Written By Alfredo Esparza

SMW TV #54 (2/6/1993)

Taped 1/18/1993 at the Rec Center in Newton, North Carolina. Aired on 2/6/1993.

Bob Caudle and “Dirty” Dutch Mantell are on commentary. Mantell is wearing a Stud Stable coat and holds up a sign stating that his friendship with Jim Cornette is over. Caudle mentions that this week’s “Down & Dirty with Dutch” will have Jim Cornette & The Heavenly Bodies as guests. Dutch tells Caudle that he’s not doing the segment this week because he won’t talk to a low-life like Cornette. Mantell then draws the name “Shawn Powers” for this episodes Beat The Champ challenger against Tracy Smothers.

Mr. Ron Wright and Robbie Eagle come out for an interview before Eagle’s match against Riggins. Mr. Wright says he’s taken five minutes to teach a little bit to Robbie Eagle and he’s going to prove to Riggins what he missed out on.

Reno Riggins vs. Robbie Eagle (w/ Mr. Ron Wright)

The Dirty White Boy joins the commentary team for this match. Some wristlock reversals to start the match. Riggins uses the ropes to gain control of the match. He catches Eagle with a dropkick but Eagle goes for a leg takedown. Riggins gets back up and takes Eagle down on the mat with a hammerlock.

Riggins tosses Eagle into the corner. Eagle recovers and reverses a whip into the corner only Riggins climbs up onto the ropes and gets Eagle with a sunset flip. He gets a pinfall but Eagle kicks out at two. Riggins with some punches and catches Eagle with a neckbreaker for the pin.

WINNER: Reno Riggins

The Dirty White Boy heads over to the ring and tells Riggins that he hasn’t done anything and calls him the dumbest individual on earth. He slaps Riggins but the referee holds Riggins away from The Dirty White Boy.

Riggins heads to the announcers table and tells The Dirty White Boy that he’s a man and wants a match against him next week.

Bob Caudle asks Dutch Mantell what he’s holding and Dutch tells him he’s holding his Shoe-Baby (whip) just in case someone wants to jump him.

SMW Commissioner Bob Armstrong calls in from Japan to talk about the SMW Tag Team Title match were the Heavenly Bodies won the titles from The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express. He heard there was a lot of interference including from Killer Kyle and Bobby Eaton. He also heard from The Stud Stable complaining about losing their title match.

Armstrong mentions how Dr. Tom Prichard had been using a loaded boot in matches so he’s told his officials that if they find that he used it, Prichard will be fined $5,000. He tells Jim Cornette that if he doesn’t like that, then have Prichard wrestle barefoot.

Kevin Sullivan and The Nightstalker join Bob Caudle to talk about the First Blood match on February 19th against Brian Lee. He asks Bob Armstrong if this is combat and should he get a vaccine. He then talks about having anxiety because of Armstrong. Sullivan tells a story about a dream he had and how The Nightstalker is there to watch his back. The Nightstalker warns everyone about getting The Master upset and tries to calm him down.

Tracy Smothers & The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express promos for Barbourville, Kentucky show.

Killer Kyle (w/ Jim Cornette) vs. Johnny Kidd

Killer Kyle smiles as Cornette pokes fun at Johnny Kidd. Kyle misses a clothesline but catches Kidd with a slam. He picks Kidd up and drops him with a side slam but refuses to cover him for the pin. Kyle gorilla press slams Kidd and follows with a fist drop. He chokes Kidd for a bit as the fans boo him. Kyle with a short-arm clothesline.

Kyle punches Kidd. He whips Kidd into the ropes and picks him up and slams him down to the mat for the pin. Cornette gets into the ring and covers Kidd with his coat. They both stomp on Kidd.

WINNER: Killer Kyle

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express join Bob Caudle for an interview. Morton’s upset about both The Heavenly Bodies and The Stud Stable getting involved in their match. He’s also upset that Bobby Eaton got involved. They want a rematch.

“Down & Dirty with Bob Caudle” with guests Jim Cornette & The Heavenly Bodies (Stan Lane, Dr. Tom Prichard & Bobby Eaton). Caudle tells Cornette that he’s doing this interview segment because Dutch Mantell refused to do it. Cornette calls Mantell a “big, fat overgrown Chia Pet”. He wants them to show a recap of last week’s match with his old pal Bob reuniting with him and Stan Lane.

Stan Lane thanks the Lord for bringing back Bobby Eaton. Dr. Tom Prichard welcomes Bobby Eaton to the Heavenly Bodies and Lane cuts him off to keep talking about how glad he is to be reunited with Bobby Eaton. Cornette mentions that they have Six-Man tag team matches against the Stud Stable that involve Fuller, Golden and Mantell. He then mentions that they have SMW Tag Team Title matches against The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express but they now won’t know who will be in the tag match. Cornette states that he filed paperwork to make them a corporation and any of the three (Eaton, Lane or Prichard) can defend the SMW Tag Team Titles. He tells the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express that they might face any combination.

