Written By Alfredo Esparza

SMW TV #55 (2/13/1993)

Taped 1/18/1993 at the Rec Center in Newton, NC. Aired on 2/13/1993.

Bob Caudle and “Dirty” Dutch Mantell are on commentary. Mantell pulls out Paul Lee’s name out of the hat as Tracy Smothers challenger for the SMW Beat The Champ TV title for this week’s show.

The Dirty White Boy & Mr. Ron Wright join Bob Caudle to talk about his match against Reno Riggins. The Dirty White Boy mentions that Riggins made a mistake when he humiliated Mr. Wright by turning his offer down and vows to prove to everyone why he is the SMW Heavyweight Champion.

The Dirty White Boy (w/ Mr. Ron Wright) vs. Reno Riggins

Quick start to the match with The Dirty White Boy punching Reno Riggins in the face to break a wristlock attempt. He does it a second time to Riggins. The DWB gets Riggins in a wristlock and this time Riggins delivers a flurry of punches. Riggins catches The Dirty White Boy with a flying body press off the top rope after he reversed a whip into the corner.

Riggins follows with a dropkick. He goes for another attack but The Dirty White Boy catches him with a side slam. The Dirty Whote Boy gets Reno Riggins with the Bucksnort Blaster but picks him up instead of pinning him. He continues to punch at Riggins who tries to fight back but DWB is relentless. DWB kicks away and punches at Riggins. He kicks Riggins and yells at him.

The Dirty White Boy pulls Riggins by the hair and punches him again. He punches the back of Riggins head. Slaps by DWB at Riggins as he continues to yell at Riggins. Another big punch from The Dirty White Boy. More jabs and punches from DWB. He punches away at Riggins in the corner. Referee tries to stop him but Dirty White Boy pulls him away and continues to punch him.

Referee pulls The Dirty White Boy away again but DWB goes back and continues to punch Riggins in the corner. Tracy Smothers shows up and throws in the towel for Riggins to stop the match. Referee declares The Dirty White Boy the winner. The Dirty White Boy decides to foul Riggins and referee Mark Curtis calls for the bell and reverses his decision and gives Riggins the win by DQ. Tracy Smothers jumps into the ring and The Dirty White Boy walks away.

WINNER: Reno Riggins by DQ.

The Stud Stable promo for their 6-man tag match against The Heavenly Bodies and Bobby Eaton in Barbourville, Kentucky.

Kevin Sullivan and The Night Stalker join Bob Caudle to talk about Tim Horner and Brian Lee. The Night Stalker is shocked that Brian Lee has one friend in SMW and that it is Tim Horner. He says he’s hungry and needs to be fed. Sullivan says he’s ready to face Bob Armstrong’s family of rats and talks about going to a junkyard and hunt rats.

Kevin Sullivan (w/ The Night Stalker) vs. Bart Batten

Kevin Sullivan enters the ring and attacks Bart Batten. Headbutt, chops and then he tosses Batten to the outside. Sullivan slams Batten into the ring post. He hits Batten with a chair and then sends him back into the ring. Bart Batten makes a comeback and starts to punch Sullivan. The Night Stalker enters the ring and powerbombs Batten! Referee calls for the bell and disqualifies Sullivan for outside interference.

Sullivan uses a spike on Batten and makes him bleed. They put up the Censored graphic covering up the attack. Sullivan continues to use the spike. Brian Lee runs in and brawls with Sulivan and The Night Stalker. He clotheslines The Night Stalker out of the ring.

Brian Lee picks up Bart Batten but The Night Stalker attacks him again and uses a towel to choke Lee. Sullivan stomps on Bart Batten. Other wrestlers run in and get attacked by Sullivan and The Night Stalker. They continue to beat on Brian Lee. Tim Horner runs out carrying bar bells to clear Sullivan and The Night Stalker out of the ring.

WINNER: Kevin Sullivan

Down & Dirty with Dutch Mantell opens with a clip of Jim Cornette & The Heavenly Bodies showing up on WCW Saturday Night in search of The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express. “Cowboy” Bill Watts confronts them. Cornette talks about him and Stan Lane leaving WCW and going to SMW. He’s upset that they showed video of The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express beating up The Heavenly Bodies on TBS. Fans start to chant for “Rock ‘n’ Roll”. Cornette wants an apology from Watts and if he doesn’t get it he’s going to sue Watts, WCW, TBS and even Ted Turner.

Watts warns Cornette to keep his hands off him. He refuses to apologize and says he had clearance to show that footage because they had an agreement with Bob Armstrong. Cornette yells more about The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express which leads to them running out and confronting them. Watts tells them to get in the ring for a match. They have an impromptu tag match. Bobby Eaton gets involved which leads to a DQ for the Heavenly Bodies. Several wrestlers run out to help The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express but the Bodies, Eaton and Cornette beat them all up.

The Stud Stable summit meeting to talk about The Heavenly Bodies and The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express. Golden is upset that they showed up on another show and still haven’t given them a tag title match. Fuller says what makes someone a star is having a belt and not going from one company to the other. He says they are the bad guys and shouldn’t be messed with.

