Mid-South Wrestling 6/25/1983

Mid-South Wrestling 6/25/1983

Taped 6/22/1983 at the Irish McNeil’s Boys Club in Shreveport, Louisiana. Aired on 6/25/1983.

Boyd Pearce & “Cowboy” Bill Watts are on commentary. Watts talks about the Mid-South Tag Team Title controversy with Ted DiBiase’s injury leading to him having Boris Zurhkov to replace him in title matches. Zurhkov and Mr. Olympia are scheduled to defend the tag team titles on this week’s episode but DiBiase doesn’t want Zurhkov in a tag title match this week because Zurhkov and Mr. Olympia lost to Duggan and Rich two weeks ago in a non-title match. DiBiase doesn’t want that match to happen but his doctor hasn’t cleared him to wrestle again so Mr. Olympia & Zurhkov decided they would wrestle the tag match this week.

They air an interview from World Class Championship Wrestling. Bill Mercer went over to Gen. Skandor Akbar’s estate to talk about Kamala. Akbar is joined by a group of men. He tells Mercer that they are meeting at that location because it is similar to Kamala’s environment. Akbar introduces the men joining him that include The Mongol, Friday and Mr. Kumar. He warns the cameraman not to use any flash bulbs because it could bother Kamala.

Gen. Skandor Akbar tells Bill Mercer that he has brought in Kamala because The Great Kabuki was injured by Armand Hussein and Yatsu (Yoshiaki Yatsu) and to also go after the Von Erich family. Akbar says The Mongol is a welcome member of Devastation Inc. Kamala joins them and shoves Bill Mercer out of the way and everyone tries to calm him down.

Watts mentions that “Hacksaw” Butch Reed is upset that Mid-South Wrestling gave Bob Roop a shot at the North American Heavyweight Title against The Junkyard Dog on this show.

“Hacksaw” Butch Reed vs. Joe Stark

“Hacksaw” Butch Reed interrupts Reiser Bowden and says there is no justice in Mid-South Wrestling because he was in line to wrestle the Dawg for the title and who is JYD wrestling tonight, Bob Roop. He brings up slapping JYD and insults him. Reed says everyone talks about “living legends” and mention JYD and Mr. Wrestling II. He states that the only living legends are found in the library when you pull a book out and read about them. He tells fans they are following a “false hope” in JYD and Reed is the real deal and he tells Jim Duggan that he is the only “Hacksaw”.

Butch Reed with a hiplock on Stark and he punishes Stark with some punches. Another hiplock followed by kicks and forearm smashes by Reed. Headbutt from Reed and then he tosses Stark into the corner. Watts mentions this is Stark’s first match back since breaking his nose during a match. Reed stomps and chokes Stark. He whips Stark into the ropes and catches him with an elbow.

Stark punches Reed but Reed counters and kicks him. Double under hook suplex by Reed followed by a legdrop for the pin but Stark kicks out at two. Reed whips Stark into the corner and then delivers a forearm at Stark’s face! Suplex by Reed and he yells a challenge at JYD. Backflip off the ropes by Reed on Stark. He picks Stark up and drops him across the top rope!

Reed keeps trash-talking as he destroys Stark. He gorilla press slams Stark and covers him for the pin.

WINNER: Butch Reed

Watts and Pearce talk about an altercation between Butch Reed and The Junkyard Dog that led to a non-title tag match between Duggan & Rich vs. Mr. Olympia & Zurhkov. They air highlights of the tag match. Watts repeats that DiBiase has changed his mind about Zurhkov replacing him in tag team title bouts but Mr. Olympia & Zurhkov both asked for a non-title rematch with Duggan & Rich and got it this week.

“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan & Johnny Rich vs. Boris Zurhkov & Mr. Olympia (w/ Gen. Skandor Akbar)

Hacksaw Duggan and Boris Zurhkov start the match and Watts mentions that Zhurkov is an ugly man and if there was an ugly man contest, he’d be champion. Duggan with some lefts to knock down Zurhkov. He gets in a shot at Mr. Olympia. Duggan continues with more punches and he slams Zurhkov head first into the top turnbuckle. He tags in Rich.

Rich continues to beat on Zurhkov. He catches Boris with a dropkick but Zurhkov tags in Mr. Olympia who gets caught by a dropkick from Rich. Some quick moves from Rich to avoid Mr. Olympia for a bit until he catches him with a backdrop driver. Mr. Olympia tags in Zurhkov who beats on Rich. Boris tags in Mr. Olympia and they hit a double team elbow on Rich. Mr. Olympia gets a pair of near falls on Rich before tagging Zurhkov back in.

Zurhkov and Rich collide and fall to the mat with the fans cheering loudly. Mr. Olympia tags in and he gives Rich an atomic drop for another near fall. Shoulder tackle by Mr. Olympia. He goes for a second attempt but Duggan trips him up. Gen. Skandor Akbar becomes irate and climbs up to the ring apron! Rich goes for the pin on Mr. Olympia but the referee was distracted by Akbar. All four men get into the ring.

Referee Alfred Neely gets knocked out of the ring and to the floor. Ted DiBiase runs out and hits Johnny Rich with his cast and knocks him out on the floor! Duggan fights DiBiase off and slams his cast into the top turnbuckle and that smashes off the cast and it reveals that DiBiase is wearing his black glove. Mr. Olympia and Boris Zurhkov grab hold of Duggan! Akbar gets in a few shots at Duggan. DiBiase loads the glove and punches away at Duggan. Fans chant for JYD! Tim Horner and Art Crews run out and DiBiase knocks them out of the ring.

