Memphis Wrestling 12/6/1980

Written By Alfredo Esparza

CWA Memphis Championship Wrestling 12/6/1980

Taped 12/6/1980 at the WMC Studios in Memphis, Tennessee.

Lance Russell and Dave Brown are on commentary.

“Handsome” Jimmy Valiant & Tojo Yamamoto vs. Ken Lucas & Rick Morton in a Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

Jimmy Valiant heads over to the announcers table and cuts a promo about the match being 2-out-of-3 falls. Valiant struts as he’s introduced and then screams a bit.

First fall starts with Ricky Morton arm dragging both Valiant and Yamamoto. Morton with some punches at Tojo and he knocks Valiant down. He hits the ropes a few times and then Yamamoto grabs him by the hair to knock him down. Valiant gains control of the match and slams Morton into the turnbuckles a few times. He tosses Morton into Tojo. Hard chop by Yamamoto who comes into the match. Some kicks, eye rakes and chops by Tojo. He tags in Valiant who punches Morton.

Valiant with a nerve hold on Morton. Hair pull by Valiant followed by a punch. Referee warns him. Yamamoto tags and chops Morton a few times. Thrust chop by Tojo. He kicks Morton and tags in Valiant. Valiant with some punches and he gets Morton in a front facelock and tags Yamamoto back in. Tojo with more chops. He pulls Morton by the hair and keeps him in a wristlock. Valiant yells at the announcers to look at the teamwork.

Yamamoto tags in Valiant who stomps and chokes Morton. Tojo tags back in and chops Morton across the ring. More chops from Tojo. Valiant back in and he whips Morton into the ropes and knocks him down with an elbow. He goes for the pin but Lucas makes the save. Valiant with a backdrop on Morton and he goes for the pin but Lucas stops him. Valiant and Lucas brawl in the corner with the referee trying to break it apart. Tojo then throws something at Ricky Morton’s eyes. Valiant goes for the pin and gets the 1st fall victory.

Second fall starts with Valiant yelling at Lance Russell to start the match. Morton and Valiant start the match. Valiant with a leg dive followed by some choking by Jimmy on Morton. He slams Morton and tags in Yamamoto who catches Morton with a chop. Eye rake and chops from Tojo and he whips Morton into the ropes but Morton catches Yamamoto with a body press and gets the pin on Tojo and the 2nd fall victory. Lucas charges in and keeps Valiant from making the save.

Jimmy Valiant yells out that this fall is going to be different from the 2nd fall. Third fall starts with Yamamoto and Morton. Tojo reaches into his tights for something and Morton tells the referee to check if Tojo has anything. Valiant distracts the referee and again Tojo reaches into his tights. Fans scream trying to get the referee’s attention to check Tojo’s tights.

Yamamoto grabs Morton in a headlock and uses something on Morton. He uses it again and the fans scream. Valiant takes a kick at Morton who’s on the mat. Yamamoto rubs Morton’s face with the weapon he has. He chops Morton and chokes him. Valiant tags in and stomps on Morton. He goes for the pin but holds the ropes so the referee stops the count. Valiant and the referee argue and that allows Tojo to run in and take a cheap shot at Morton.

Valiant with a choke on Morton and he tags Yamamoto in. Yamamoto grabs Morton by the neck. He beats on Morton as Lucas tries to get Rick to tag him in but Valiant and Yamamoto continue to relentlessly attack Morton. Valiant beats on Morton in the corner and tags Tojo back in. He chops Morton in the mid-section and that sends Morton falling into his corner and he tags in Ken Lucas.

Ken Lucas comes in and beats on both Yamamoto and Valiant. He punches both and gets Valiant in the sleeper hold but Yamamoto makes the save using the weapon he has in his tights. Valiant attacks Lucas and whips him into the ropes and Tojo catches him with a chop. Lucas fights back but Valiant stomps on him. Tojo with a claw on the mid-section. Referee warns them. Tojo with a punch at Lucas and tags in Valiant.

Jimmy Valiant sends Lucas into the turnbuckles. He then catches him with an elbow for a near fall but Morton makes the save. All four men brawl in the ring. Lucas gets Valiant in the sleeper hold. Valiant digs into his tights and pulls out a bag of salt that he throws into Lucas face. He covers Lucas for the pin and they win the third fall.

WINNERS: Jimmy Valiant & Tojo Yamamoto (2-1)

In between the first match they air promos for Louisville, Kentucky. Jimmy Valiant and Tojo Yamamoto join Lance Russell. Valiant talks about Tommy Rich by referring to him as “Richie” and telling him to leave his mother alone and calls Rich a “punk” and his mother a “hussy”. Valiant then makes faces at the camera.

Another promo airs after the match with Lance Russell giving out the entire Louisville Garden card on Tuesday.

Eddie Marlin and Koko Ware join Lance Russell for an interview. Marlin used the money they got from Valiant’s fine to buy Koko Ware a new TV set.

Koko Ware vs. “Beautiful” Bobby Eaton (w/ Jimmy Hart) for the CWA Television Title

This is Ware’s first TV title defense. Eaton is wearing a crown. Before the match gets going, Jimmy Valiant returns to the studio and tells Lance Russell that Koko Ware will never get to use that TV set and he picks it up and drops it a few times on the floor! He destroys the TV set.