Tim Horner and Brian Lee join Bob Caudle to talk about stopping The Night Stalker and Kevin Sullivan from their attack earlier on the show. Horner tells Lee that he has his back as he lifts weights. Lee says he’s been losing sleep and vows to get revenge against Sullivan and the Night Stalker.

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson) vs. The Dark Secret & Robbie Eagle

Robert Gibson and Robbie Eagle start the match. Gibson with a hiptoss on Eagle and The Dark Secret who enters the ring and quickly heads to the outside. Eagle follows as well and tags in The Dark Secret. The Dark Secret with a knee to Gibson’s mid-section and a few forearms in the corner but Gibson recovers and tags in Morton.

Ricky Morton with a knee drop on The Dark Secret. He tags in Gibson again and Gibson lands across The Dark Secret’s knee as the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express work on his left leg. Morton tags back in and continues the attack. He tags Gibson and whips The Dark Secret into the ropes and Gibson catches him with a sunset flip for the pin.

WINNERS: The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express

Dutch Mantell leaves as The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express head over for an interview. Bob Caudle asks about the tag titles and The Heavenly Bodies. Morton says they’ve gone thru a lot with Cornette, The Midnight Express and now The Heavenly Bodies. They want a shot at the tag titles any time and any place.

Jim Cornette along with The Heavenly Bodies and Bobby Eaton head to the ring. He challenges the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express with Cornette asking if they are scared of them. Morton tells Caudle that sometimes a man has to do what he has to do. Morton and Gibson brawl with Eaton, Lane and Prichard. Eaton and The Heavenly Bodies get the advantage and start to beat them. Cornette gets in the ring and hits Morton and Gibson with the tennis racket.

The Stud Stable runs out and attack The Heavenly Bodies, Eaton and Cornette. They also attack The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express with chairs. This actually goes on for quite a long time.

Tracy Smothers © vs. “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff for the SMW Beat The Champ TV Title

“Nature Boy” Paul Lee is announced for this match but instead of him being in the ring, The Dirty White Boy and “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff head to the ring. The Dirty White Boy grabs the mic and says that Paul Lee appears to have come down with the flu or pneumonia and Paul Orndorff agreed to take his place.

Tracy Smothers asks for the mic and says he knows The Dirty White Boy is behind the change in this match. He tells DWB that when he agreed to join SMW that he wanted to wrestle the best and Paul Orndorff is a legend and says to be the best you have to beat the best. He agrees to the match.

They lock-up and go to a test of strength with Orndorff taking Smothers down. Smothers is quickly back up and knocks Orndorff around the ring which upsets The Dirty White Boy who gives some words of advice to Orndorff. Wristlock reversal by Orndorff. Smothers reverses it but Orndorff catches him with a couple of forearms. He tosses Smothers onto the top rope and then lands across Smothers back as he was laying across the middle rope.

Orndorff catches Smothers with an elbow out of the corner and gets a near fall. He slams Smothers face into the mat. Orndorff distracts the referee as The Dirty White Boy gets in a cheap shot on Smothers. Mr. Wonderful with an elbow drop off the ropes for another near fall. Reverse chinlock by Orndorff. Smothers tries to power out but Orndorff elbows him across the face.

Orndorff whips Smothers into the corner but Smothers catches him with a kick and starts to beat on Orndorff. The Dirty WhiteBoy climbs up on the ring apron and distracts the referee. Smothers heads over to argue with him. Paul Orndorff charges from behind and catches Smothers with a knee to the back.

Orndorff goes for a piledriver but the referee stops him and Smothers flips Orndorff over his back. The Dirty White Boy remains on the ring apron. Orndorff gets back up and starts to punch away at Smothers. Smothers pulls Orndorff and tosses him into The Dirty White Boy. He then rolls up Orndorff for the pin.

WINNER: Tracy Smothers

After the match, Orndorff gets upset and attacks the referee. He piledrives the referee!

The Dirty White Boy promo for match with Tracy Smothers in Barbourville, Kentucky. That’s followed by Jim Cornette promo for matches in same town.

Tracey Smothers joins Bob Caudle for an interview talking about his win over Paul Orndorff and calls it the biggest single win of his career. He can’t believe what they did to the referee after the match. The Dirty White Boy confronts Smothers and tells him that he won’t get that $5,000 bonus because he’s going to personally see to it. He also tells Smothers that he’ll never get a SMW Heavyweight title match.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode with the start of a new rivalry between The Dirty White Boy and Tracy Smothers with Smothers early in the show making the save for Riggins against The Dirty White Boy and later in the show The Dirty White Boy brings out Orndorff to challenge Smothers. I believe this is also Orndorff’s last SMW TV appearance with him piledriving the referee on his way out. They also kept building up the 3-team feud between The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express, The Heavenly Bodies and The Stud Stable including airing the Heavenly Bodies showing up in WCW to confront Bill Watts and The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express. Made the feud feel much bigger going across two companies. They also kept building up the Kevin Sullivan and The Night Stalker feud with Brian Lee with Tim Horner now getting involved.


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