Written By Alfredo Esparza

CWA Memphis Championship Wrestling 11/29/1980

Taped 11/29/1980 at the WMC Studios in Memphis, Tennessee.

Lance Russell and Dave Brown are on commentary. Eddie Marlin joins Russell to open the show. They talk about establishing a TV championship on this week’s show. Marlin explains why they’ve created the TV title and it will be defended only on TV. They will decide the champion in one day and in a battle royal. Marlin mentions that the winner will be the champion, win money and a TV set.

“Beautiful” Bobby Eaton (w/ Jimmy Hart) vs. David Price

Bobby Eaton gets David Price in the corner and Price shoves him off. Eaton tosses Price by the hair and attacks him with some kicks and punches. He elbows Price across the top of the head and tosses him into the turnbuckles. Front facelock by Eaton and Price gets him to the ropes. Eaton keeps attacking Price. Referee tries to get Eaton to stop a bit but he ignores him and gets Price in a front facelock again.

Price gets Eaton on the ropes but Eaton gets in a cheap shot on him. Eaton snapmares Price and drops a fist across his face a couple of times. He keeps beating on Price as Jimmy Hart watches on from the corner. Eaton slams Price and follows with a running elbow drop for the pin. Easy win. Eaton stomps on Price after the match.

WINNER: Bobby Eaton

Jimmy Valiant and Tojo Yamamoto promo with Lance Russell. He insults Tommy Rich’s mom and calls her a wallflower.

Ken Lucas & Rick Morton vs. Dr. Bill Irwin & Danny Davis

Danny Davis and Ken Lucas start the match. Lucas with a hiptoss into an armbar but he quickly tags in Morton who backdrops Davis. Hiptoss into an arm stretch and quick tag back to Lucas. Lucas and Morton with quick tags keep attacking Davis. Davis pulls Morton by the hair to take him down and tags in Irwin as he gets away from Morton.

Irwin punches Davis and chokes him until the referee tells him to stop. Irwin with some right hands across Morton’s back and he tosses Morton into Davis knee. He whips Morton into the corner and catches him with a knee. Morton makes a quick comeback and slams Irwin. He tags in Lucas and he and Irwin have a scuffle until Irwin tags in Davis.

Davis with a legdrop on Lucas for a near fall. Lucas reaches Morton and tags him in. Morton catches Davis with a dropkick for a near fall. Irwin makes the save. Dr. Bill Irwin tags in and catches Morton with a knee to the mid-section and then stomps on him. Side suplex by Irwin for a near fall. Morton punches at Irwin and takes him down and reverses into a pin attempt but Davis makes the save.

Davis tags back in and whips Morton into the ropes and elbows him. He follows with another elbow drop. Morton tags in Lucas. Lucas with some punches and a takedown for a pin attempt. Davis back up and tags in Irwin who kicks Lucas. Irwin with some punches to Lucas side. Lucas escapes and tags in Morton.

Ricky Morton with some knees at Irwin and he whips him into the ropes. He gets Irwin in a standing side headlock and heads to his corner where Lucas tags back in and punches Irwin. Irwin stumbles into his corner and tags in Davis. Lucas whips Davis into the ropes and punches him. He tags Morton who gets Davis with a sunset flip for the pin.

WINNERS: Ken Lucas & Rick Morton

CWA Television Title Battle Royal: Koko Ware, Bill Dundee, Dr. Bill Irwin, Bobby Eaton, Buddy Wayne, Danny Davis, Guy Mitchell, Jimmy Valiant, Ken Lucas, Roger Kirby, Tojo Yamamoto, David Price and Tommy Rich.

They bring out the TV and place it on the announcers table as that is one of the prizes that will be given to the winner.

All men start to brawl in the ring. Tommy Rich heads to the outside of the ring. Referee Jerry Calhoun tells Rich he has to get in the ring and starts a count on him warning him he’ll count him out. Rich doesn’t get in the ring so he’s counted out. Guy Mitchell is eliminated after as he’s pinned by Ken Lucas. Lanc e Russell informs everyone that eliminations happen by pinfall.

