Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 10/9/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 10/9/1982

Taped 10/6/1982 at the WPCQ-TV Studios in Charlotte, North Carolina. Aired on 10/9/1982.

Jay Youngblood & Ricky Steamboat vs. Bill White & Juan Reynosa

Show starts with this match already in progress. Bill White has Ricky Steamboat in an armbar. Bob Caudle mentions that the match just started. They cross each other running the ropes until Steamboat tags in Jay Youngblood who catches White with a dropkick and a pair of armdrags. He does the same to Reynosa who runs into the ring.

Steamboat tagged back in and he gets both of his opponents in several more armdrags until finally getting White in an armbar. Reynosa is told by referee Tommy Young to get out of the ring. White gets Steamboat on the ropes and delivers a punch. Steamboat whips him off the ropes and leapfrogs him a few times before getting him in an armbar again. White reaches out and tags Reynosa.

Youngblood tags in and he goes after Reynosa’s left arm. Reynosa whips him into the ropes and goes for an elbow but Youngblood ducks it and gets him in armbar again. Youngblood tags in Steamboat and chops Reynosa on his way out of the ring. Steamboat back with an armbar on Reynosa. Reynosa with some hard rights at Steamboat but Ricky hits him with a hard chop. Steamboat tags in Youngblood who lands another hard chop.

Reynosa is able to stop the attack and tag in White who slams Youngblood. Jay tags in Steamboat and he gets White with a chop and follows with a few more chops. He catches White with a double thrust chop and then tags in Youngblood. Steamboat whips White into the ropes and picks up Youngblood and Jay catches White with a double kick that knocks him down.

Youngblood tags in Steamboat and he gets White with another chop. Steamboat slams White and Ricky tags Youngblood. He then slingshots Youngblood off the ropes and onto White with a splash for the pin.

WINNERS: Jay Youngblood & Ricky Steamboat

Jack Brisco and Wahoo McDaniel joins Bob Caudle for an interview. Brisco says he’s looking for Paul Jones who he said stole his title from him and wants a special kind of hold vs. hold type of match to make him scream like he did when he attacked his knee.

McDaniel talks about how Valentine is back and he recalls getting his leg broken by him. They show a clip of Valentine breaking his leg a few years ago. McDaniel said that Valentine broke his ankle. He said he went back to Texas and heard how Valentine wore a t-shirt and bragged about breaking Wahoo’s leg. Wahoo shows off the U.S. title and said he’s using that as bait to get Valentine and warns him that he’s a lot smarter and tougher now.

Bob Caudle asks Wahoo McDaniel about Ric Flair and he heard they have a few comments from Flair and he knows Flair said he wouldn’t wrestle him again but he and the fans would like to hear what he has to say.

They air a video with Ric Flair talking about being the NWA World Heavyweight Champion. He brags about his life and that he’s returning to the Carolinas. He names McDaniel, Brisco, Steamboat and others and tells them to line up.

“Rowdy” Roddy Piper & Wahoo McDaniel vs. Jim Dalton & Ken Timbs

Roddy Piper talks to Wahoo McDaniel and tells him that they have nothing against each other and tells him tha the won’t turn on him and vice versa and they agree. Fans cheer them on.

Wahoo McDaniel and Ken Timbs start the match. McDaniel witha takedown on Timbs. Piper slaps at Timbs who steps away. Another takedown by McDaniel. Piper tags in and he gets in a hard chop on Timbs. Timbs tags in Dalton. Piper quickly tags in Dalton and he gets him in a wristlock and takes him down. He pulls Dalton over to his corner and tags in Piper who gets Dalton in an armbar. Piper pulls Dalton down by the hair.

Dalton walks over to the wrong corner and Wahoo gets him with a hard chop. Piper slams Dalton’s head into the top turnbuckle. Dalton tags in Timbs. Timbs gets Piper with a wristlock but Piper no-sells it. They exchange some face slaps until PIper tosses Timbs to the floor. He follows after Timbs and brings him back into the ring. Timbs gets in some forearms across Piper’s chest but Piper pokes his yes. Piper gets Timbs in a reverse chinlock. Dalton knocks Piper off but Wahoo gets in and replaces Piper. McDaniel then tosses Timbs to the outside. Piper attacks him with chops and then tosses him back into the ring.

