All Japan Women Classics #13

Written By Alfredo Esparza

All Japan Women Classics #13

Devil Masami vs. Dump Matsumoto for the vacant WWWA World Title & All Pacific Title

Taped 12/12/1985 at Ota Ward Gymnasium in Tokyo, Japan

They bring out Jaguar Yokota who is out with an injury so she’s forced to vacate the WWWA World Championship. She brings along the belt and gives a short speech to the audience.

They then have Lioness Asuka and Dump Matsumoto come out to draw out sticks to see who will challenge for the title. Matsumoto wins! Matsumoto will face Masami to determine a new WWWA World Champion. Masami also puts up her All Pacific Title in the match.

Dump Matsumoto brings her kendo stick while Devil Masami has a weapon of her own as well. They shake hands and hand their weapons over to the referee. Masami catches Matsumoto with a clothesline and charges at here with a body press but Dump tosses her over the ropes to the floor.

Devil Masami gets back into the ring but Matsumoto beats on her right away with kicks and tosses her around the ring before grabbing hold of her in a choke hold. Fans cheer on Masami. Elbow to the side of Masami’s face. Matsumoto knocks her back down and yells at the fans to be quiet. She whips Masami into the ropes but Masami falls before reaching the ropes. Dump attacks her on the mat and rakes her eyes. Matsumoto with knees to Masami’s back. She sits on here and pulls up on Masami’s head.

One of Dump’s teammates passes her a weapon that she uses on Devil Masami. She pulls it out a few times and hides it in her back from the referee. Dump with the claw but Devil blocks it. She stomps on Masami’s face. Matsumoto continues to punish Masami with kicks. She splashes Masami and gets a two count. Back drop by Matsumoto for another near fall. She tries to keep her on the mat but Masami keeps kicking out.

Matsumoto rakes Masami’s eyes again and then kicks her to the floor where Bull Nakano and others stomp on her while the other All Japan Women help her back up. Masami swings at Dump but misses. Matsumoto punches her and knocks her down. Dump pulls the weapon out and hits Masami across the head with it. Referee keeps looking for the weapon and can’t find it. Matsumoto kicks Masami and then whips her into the ropes but Masami holds onto the ropes. Dump grabs her and slams her to the mat. She gets her in a camel clutch.

Dump pulls Masami to the outside and slams her head into a table. She uses a microphone to beat on Masami and also cuts a short promo while she has it. Matsumoto gets back in the ring while Masami is holding a towel covering her face. Camera shows that Dump has a can now behind her back and she uses that to attack Masami. Everyone ringside and the fans can be heard screaming.

Masami gets in some punches on Matsumoto. She whips Dump into the ropes and knocks her down with a thrust chop. Masami gets Dump in a body scissors but has to reach the ropes to break the hold as Matsumoto laid over her and her crew brought along a chain to use on Masami. Dump brings in a trash can and uses it by hitting Masami over the head with it.

Masami makes a comeback and takes away the trash can. Referee is shown flying out of the corner. Masami knocks Dump down with the trash can and covers her for the pin. She gets a two count. Matsumoto gets up and grabs a chair and hits Masami with it! Dump raises her fist as she’s pleased with what she just did. Referee starts his count but Masami gets back up!

Masami with some hard punches at Matsumoto! Dump fights back and knocks her back down again. Headbutt from Masami! She whips Dump into the ropes and catches her again with another headbutt. She bites Matsumoto’s fingers. Dump heads to the outside but Masami slams her into the ring post first which sends Matsumoto to the floor. Masami follows with a top rope plancha onto Matsumoto! She seemed to miss landing on Dump and ends up falling on everyone else.

They get back into the ring and Matsumoto knocks Masami down with a clothesline. She covers Masami for the pin but Masami bridges out of the pin attempt. Dump goes for a piledriver and covers Masami for the pin but again Devil bridges out of it! German suplex attempt by Matsumoto is blocked by Masami and countered into a backdrop by Devil. They both climb the ropes and Masami gets Matsumoto with a superplex and goes for the pin but can only get a two count.

Matsumoto back up and she picks her up onto her shoulders and Nakano climbs the top rope and clotheslines Masami! Referee refuses to count the pin by Matsumoto. Masami fights back and gets Matsumoto with a piledriver and covers her for the pin but can only get a two-count! They head to the outside again and everyone ringside brawls. Dump tosses Masami into a table being held by her crew. Matsumoto climbs to the top rope as Nakano slams Masami. Itzuki Yamazaki jumps into the ring and dropkicks Nakano out of the ring. Lioness Asuka, Yamazaki and Chigusa Nagayo all help Devil Masami lift Dump Matsumoto onto her shoulders and then she slams her onto the mat. Masami covers Matsumoto for the pin and wins the title!

WINNER: Devil Masami

Matsumoto is helped to the back by members of her Villainous Alliance.

Devil Masami cries as she’s awarded the WWWA World Title. Jaguar Yokota congratulates her as well.

There’s a post-match interview with Devil Masami backstage that closes out the show and goes on for about 10 minutes.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode focusing on Devil Masami vs. Dump Matsumoto for the WWWA World Title. Personally would have liked maybe some highlights or a short match to fill out the final minutes of the show instead of the interview but that’s more due to not speaking the language. I’m sure if I knew what was being said, I’d be fine with it. Match itself was mostly a brawl. Thought it was pretty good given Masami worked like she was the underdog as Matsumoto beat on her for most of the match until she would make her comebacks and eventually late in the match Masami got in more offense.


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