Cornette then cuts a promo about Saddam Hussein and Iraq and how the U.S. didn’t crush them right away but the Heavenly Bodies will crush their opponents and no one will stop them now. Stan Lane calls Bobby Eaton over and says women want both of them and he’s always surprised at what they are willing to do.

“Prime Time” Brian Lee vs. The Dark Secret

The Dark Secret quickly attacks Brian Lee but Lee catches him with a belly-to-belly suplex that sends Secret to the outside. Side headlock by Brian Lee. The Dark Secret whips Lee into the ropes but gets knocked down. He gets Lee in a side headlock but gets whipped into the ropes and caught in a powerslam by Brian Lee.

Brian Lee whips The Dark Secret into the ropes and kicks him. He picks up The Dark Secret over his shoulder and takes hm down with “The Wipe Out”. Kevin Sullivan and The Nightstalker run into the ring trying to attack him. Tim Horner runs out and tosses a 2×4 board at Lee and Sullivan and The Nightstalker leave the ring.

WINNER: Brian Lee

Brian Lee and Tim Horner join Bob Caudle to talk about Kevin Sullivan and The Nightstalker. Lee thanks Horner for his help. Horner tells Lee that they are friends and he’ll stick by his side to watch his back because Sullivan always has The Nigthstalker by his side. Lee vows to bust Sullivan’s head wide open in Knoxville on February 19th.

Tracy Smothers © vs. Shawn Powers for the SMW Beat The Champ TV Title.

They talk about Tracy Smothers success as Beat The Champ TV Champion. Shawn Powers quickly attacks Tracy Smothers right as the bell rings. Smothers makes a comeback and hits him with a splash in the corner. He follows with a superkick. Smothers climbs the top rope and hits Powers with a flying elbow for the pin. Short match. Referee hands him another $1,000 check as he continues his winning streak.

WINNER: Tracy Smothers

Tracy Smothers joins Bob Caudle for an interview. Smothers talks about being able to do a lot of things with $1,000 dollars and says the first thing he’s going to do is buy a new riding lawn mower! He has to win 2 more matches and gets an extra $5,000 dollars and if he wins he’s going to throw a big party.

Smothers talks about seeing what happened to Reno Riggins with Mr. Ron Wright and The Dirty White Boy. He tells The Dirty White Boy that he’ll whip his butt. Smothers says he’s proud of Riggins for turning down Mr. Wright and he doesn’t need trash to succeed.

The Dirty White Boy and Jim Cornette promos for Barbourville show.

The Stud Stable (Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden) (w/ “Dirty” Dutch Mantell) vs. Bart & Brad Batten

Robert Fuller threatens the Batten Twins. Fuller starts out against one of the Battens. Jim Cornette joins Bob Caudle on commentary. Batten blocks a punch in the corner from Fuller. Fuller heads over to the corner and Mantell consoles him. Referee talks to the Battens about the supposed punch thrown. Armdrags by one of the Battens on Fuller sends Fuller into his corner again.

Cornette insults the Stud Stable and thinks the Battens have a good shot at beating them. Side headlock by the Batten on Golden and they hit the ropes and Batten scoops up Golden for a slam. Golden catches Batten with a knee lift and then slams him. He whips Batten into the corner and then tags in Fuller who kicks the Batten. Suplex by Fuller and he goes for a pin but Batten kicks out. Another slam by Fuller. Double-team work by the Stud Stable.

Batten catches Golden with a dropkick and he tags in the other Batten. Batten with a hiptoss followed by a dropkick. Fuller tries to get involved but the other Batten takes him out. Referee gets the other Batten out of the ring. Fuller heads over and helps Golden with the other Batten. Fuller then goes for a leglock submission for the win. The Stud Stable continues their attack on the Batten Twins. Cornette can’t figure out what that hold Fuller did was.

WINNERS: The Stud Stable

The Stud Stable join Bob Caudle. Jimmy Golden tells Caudle that it’s a leg breaker and it’s the Fuller Leglock and no one has escaped it. Fuller said it use to be called the inside toe-hold but his father changed it to the Fuller Leglock. They warn the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express and The Heavenly Bodies. Golden mentions they were robbed of their SMW Tag Team title match and vow to get those belts.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode. Can’t really go wrong with SMW TV shows as they always have something going on. Matches were mostly kept short and the only competitive match was the main event. This episode focused more on the tag team situation. Best part was the Heavenly Bodies interview segment with Cornette talking about reuniting with Bobby Eaton and Stan Lane gushing all over his old tag partner and putting aside Prichard.


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