Championship Wrestling From Florida 6/23/1984

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Championship Wrestling From Florida 6/23/1984

Taped 6/20/1984 in Tampa, Florida. Aired on 6/23/1984.

Gordon Solie welcomes us to the show and he’s joined this week by Barbara Clary, Buddy Colt and Coach John Heath. He mentions that the National Tag Team champions The Road Warriors have issued a challenge to Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo for the U.S. Tag Team Titles. Barbara Clary will have a feature on Dusty Rhodes later on the show and talks about tickets going on sale for some upcoming shows including the Lords of the Ring show.

Buddy Colt mentions that next week they’ll have Jimmy Valiant and Ric Flair on the show. Heath talks about a show later that night in Sarasota.

“Mr. Excitement” Dick Slater vs. Ace Freeman

Gordon Solie thinks Dick Slater, who’s wearing a hat, looks like Indiana Jones. Buddy Colt praises Dick Slater for making a name for himself throughout the country. Coach Heath talks about how Dick Slater mentioned how he’s a professional and only out for money and Heath says he agrees with that as long as he keeps it to the limits within the law.

Slater takes down Freeman into a side headlock. Freeman reaches the ropes and Slater’s forced to break. Hard chop delivered by Slater followed by a powerslam. Slater with a series of elbow drops on Freeman and he yells at him as well. Stomp to the head by Slater. Hard elbow right at Freeman’s kisser. Slater tosses Freeman to the outside.

Slater stomps on Freeman’s head as he tries to get back in the ring. Dick pulls him back into the ring and whips him into the ropes and hits him with another elbow. A near fall by Slater. Slater’s relentless with his attack. He headbutts Freeman and then catches him with a neckbreaker. Slater follows with an elbow drop for the pin.

WINNER: Dick Slater

Solie talks about the upcoming June 30th “Lords of the Ring” show at the Orange Bowl Stadium. He’s joined by Joe Lighfoot who cuts a promo in French promoting the show.

Dick Slater promo talking about “ugly people” around the area. He first talks about Barry Windham and having seen him come along in pro wrestling and insults Blackjack Mulligan as well. Slater says he and Dusty Rhodes have never liked each other. He brings up Billy Jack as well. Dick thinks Dusty Rhodes should change his name to “Jack Rhodes”. The name graphic shows his name as “Indiana Slater”. He vows to put Rhodes down.

Angelo Mosca vs. Ray Harris

Angelo Mosca is the current Southern Heavyweight Champion. Mosca shoves Harris to the ropes and then picks Harris up and slams him. Front facelock by Mosca. He tosses Harris into the corner and then stomps on him. Reverse chinlock by Mosca. Harris punches at Mosca but that does nothing to him and he continues to beat on Harris. Legdrop on Harris for a near fall but Mosca picks him up and puts him in another chinlock.

Mosca with a forearm at Harris and then he just beats him in the corner. He whips Harris into the other corner and hits him with a shoulder tackle. Mosca then hits Harris with a forearm and covers Harris for the pin. Short match.

WINNER: Angelo Mosca

Kevin Sullivan vs. Jeff Davis

Kevin Sullivan’s entrance theme is the theme song from Twilight Zone. Sullivan quickly attacks Davis as soon as the bell rings and tosses him to the outside. He slams Davis onto the floor and then brings him back into the ring. Sullivan catches Davis with a clothesline and tosses him back to the outside.

Sullivan stomps on Davis and then tosses him into the wooden guardrail. He brings Davis back into the ring and continues the assault. Double foot stomp by Sullivan followed by a powerslam for the pin.

WINNER: Kevin Sullivan

Gordon Solie notices that “some lady” jumps into the ring and she attacks Kevin Sullivan. She chases Sullivan around the ring and the studio and to the outside! Buddy Colt mentions that “some big woman with a mustache just chased Kevin out the door”!

The “big woman” returns for an interview with Coach John Heath. He then reveals it is Blackjack Mulligan! Mulligan says if you think what he did was dumb and silly, you need to realize that he’s going to do whatever he can to get Sullivan. He tells Sullivan has to deal with him sooner or later. Coach Heath says he’d rather be in his shoes than in Sullivan’s when Mulligan gets him.

Eddie Graham promo talking about being special referee for the match between Ric Flair and Dusty Rhodes at the “Lords Of The Ring” show at the Orange Bowl on June 30th.

Jim York who use to work in the Florida Police Department also talks about the upcoming Ric Flair vs. Dusty Rhodes match.

“Superstar” Billy Graham and Sir Oliver Humperdink join Gordon Solie for a promo. Humperdink mentions that he still has the contract for $50,000 for the full nelson vs. full nelson challenge for Billy Jack and doesn’t think Billy will keep that commitment against Superstar Graham. Billy Jack shows up with his arm in a cast and says that the doctor told him that he’ll be ready in two weeks and then removes the cast and takes the contract. Humperdink yells that he can’t do that.

Billy Jack heads to the ring for a match as Humperdink and Graham are still upset.

Billy Jack vs. Jerry Grey

Billy Jack quickly attacks Jerry Grey. He slams Grey and gets him in a full nelson and forces him to submit. Fans cheer loudly.

WINNER: Billy Jack

“Superstar” Graham heads over to the ring but Sir Oliver Humperdink keeps him from getting in the ring.

Mike Rotundo, Barry Windham and Billy Jack join Gordon Solie at the announcers table. Rotundo and Windham talk about wrestling against The Road Warriors at the “Lords Of The Ring” show. Billy Jack vows revenge against “Superstar” Billy Graham at the Orange Bowl.

