Memphis Wrestling 12/13/1980

Written By Alfredo Esparza

CWA Memphis Championship Wrestling 12/13/1980

Taped 12/13/1980 at the WMC Studios in Memphis, Tennessee.

Lance Russell & Dave Brown are on commentary. Russell mentions that Jerry Lawler will be on the show and will make the announcement when he will return and what his first match will be. He says the match will feature an opponent of Jimmy Hart’s choosing and if Lawler can beat him, then he will get 5 minutes in the ring with Hart.

Before the first match, Jimmy Hart and The Angel head over to talk to Lance Russell. Hart tells Russell that everyone knows Lawler wants Jimmy Hart and he brought in The Angel. He mentions that he’s also signed Roger Kirby and Guy Mitchell. He suggests that Lawler come out and shake his hand and patch things up because if that doesn’t happen, he vows to put Lawler out of wrestling forever. Hart and The Angel head to the ring.

Carl Fergie vs. The Angel (w/ Jimmy Hart)

The Angel attacks Carl Fergie before the bell rings. He whips Fergie into the ropes and catches him with a big boot. He goes for the claw on Fergie with his gloved hand. Fergie tries to fight out of the claw and he finally breaks it but The Angel continues his attack and gets him again with the claw.

Fergie gets back up and battles out of the claw again but The Angel has him on the ropes. Referee Jerry Calhoun tells him to break it up but The Angel shoves him off. Calhoun goes back and grabs The Angel to take him off Fergie but gets knocked down again and he calls for the bell to DQ The Angel.

The Angel refuses to break the hold on Fergie. Referee keeps trying to pull him off but gets shoved away. Rick Morton and Ken Lucas make the save and The Angel leaves.

WINNER: Carl Fergie by DQ.

Guy Mitchell and Roger Kirby join Lance Russell to talk about defending the AWA Southern Tag Team titles against Bill Dundee & Rick Morton at the Louisville Gardens. Russell wanted to talk about a move they’ve been using but Mitchell tells him it’s none of his business and they plan to cripple many wrestlers. They both say that they will cripple Bill Dundee.

Jerry “The King” Lawler joins Lance Russell for an interview. He says that he’s been waiting for this day for 11 months. His doctor told him he could return to the ring the day after Christmas. Lawler said he’s been testing out his leg and is looking forward to his return. He said that when he met with Eddie Marlin, he told him that he wanted his first match back to be against Jimmy Hart but Hart wouldn’t agree to that. Hart countered with an offer of wrestling anyone Hart chooses and if Lawler wins, he would get 5 minutes in the ring with Hart.

Lawler continues to talk about how he use to be close friends with Jimmy Hart and said that he cared a lot about Hart and it did hurt him when he turned on him. He talked about how he got Hart into the wrestling business and said it has been a lucrative business for both of them. He also brings up how he broke his leg playing a football game.

They showed video of Jimmy Hart reacting to Jerry Lawler breaking his leg as Lance Russell makes the announcement on TV. Hart said Lawler breaking his leg was no big deal and said that referee Jerry Calhoun broke his leg playing football. He tells Russell that Lawler can’t make him anymore money and doesn’t want to talk about Lawler anymore.

They return to the studio and Lawler says he is back and tells Hart that he can bring anyone either Mitchell, Kirby, Eaton or even Ellering and he’ll go through them to get to Hart. Show had technical difficulties. Hart heads into the ring and takes off his shirt and challenges Lawler. Lawler heads into the ring and Hart charges at him. Lawler punches him a couple of times. Bobby Eaton and The Angel run out and Lawler beats on all three. Crowd cheers loudly. Guy Mitchell and Roger Kirby run out and Lawler punches at all five now. They all are finally able to grab Lawler and Hart calls for another person to run in and a mystery man (The Dream Machine) runs in carrying a bat to attack Lawler!

Carl Fergie (Russell refers to him as Jerry Lawler’s cousin) comes out and makes the save. He holds a chair while Lawler holds the bat. Hart gets all his guys to leave. Promoter Eddie Marlin comes out to get Hart’s crew to leave.

Jerry Lawler heads over to talk to Lance Russell and says he’s keeping the bat and vows to shove it down Hart’s “you know where”! Russell says Lawler’s first match back will be after Christmas!

Jimmy Hart and the mystery man join Lance Russell. Hart is holding his jaw and the mystery man starts to talk and said Hart called him in and said he is going to take out Lawler. He says his name is The Dream Machine and cuts a great promo and tells Hart that he doesn’t have to worry about nothing because of the money he paid him. He says that he’s not there to wrestle and that he’s there to break Lawler whether he has to use a bat or his big arms. He vows to break Lawler’s leg again.

“Handsome” Jimmy Valiant & Tojo Yamamoto vs. Ken Lucas & Ricky Morton in a 2-out-of-3 falls No DQ match.

Jimmy Valiant yells a few words and tells Tojo to get Ken Lucas. Those two start the match. Lucas punches Tojo and knocks him down. Yamamoto gets knocked down a few times and Valiant yells some advice out to him. Valiant tells Tojo to let him handle Lucas and tags in. He complains that Lucas has his fist closed. Lucas knocks him down and then knocks Yamamoto down too as well. He clears out the ring and Valiant gets fired up outside the ring.

Valiant back into the ring. Lucas with a wristlock and tags in Morton who knocks Valiant down to the mat. He whips Valiant into the ropes and punches him in the mid-section. Valiant tries for a kick but Morton blocks it. Valiant tags in Yamamoto.

