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ECW Hardcore TV #51 (4/5/1994)

Taped 3/6/1994 at the ECW Arena in Philadelphia, PA. Aired on 4/5/1994.

Show opens with the Bruise Brothers attacking their opponents as they do their entrance.

The Bruise Brothers (Don Harris & Ron Harris) vs. Bob Starr & Mike Norman

One of the Bruise Brothers carries Bob Starr into the ring and then slams him. Mike Norman gets destroyed outside the ring by the other Bruise Bros. Ron & Don both get in the ring and pick up Bob Starr and toss him across the ring. They whip him into the ropes and catch him with a double kick for the pin. Short match.

They continue to beat on their opponents with chairs. Bruise Bros. toss both around the ringside area. Starr gets carried away and one of the Bruise Bros. punches at his back.

WINNERS: The Bruise Brothers

Show intro follows match with some new highlights in the video package.

Joey Styles welcomes everyone to NWA Eastern Championship Wrestling from the Eagle’s Nest in ECW Arena. He announces that ECW Heavyweight Champion Shane Douglas will be in action against Paul Diamond. He also gives a rundown of the rest of the matches on this week’s show.

Crash The Terminator, Kevin Sullivan & The Tazmaniac (w/ Woman) vs. Rockin’ Rebel, The Pitbull & Tony “The Hitman” Stetson (w/ Jason)

The Tazmaniac and Rockin’ Rebel start the match with Taz getting Rebel in a side headlock. He follows with a slam on Rebel but misses a headbutt after. Rebel with a slam but he misses an elbow drop. Tazmaniac tags in Crash The Terminator. Rebel tags in Pitbull. Woman and Jason are shown ringside having a conversation.

Pitbull gets Crash on the ropes and he headbutts him and follows with some punches. He slams Crash into the turnbuckle but then gets a whip into the corner reversed and Crash gorilla press slams Pitbull. Pitbull heads to the outside. He gets back into the ring. Pitbull attacks Crash’s left arm and tags in Tony Stetson. Stetson with a wristlock and he headbutts Crash but that does nothing.

Crash pulls Stetson into his corner and tags in Sullivan. Sullivan tosses Stetson to the outside and chases after him. He grabs the hammer used for ringing the bell and starts to hit Stetson with it. Woman and Jason continue to talk. Everyone starts to brawl everywhere. Stetson hits Crash with a chair. Sullivan hits Stetson with a chair.

Crash chases after Jason. Pitbull tosses Sullivan back into the ring and it’s back to being a wrestling match. Sullivan sends Pitbull into Tazmaniac for a headbutt. He comes in but Pitbull kicks him and starts to beat on him. Taz reverses a wristlock and gets Pitbull with a suplex. Crash tags in and he punches Pitbull. Pitbull gets Crash into his corner and Stetson and Rebel double-team Crash while Pitbull distracts the referee.

Stetson double chop and thumb to the eye at Crash. He tags Rebel and they double-team Crash and then whip him into the corner but Crash catches both with a clothesline. Sullivan and Tazmaniac jump back into the ring and go after Pitbull and Rebel, leaving Crash and Stetson in the ring. Crash slams Stetson and then hits a moonsault for the pin.

WINNERS: Crash The Terminator, Kevin Sullivan & The Tazmaniac

Recap of J.T. Smith winning the ECW TV Title against The Tazmaniac.

J.T. Smith gets interviewed by Joey Styles. Styles talks about how J.T. Smith fought his way to the top. Smith thanks everyone for their support. That’s followed by a video recapping J.T. Smith’s career in ECW.

Paul E. Dangerously promo about no one caring about J.T. Smith’s “Rocky story”. He says Smith has brain damage just like Rocky did in Rocky V. They air highlights of 911. Dangerously vows to bring back Sabu for the April 16th show and that on next week’s show they will reveal Sabu’s opponent.

Joey Styles talks about how ever since The Sandman was momentarily blinded by Rockin’ Rebel and he accidentally slapped his wife Peaches, he’s changed quite a bit. They air highlights of a match between The Sandman and Tommy Cairo. This is the point in time when The Sandman stops wrestling in his surfer gear and switches to street clothes. The Sandman destroys Cairo after their match with Peaches showing up to check on Cairo.