Duggan recovers and knocks DiBiase out of the ring. He takes on both Mr. Olympia and Boris Zurhkov. Johnny Rich climbs back into the ring and covers Zurhkov for the pin. Duggan tosses Mr. Olympia over the top rope. Match was declared a no contest back when DiBiase interfered.

WINNERS: No Contest

They air highlights of King Kong Bundy’s recent matches against Mr. Wrestling II and Tito Santana and him piledriving them on the floor.

Mr. Wrestling II vs. Arn Anderson

Mr. Wrestling II is the new National Heavyweight Champion having won it in Georgia recently. Bill Watts explains that we (fans in Mid-South) know Arn Anderson as Marty Lunde but it was revealed recently that his uncle Ole Anderson wanted him to get some experience before revealing his family ties. Watts mentions that Arn has been in Georgia learning under Ole Anderson and teaming with Matt Borne and Arn has “matured”. Didn’t say more about Borne. LOL!

Mr. Wrestling II sends Arn Anderson to the outside after Arn tries to go for a punch. Side headlock by Mr. Wrestling II. Anderson whips him into the ropes but II is able to keep him away and teases going for a knee lift. Side headlock takedown by Mr. Wrestling II. Anderson pulls him by the trunks for a near fall but II escapes. Arn with some punches but Mr. Wrestling II gets him with a few of his own.

Mr. Wrestling II slams Arn Anderson and gets a two count. Front facelock by Mr. Wrestling II but he has to break due to being in the corner. Arn with a side headlock on Mr. Wrestling II. Mr. Wrestling II tries to fight out of it but Arn pulls him by the trunks. They have a test of strength but end up in the corner where they exchange some punches. Mr. Wrestling II with a hiptoss and he charges at Anderson for the knee lift but Arn moves out of the way.

Arn Anderson with a body slam followed by a knee drop for a near fall on Mr. Wrestling II. Anderson goes for the mask and that fires up Mr. Wrestling II. He backdrops Anderson and hits him with a stiff knee to the top of his head. Mr. Wrestling II with a punch and slam. He gets Anderson with a backdrop driver and then goes for the knee lift for the pin.

WINNER: Mr. Wrestling II

The Junkyard Dog vs. Bob Roop for the North American Heavyweight Title

They lock up and quickly The Junkyard Dog just start to beat on Bob Roop. He whips Roop into the ropes and catches him with a clothesline. JYD punches Roop again. He gets him with more punches and chokes on the ropes but Roop escapes by slamming JYD’s arm across the top rope. Roop pulls JYD into the corner and goes after his left arm. He punishes JYD’s left arm.

Roop climbs to the top rope and grabs hold of JYD’s left arm and drops down trying to break his arm. Armbar by Roop. Big elbow and forearm across JYD’s head. He knocks JYD down and Roop follows with a legdrop for a near fall. Hammerlock by Roop. He drops his knee across JYD’s arm. Roop goes for a clothesline but JYD ducks but Roop catches him with a high knee.

Bob Roop gets JYD with a piledriver and goes for a pin but JYD powers out. Roop goes for a second piledriver but JYD backdrops him off! JYD with some punches and he whips Roop into the corner and catches him with a forearm. He whips Roop across the ropes and picks him up for the big THUMP powerslam and gets the pin!

WINNER: The Junkyard Dog

Mil Mascaras vs. The Super Destroyer

The Super Destroyer attacks Mil Mascaras before the bell rings. Mil Mascaras reverses a whip into the corner and then monkey flips him. He follows with some dropkicks. The Super Destroyer heads to the outside but MIl Mascaras brings him back in with a headscissors. Mil Mascaras with some flying headbutts at Super D. Super Destroyer reverses a whip into the ropes but Mil Mascaras counters that and sends Super D into the corner. Mil Mascaras climbs to the top rope and lands a flying body press on Super Destroyer for the pin.

WINNER: Mil Mascaras

Tim Horner vs. Tony Zane

Some waistlock reversals to start the match. Tim Horner is able to take Zane down to the mat. Zane escapes. Watts announces during the match that Grizzly Smith has signed for next week Ted DiBiase & Mr. Olympia defending the Mid-South Tag Team Titles against Junkyard Dog & Mr. Olympia. Horner takes Zane down with an armbar. Side headlock takedown by Horner but Zane escapes with a headscissors. Horner counters that.

Tim Horner controls the action and keeps Zane on the mat. Zane is able to hiptoss Horner but Tim kicks Zane while he’s on the mat. Zane catches Horner with an elbow. Both men exchange punches. Horner whips Zane into the ropes and backdrops him and lands a knee drop and gets the pin.

WINNER: Tim Horner

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode with the big reveal that Ted DiBiase did not have a broken hand when Duggan broke his cast and revealed that he had his black glove on when he interfered during the tag team match. Thought most of the matches were okay with the tag match being pretty wild with DiBiase getting involved and Duggan fighting back. JYD looked strong beating Bob Roop as did Butch Reed in his match setting him up as JYD’s next challenger. Watts did a great job explaining the name change from Marty Lunde to Arn Anderson and did a great job progressing every storyline throughout the show.


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