to escape the hold and delivers some big forearm smashs at Rotundo. Rotundo takes Brown back down on the mat. Humperdink heads back to the ringside area.

Brown with some punches makes his comeback on Rotundo. He chokes Rotundo on the ropes. Rotundo with a leg sweep and back to attacking Brown’s left leg. He kicks at Brown’s left leg and again in a leglock. Leroy Brown yells that “he’s going to break my leg” but he rakes at Rotundo’s face and then headbutts him.

Brown with another headbutt at Rotundo. He goes for a piledriver attempt but Rotundo counters and drops Brown. Rotundo gets Brown in a leglock and bridges over to add more pressure on the hold. Brown reaches the ropes.

Rotundo attacks Brown’s knee in the corner. Brown limps out of the corner and grabs hold of Rotundo and drives his shoulder into Rotundo’s mid-section. Big forearm across Rotundo’s chest followed by a body slam. Brown lands an elbow drop for a two count on Rotundo. He whips Rotundo into the ropes and misses an elbow. Rotundo picks up Brown over his shoulders for an airplane spin but Sir Oliver Humperdink climbs up on the ropes and he grabs Brown by the hand. Referee tries to break them apart.

Rotundo goes down and Humperdink has the referee distracted. Brown drops Rotundo across the top rope. He then gets Rotundo with a piledriver. Brown goes for a second piledriver but Rotundo blocks him. Caudle mentions on commentary that Brown did get Rotundo in the piledriver but it didn’t look like he did. Brown shoves the referee out of the way. Humperdink jumps into the ring and keeps the referee away. Brown drops Rotundo across the top rope. Referee calls for the bell and disqualifies Brown.

WINNER: Mike Rotundo by DQ

Jack Brisco joins Bob Caudle and tells him about everyone having heard Paul Jones bragging about getting the Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight title back. Brisco mentions that Jones did beat him during the middle of the week for the title. He wants to end it all with Jones and asks for a title rematch.

Wahoo McDaniel joins Bob Caudle and ask them to show Flair and Valentine attacking him and Piper. He vows revenge against them.

Jay Youngblood and Rick Steamboat join Bob Caudle and he shows them a drawing a fan named Tommy Peterson sent them. They both appreciate the gift and it mentions that they are the uncrowned champions. They both agree to give the fan some gifts. Steamboat offers his Hawaiian leis and Youngblood offers his headdress.

Jack Brisco vs. Jim Dalton

Jack Brisco with a wristlock and some elbows across Jim Dalton’s arm. Dalton reverses. Brisco gets Dalton in an armbar. He’s forced to break since Dalton reaches the ropes. Brisco continues his attack with a knee drop on Dalton. Jones returns to join Bob Caudle on commentary during the match. Brisco takes Dalton down to the mat and gets him in a side headlock.

Dalton back up and he whips Brisco into the ropes but Brisco knocks him down and gets him back down with a side headlock. Dalton gets Brisco in the corner and gets in a few punches on Brisco. Brisco strikes back and sends Dalton into the other corner. He whips Dalton across into the corner and then gets Dalton in an abdominal stretch. Dalton pulls Brisco’s hair and gets to the ropes.

Brisco and Dalton exchange punches out of the corner. He goes after Dalton’s left leg and Dalton reaches the ropes. Brisco with another takedown into a leg hold. He keeps attacking Dalton’s left leg. Dalton rakes Brisco’s face to break out of the hold. He slams Brisco’s head into the top turnbuckle. Dalton with some punches. He misses a roundhouse right and Brisco gets Dalton with an atomic knee drop.

Brisco grabs hold of Dalton and puts him in a figure four leglock for the win. Paul Jones leaves the commentary area immediately.

WINNER: Jack Brisco

Pvt. Jim Nelson and Ben Alexander join Bob Caudle for an interview. Ben Alexander points out that if Ricky Steamboat and Jay Youngblood beat him, nothing happens for them, but if he beats them, he’ll move up. Nelson doesn’t think Steamboat and Youngblood can beat Sgt. Slaughter and Don Kernoodle. He doesn’t think they can because he claims the couldn’t beat him and Kernoodle when they held the tag titles.

Jay Youngblood & Ricky Steamboat vs. Ben Alexander & Pvt. Jim Nelson

Ricky Steamboat and Pvt. Jim Nelson start the match. Side headlock by Nelson but Steamboat whips him into the ropes and hip tosses and then slams Nelson. He gets Nelson with an armdrag. Steamboat tags in Youngblood who delivers a chop off the top rope on Nelson. He takes Nelson down to the mat. Nelson back up and catches Youngblood with a knee to the mid-section.

Nelson tags in Alexander who gets caught with an armdrag by Youngblood. Jay tags in Steamboat who lands a chop off the ropes on Alexander. Armdrag into an armbar by Steamboat. Alexander fights out of the hold with some elbows and he tags in Nelson. Steamboat with a leg takedown on Nelson. Nelson back up and he gets in a few shots at Steamboat including an elbow the back of the neck. He misses another elbow and Steamboat gets him with an armdrag.

Nelson gets Steamboat in the corner and tags Alexander back in who catches Steamboat with an elbow off the ropes. Nelson back in and he continues to attack Steamboat. They double-team Steamboat but Steamboat counters with a sunset flip on both men. Alexander and Nelson get back up and charge at Steamboat but end up colliding into each other.

Youngblood comes into the ring and they whip Alexander and Nelson into the ropes and catch them with dropkicks. Steamboat tags in Youngblood and whips Alexander into the ropes. Steamboat picks up Youngblood and he delivers a kick at Alexander. Youngblood with a legdrop followed by a double chop for the pin.

WINNERS: Jay Youngblood & Ricky Steamboat

Greg Valentine joins Bob Caudle and tells him that he’s sick and tired of them showing doctored film that Wahoo McDaniel showed earlier in the show. He claims that he was there to watch Ric Flair’s back. Valentine vows to take the U.S. title from McDaniel and warns him to stop showing doctored film because he’ll break his leg again.

Sgt. Slaughter and Don Kernoodle join Bob Caudle talking about wrestling all the great tag teams around the world. They ask where is all the competition. Sgt. Slaughter tells Caudle that they have their wrestling gear in the limo and that they are the highest paid athletes now.

Greg Valentine returns holding the drawing the fan made for Steamboat and Youngblood. They all look at the drawing. Sgt. Slaughter jokes that they look like Steamboat and Youngblood and says he doesn’t like kids and starts to rip apart the drawing. He then rips apart the leis and headdress that were gifts for Tommy Peterson. They all laugh at what they did.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Fun episode with matches that were okay at best. They continued to build up some of the feuds going on in the area with the one feud that did have a match on the show being between Leroy Brown and Mike Rotundo with Brown and Humperdink again injuring Rotundo. The Brisco and Jones feud continued and they also set-up LeDuc possibly being stripped of the title for cheating in his win over Weaver and then shoving Sandy Scott later on. The highlight was how they had a fan drawing given to Steamboat and Youngblood and them deciding to give the fan a Hawaiian leis and Youngblood’s headdress only to end the show with Valentine, Slaughter and Kernoodle destroying the drawing and fan’s gifts. Jimmy Valiant match didn’t seem to make it onto this version of the TV show that was on the Peacock Network.


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