Written By Alfredo Esparza

World Class Championship Wrestling 10/30/1982

Taped 10/26/1982 at the Sportatorium in Dallas, Texas. Aired on 10/30/1982.

Bill Mercer and Jay Saldi are joined by King Kong Bundy on commentary. Mercer mentions that on this week’s show King Kong Bundy will be teaming with Wild Bill Irwin against the Freebirds but mentions Bundy is with them and turns to Bundy to ask him what is going on.

Bundy tells them that he will not be wrestling on the show because he is on strike against H & H Incorporated and that he has been bargaining with Hart and Hussein in good faith and hasn’t gotten what he wants. He will not be wrestling until this gets resolved and even mentions there have been some matches were Gary Hart has had to take his spot in the match. He tells Mercer that Jay Saldi knows what he is going thru and points out that he has held the American Heavyweight title, is current one-half of the American Tag Team Champions and retired Fritz Von Erich. He knows that he’s a big commodity for H & H so he wants to be paid like one.

The Magic Dragon (w/ Armand Hussein) vs. The Samoan

The Samoan is holding a snake before the match starts. The Magic Dragon with an armdrag takedown to start the match against The Samoan. The Samoan counters with an armdrag of his own. Some hammerlock reversals. Crowd gets riled up as Bugsy McGraw is shown arriving ringside. The Magic Dragon takes down The Samoan. Saldi mentions The Samoan’s uncles are currently champions in Georgia.

Side headlock into a hammerlock by The Magic Dragon. The Samoan reverses it and takes the Dragon down to the mat. He uses his foot to apply pressure on the Magic Dragon’s left arm. Bugsy McGraw is sitting in the front row eating popcorn. Hammerlock still on The Magic Dragon. The Dragon escapes with a leg takedown. The Samoan punches away at The Magic Dragon to break the hold. The Dragon attacks his legs and then the two exchange chops.

The Samoan knocks The Magic Dragon down with a headbutt and goes for the pin but The Dragon kicks out and continues to attack The Samoan with some chops. The Samoan shoves The Dragon into the ropes and breaks away cleanly. Test of strength with The Samoan picking up The Magic Dragon a couple of times. The Magic Dragon headbutts The Samoan in the mid-section to break the hold. Hard chops follow and send The Samoan into the corner. Another headlock by the Dragon and he knocks The Samoan down. The Samoan catches The Dragon with a dropkick after hitting the ropes. He goes for the pin on The Dragon but only gets a two-count.

Some hard chops from The Samoan and he knocks The Dragon down with a double chop. He whips The Dragon into the corner but The Dragon moves out of the way and The Samoan hits the corner hard. The Magic Dragon climbs up the ropes and jumps off and hits The Samoan with a headbutt to the mid-section. He slams him down and then climbs to the top rope and hits a senton for the pin.

WINNER: The Magic Dragon

The Checkmate (w/ Armand Hussein) vs. Raul Castro

Jay Saldi buries Raul Castro before the match starts killing the spirit of Castro’s fans. The Checkmate with a takedown on Castro and into a wristlock. Castro reverses it and gets The Checkmate in a wristlock of his own. Castro catches Checkmate with a reverse kick. Checkmate with a cool takedown into a pin attempt.

Castro back up and he takes Checkmate down to the mat which surprises Checkmate. Knee lift by Checkmate that knocks Castro down. He gets him with another and then delivers some knees near the corner. Castro gets Checkmate in a full nelson but Checkmate escapes by bumping him off and then reverse dropkicking him. Cool spot. Checkmate gets Castro on the ropes but they both exchange forearms.

Castro with some punches and Checkmate goes into his roll-up spot that confuses Castro. Castro can’t figure out what to do. Checkmate trips him up when Castro gets close. He uses the ropes to choke Castro. Uppercut by Checkmate but Castro blasts him with a forearm. He starts stomping on Checkmate but Checkmate pulls him by the leg and slams it into the ring apron a couple of times.