Buddy Wayne is eliminated next. Bill Dundee pins David Price to eliminate him. Bobby Eaton punches Dundee and goes for the pin but Dundee’s leg is on the bottom rope. Dundee eliminates Eaton with a roll-up. Valiant pins Irwin to eliminate him. Rick Morton and Bill Dundee get eliminated at about the same time.

Danny Davis beats on Koko Ware. Valiant makes the save. Roger Kirby eliminates Tojo Yamamoto. Koko Ware and Jimmy Valiant pin Roger Kirby. That leaves Danny Davis, Jimmy Valiant and Koko Ware. Valiant catches Davis with an elbow. He then holds Davis up so that Ware can hit him but as Ware charges in their direction, Davis moves out of the way and Ware hits Valiant. Valiant falls to the mat and Davis jumps on him for the pin. That leaves Davis and Ware to determine the TV Champion.

Koko Ware catches Davis in a small package and covers him for the pin. Fans cheer as Ware celebrates.

WINNER: Koko Ware

Lance Russell calls for Koko Ware to do a post-match interview. Jimmy Valiant is still there ringside and Russell tells him to wait a bit because he wants to talk to Ware first. Russell congratulates Ware and Valiant tells him to shut up. He starts to insult Ware and can’t believe Ware is the TV Champion. Russell tells him he is and Valiant tells him to shut up and calls Ware a punk.

Valiant shoves Ware and grabs hold of the TV. He asks Russell if that’s the TV that is being awarded to Ware and Russell tells him it is and suggests he hand it over to Ware. Valiant then slams it to the floor and attacks Ware. He tosses Ware at the TV and takes him back into the ring. He beats on Ware. Bill Dundee, Rick Morton and Ken Lucas get in the ring to stop Valiant. Ware heads over to see his smashed up TV and Russell consoles him by saying that they can’t take his win away. Russell says Ware is “our TV Champion and you can’t take that away from him”.

Eddie Marlin joins Lance Russell and they talk about Jimmy Valiant smashing Koko Ware’s TV. Marlin says they are fining Jimmy Valiant $500 for his actions and the $500 will be used to replace the TV set that Koko Ware just won.

Marlin then mentions that he has a lady there that he’s known his whole life. She has raised two boys and wanted to talk about one of her boys that is having issues. He calls out Peggy Rich, Tommy’s mother, for an interview. Peggy says she has a problem and knows Tommy is probably embarrassed watching backstage. She talks about Tommy Rich’s start in pro wrestling. Peggy recalls Tommy leaving to Atlanta and said it she was sad but Tommy got to wrestle around the world.

Peggy Rich said that Tommy called her one day and said he was coming home and she was glad. When he got home he was sad and despondent for 2-3 days and they had a talk and she asked him what was wrong and Tommy told her that the fans didn’t accept him. Peggy gets sad when talking about how Tommy brags and acts like a tough guy but she says he’s not a bad guy. She wants Tommy back like he was.

Jimmy Valiant comes out and says he’s tired of hearing from the “big fat slob”. Russell tells him to stop. Tojo Yamamoto accompanies Valiant. He tells “grandma” that he can’t help how her son turned out and he probably turned out like her. Valiant tells her that all the fans love him and don’t love Tommy Rich or her and she has no business being there.

Tommy Rich runs out and attacks Jimmy Valiant and Tojo Yamamoto. Valiant and Yamamoto recover and attack Rich. They bloody him up while Russell tries to get Peggy Rich away. Valiant shoves Peggy to the floor. Valiant and Yamamoto continue to attack him. Dundee, Lucas and Morton go out and get Valiant and Yamamoto away. Peggy grabs Tommy who’s lying on the floor.

