Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-South Wrestling 7/2/1983

Taped 6/22/1983 at the Irish McNeil’s Boys Club in Shreveport, Louisiana. Aired on 7/2/1983.

Boyd Pearce and “Cowboy” Bill Watts are on commentary and they give a rundown of what is scheduled on this week’s episode. Watts talks about how DiBiase has been forced to wrestle this week by Grizzly Smith.

Mr. Wrestling II vs. Bob Roop

Mr. Wrestling II is in the ring with the National Heavyweight Title. He won the title recently from Larry Zbyszko (Pearce calls Zbyszko, “Larry Labisco”!!!) at the Omni. Watts says the name correctly. Quick takedown by Mr. Wrestling II on Roop who escapes and gets back on his feet quickly. Side headlock by Mr. Wrestling II but he shoves him into the ropes and gets in a cheap shot as he breaks away.

Mr. Wrestling II again with an armdrag takedown into an armbar. Watts continues to talk about how matchmaker Grizzly Smith is able to bring any big star they want to the territory because talent knows they’ll get paid well. Watts names various stars they could possibly bring in like Tommy Rich and the Von Erichs. Roop whips Mr. Wrestling II into the ropes and takes him down to the mat and goes for a spinning toe hold. Mr. Wrestling II grabs him by his head and gets him in a cradle for a near fall.

Roop gets taken down again by Mr. Wrestling II into an armbar. They break away again as they reach the ropes. Mr. Wrestling II again gets him in an armbar but Roop shoves him into the ropes and catches him with a knee to the mid-section. Roop stomps on him and tries to go for a piledriver but Mr. Wrestling II shoves him into the corner. Watts has now gone from talking about talent Mid-South could bring in to now talking about a family trip to Mexico while this match is going on.

Mr. Wrestling II goes for a sunset flip on Roop. Roop kicks out but II gets him back down with an armdrag and back into an armbar. Roop gets II in the ropes and starts to elbow Mr. Wrestling II. He whips II into the ropes and catches him with a jumping high hip attack. They get into the corner and exchange punches. Mr. Wrestling II gets a whip into the corner reversed.

They each try to gain the advantage and Mr. Wrestling II charges into the corner with Roop still holding him and Roop hits the top turnbuckle and gets knocked down to the mat. Mr. Wrestling II catches him with the knee lift and covers Roop for the pin!

WINNER: Mr. Wrestling II

Rip Rogers vs. Art Crews

Boyd Pearce points out that Rip Rogers seemed to be the only person applauding for him. They tangle up and go around the ropes before breaking away. Some good waistlock reversals followed by Crews getting Rogers in a side headlock. Rogers whips Crews into the ropes and Crews catches Rogers with a body press for a near fall. He slams Rogers.

Crews gets Rogers in a side headlock. Watts mentions that Steve “Dr. Death” Williams will be on television next week. Rogers escapes briefly with the headscissors with Crews getting him back into the hold. Rogers complains about his hair getting pulled. Rogers now goes for the side headlock on Crews with Crews escaping and getting Rogers in the headscissors.

They get back up and reach the ropes and Rogers slaps Crews which gets a reaction from the fans. Crews teases slapping Rogers but instead punches him on the side and then slaps Rogers. He hiptosses Rogers out of the corner but misses an elbow drop. Rogers gets a whip into the corner reversed and Crews monkey flips Rogers out of the corner.

Crews whips Rogers into the corner a second time and goes for the monkey flip. Rogers holds onto the ropes and Crews falls back onto the mat. Rogers crawls over and covers Crews for the pin.

WINNER: Rip Rogers

“Hacksaw” Butch Reed vs. Johnny Rich

They lock-up and Reed kicks Rich in the mid-section and starts to hit with some forearms to the back. Punches thrown and Reed whips Rich into the corner and kicks him. Reed with the snapmare and some elbows at the top of Rich’s head. Butch whips Rich into the ropes and Rich holds on to the ropes and kicks Reed! He follows with a really nice dropkick that knocks Reed down.

Rich with some armdrags on Reed. He gets Reed with another dropkick but misses a second. Reed climbs to the middle rope and catches Rich with a fist to the top of his head. He chokes Rich on the mat and then slams his head into the top turnbuckle. Reed stomps on Rich and then punches him. He chokes Rich again. Rich punches Reed a few times but Reed punches him back and then stomps on him.

Reed with a knee to Rich’s head and then his back and he gets back to choking Rich on the ropes. Reed whips Rich into the corner and then punches him some more. He whips him again into the corner and misses a shoulder block into the corner! Rich fires up and punches him and whips him into the corner and gets him with a headscissors.

Rich whips Reed again into the corner and goes for the headscissors but Reed grabs him and drops him across his knee! Reed follows that up with a running knee drop. He punches and chokes Rich again and gets more warnings from the referee. Reed with another backbreaker but refuses to pin him.

Reed picks up Rich with a choke hold and then drops him as the referee counts and warns him again. He charges off the ropes and catches Rich with a shoulder tackle and gets the pin on Rich.

WINNER: Butch Reed

King Kong Bundy vs. Joe Stark

Boyd Pearce with a great observation that both men are wearing black but that is where the resemblance ends. King Kong Bundy tosses Joe Stark to the mat a few times. Watts mentions that no one has pinned Bundy. Bundy with a forearm across Stark’s back and then he tosses him into the corner. Stark punches Bundy but Bundy just continues to beat him.