Checkmate gets back in the ring and goes for a step-over toe hold but Castro kicks him off and Checkmate monkey flips over him. He then goes for the step-over toe hold a second time and bridges over Castro to get the pin.

WINNER: The Checkmate

King Kong Bundy and Gary Hart join Bill Mercer to discuss Bundy’s strike. Bundy repeats that he has told Hart and Hussein that he is on strike and that he is tired of them making their money while he goes into the ring and gets all the bumps and bruises for not enough money. Hart tells Bundy that he’s better off now than before and tells him that he had a busy schedule. He says Bundy is doing this strike just to get publicity and it is not going to work.

Bill Mercer asks Gary Hart if Bundy has gotten a raise since winning titles recently. Hart says that his time is valuable and it is more valuable than Bundy’s time. Bundy says he has not gotten a raise since joining H & H and wants Mercer to ask Hart how much money he’s made for them and how many Lincoln Continentals he’s bought for him. Hart looks over at Bundy and replies, “I have no Lincoln Continentals.”

Gary Hart says that Bundy is under contract to him and World Class and it has put him in a bind. Bundy tells Hart that any match he doesn’t appear in, Hart has to wrestle. Hart tells him not in main events which Bundy says he has to. Bundy said he spoke to his attorney and the matchmaker and knows his rights. Hart tells him that he has a contract with him and will appear.

El Gran Markus II (w/ Armand Hussein) vs. Jose Lothario

This isn’t the original Gran Markus and they were very specific in referring to him as Gran Markus II but that didn’t stop Jay Saldi from claiming that Lothario and Gran Markus II had been feuding for over a decade. Lothario with a takedown on Gran Markus II. Arm takedown but Gran Markus II reaches the ropes. He shows Lothario that he too can get him with an armdrag.

Another armdrag by Lothario and Gran Markus II gets upset. They run the ropes and Lothario backdrops him. Gran Markus II kicks him off and almost hurts himself by mistiming a leap frog. Lothario with another armdrag that sends Gran Markus II to the floor. Gran Markus II gets back into the ring and offers his hand to Lothario but Jose doesn’t fall for it.

Gran Markus II chops Lothario but Jose counters with a punch to his jaw that rocks him and knocks him down to the mat. He kicks at Lothario but Lothario catches him with another punch. He picks up Gran Markus II and places him onto the top turnbuckle and then tosses him off. Lothario punishes Gran Markus II who heads to the outside.

Gran Markus II gets back into the ring and kicks Lothario and then delivers a few more shots at Jose. He catches him with a knee to the head. Gran Markus II kicks Lothario off the ropes. He picks Lothario up by the tights and drops him back down to the mat and kicks him out of the ring. Lothario tries to get back into the ring but Gran Markus II knocks him off with a forearm.

Jose Lothario grabs Gran Markus II by the arm and climbs up to the top rope and armdrags him. He uses a reverse headscissors on Markus II. Jose Lothario then flips Gran Markus II over the top rope and gets disqualified. Lothario is upset because he tried to keep Gran Markus II from going over the top rope the first time and claims that on the second attempt, Gran Markus II threw himself over the top rope to get the win by DQ.

WINNER: El Gran Markus II by DQ

The Fabulous Freebirds (Michael P.S. Hayes & Terry “Bam Bam” Gordy) vs. Wild Bill Irwin & The Destroyer #1

The Destroyer #1 appears in the match since King Kong Bundy is on strike. Michael Hayes and Wild Bill Irwin start the match. Hayes struts and gets the crowd going and they start the “Chauncy” chant for Irwin. Irwin charges at Hayes but Hayes moves out of the way. Hayes gets Irwin in a side headlock. Irwin whips Hayes into the ropes but Hayes is able to hip toss him and gets him with a punch and tags in Gordy.

Gordy with a punch followed by a side headlock as the crowd is loudly cheering the Freebirds. They run the ropes with Irwin leapfrogging over Gordy a few times and then stomping on Irwin. Gordy slams Irwin into the corner and tags in Hayes who punches Irwin and then takes him down with a snapmare into a side headlock. Fans start a “Go Michael Go” chant for Hayes.