They air video interviews next. Sir Oliver Humperdink, “Superstar” Graham and Kevin Sullivan are all together. Sullivan is hanging by his arms in some weird BDSM thing. Graham and Humperdink talk about the challenge to Billy Jack. Humperdink then whips Sullivan as Kevin screams.

Ric Flair video promo about his match against Dusty Rhodes at the “Lords Of The Ring” show. He vows to take Rhodes apart.

Dusty Rhodes and Blackjack Mulligan join Gordon Solie at the announcers table to talk about Lords of the Ring show. Rhodes talks about Flair while Mulligan vows revenge against Sullivan. Asks if anyone’s seen a hanging because that’s what he’s going to do to Sullivan at the Orange Bowl.

Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo © vs. The Long Rider (Black Bart & “Cowboy” Ron Bass)(w/ Sir Oliver Humperdink) for the NWA Florida United States Tag Team titles

Barry Windham and Ron Bass start the match. Windham whips Bass into the ropes and catches him with a monkey flip and into an armdrag followed by an armbar. Bass gets back up and gets Windham in the corner. He whps him into the corner but Windham is able to catch Bass with a forearm off the ropes and gets Bass into a headlock.

Windham tags in Rotundo who keeps Bass in the side headlock. Bass whips him into the ropes but Rotundo catches him with a dropkick. Bass reaches over and tags in Black Bart. Rotundo gets Bart in an armbar and Rotundo tags in Windham who drops an elbow across Bass’ left arm. Windham and Rotundo do the same thing a few times as they tag in and out quickly. Rotundo back in but Black Bart takes over and sends Rotundo to the outside were Bass attacks him. Barry Windham makes the save.

Rotundo and Bass brawl outside the ring. Black Bart with a forearm across Rotundo’s chest. He tags in Bass and they both kick Rotundo. Bass covers Rotundo for the pin and only gets a two-count. Neckbreaker by Bass for another near fall. Front facelock by Bass on Rotundo. Rotundo tries to reach out and tag Windham but Bart distracts the referee. All four men are in the ring until the referee takes Windham out.

Black Bart and Ron Bass double team Rotundo. Rotundo fights back with some forearms. Bart sends Rotundo head-first into the top turnbuckle. Bart tosses Rotundo onto the top rope. Bass back in and catches Rotundo with an elbow. Front facelock by Bass. Windham tries to get Rotundo to tag him. Rotundo tries for a slam but Bass lands on him. Bass tags in Bart and he continues to attack Rotundo.

Mike Rotundo tries to fight back but gets double-teamed by the Long Riders. Windham comes in and he attacks Black Bart. Bart tosses Windham to the outside. Bass whips Rotundo into the ropes and he back tosses him into Bart who picks him up for a piledriver. Windham charges back into the ring and shoves Rotundo on top of him for the pin. Bass doesn’t notice until it is too late. Windham and Rotundo get the win!

WINNERS: Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo

Dusty Rhodes feature. Mostly him doing a promo while they show highlights of him against The One Man Gang. They also show him wrestling Harley Race and some clips of him outside the ring. That’s followed by him doing another promo saying that there will be reunion as part of his “TCB tour ’84”. He says he’ll be wearing a black glove in honor of unity like what was done in the Olympics. They show Dusty Rhodes at a Willie Nelson concert.

Gordon Solie does a Missing Children feature.

Chavo Guerrero, Hector Guerrero & The One Man Gang (w/ Sir Oliver Humperdink) vs. Mike Davis, Dennis Brown & Tommy Wright

The Guerreros, One Man Gang and Sir Oliver Humperdink come out to the song “Ay Jalisco No Te Rajes”! Sir Oliver is snapping his fingers along to the song! Awesome!

Hector Guerrero and Tommy Wright start the match. Wright catches Hector with a punch and a couple of armdrags. Hector is able to grab him in a headlock and tags in Chavo. Chavo with a suplex followed by an elbow drop and a stomp across the face. He tags in The One Man Gang but Wright crawls underneath Gang’s legs and tags in Denny Brown. Brown catches OMG with a dropkick that does nothing to him.

Brown misses a dropkick and the One Man Gang picks him up and slams him. Mike Davis starts to walk away from his corner and camera then shows Kevin Sullivan waving him over to follow him. Davis leaves the studio. Double elbow by Brown and Wright on Chavo Guerrero who’s now in the match. Chavo recovers and tags in Hector and they too knock down Wright with a double elbow. Chavo Guerrero also tags in the One Man Gang and he runs and lands a big splash on Wright for the pin.

WINNERS: Chavo Guerrero, Hector Guerrero, The One Man Gang

Gordon Solie talks about Mike Davis just leaving his partners and following Kevin Sullivan and then gives a rundown of the lineup for the “Lords of the Ring” show at the Orange Bowl.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Okay episode. It was more of a show hyping the upcoming “Lords of the Ring” show at the Orange Bowl with a lot of promos and Solie giving out the lineup throughout the show. Matches were kept pretty short. Best match on the show was probably the Windham & Rotundo vs. Bass & Bart tag match. Mulligan showing up dressed as a woman to attack Sullivan didn’t get as loud of a reaction from the fans as they probably hoped it would. Sullivan’s wacky BDSM promo was weird. Billy Jack confronting “Superstar” Graham felt like it was the best part of the show.


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