McDaniel with a hiptoss on Timbs. Snapmare into a chinlock by McDaniel. Timbs tries to tag Dalton but Wahoo keeps him away and tags Piper back in. Piper pulls Timbs by the hair and catches him with a double thrust chop. Timbs tries to punch his way out of Piper’s grasp. He is able to kick Piper and tags in Dalton. Dalton stomps on Piper as the fans cheer on for Piper.

Dalton and Timbs double-team Piper in their corner. He slams Piper and gets a two-count. Piper recovers and rakes Dalton’s eyes. He jumps over to his corner and tags in McDaniel! Wahoo gets Dalton with some chops and tags Piper back in. Piper whips Dalton into the ropes and punches him. He then tags McDaniel back in and Wahoo gets Dalton with a chop for the pin. Timbs tries to make the save but Piper rushes in and knocks him down!

WINNERS: Roddy Piper & Wahoo McDaniel

Paul “Number One” Jones (w/ Sir Oliver Humperdink) vs. Keith Larson

Paul Jones shoves Keith Larson into the corner and whips him into the other corner but that gets reversed by Larson who takes Jones down with an armdrag and into an armbar. Jones breaks out of an armbar by pulling Larson’s hair. Jones takes Larson down to the mat with an armbar. He gets him back up and whips Larson into the ropes and catches him with a knee to the mid-section.

Jones stomps on Larson. He yells at the fans. Larson tries to fight back and he whips him into the ropes. Jones knocks him down and gets Larson in the Indian Deathlock for the submission victory! Short match.

WINNER: Paul Jones

Jerry Brisco and Mike Rotundo join Bob Caudle. Caudle calls Jerry, “Jack Brisco”, and then looks back and realizes it’s Jerry Brisco and tells him he’s surprised to see him and got confused because he just saw Jack earlier on the show. He welcomes Jerry back. Jerry praises Mike Rotundo and mentions that Rotundo was nicknamed “Zipper” while playing for Syracuse University. Caudle tells Jerry that Rotundo just turned down Sir Oliver Humperdink. He said he turned Humperdink down because he believes he could do everything Humperdink promised on his own. Jerry says that Jack is going after Paul Jones and warns Valentine that Wahoo is going to get him. He talks about how much pride they have since they all came from the same reservation in Oklahoma.

Mike Rotundo vs. Mike Reed

Sir Oliver Humperdink and Leroy Brown show up ringside and tell Mike Rotundo to take on Brown. Rotundo and Reed start to wrestle as Humperdink calls Rotundo a coward for not wanting to wrestle Brown. Side headlock on Reed. Reed gets Rotundo on the ropes but Rotundo counters and takes him back down to the mat with a side headlock. Humperdink and Brown keep referring to Rotundo as a coward. Brown tells Caudle that Rotundo woudn’t last one day in Chicago.

Reed with a single leg takedown on Rotundo but he quickly gets back up and Mike gets Reed in a suplex. Rotundo whips Reed into the ropes and catches him in the airplane spin and follows with a legdrop for the pin. Leroy Brown runs in and attacks Rotundo but Mike gets Brown in the airplane spin. Humperdink trips Rotundo. Brown piledrives Rotundo!

WINNER: Mike Rotundo

Sir Oliver Humperdink and Leroy Brown join Bob Caudle for an interview. Brown says Rotundo attacked him and what happened to Rotundo was his own fault. He tells Caudle that he didn’t want to do what he did but he had to do it. Humperdink agrees and they bring out Greg Valentine. He mentions how they showed Valentine breaking Wahoo’s leg earlier and wants Greg to do it again. Valentine wanted them to show more on that video including his trip to the ambulance and being out of wrestling for 72 days. He wants the U.S. title.

Dory Funk Jr. & Jos LeDuc (w/ Sir Oliver Humperdink) vs. Abe Jacobs & King Parsons

Dory Funk Jr. and King Parsons start the match. Jerry Brisco joins Bob Caudle on commentary during this match. Takedown by Dory Funk Jr. but Parsons escapes his grasp. Side headlock by Parsons. Dory whips Parsons into the ropes and catches him with an elbow and tags in LeDuc. Parsons strikes quickly on LeDuc but Jos bounces off the ropes and knocks Parsons down. Front facelock boy LeDuc and he tags in Dory.

Dory Funk Jr. with a small package for a pin attempt on Parsons. Suplex by Funk Jr. and he goes for a pin attempt but instead tags in LeDuc. LeDuc with some kicks at Parsons. They double team Parsons for a few seconds before Funk Jr. continues the attack. Parsons is able to reach Jabos and tag out. Jacobs with some punches and a slam on Dory. Wristlock by Jacobs and he whips Funk Jr. into the corner for a hard left hand from Parsons.

