All Japan Women Classics #14

Written By Alfredo Esparza

All Japan Women Classics #14

Jumping Bomb Angels (Noriyo Tateno & Itsuki Yamazaki) vs. Lioness Asuka & Mika Komatsu

Taped 12/12/1985 at Ota Ward Gymnasium in Tokyo, Japan

Chigusa Nagayo is shown ringside with Asuka and Komatsu. They all shake hands before the match starts. Yamazaki and Asuka start the match off with some cool matwork. Asuka swing kicks at Yamazaki. They lock-up in a test of strength but Yamazaki takes Asuka down. Asuka escapes. They both tag out.

Tateno quickl attacks Komatsu with some jumping high knee strikes. She follows with a roll-up for a near fall. Tateno works on Komatsu back. Komatsu reaches the ropes but Tateno keeps her in a wristlock and tags in Yamazaki who keeps attacking Komatsu. Body press for a near fall by Yamazaki. She gets Komatsu in a headlock but Komatsu counters into a headscissors. Yamazaki escapes.

Komatsu punches away at Yamazaki. Quick work by the Jumping Bomb Angels. Yamazaki slams Komatsu and Tateno then jumps off the ropes with a kneedrop and gets a near fall. She whips Komatsu into the ropes but Komatsu counters it into a monkey flip. She snapmares Tateno and tags Asuka who jumps off the ropes with a chop.

Lioness Asuka with a double chop on Tateno. She goes for a slam and follows with an elbow for pin attempt but then gets Tateno in a side headlock. Asuka with a waistlock and into a submission hold on Tateno. She then switches into a body scissors and then into a armbreaker.

Komatsu gets back into the match and stomps on Tateno. She whips her into the ropes and hits her with a head butt into the mid-section that sends Tateno into her corner and she tags in Yamazaki. Komatsu grabs hold of Yamazaki and goes for a body press but Yamazaki slams her and then kicks her off the ropes. Yamazaki slams her again and then gets her in a cross armbreaker. Komatsu escapes and gets a near fall.

They both get back up and start to exchange forearms. Komatsu with a leg sweep on Yamazaki. Yamazaki escapes and goes for a pin attempt but they’re near the ropes. Komatsu is able to tag in Asuka.

Asuka with a spin kick at Yamazaki who moves away from it. She gets Yamazaki with a couple of kicks and then drops her with a vertical suplex. Asuka tries to get the pin on her but Yamazaki bridges out. Yamazaki escapes and tags in Tateno who catches Asuka with a pair of clotheslines and then slams her. She gets Asuka in a reverse chinlock but switches over to a submission hold that Asuka quickly counters.

Asuka goes for the Scorpion Deathlock on Tateno! She breaks it off and then picks up Tateno across her shoulder and Komatsu lands a top rope elbow on her. Komatsu with a near fall on Tateno. She follows with a suplex and again gets a near fall. Komatsu attacks Tateno’s right leg. She hands Tateno over to Asuka who drags her to the outside and sends her into the guardrail.

Tateno gets back in the ring and Komatsu attacks her left leg. She gets Tateno in a figure four leglock. Tateno reaches the ropes but Komatsu continues her attack and whips her into the ropes but Tateno catches her with a body press instead. Asuka gets in the ring and both Angels catch here with a double dropkick. They follow it up with a double suplex for another near fall on Asuka.

Yamazaki climbs to the top rope and hits a top rope body press for another near fall on Asuka. Tateno back in and she whips Asuka into the ropes but Asuka catches her with a backdrop driver. She goes for a second but Tateno escapes only Asuka catches her with a kick and gets a near fall. Giant swing by Asuka on Tateno! She tosses her and goes for the pin but Yamazaki makes the save.

Komatsu back in and she gets a near fall with a body press on Tateno. She goes for a piledriver but Tateno reverses it and gets Komatsu with a piledriver instead! Tateno climbs to the middle rope but instead just jumps off and shoves Komatsu to the mat. She then gets Komatsu with a double underhook suplex and tags Yamazaki who climbs to the top rope. Tateno holds onto Yamazaki who then climbs up onto Tateno’s shoulders for a kick at Komatsu and she covers her for the pin!

