All-Star Wrestling 8/26/1978

Written By Alfredo Esparza

WWWF All-Star Wrestling 8/26/1978

Taped 8/9/1978 at the Fieldhouse in Hamburg, Pennsylvania. Aired on 8/26/1978.

Vince McMahon is on commentary.

“Crusher” Jerry Blackwell (w/ The Grand Wizard) vs. Charlie Brown

Vince points out that this match has two “Georgia boys”. Blackwell lifts The Grand Wizard up and over the top rope to get him out of the ring! LOL!

Blackwell with a wristlock into a takedown on Charlie Brown. He stomps and hammers away at Brown. Crusher with some punches at Brown. He punishes Brown but Charlie makes a comeback with some punches but Blackwell knocks him back down to the mat. He whips Brown into the ropes and catches him with an elbow. Blackwell tosses Brown out of the ring. Brown gets caught on the ropes but Blackwell kicks him down to the floor.

Brown gets back in the ring and Blackwell snapmares him back into the ring. He lands a diving headbutt on Brown. Snapmare again and a big fistdrop for the pin but referee sees that Blackwell is actually choking Brown and asks for a break. Blackwell with a kick at Brown’s face. He picks up Brown and drops him across his knee into a backbreaker. Blackwell yells at the fans.

More from Blackwell just punishing Brown with punches. He follows with a standing dropkick at Brown that gets Vince and the fans excited! He whips Brown into the ropes and catches him with a shoulder block that knocks Brown down. Snapmare and Blackwell follows with a kick at Brown. He follows with a kneedrop on Brown. Blackwell goes for a legdrop! He goes for the pin but instead picks up Brown at two which upsets the fans.

Blackwell picks up Brown for a powerslam! He covers Brown for the pin and it is over! Blackwell picks up Grand Wizard again in celebration!

WINNER: Crusher Blackwell

They air a replay after of the powerslam. Blackwell looked impressive.

Dino Bravo vs. Tony Russo

They get on the ropes during the initial lock-up and do so a second time but break cleanly both times. Bravo catches Russo with a pair of armdrags and gets Russo in an armbar. Russo whips Bravo into the ropes but Bravo with a shoulder block. He catches Russo with another armdrag takedown and back into an armbar.

Russo shoves Bravo into the corner and gets in a cheap shot at Bravo, but Bravo pays him back and knocks him down to the mat. Russo gets Bravo in a side headlock and takes him down to the mat. Fans cheer for Dino hoping he can make a comeback. Bravo slaps on the mat and gets back up and whips Russo into the ropes. Bravo with a cool leapfrog followed by a backdrop and a knee lift. Bravo goes for the pin but Russo kicks out.

Russo catches Bravo with a punch to the mid-section. He attacks Bravo in the corner with some forearms and tosses him into the turnbuckles. Bravo fires up and catches him with a forearm off the ropes. He whips Russo into the ropes and catches Russo with a dropkick. Bravo whips Russo into the ropes again and picks him up in an airplane spin and drops him down and covers Russo for the pin.

WINNER: Dino Bravo

They air a replay of the finish of the match.

Crusher Blackwell and The Grand Wizard are interviewed by Vince McMahon. Blackwell has his back to the camera showing “Crusher” on the back of his ring jacket. The Grand Wizard compares discovering Blackwell to what the scientists that discovered the atomic bomb must have felt like. He mentions how astounded he is with Blackwell’s athleticism and power are. The Grand Wizard calls him the greatest discovery he’s ever made as a manager.

Blackwell says he is the greatest wrestler in the world today. He tells the fans to shut up and he’s only shown some of what he can do in the ring but has one more thing he wants to show one specific individual who he wants to put out of wrestling. Blackwell says that one thing is the most vicious thing anyone will have ever seen. Vince agrees that Blackwell is a phenomenal athlete.

The Grand Wizard asks Vince if he’s feeling sick because of what Blackwell will do to his good friend Mr. Bob Backlund. Vince asks what Blackwell will do against better competition. Blackwell tells Vince he didn’t come to that area to get beat. He says that he’s the strongest and biggest wrestlers and won’t back away from any challenge.

The Yukon Lumberjacks (Yukon Eric & Yukon Pierre) (w/ Capt. Lou Albano) vs. Carlos Cruz & Steve King

Fans whistle at the Yukon Lumberjacks as they disrobe. Pretty funny. Albano yells at the referee and the opponents. He also has a whistle with him.

Yukon Eric and Steve King start the match. Eric with a takedown and a legdrop across King’s arm. King tries to punch out of an armbar but gets caught in the Lumberjacks corner and Pierre tags in. Pierre keeps the armbar on King. King with a forearm but Pierre takes him down by pulling him down by the hair.