Bundy whips Stark into the ropes and hits him with an elbow. Bundy absolutely beats on Stark with some punches and chops. He slams Stark. Bundy then picks up Stark by the shoulders and tosses him. He gets Stark with a bulldog. Bundy picks up Stark and gets the pin after an Atlantic City Avalanche got him the 5-count.

WINNER: King Kong Bundy

Ted DiBiase & King Kong Bundy (w/ Gen. Skandor Akbar) vs. “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan & The Junkyard Dog for the Mid-South Tag Team Titles

Mr. Olympia is there with DiBiase and Akbar to start the match as he is the other half of the Mid-South Tag Team Champions. JYD’s music starts and the crowd cheers and dances. DiBiase and Mr. Olympia attack JYD and Duggan as they enter the ring. All four men brawl with JYD and Duggan gaining the momentum and they toss their opponents out of the ring. Duggan slams Mr. Olympia’s head into the ring post.

DiBiase and Akbar go and check on him. Boris Zurkhov comes out to check on Mr. Olympia. They all say that Mr. Olympia’s out cold. Referee calls for Grizzly Smith to come out. Gen. Skandor Akbar is upset and says JYD and Duggan should be locked up in an institute and the title match is off! Smith says it isn’t off because they signed for a title match. He tells Akbar to bring a partner for DiBiase so the match continues.

Akbar returns and waves for the team to come out and it is Ted DiBiase with King Kong Bundy. They both get in the ring and brawl continues. Referee calls for the bell to start the match. DiBiase falls to the outside and Duggan & JYD with a double shoulder block on Bundy that sends him to the floor. DiBiase heads back into the ring and JYD & Duggan do the same to DiBiase.

Duggan and DiBiase brawl in the ring. He whips DiBiase into the corner and backdrops him and then follows with an atomic knee drop that sends DiBiase to the outside. Bundy jumps back into the ring and he and Duggan brawl. DiBiase returns to the ring and he and JYD brawl in the ring as well. Bundy knocks Duggan to the outside. JYD catches DiBiase with a punch and DiBiase knocks the referee out of the ring as he falls to the mat.

JYD grabs hold of Akbar and tosses him into the ring. He gives Akbar a headbutt. Butch Reed runs out and attacks Duggan and tosses him into the ring post! Bundy grabs hold of JYD but JYD catches him with a forearm and sends him to the floor. Reed climbs to the top rope and jumps onto JYD and seems to get him with a shoulder tackle!

Akbar and DiBiase get back into the ring and they beat on JYD. DiBiase punches and stomps on JYD. Duggan returns with a 2×4. Boris Zurhkov runs out and Bundy knocks Duggan down with a forearm. JYD grabs the 2×4 and hits everyone with it! Duggan gets back up and he helps JYD clean house! Wild match that ends with a double DQ.


Magnum T.A. vs. Arn Anderson

Arn Anderson gets in some cheap shots to start the match but Magnum T.A. reverses a whip into the corner and backdrops Arn and then catches him with some dropkicks. Magnum T.A. gets Anderson on the ropes and is going to break cleanly but again Arn with a cheap shot. Some quick action with Magnum T.A. sending Anderson the outside.

Bill Watts when talking about Arn Anderson mentions he previously wrestled in Mid-South as Marty Lunde but that was because Ole Anderson wanted him to wrestle under a different identity before revealing that he was part of the Anderson family.

Anderson gets back into the ring and Magnum gets him in a side headlock. Arn whips Magnum into the ropes and catches him with a knee to the side. He gets in some punches and forearms and then slams Magnum. Follows that up with a pair of kneedrops for a near fall. Anderson slams Magnum and climbs to the middle rope but misses a fist drop. Magnum whips Anderson into the corner and monkey flips him out of the corner.

Magnum whips Anderson into the ropes and gets in a punch. He follows with an atomic drop and covers Anderson for the pin.

WINNER: Magnum T.A.

George Weingeroff vs. Tony Zane

George Weingeroff with a fireman’s carry takedown to start the match. Watts again talks about Weingeroff being legally blind. Zane whips Weingeroff into the ropes but George gets him in a side headlock. Watts makes comparisons between Weingeroff and Leroy McGuirk who lost one eye when he was a kid and still had success. He then mentions McGuirk lost his other eye in a car wreck.

Weingeroff keeps getting Zane in the side headlock. Zane pulls him by the hair to whip him into the ropes but Weingeroff uses his quickness to nearly get the pin on Zane. Weingeroff catches Zane with an atomic knee drop that sends him into the corner. He picks Zane back up and whips him into the ropes and Zane catches him with a knee but Weingeroff is able to knock Zane back down to the mat.

Weingeroff then gets Zane with a cross body ride for the pin.

WINNER: George Weingeroff

They show a video of Mid-South Wrestling having a show in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They show highlights from matches at the show including The Super Destroyer vs. Johnny Rich, Kevin Von Erich vs. Kendo Nagasaki, and Butch Reed vs. The Masked Superstar.

They announce next week’s show will include Dusty Rhodes and Steve Williams.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode with a wild tag team title match between Ted DiBiase & King Kong Bundy vs. Hacksaw Duggan & The Junkyard Dog. Start of it with them knocking out Mr. Olympia and then Akbar bringing in Bundy to tag with DiBiase was great. Reed getting involved and the finish with Dog and Duggan cleaning house on Devastation Inc. was pretty great. The other matches were kept pretty short. Thought the Mr. Wrestling II vs. Roop, Rogers vs. Crews and Magnum T.A. vs. Anderson matches while short had some good action that kept the show moving along very well.


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