Championship Wrestling From Florida 6/30/1984

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Championship Wrestling From Florida 6/30/1984

Taped 6/24/1984 at the Eddie Graham Sports Stadium in Orlando, Florida. Aired on 6/30/1984.

Show opens with Gordon Solie and Buddy Colt ringside in Orlando, Florida.

Hector Guerrero (w/ Chavo Guerrero) vs. Denny Brown in a taped fist match.

This match is joined in progress as the TV show starts and the commentators are doing introductions. Denny Brown goes after Hector Guerrero’s left leg with a leglock submission hold. Guerrero reverses and takes Brown down to the mat and goes for a cool standing headstand leglock hold. He switches over to a bow and arrow submission hold but Brown escapes and goes for a pin attempt. Guerrero kicks out!

Hector Guerrero tells the referee that Brown is using his fists which gets ignored due to the rules. Guerrero catches Brown by surprise but misses a legdrop. Brown whips Guerrero into the ropes and backdrops him. He hiptosses Guerrero out of the corner and catches him with a series of dropkicks and goes for the pin but Guerrero reaches the ropes. Brown stomps on him.

Chavo Guerrero looks on ringside. Denny Brown kicks at Hector’s legs. He’s fired up! Brown attacks Guerrero’s left leg. He drops an elbow on Guerrero’s leg but on one attempt Guerrero catches him with a knee. Hector whips Brown into the ropes and backdrops him. He catches Brown with a suplex for a near fall. Sucker punch from Guerrero. Brown fights back in the corner. Hector slams Brown’s head into the turnbuckles but Brown blocks it!

Brown slams Hector’s head into the turnbuckles and follows with a chop. More punches from Brown send Hector into the corner! Referee pulls Brown away from Guerrero. Chavo hands Hector a foreign object and Hector punches Brown with it. Gives it back to Chavo. Hector covers Brown for the pin and gets the win.

WINNER: Hector Guerrero

Gordon Solie talks about the “Lord Of The Ring” Super show at the Orange Bowl on 6/30.

Billy Jack joins Gordon Solie to talk about a match against Superstar Graham for the Florida Heavyweight Title in Fort Lauderdale.

Special feature video of “The Boogie Woogie Man” Jimmy Valiant.

Chavo Guerrero vs. Mike Fever

Chavo Guerrero shakes Mike Fever’s hand before the match starts. Quick headscissors takedown by Chavo Guerrero on Fever. He applies the pressure on Fever’s neck. Fever escapes and gets Chavo briefly in a headlock but Chavo escapes quickly and again gets Fever in a headscissors. Another escape from Fever. He catches Chavo with a pair of armdrags.

Leg takedown by Guerrero into an armbar on Fever. Fever with an armdrag to escape. They lock-up and Chavo gets him in the ropes with a series of uppercuts. Fever fights back and gets some punches at Guerrero. Chavo kicks and punches Fever again. Hard chop and Chavo whips Fever into the ropes and catches Fever with a high knee to the face. Fever fights back again. Back and forth between the two until Guerrero punches Fever.

Chavo whips Fever into the ropes and Fever goes for a sunset flip but Guerrero breaks it up. Swinging neckbreaker by Guerrero for a near fall. They exchange shots and Guerrero counters by getting Fever with a German suplex for the pin.

WINNER: Chavo Guerrero

Chief Joe Lightfoot is in the ring to make an announcement. Dick Slater shows up ringside complaining about wanting to get some TV time. He gets up in the ring. Lightfoot is talking about the head dress that he’s going to give to Blackjack Mulligan. Slater starts to yell at Lightfoot who tells Slater to get out of the ring. He attacks Lightfoot and then Black Bart, Ron Bass and Kevin Sullivan join him in attacking Lightfoot and destroying the two head dresses. They leave Lightfoot bloody.

Mike Davis and Barry Windham run in and get thrown to the outside. Slater attacks Windham while the Long Riders continue to beat on Lightfoot. Mike Rotundo and Blackjack Mulligan get in the ring to save Lightfoot. Slater continues to attack Windham outside the ring and gets him up in a brain buster! Mulligan goes after Slater.

The Long Riders (Black Bart & “Cowboy” Ron Bass) vs. Mike Rotundo & Mike Davis

Chief Joe Lightfoot was scheduled for this match. Mike Davis is alone in the ring with the Long Riders. Crowd starts to cheer as Mike Rotundo charges into the ring and he and Davis start to brawl with the Long Riders! They whip the two into each other! Davis beats on Black Bart while Rotundo punches away at Bass. Rotundo whips Bass into the ropes and catches him with an elbow. Davis does the same to Bart but Rotundo also joins Davis in elbowing him.

