Championship Wrestling From Florida 7/7/1984

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Championship Wrestling From Florida 7/7/1984

Taped 7/4/1984 at the Sporatorium in Tampa, Florida. Aired on 7/7/1984.

Gordon Solie is joined by Buddy Colt and Barbara Clary on commentary. They talk about who’s on this week’s episode including a new tag team called “The Breakdancers” who made their way to Florida.

They recap the Ric Flair vs. Dusty Rhodes match from the Lords Of The Ring show. Dusty Rhodes ends up winning the match and a $15,000 ring along with $100,000.

Scott McGhee vs. “Golden Boy” Jerry Grey

Scott McGhee offers to shake hands with Jerry Grey but Grey refuses. Cool spot early in the match as Grey kicks McGhee off him and McGhee hits the ropes and does a cartwheel over Grey. That upsets Grey. McGhee with a wristlock that gets reversed but McGhee kicks out of the hold. They get in the corner but break away.

McGhee with a leg takedown and into a wristlock on Grey. Fireman’s carry takedown by McGhee. Grey gets back up and slams McGhee and then delivers several punches at him. McGhee backdrops him and then goes for an uppercut. He drives a knee into Grey’s chest. McGhee with a hammerlock. Grey with a forearm and then tosses him into the ropes and hiptosses him. More forearms and then Grey whips McGhee into the ropes only McGhee catches him with a forearm to knock him down.

Grey and McGhee exchange blows until Grey rakes his eyes. He whips McGhee into the ropes but McGhee catches Grey with an abdominal stretch that makes Grey scream and he submits.

WINNER: Scott McGhee

Chavo & Hector Guerrero join Gordon Solie to talk about some of their upcoming matches. Chavo insults both teams they were facing including The Break Dancers. He insults refugees and says they are real Latinos and not the poor “gringos”.

Buddy Colt interviews Scott McGhee after his win. McGhee was happy to be back in Florida. He called Florida the best territory that he’s been in. Colt gives out more of McGhee’s accomplishments which he appreciates.

“Superstar” Billy Graham (Sir Oliver Humperdrink) vs. Tony D’Amata

Superstar Graham carries both the Floirda Heavyweight title and a Karate championship belt. Graham with a leg takedown. He follows with some punches at D’Amata’s head. Superstar whips D’Amata into the ropes and hits him with an elbow. He whips D’Amata into the corner and the top turnbuckle snaps off so Graham uses it as a weapon against D’Amata.

Graham continues to beat on D’Amata. He whips D’Amata into the ropes and catches him with a chop. Billy Jack shows up ringside and grabs the mic.

Billy Jack tells Graham that he beat him at arm wrestling and Graham broke his finger and then he beat Graham again in a Full Nelson challenge for $50. He’s beaten him twice and now challenges him to a weight lifting contest with $50,000 on the line in a bench press contest. He tells Graham that he’s tired of him.

Graham gets upset and agrees to lift weights for the $50,000 and tells Billy Jack to bring the weights into the ring right now. Billy Jack climbs into the ring. D’Amata for some reason decides to confront Billy jack and gets thrown out by Billy Jack who then gets attacked by Graham. Graham misses a chop and Billy Jack goes for a pin on him. Graham escapes and leaves the ring.

WINNER: No Contest

Missing Children’s Bulletin follows.

Brickhouse Brown (w/ Iceman Parsons) vs. Shotgun Willie

Gordon Solie talks about this being The Break Dancers debut but that they will be in a singles match. Iceman Parsons shows up with a boom box. Brickhouse Brown follows and does some break dancing. Graphic only shows it as “The Breakdancer”. Buddy Colt talks about how kids at the school he works at break dance and compliments how strong and agile you have to be to do those moves and he doesn’t think himself or Solie could pull that off.

Brickhouse Brown with a pair of armdrag takedowns followed by a slam on Shotgun Willie that sends him to the outside. Brown and Willie exchange punches. He whips Willie into the ropes and backdrops him. He then hits a fist off the middle rope for a near fall on Willie. Brown whips Willie into the ropes and catches him with a dropkick. He then gets Willie with two more dropkicks and covers him for the pin. Parsons gets in the ring to celebrate with Brown after the win.

WINNER: Brickhouse Brown

The Break Dancers get interviewed by Gordon Solie after the match. Brown plays his radio. He cuts a promo and praises Gordon Solie. Brown says they are there to take on all opponents.

Blackjack Mulligan and Chief Joe Lightfoot join Barbara Clary to talk about fighting the devil (Kevin Sullivan) and his demons. Mulligan is carrying a big stick and talks about having a hangman’s noose match with Sullivan. They show a clip of Angelo Mosca getting involved in Mulligan’s match against Sullivan at the Orange Bowl. Mulligan talks over the clip mentioning how Sullivan keeps bringing in more demons.

Mulligan then talks about Chief Joe Lightfoot. They recap Lightfoot trying to present a gift to Blackjack Mulligan but Dick Slater, Kevin Sullivan, Black Bart and Ron Bass instead attack him and destroy the gift.

Billy Jack joins Gordon Solie to talk about an upcoming match with Superstar Graham. He talks about how much wrestling has changed his life.