The Sandman promo talking about the days when he was a good guy are over because he thought he had friends and now he knows he doesn’t. When he was blinded, Tommy Cairo and Sal Bellomo weren’t there to help him. He recalls when he was blinded that Cairo came out and carried away Peaches and Sandman says that Cairo was just trying to cop a feel & Peaches has been slapped and will get slapped again. He calls Sal Bellomo a nut and says that Bellomo has been trying to get with his wife. He lights up a cigarette during his promo while threatening Sal Bellomo.

The Sandman vs. “Wildman” Sal Bellomo

Sal Bellomo carries a bag into the ring. He pulls out some stuff animals and tosses them into the crowd. He offers one to The Sandman but he turns it down. Bellomo tells The Sandman that they are friends but The Sandman says no and kicks Bellomo. He DDTs Bellomo and tosses all the stuff animals onto him. The Sandman then rips apart a few of the stuffed animals.

The Sandman gets Bellomo with another DDT. He also keeps ripping away at the toys. He rips apart the toy dog and tosses the filling all over Bellomo. The Sandman gets back into the ring and hits Bellomo and covers him for the pin.

WINNER: The Sandman

They switch the video from color to when focusing on The Sandman into black & white. Thought it was the video since I’m watching it from a TV recording but it was how they made it more noticeable that The Sandman had turned heel.
They air highlights of Shane Douglas and Road Warrior Hawk.

Chad Austin vs. Hack Myers

Hack Myers attacks Chad Austin to start the match. He tosses Austin face first into the turnbuckles. He whips Austin into the ropes and catches him with an elbow. Myers gets a two count and he continues to beat on Austin. Back drop were Austin does a double flip before landing! Myers whips Austin into the ropes again but Austin nearly counters him but Myers caught him with a reverse atomic drop and a clothesline.

Myers whips Austin into the ropes and Chad catches him with a spin kick. Austin climbs the top rope and lands a legdrop on Myers for the pin and an upset win.

WINNER: Chad Austin

Replay of Austin’s back body drop and legdrop to get the win.

The Public Enemy have an offer for Sherri Martel. They praise Sherri and tell her that they’ve been around a lot of women but none as fine as her. They mention how Sherri’s managed Randy Savage, Ted DiBiase, Shawn Michaels and Shane Douglas to championships. They smell Sherri because Grunge says she smells good. They ask her if she’s interested in managing them. She turns them down because she’s managing Shane Douglas. They insult her as they leave upset.

Matty In Da House promo for upcoming show with them re-airing the Douglas – Hawk highlights to hype their ECW Title match.

Jason “The Sexiest Man Alive” promo about hoping Shane Douglas beats Hawk and also Terry Funk going after him and Mr. Hughes. Funk blames them for losing the title. Jason suggests that Funk join them and become friends.

Final match on the show was scheduled to be “The Franchise” Shane Douglas (w/ Sherri Martel) vs. Paul Diamond. Sherri Martel gets into the ring and brings a chair along and she hits Diamond with it. She then sits in the corner and applauds as Shane Douglas cuts a promo on Diamond. Pat Tanaka comes out to check on Diamond.

Douglas then yells for Hawk. Pat Tanaka attacks Douglas but Sherri hits Tanaka with a chair and then sits in the corner. Douglas continues to call out Road Warrior Hawk. “Iron Man” starts to play and Douglas grabs the chair as Sherri grabs another chair. Hawk heads out to the ring. Douglas hits Hawk with the chair across his head and Hawk no sells it.

Hawk then cuts a promo on Douglas and says that the chairs remind him that he needs to buy new furniture. He tells Douglas that he’s crossed the line.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Pretty good episode focusing on build-up to Shane Douglas and Road Warrior Hawk’s upcoming ECW Title match. Had a strong finish with Douglas destroying Diamond and Tanaka leading to Hawk heading out to confront him. Also thought The Sandman segment was great with them showing his turn and his look transitioning to the look he’s more known for by fans nowadays. Matches were all kept pretty short but this was a fun show to watch.


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