They slam both head first into each other. Rotundo grabs Bart and Davis chops him. Davis with knees at both Bart and Bass. Referee Bill Alfonso gets Mike Davis and Black Bart out of the ring. Rotundo catches Bass with a dropkick for a near fall. They head to a break for a promo for the Orange Bowl show later that night.

Return from the break has Ron Bass in control of Mike Davis with a headlock. Bass is bleeding from his forehead. He tags in Black Bart who lays in a big forearm across Davis chest. Bart follows with a clothesline and a pin attempt but Davis powers out. He gets Davis in a reverse chinlock. Davis with some punches but Bart tags in Bass. Bass gets Davis in a front facelock. He punches Davis back of the head. He whips Davis into the ropes and Bart catches him with a piledriver for the pin.

WINNERS: Black Bart & Ron Bass

Dusty Rhodes and Chief Joe Lightfoot promo for upcoming shows. That’s followed by The One Man Gang and Ron Bass promo. Sir Oliver Humperdrink and Kevin Sullivan promo followed with Sullivan kneeling and talking about the power he has called upon to take out Blackjack Mulligan.

Blackjack Mulligan promo talking about Kevin Sullivan and referring to him as “Devil”.

Gordon Solie gets an interview with Ron Bass and Black Bart. He doesn’t care about what they all did to Joe Lightfoot. He vows to get back the tag team titles which Black Bart screams in agreement.

More promos for the “Lord Of The Ring” Orange Bowl and other shows. Barbara Clary does the show promos in Spanish.

Ric Flair joins Barbara Clary to talk about the “Lord Of The Ring” Orange Bowl show and his match against Dusty Rhodes with Eddie Graham as the referee and the winner getting $100,000 and a $15,000 ring comparable to those owned by Super Bowl winners.

Gordon Solie mentions that there is some confusion now because Mike Rotundo replaced the injured Chief Joe Lightfoot in the tag match and he was originally scheduled to wrestle The One Man Gang in a singles match. Solie doesn’t think Rotundo will be able to wrestle in the next match.

Mike Rotundo vs. The One Man Gang (w/ Sir Oliver Humperdink)

Sir Oliver Humperdink is in the ring waiting for an announcement. The One Man Gang enters the ring. Solie continues to insist it won’t be Rotundo. Mike Rotundo shows up for his scheduled match!

A lot of praise from the commentators for Mike Rotundo coming out to wrestle another match. Rotundo gets The One Man Gang with a hammerlock but has to break as they reach the ropes. The One Man Gang gets Rotundo with a wristlock. Rotundo escapes by kicking OMG off him. Side headlock by OMG on Rotundo. Mike whips OMG into the ropes but Gang knocks him down and gets him in another side headlock.

Rotundo whips Gang into the ropes and catches him with a cross body block but Gang escapes and again gets Rotundo in a side headlock. Rotundo powers out of the side headlock but OMG pulls him by the hair to keep him in the headlock. Headlock takedown by Gang. Rotundo whips Gang into the ropes and catches him with a drop toe hold takedown. He grabs OMG’s left leg and attacks it with a leglock.

Rotundo keeps attacking The One Man Gang’s left leg and takes Gang again off his feet. He pulls him off the ropes by dragging him by the left leg. Legdrop across the left leg followed by an elbow drop. Humperdink complains to the referee. Rotundo keeps applying pressure on OMG’s left leg with a leglock.

The One Man Gang breaks free from the leglock and starts to beat on Rotundo with some forearms. Rotundo fights back with some elbows at Gang. OMG slams Rotundo’s head into the top turnbuckle. More forearms and punches thrown by Gang at Rotundo who starts to circle the ring and catches Gang with a punch of his own. Rotundo fights back with punches and elbows at OMG. He dropkicks The One Man Gang who falls onto the ropes!

Mike Rotundo whips Gang into the ropes and drops him with an elbow! He goes for the pin but Gang kicks out. The One Man Gang headbutts Rotundo and covers him for the pin but Rotundo reaches the ropes with his foot. Gang misses an elbow drop. Rotundo goes for a figure-four leglock but Gang reaches the ropes. Show ends before the match finishes.

WINNER: Mike Rotundo by DQ

SHOW THOUGHTS: Pretty good episode. Thought the show focused more on hyping the “Lord Of The Ring” show that was happening later that night so matches were either short or clipped a bit so they had more time to show promos for upcoming shows. Best part of the show was the attack on Joe Lightfoot and Barry Windham by Dick Slater, Kevin Sullivan and the Long Riders. Looked pretty wild especially with Slater going for the brain buster on Windham outside the ring. That also set-up the last two matches with Rotundo in the tag match to replace Joe Lightfoot and then him going out for his singles match with The One Man Gang.


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