WINNERS: The Jumping Bomb Angels (Noriyo Tateno & Itsuki Yamazaki)

Mika Takahashi vs. Miori Kamiya (Cooga)

Taped 4/27/1989

Hand shake before match starts. Bell rings and they go back and forth with some dropkicks. Takahashi gets Kamiya with a flying headscissors out of the corner. Kamiya gets back up and catches Takahashi with a body press. She gets a few near falls after as she gains the advantage. Kamiya with an armbar on Takahashi slows down the action for a bit.

Takahashi reverses the armbar and gets Kamiya in a hammerlock. She then grabs hold of her waist with a body scissors. Kamiya escapes and gets Takahashi in a pinning predicament but Takahashi battles her way out of it. Kamiya attacks Takahashi’s right leg. Takahashi reaches the ropes to break the hold but Kamiya kicks her and pulls her off the ropes and into a Boston Crab! Takahashi grabs her fae in pain and tries reaching the ropes.

Kamiya switches over to a bow and arrow submission hold. She’s forced to break the hold and catches Takahashi with a knee lift and a few kicks to the face. She whips Takahashi into the ropes and backdrops her. She goes for the pin but Takahashi reaches the ropes. Kamiya continues to attack Takahashi’s right leg. Takahashi reaches the ropes but that doesn’t stop Kamiya from kicking her leg. Referee forces a break.

Takahashi goes for a roll-up pin attempt as soon as she gets back up. Kamiya counters with some kicks and starts tossing Takahashi around the ring. She slams Takahashi for the pin but Takahashi bridges out of the pin attempt. Takahashi with a snap mare and she gets Kamiya with a bulldog followed by a dropkick! She whips Kamiya into the ropes and backdrops her and goes for the pin but Kamiya kicks out. Takahashi with a headlock. She switches over to an armbar.

Takahashi goes for a submission hold on Kamiya. Kamiya reaches the ropes. Takahashi whips Kamiya into the ropes but gets caught by a knee from Kamiya. Kamiya hits a middle rope knee strike for a near fall. She whips Takahashi into the corner and again into the ropes and backdrops her. Takahashi coutners a whip and catches Kamiya with a neckbreaker. Some near falls are exchanged by the two.

Takahashi gets a whip into the corner reversed. Kamiya goes for a kick but Takahashi moves out of the way and gets Kamiya with a roll-up for the pin.

WINNER: Mika Takahashi

After the match the two shove each other a few times before leaving the ring.

Mika Komatsu vs. Yumi Ogura

Taped 4/27/1989 (TV Show had it listed as 4/27/1985, but that appears to be incorrect)

Komatsu catches Ogura with a dropkick right as soon as the bell rings. She follows that up with a spin kick. Komatsu with a huracarrana for a one-count. They go for a test of strength and Komatsu gets the early advantage but Ogura reverses and gets a couple of near falls. Ogura whips Komatsu into the ropes and catches her with an elbow.

Ogura with a slam and she gets a two count. Komatsu quickly goes for an armbar but Ogura reverses it into a hammerlock. Ogura tries to get Komatsu in a wristlock but Komatsu counters and knocks her down. Komatsu gets taken down by Ogura who then whips Komatsu into the ropes but Komatsu catches her with a spin kick. Dropkicks from Komatsu at Ogura get her another near fall. Komatsu with a headlock.

They show some folks in the crowd before returning to the action. Double underhook suplex by Ogura for another near fall. She whips Komatsu into the ropes but Komatsu catches her with a monkey flip then charges at her again for a near fall. Komatsu gets Ogura in an armbar but picks her up and whips her into the ropes and catches her with a headbutt. She follows that up with a headbutt off the ropes for a two-count on Ogura.

Komatsu with a Boston Crab that is quickly broken up. Ogura catches Komatsu with a body press off the ropes. She whips Komatsu into the ropes and Komatsu catches her with another spin kick. Komatsu with another headbutt and she back drops Ogura. She then gets Ogura with a side slam as the bell rings. Referee counts the pin for Komatsu despite the bell ringing.

WINNER: Mika Komatsu

Both women get up and congratulate each other. This appears to be Mika Komatsu’s retirement match so I think they have the date wrong for this match. Most likely from 1989.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Okay episode. Really enjoyed the tag match. Thought the two singles matches were okay. The date for the 2nd singles match was wrong on the screen and I believe it was from 1989. Same show as the other singles match.


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