Koko Ware and Bobby Eaton start the match with Ware hitting him with a forearm. Eaton recovers and catches him with a kick while holding onto the ropes. Eddie Marlin returns to announce that Jimmy Valiant has been suspended for what he just did. Marlin also says that he will let them know later who will be replacing Valiant on upcoming shows. Eaton with some knees to the top of Ware’s head.

Eaton with a headlock on Ware as Jimmy Hart can be heard screaming from ringside. Hart distracts the referee which allows Eaton to choke Ware. Ware armdrags his way out of the headlock but Eaton quickly attacks Ware. Eye poke by Eaton followed by an elbow. Eaton with some punches at Ware followed by a snapmare and back into a headlock. He pulls at Wares face as well.

Ware gets back up to his feet but Eaton takes him back down to the mat while still keeping the headlock on Ware. Punch to the face by Eaton. Back rake by Eaton. Some kicks at Ware but Koko fights back with some punches. He knocks Eaton down but when they get back up Eaton catches him with a knee to the mid-section followed by an elbow drop for a two-count.

Eaton again gets Ware in a facelock. Hart argues with the referee and Eaton goes after Ware with a choke. Fans laugh at Hart who argues with them and the referee. Ware tries to get back up but again Eaton takes him down and back into the facelock. The referee yells at Hart again. Ware back up again with some elbows at Eaton but Eaton again knocks him down.

Eaton continues to beat on Ware. He catches him with more kicks. Ware again fights back and ducks an elbow and catches Eaton with a forearm. He gets a near fall. Ware then whips Eaton across the ring. Follows it up with a pair of dropkicks and goes for the pin. Jimmy Hart runs in and tries to attack Ware but Ware attacks Hart. Eaton recovers and knocks Ware down. Hart and Eaton beat on Ware with a crutch. Robert Gibson runs out and chases Eaton and Hart away. Referee disqualifies Eaton for Hart’s interference.

WINNER: Koko Ware by DQ.

Lance Russell points out how Koko Ware can’t get a break as he’s now had two TV sets broken by Jimmy Valiant and then won his match but got beaten up by Hart and Eaton with a crutch. He does say Ware has one thing going for him and that he is still the TV Champion.

Tommy Rich joins Lance Russell prior to the tag match. Rich thinks Valiant has gone too far and heard that Eddie Marlin suspended him. He knows Valiant has done a lot like insulting and shoving his mother, attacking him and destroying two TV sets won by Koko Ware but he asked Marlin not to suspend Valiant so he could get his hands on him. Marlin has agreed to not suspend Valiant. Rich thinks Valiant wants to get suspended so he can go back home to New York City.

Eddie Marlin joins Russell and Rich. He admits that he reacted in anger and has agreed to not suspend Valiant because Rich deserves a match against him.

“Superstar” Bill Dundee & Tommy “Wildfire” Rich vs. Guy Mitchell & “Nature Boy” Roger Kirby in an expiration of time match

Guy Mitchell and Tommy Rich start the match. Mitchell misses a punch at Rich who takes a shot at Kirby in the corner. Armdrag by Rich on Mitchell sends Mitchell to his corner and tags in Kirby. Side headlock by Kirby but Rich whips him into the ropes and backdrops him. Rich follows with a knee on Kirby and gets a near fall. Kirby tags in Mitchell.

Mitchell with some punches but Rich fights him off. Rich whips Mitchell into the ropes and leapfrogs over him and follows with an armdrag. Mitchell goes for a tag in the wrong corner but moves away quickly from Dundee. Kirby tags back in and Rich with a side headlock on him. He sends Rich into the ropes and Mitchell trips him. Dundee heads over and he and the referee argue. That allows Mitchell and Kirby to double-team Rich for a bit.

Mitchell with some forearms at Rich and he quickly tags Kirby back in. They whip Rich into the corner. Dundee tries to make the save. Kirby whips Rich into the ropes and backdrops him. Jimmy Valiant runs out and attacks Rich. Tojo Yamamoto follows and they attack Rich while Mitchell and Kirby beat on Dundee. Referee calls for the bell to disqualify Mitchell and Kirby for outside interference.

Kirby and Mitchell send Dundee to the outside. Mitchell with a backbreaker on Dundee. Tojo beats Rich with his shoe. Ken Lucas and Rick Morton run out but they get taken out by Tojo and Valiant. Mitchell and Kirby get back in the ring to make sure no one makes the save for Rich. Robert Gibson and Koko Ware run out. Ware attacks Valiant! The babyfaces are finally able to save Rich while Ware chases Valiant around the studio.

WINNERS: Bill Dundee & Tommy Rich

Bill Dundee joins Lance Russell for a promo and mentions that he’s getting revenge against Guy Mitchell and Roger Kirby. Tommy Rich and Koko Ware join Russell and he mentions bringing in Ware to team with him due to Dundee getting injured.

They air a match between Dr. Bill Irwin and Carl Fergie that was joined in progress. Match was held in Rupp Arena. Some good fast-paced action between these two. Irwin loses the match by DQ when he tosses Fergie over the top rope. Irwin claims that Fergie jumped over the top rope.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode with the first two matches being pretty good TV matches. The main focus was the continuation of Jimmy Valiant and Tojo Yamamoto continuing to do evil things including attacking Tommy Rich again and Valiant destroying another TV set that was awarded to Koko Ware this week as a replacement for the TV that was broken last week by Valiant. It was cool how they ended the last match with Rich and Dundee getting destroyed by the heels and several babyfaces couldn’t stop them until Koko Ware ran out and attacked Valiant. The last clipped match was pretty good as well. Fun show.


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