Irwin picks up Hayes but can’t break out of the side headlock. He pulls at Hayes hair and is able to get him in a headscissors but both are quickly back up and Hayes gets Irwin again in a headlock. Irwin shoves Hayes into his corner and The Destroyer #1 helps him.

Hayes armdrags The Destroyer #1. Side headlock by Hayes and he tags in Gordy. Gordy grabs The Destroyer #1 and Hayes lands an elbow off the middle rope. Irwin gets in the ring and distracts Gordy who is then attacked by The Destroyer #1. Front facelock by The Destroyer #1. He whips Gordy into the ropes but Gordy goes for a slam but The Destroyer #1 escapes. Gordy catches The Destroyer #1 with a sunset flip for a near fall.

Irwin tags in. He catches Gordy with a couple of knees. Gordy reverses a suplex on Irwn and covers him for the pin but Irwin kicks out. Hayes back in and he gets Irwin with a front facelock. Irwin picks Hayes up and places him on the top turnbuckle. He goes for a punch but Hayes blocks him and knocks Irwin down. Hayes tags in Gordy and they catch Irwin with a double elbow smash.

Gordy with an elbow across Irwin’s head and he tags in Hayes. They whip Irwin into the ropes and catch him with a double dropkick for another near fall. Hayes gets Irwin in a reverse chinlock. Irwin back up and he gets in a few shots at Hayes and catches him with a boot. He drops Hayes across the top rope. Irwin tags in The Destroyer #1 and he continues to beat on Hayes. Hayes gets sent into Irwin’s knee.

Irwin tags back in and whips Hayes into the ropes and catches him with a running kick for a near fall. Hayes tries to fight back but The Destroyer #1 tags in and continues to attack Hayes. Gordy yells some words of encouragement to Hayes. The Destroyer #1 with a knee to the mid-section and he tags in Irwin. Hayes fights back against Irwin. Knee lift from Hayes takes Irwin down but he is able to stop Hayes from tagging Gordy in.

Side suplex by Irwin and he tags in The Destroyer #1. Hayes with some punches and he tags in Gordy! Gordy with a punch and he whips The Destroyer #1 into the ropes. He beats on both Destroyer and Irwin. Hayes gets back into the ring and backflips The Destroyer #1 so that Gordy grabs him and he powerbombs him to the mat for the pin!

WINNERS: The Fabulous Freebirds

Wild Bill Irwin and King Kong Bundy join Bill Mercer and Jay Saldi to close the show. Wild Bill Irwin says the Freebirds are a fantastic team and that they move at the speed that he does and for that he gives them credit. However, they beat him teaming with a man who isn’t his regular tag team partner and introduces King Kong Bundy who is on strike. Bundy says The Freebirds took advantage of his strike and beat his partner but they vow revenge next week.

Kevin Von Erich joins Mercer and Saldi again and they talk about Kevin wrestling Wild Bill Irwin on next week’s show. He praises Irwin and then talks about him catching people with a big boot or smashing people’s brains in. Kevin then jokes that he’s not worried about Irwin smashing his brains in because he doesn’t have any brains! Mercer disagrees. They then talk about The Great Kabuki and how Kevin wants revenge against him. He also says Kerry should be back wrestling soon.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Pretty good episode. I thought the matches were all okay but the big storyline throughout with King Kong Bundy being on strike was pretty great. Him refusing to wrestle, followed by the discussion with Gary Hart and then having The Destroyer #1 replace him in the match made for a strong storyline throughout. No turn by Bundy on the show but just him wanting to be well compensated for his work. Best part was Bundy asking Mercer to ask Hart how many Lincoln Continental’s he’s bought him and Hart with a straight face replying that he has none. Terry Gordy looked awesome in his World Class debut. You forget how great he was for his size with a lot of agility. The Von Erich boys must have had a good sense of humor because in so many interviews and promos they will say some funny stuff and this time Kevin was great when referring to Irwin “smashing people’s brains in” not being a problem for him because he doesn’t have a brain. That cracked me up.


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