Pierre ties up King on the ropes and lands some forearms over him. He gets King back with some kicks and tags Eric back in. King reaches over to tag in Cruz. Eric waves him in. He kicks Cruz but Cruz bounces off the ropes with a forearm smash that does nothing to Eric. Eric knocks Cruz down to the mat and then gets him in a front facelock. Big forearm across Cruz’s chest by Eric. Pierre tags in and lands another forearm and then hiptosses Cruz down.

Pierre again with a wristlock. He tosses Cruz into the corner and continues to beat Cruz down. Pierre tosses Cruz into Eric’s knee in the corner. Capt. Lou Albano joins Vince on commentary and talks about how great his tag team is and how they are easily beating “two of the greatest wrestlers in the world”. Quite the tall tale from Albano there. King tags back in and catches Eric with a dropkick. He gets him with a second, third and forth dropkick! He mixes in some punches, another dropkick and kicks! Great comeback by King. Eric tags in Pierre who also gets caught by a dropkick. Crowd wakes up at this point. Pierre gets match back in their favor and knocks King down.

Yukon Pierre picks up King and slams him near his corner. He stomps on King and tags in Eric. Pierre holds King so Eric can punch him. King makes another comeback against Eric and tags in Cruz. Cruz with some punches and whips Eric into the ropes but misses a dropkick as Eric held onto the ropes. Eric stomps on Cruz. Yukon Eric slams Cruz and follows with a running elbow drop for the pin.

WINNERS: The Yukon Lumberjacks

The Super Destroyer (w/ The Grand Wizard) vs. Mike Milton

The Super Destroyer grabs Mike Milton in a front facelock and gets him tangled up in the ropes where he just beats on him. He beats on Milton in the corner with forearms and a knee to Milton’s back. He chops Milton’s throat and then takes him down to the mat but doesn’t go for the pin. Super Destroyer with some forearm smashes and then tosses him to the floor!

Milton tries to get back in the ring but Super D kicks him back down. Super Destroyer gets Milton back in and gets him with a knee to the mid-section. He then slams Milton’s head into the mat. Super D with a choke on Milton. Referee warns Super Destroyer. He keeps choking Milton. More forearms at Milton. Milton with some punches makes a comeback. He kicks Super Destroyer but Super D is back up and in control.

Super Destroyer whips Milton into the corner and that knocks Milton down. More stomps on Milton and he goes for the pin but Super D picks him back up. Milton’s arms get tied on the ropes and Super D kicks at him. Milton gets knocked back out of the ring. He climbs back in and Super Destroyer stomps him out again.

Milton finally gets back in and Super Destroyer continues to punish him. Super Destroyer picks him up and gets him with an over the shoulder backbreaker for the submission win.

WINNER: The Super Destroyer

Haystacks Calhoun, Larry Zbyszko & Tony Garea vs. Butcher Vachon, Moose Monroe & Baron Mikel Scicluna

Tony Garea and Butcher Vachon start the match. Garea backdrops Vachon and then goes for a pin on him but Moose Monroe makes the save. Garea blocks a punch attempt by Vachon. Vachon tags in Monroe. Garea escapes Moose’s grasp easily a few times. Moose tags in Baron Mikel Scicluna. Scicluna fares better against Garea and beats on Garea with some forearms and punches.

Scicluna tosses Garea into his corner. He continues with forearms and stomps on Garea. Baron tags in Vachon who chops Garea a few times. Vachon with some stomps but Garea makes a comeback and slams Vachon. He tags in Zbyszko who tosses Vachon across the ring. Butcher tags in Moose. Side headlock by Zbyszko. Vince notices Larry has a moustache this week.

Moose with a chokehold on Zbyszko and he uses the tag rope to choke him. Scicluna distracts the referee. Zbyszko tags in Haystacks Calhoun he beats on Moose. He whips Monroe into the corner. Haystacks then whips Monroe into the ropes and catches him with the laziest looking elbow to the chest that I’ve seen in quite some time. Calhoun tags Zbyszko back in who quickly tags in Garea. Garea then catches Moose in an abdominal stretch for the win. Zbyszko comes in and stops Vachon from making the save.

WINNERS: Haystacks Calhoun, Larry Zbyszko & Tony Garea

Some in the crowd booed as they left the arena.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Not a good episode. The best part of the show was Crusher Blackwell’s match. He looked impressive. His interview segment was good as well. Rest of the show was the usual that they had on these All-Star Wrestling shows in the ’70s. A lot of slower paced matches with big guys who stuck to the same type of match. Main event was very disappointing and I think the live crowd at that time felt that way as some booed. Haystacks Calhoun had one of the laziest looking elbow spots I’ve seen and that was pretty much all he did in the match. The only other bright spot on the show was probably the cool comeback Steve King had against The Yukon Lumberjacks. That got everyone fired up.


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