Jimmy Hart and Bobby Eaton finally show up. Eddie Marlin takes Peggy away. Rich yells at Hart and Eaton for not being there when he needed them. Hart tells Rich that he made a fool of himself for letting his “old fat mother” talk for him. Rich warns him to never talk about his momma like that. He tells Hart that he’s done with him. Eaton raises his fist and Rich warns him not to do it and if he wants to stay with scum like that it’s his choice.

Guy Mitchell & Roger “Nature Boy” Kirby vs. Bill “Superstar” Dundee & Koko Ware in an expiration of time tag team match

Bill Dundee and Guy Mitchell start the match and Mitchell knocks down Dundee with a punch. Dundee backdrops Mitchell off the ropes. Mitchell heads over and tags in Kirby. Kirby shoves Dundee down to the mat. He does it again but Dundee kicks him off and monkey flips him off the ropes. Dundee gets Kirby with a side headlock but Mitchell makes the save. Ware gets in the ring as well and Dundee finally tags him in.

Side headlock by Koko Ware but Roger Kirby snapmares him and tags in Guy Mitchell. Mitchell with some stomps and then picks Ware up and spins around and slams him. Kirby tags back in and continues to punch and lands a knee drop on Ware. Dundee runs in to try to help but referee keeps him out of the ring. Kirby and Mitchell double-team Ware. Mitchell continues to stomp on Ware.

Kirby tagged back in and he and Mitchell whip Koko into the corner. Kirby goes for a pin attempt but Dundee breaks it up. Ware tries to tag Dundee but Mitchell gets back in the ring. Mitchell with another body slam. Kirby back in and Mitchell keeps laying in some forearms. Ware fights his way to his corner against Kirby.

Dundee in the ring and he catches Kirby with a dropkick and then whips Kirby into Mitchell. He goes for a pin on each but doesn’t get the result he wants. Mitchell and Kirby double team Dundee. Ware tries to make the save but they continue to beat on Dundee. Mitchell back in and he stomps on Dundee. Fans start to cheer on Dundee hoping to get him going. Ware gets back in the ring but referee gets him out.

Dundee gets a sunset flip pin attempt on Mitchell but Kirby makes the save. Mitchell slams Dundee and tags in Kirby. Wristlock by Kirby on Dundee. He yanks Dundee’s hair to keep him down on the mat. Mitchell tags back in and he continues to attack Dundee with stomps and gets Dundee in an armbar. Dundee gets back up on his feet and tries to tag Ware but Kirby stops him.

All four men get in the ring. Dundee and Kirby are left in the ring and Kirby gets Dundee in a hammerlock that takes him down to the mat. Mitchell gets in and stomps on Dundee. Referee gets him out. Ware does the same on Kirby but gets out of the ring. Dundee slams Kirby but Mitchell reaches over and grabs him. Referee tries to restore order. Dundee with a small package for a near fall on Kirby.

Mitchell tags in and Dundee is able to escape and crawls underneath his legs to his corner and tags in Ware. Koko Ware enters and dropkicks both Mitchell and Kirby. He misses one on Guy Mitchell who starts to stomp him. Dundee goes after Kirby. Referee stops him. Mitchell with a backbreaker and Kirby then jumps off the ropes with a knee drop for the pin on Ware.

WINNERS: Guy Mitchell & Roger Kirby

Bill Dundee and Tommy Rich join Lance Russell to do a promo about their upcoming match against Jimmy Valiant and Tojo Yamamoto. Rich vows revenge against them for what they did slapping and knocking down his mother.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode with the big double turn on the show between Jimmy Valiant and Tommy Rich with Valiant going heel and Rich going babyface on the same show. Ware winning the TV Title with an upset in a battle royal was cool to see. Seeing that old TV box years later was something. Valiant smashing the TV because he was upset that he lost and then later made his way back to insult Tommy Rich’s mom and eventually he and Yamamoto beating Rich up and leaving him bloody sealed the deal. Such a creative way to turn Tommy Rich babyface and then you have Jimmy Hart insult his mom too just to make it more official was entertaining. It’s interesting to see how frenetic the pace can be in some of the tag matches they’d have on Memphis TV.


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