Angelo Mosca, Ron Bass and Sir Oliver Humperdink promos. Bass wants to get rid of “The Family” that now includes Blackjack Mulligan, Barry Windham, Dusty Rhodes and Chief Joe Lightfoot. Mosca vows to get even with Mulligan. Humperdink joined by The One Man Gang talks about a Texas Death Match between The One Man Gang and Blackjack Mulligan.

They return to talk to Chief Joe Lightfoot and Blackjack Mulligan about a tag match against Kevin Sullivan and Angelo Mosca. Mulligan poses while Lightfoot talks about the match. Mulligan then says he’d like to be referred to as “Broken Feather”.

Sir Oliver Humperdink and The One Man Gang join Gordon Solie for an interview. Humperdink thinks that you would think Mulligan would have smartened up but he hasn’t. He also refuses to believe that there are problems in the House of Humperdink and says soon everyone in his camp will be a champion.

Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo vs. Chavo Guerrero & Hector Guerrero for the NWA Florida United States Tag Team Titles

The Guerreros bring out the Mexican flag with them. Barry Windham and Chavo Guerrero start the match. Windham blocks a punch and gets one in on Chavo. Some reversals by Windham lead to Chavo quickly tagging Hector. While the match is going on, Buddy Colt talks about why it’s called an Australian tag team match and how the first tag team match happened in 1937 in Houston, Texas. Hector misses a shoulder tackle into the corner and Windham catches him with some armdrags.

Windham tags in Rotundo and then Windham with a punch at Hector. Rotundo with a side headlock but Hector counters into a headscissors who then escapes. Gordon Solie then tells Buddy Colt that he believes the reason it’s called an “Australian tag team” match is that it started in the U.S. but then tag team wrestling became very popular in Australia and when it was brought back to the U.S., they kept that name.

The Guerreros with some double-teaming on Rotundo. Chavo back in and catches Rotundo with a suplex for a near fall. Rotundo kicks Chavo while hitting the ropes. He goes for a pin attempt but Hector makes the save. Windham chases Hector away. Chavo tags Hector and they catch Rotundo with a double elbow. Hector whips Rotundo into the ropes and then Rotundo catches him with a body press for a near fall. Chavo pulls Rotundo off.

Hector smashes Rotundo’s head into the corner. He whips Rotundo into the corner but Rotundo with a forearm and tags in Windham. Windham and Rotundo with a double dropkick on Hector. He gets Hector with a suplex but then misses a legdrop. Hector tags in Chavo. Chavo punishes Windham and tags Hector. The Guerreros whip Windham into the ropes but Barry ducks and he gets both Guerreros with a clothesline!

Windham punches Chavo. Rotundo does as well. Chavo whips Windham into the ropes and they crash into each other. Chavo holds onto Windham and Hector runs in the ring and they toss Windham over the top rope. Rotundo charges after both Guerreros.

Outside the ring, Dick Slater runs out and attacks Windham getting him in a neck breaker! Rotundo heads over to check on Windham. Chief Joe Lightfoot heads out and tells referee Bill Alfonso that Windham was attacked. Referee decides to stop the match as they help Windham back to the locker room.

WINNERS: No Contest

“King Kong” Angelo Mosco vs. Dennis Brown for the NWA Florida Southern Heavyweight Title

Denny Brown surprises Angelo Mosca with a dropkick. Mosca gets back up and gets Brown with a hammerlock but Brown escapes and gets a pin attempt on Mosca with a roll-up. Brown again escapes Mosca and near gets another pin on him. Mosca gets Brown on the ropes and punches him but then whips him into the ropes and Brown almost gets another pin attempt with a sunset flip on Mosca.

Mosca slams Brown. He picks Brown up again but Brown gets him with an inside cradle for another near fall. Mosca punches at Brown and tosses him into the corner and charges at Brown but Brown moves out of the way. Brown gets in a few shots but then Mosca slaps him very hard across the face! Denny Brown gets fired up and starts slapping back at Mosca in the corner.

Brown with punches at Mosca in the corner. Mosca rakes his eyes and gets Brown with a power slam for a pin fall but he picks Brown back up. He whips Brown into the ropes and catches him with an elbow to the face and covers Brown for the pin.

WINNER: Angelo Mosca

Ron Bass and Black Bart join Gordon Solie for an interview and talk about what happened to Mike Davis. They show footage of what happened to Mike Davis in Orlando, Florida. It’s highlights of a tag match between Bass & Bart vs. Davis & Rotundo. They challenge anyone to a tag team match.

Dick Slater joins Gordon Solie to close the show to talk about what he did to Barry Windham earlier. Slater insults Mulligan and says he’s seen him carrying a stick one week and another week dressed in drag. He vows to put Windham out of wrestling.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Thought this was a pretty good episode with a fun tag match between the Guerreros vs. Windham & Rotundo with Dick Slater attacking Windham to end the match. Billy Jack challenging Superstar Graham to a bench press contest leading to a short brawl between the two. The Break Dancers debut with Brickhouse Brown having a short match but had threw some cool dropkicks. The Angelo Mosca vs. Denny Brown match to close was pretty entertaining with Mosca giving Brown a lot of offense as Brown was playing up the underdog. Mosca got in this really hard slap at Brown that could be heard everywhere.


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