Yamamoto with a chop but Morton swings at Tojo and he backs away. They lock up and get in the corner. Morton whips him across the ropes and gets Tojo with a hiptoss and goes for a pin attempt. Lucas tags back in but Tojo tags in Valiant. Ken Lucas with some punches at Valiant. He gets Valiant in a wristlock and tags in Morton. Morton with a takedown into an armbar.

Morton attacks Valiant’s left arm and tags in Lucas who continues to attack the arm with some kneedrops. Morton tags back in and elbows the left arm. Valiant shoves Morton near his corner and Tojo hits Morton with his shoe. Tojo tags in and catches Morton with a double chop followed by a kick. More chops from Yamamoto. Valiant tags back in and kicks Morton. He whips Morton into the ropes and elbows him and goes for the pin but Lucas pulls him off.

Yamamoto tags back in but Morton makes a comeback and tags Lucas who beats on both Tojo and Jimmy. More punches. Lucas tags Morton and whips Tojo into the ropes and Morton catches him with a flying body press for the pin. Lucas keeps Valiant from entering the ring. Lucas and Morton win the first fall.

Second fall starts up with Morton and Yamamoto. Valiant yells that this fall will be different from the last fall. Tojo pulls something out of his tights as Valiant distracts the referee. Morton sees it and tells the referee to check his tights. Morton whips Tojo into the ropes but Tojo knocks him down a few times but Morton catches him with a hiptoss on the third attempt.

Tojo keeps reaching into his tights but instead puts a thumb into Morton’s eye and then tags in Valiant. Valiant tosses Morton into the corner and then whips him into the ropes and catches him with a clothesline. He gets a near fall but continues to beat on Morton. He tags Yamamoto in and he knocks Morton down with a hard chop.

Double chop from Tojo Yamamoto and he keeps Morton away from tagging Lucas. Valiant grabs Morton and drops him neck first across the top rope. Yamamoto tags in Valiant and he gets Morton in a front facelock and Morton tags in Lucas but the referee didn’t see the tag. Tojo tags back in and he gets a near fall on Morton who had his foot on the bottom rope. Yamamoto with a chop and he covers Morton for the 2nd fall win. Valiant keeps Lucas from making the save. Valiant and Yamamoto celebrate as they tie the match up.

Bell rings to start third fall and again it starts with Morton and Yamamoto. Tojo slowly moves around the ring. He whips Morton into the ropes but Morton gets in a few shots at Yamamoto and goes for the pin but Tojo kicks out. Lucas tags in and punches Yamamoto. Tojo reaches into his tights again. Side headlock by Lucas but Tojo’s near his corner and tags in Jimmy Valiant.

Valiant beats on Lucas and gets him with a nerve hold. He chokes him on the mat. Morton tries to break it up but Valiant keeps choking Lucas. Morton again in to break it up but Tojo gets in and continues to punish Lucas. Tojo uses something to rake Lucas eyes. Valiant tosses Lucas over the top rope. Tojo rushes to the outside and hits Lucas with his chair a few times. Referee is distracted trying to keep Morton and Valiant out of the ring.

Lucas gets back into the ring and they continue to beat on him with Yamamoto going after Lucas eyes. Valiant again tosses Lucas to the outside. Valiant with some punches and he whips Lucas into the ropes and Tojo catches him with a chop. Tojo goes for an abdominal grab on Lucas but Ken breaks it. Valiant runs in and attacks Lucas. Tojo and Valiant take turns in and out of the ring attacking Lucas while one distracts the referee.

Valiant chokes Lucas and Morton tries to stop him but the referee gets him back in his corner. Lucas gets fired up and tries to fight them off but Valiant cuts him off and Yamamoto goes for the abdominal grab again. Lucas tries to battle his way out of the hold. Tojo tags in Valiant before Lucas can reach his corner. He finally reaches the corner but the referee didn’t see it and gets Morton out of the ring while they double-team Lucas. Lucas escapes some near falls.

Morton finally had it and attacks Yamamoto. Valiant gets Lucas with the piledriver. Referee gets Morton back to his corner. Valiant covers Lucas for the pin. Everyone gets in the ring. Guy Mitchell shows up and attacks Lucas. He grabs Lucas and Roger Kirby drops a knee across Lucas.

Bill Dundee runs out and attacks Kirby and Mitchell. Morton grabs a chair and they clean house. Morton and Dundee brawl with Kirby and Mitchell outside the ring.

They carry out Ken Lucas out of the studio.


They have a break after the first fall and Lance Russell interviews Bill Dundee who is wearing a neck brace and Russell mentions that Mitchell and Kirby jumped Dundee and that’s why he’s wearing that neck brace. He asks Dundee for an update. Dundee says that the doctor told him he was fortunate and that he just has to rest. Dundee says that Mitchell and Kirby didn’t try to wrestle him but wanted to cripple him.

Dundee tells Russell that only he and the doctor know how long he has to wear that neck brace and he might be okay in a month, a week or even that day but he’s not going to let anyone know until he removes the neck brace. That was his warning to Mitchell and Kirby and vows to be wherever they are and he’ll get his revenge. They head to the 2nd fall of the match.

Tommy Rich and Koko Ware promo for their tag match against Jimmy Valiant and Tojo Yamamoto at the Louisville Gardens. Bill Dundee joins Russell to talk about his tag match teaming with Ricky Morton against Guy Mitchell and Roger Kirby.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode with Jerry Lawler announcing his return after being out of wrestling for 11 months and then confronting Jimmy Hart. Hart then revealed The Dream Machine was now in Memphis to take Jerry Lawler out of wrestling. That was a great segment. They did a similar thing later in the show with Bill Dundee returning from his neck injury and surprising Mitchell and Kirby when they interfered in the tag match. Both matches on the show were setting up angles so they did their part well. The tag match was okay.


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