World Of Sport Ep. #17

Written By Alfredo Esparza

World Of Sport #17

Johnny Kidd vs. Steve Grey

Taped 2/6/1984 at Walton on Thames

Match is eight 3-minute rounds, 2 falls, 2 submissions or one knockout to decide the winner. Handshake between the two before the match starts.

Round one starts with Kidd getting Grey in a wristlock. Grey struggles to break out of the hold but eventually snapmares Kidd down but Kidd keeps the hold on him. Quick reversal by Grey to get out of the hold. Kidd gets Grey in a full nelson. Grey gets on the mat try to break free but can’t so he gets back up on his feet tries to power out but Kidd keeps him in a surfboard position. Kidd keeps hold of Grey and stretches him out on the mat. Grey finally breaks free.

Steve Grey with a wristlock of his own. Kidd quickly escapes and they counter each other for a bit while attempting to pin the other. Crowd applauds their effort and the bell rings to end round one.

Round two starts with Kidd getting Grey in a headscissors and taking him down to the mat. Grey struggles to break out of the hold and can be heard breathing heavily as he attempts to escape. He does a headstand and escapes. Fans applaud. Kidd quickly grapevines Grey and Grey tries to reach the ropes but Kidd goes for a pin attempt. Grey escapes quickly.

Another headscissors by Kidd only Grey counters into a leglock. Kidd escapes the hold and the fans applaud. Grey tries to whip Kidd into the ropes but Kidd does a cartwheel. KIdd uses his head and legs to stretch Grey’s legs apart. Grey escapes by leaning forward and ducking his head below Kidd’s waist and picking him up with his head and shoulders and tossing him off. Bell rings to end round and Kidd breaks away cleanly.

Round three starts with Kidd locking up Grey by the arms and dropping him down to the mat. Grey crawls over to the corner and kicks off the turnbuckle and reverses it on Kidd. Kidd whips Grey into the ropes but Grey escapes and crawls under Kidd’s legs and follows with a dropkick. Some quick action in an attempt to get Kidd pinned results in the crowd applauding both men for using their speed in the match. Kidd gets Grey in a wristlock. He keeps Grey on the mat. Grey tries to use his legs to escape the hold but struggles to do so. He does get a near fall on Kidd. Some quick action and Kidd nearly gets a pinfall on Grey but he’s too close to the ropes and Grey escapes.

Bell rings as Steve Grey has Johnny Kidd down on the mat. They break cleanly and shake hands. Still no score in the match.

Round four starts again with Kidd controlling the match with an armlock. Grey grabs hold of the referee and uses him and Kidd to escape the armlock. Kidd gets Grey in an armlock again but Grey hits the ropes and that sends Kidd to the outside.

Kidd gets back into the ring and tries for a surprise pin attempt on Grey but Grey escapes. Match speeds up even more than it already was as they both hit the ropes a few times. Grey went for a pin attempt but Kidd landed on top of him and hooked his legs and covered him for the pin. Kidd now has a 1-0 lead.

Round five starts with Steve Grey getting Kidd in a wristlock. Kidd escapes and takes Grey down briefly only to get caught in the wristlock again. Grey tosses Kidd across the ring and then grabs him again in an armlock. Back into a wristlock but Kidd escapes and reverses it. Test of strength with Grey trying to break out of the hold. They counter each other while trying to go for the pin. Crowd cheers them.

Kidd with a leg takedown and he keeps Grey down on the mat. Grey tries to escape by grabbing Kidd’s head. He slips out and gets Kidd in a headscissors. Kidd escapes and grabs Grey’s left foot until Grey escapes. Bell rings ending round five.

Round six starts with Kidd taking down Grey and trying for a submission hold but he has to break it due to being near the ropes. Side headlock by Kidd. Grey tries to take Kidd down but Kidd keeps him in the headlock. Steve Grey picks Kidd up over his shoulders trying to escape but Kidd locks up his other arm. Grey places him on the corner and slaps his face. Kidd jumps up onto Grey’s shoulders and goes for a victory roll but Grey counters, rolls thru and gets Kidd in a pinfall. Grey ties it up 1-1.

Round seven with Kidd going for a chicken wing on Steve Grey. Announcer mentions that the chicken wing hold is the most painful in the wrestling business. Grey escapes but Kidd takes him down to the mat. Grey back up but Kidd keeps knocking him down and kicking at his legs when he’s on the mat.

Kidd grabs hold of Grey’s hands and places him on the mat to try to pin him. Grey bridges to keep Kidd off. He is able to reverse it and he and Kidd’s legs are locked and the referee has to break them apart. Fans applaud them once again. Grey rolls himself into a ball so Kidd can’t get him in a hold so Kidd just rolls him around. Grey keeps doing it until he surprises Kidd for a pin attempt. Kidd then goes for a surprise pin attempt of his own on Grey. Kidd gets Grey in a surfboard/backbreaker variation but the bell rings as Grey breaks out of it.