Funk Jr. with a back drop and he tags in LeDuc. Jos with a punch at Jacobs and he beats on him. LeDuc chokes Jacobs on the ropes. Jacobs tags in Parsons and he gets in some punches on LeDuc. LeDuc recovers and kicks Parsons. Big right hand from LeDuc. He chokes Parsons and the referee warns him. Jimmy Valaint runs in and attacks LeDuc! Referee rings the bell and disqualifies Jacobs and Parsons for Valiant’s interference.

WINNERS: Dory Funk Jr. & Jos LeDuc via DQ.

Ron Ritchie and Pork Chop Cash join Bob Caudle for an interview talking about their upcoming tag match. They warn Sgt. Slaughter and Don Kernoodle about coming at them tonight.

Sgt. Slaughter & Pvt. Don Kernoodle vs. Pork Chop Cash & Ron Ritchie

Referee Tommy Young tells Sgt. Slaughter and Pvt. Don Kernoodle to hurry up right as we return to the show. Sgt. Slaughter and Ron Ritchie start the match with Slaughter just schooling Ritchie with two fireman’s carry takedowns. They exchange punches on the ropes. Slaughter stomps on Ritchie and then lands a dropkick at him.

Don Kernoodle tags in and whips Ritchie into the ropes and delivers a dropkick at him. He gets a near fall. Ritchie tries to make a comeback but Kernoodle tags Slaughter in. Slaughter punishes Ritchie with some punches across his chest. Kernoodle back in and he and Slaughter double-team him in their corner. Don gets Ritchie with a backbreaker followed by a knee drop for a near fall. Ritchie surprises Kernoodle with a cradle for a near fall.

Both tag out and Pork Chop Cash comes in against Sgt. Slaughter fired up! He gets in some punches on Slaughter. Slaughter with a quick takedown and grabs him in a leg scissors dragging him into his corner. Kernoodle tagged in and he keeps Cash in a chinlock. Slaughter tagged back in and jumps off the ropes onto Cash’s back. He slams Pork Chop and follows with a kneedrop.

Kernoodle tagged back in and he gets Pork Chop with a neckbreaker for a near fall. Cash fights back with some punches. Side headlock by Cash and he whips Kernoodle and catches him with a high back drop. Kernoodle recovers and tags Slaughter who gets Cash in the air and drops him onto the top rope. Kernoodle tagged back in and he catches Pork Chop with a clothesline off the middle rope for the pin.

WINNERS: Sgt. Slaughter & Pvt. Don Kernoodle

The House of Humperdink joins Bob Caudle to close the show. Sir Oliver Humperdink and Jos LeDuc are both upset at Jimmy Valiant interfering during their match. Humperdink says that he’s going to talk to his attorneys about this. LeDuc tells Mr. Crockett to stop Valiant from attacking people from behind and that he never jumps anyone from behind and always fights people up front and that is why he is a champion. He wants Valiant out of there.

Paul Jones shows off that he still has the Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight title and that Jack Brisco can try but he won’t beat him even in a hold vs. hold match. He says that he can’t wait to beat Brisco with his Indian Deathlock and he’s watching his back now that Jerry Brisco’s back. Dory Funk Jr. joins them and says he has a complaint about Jimmy Valiant interfering in his match. He knows Valiant and LeDuc have an issue but he’s upset that it cost him his match. He vows to use his pull in the NWA and could get Jimmy Valiant suspended. Bob Caudle asks Dory if that threat is from fear but Dory says it isn’t and he’d prefer to wrestle Valiant and settle it in the ring.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode that started immediately with a match already in progress. My favorite part might have been the clip of Valentine breaking Wahoo’s leg since that wasn’t something I had seen before but I did know the story about it and how Valentine wore a t-shirt bragging about it. They built up a few rivalries including the Valentine vs. McDaniel one. Jerry Brisco returning has him and Jack going after Paul Jones. They also had Valiant vs. LeDuc and Rotundo vs. Brown rivalries building during the show. Matches were kept pretty short with more focus on those rivalries and also building up some of the bigger stars. Flair announcing that he was returning to the Carolinas soon and Caudle mentioning Dusty Rhodes would be coming in soon added some interest for upcoming shows.


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