Round eight with both starting the match slowly until Kidd gets down on the mat and gets back up and grabs Grey in an armbar. Grey knocks him down a few times. Kidd goes for a quick near fall. He tries a second time but Grey’s ready. Grey goes for a nearfall of his own. Bodypress by Grey on Kidd for another near fall. He whips Kidd into the ropes but Kidd rolls him up for a pin. Pinfall exchanges by both. Grey jumps onto Kidd as he breaks a pin attempt and goes for the pin and puts all his body weight over Kidd to get the pin. Steve Grey wins 2-1.

WINNER: Steve Grey (2-1)

Catweazle (Gary Cooper) vs. Mick McManus

Taped 11/10/1975 at Southend.

Catweazle enters the ring to the delight of the fans. He shakes the ring announcer’s hand. He’s holding a toy that makes the fans laugh. Six 5-minute rounds with 2 falls, 2 submissions or a knockout to win the match.

Round one starts with McManus getting Catweazle in a headlock and taking him down to the mat. Catweazle jumps on the mat to escape the hold. Fans cheer him. McManus takes Catweazle back down on the mat with a headlock. Catweazle counters it and gets Mick in a hammerlock. He grabs hold of the other arm and makes McManus scream for a bit.

Mick McManus gets back up on his feet and punches Catweazle to break out of the armlock. Front facelock near the ropes and the referee warns McManus. Catweazle grabs hold of McManus head and takes him back down on the mat. McManus pretends to be in a sleeper so Catweazle breaks the hold thinking he put McManus to sleep!

Front chancery by McManus and he tosses Catweazle. He kicks him while he’s on the mat which upsets the fans. Catweazle grabs McManus in a chinlock but Mick reverses and goes for a pin attempt. McManus gets Catzweazle on the mat and punches at him as time starts to run out on the fall. Referee warns him as the bell rings.

Round two starts with McManus getting Catweazle in a side headlock but Catweazle punches him wich gets some cheers from the fans. He pulls Mick’s ears. McManus takes Catweazle down while holding him in a wristlock. Catweazle creatively escapes the hold and goes for the pin off the ropes. He gets the first pinfall and gets the applause from the fans. Catweazle leads 1-0.

Round three and Catweazle scares McManus away. He gets McManus in a front chancery but Mick counters it into a side headlock. McManus drops a knee across Catweazle’s chest and then catches him with an uppercut which leads to the referee giving him his first public warning. Catweazle fires up and catches McManus with an atomic knee drop. He whips and headbutts McManus. McManus heads to the corner where the referee is standing and stands in front of him. Catweazle grabs Mick and picks him up and places him on the ropes and onto the referee and starts headbutting him!

Referee comes out of it and warns Catweazle. He gets a public warning out of it. Leg takedown by Catweazle and he threatens to kick him in the mid-section but instead lets him go. McManus goes for a leg takedown and goes after Catweazle’s bandaged left knee. Catweazle kicks him off with his right leg. Back hammer by Catweazle. McManus reaches for the bandaged knee to break out of the hold.

They reach the ropes and McManus gets in another cheap shot. They lock up again and Catweazle picks him up by the ears and tosses him to the mat. McManus gets back up and punches Catweazle and then tosses him into the ropes. Catweazle’s knee hits the bottom rope a couple of times when he’s tossed into them and he grabs hold of his knee.

Round four starts with Catweazle tricking McManus into looking up at his hand high up in the air and then hitting him with a headbutt to knock him down! Catweazle stomps and headbutts McManus and gets a second public warning from the referee. McManus kicks Catweazle’s left knee a couple of times. He goes for a half Boston Crab and gets the submission win on Catweazle! Mick McManus ties it up 1-1.

Round five quickly starts with McManus hitting Catweazle with a double ax handle. Mick attacks Catweazle’s leg and grabs him and puts Cat in a half Boston Crab again for the submission win. McManus wins 2-1.

WINNER: Mick McManus (2-1)

Ring announcer asks the fans to give Catweazle a hand and they do. McManus raises his hand in victory and gets booed by the fans.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode. The round system can be a little bit difficult to get into at times. I find that it is more of an issue when they just go 3-minutes instead of 5-minutes. Sometimes it feels that when they are given 3-minutes there isn’t any time for them to do anything and it feels like they have to stop right as something is going well. That seemed to be an issue with the Kidd vs. Grey match. Really liked what they were doing but it always felt like they had to stop at the wrong time to follow that rounds rule. The Catweazle vs. McManus match had 5-minute rounds and while they weren’t as athletic or technical as the first match, match had a better flow to it. Those two had way more charisma than the other two as well.


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