Mid-South Wrestling 6/12/1983

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-South Wrestling 6/12/1983

Taped 6/8/1983 at the Irish McNeil’s Boys Club in Shreveport, Louisiana. Aired on 6/12/1983.

Boyd Pearce and Buddy Nichols are on commentary.

Tim Horner vs. Rip Rogers

Referee for the match is Joel Armstrong (a.k.a. Joel Watts). Tim Horner with a takedown on Rip Rogers but they reach the ropes and referee breaks them apart. Rogers takes Horner down but Tim’s quickly able to reverse it into a hammerlock. Rip reaches the ropes again.

Tim Horner with a side headlock on Rogers. He keeps it on despite Rogers trying to escape for a bit. Rogers finally whips him into the ropes but Horner takes him down and then slams him. Horner with a dropkick and back into a side headlock. Rogers again tries to escape with no luck. He finally escapes using a headscissors. Back and forth doing the same spot with Rogers getting caught in a headlock.

Rogers again whips Horner into the ropes and they cross each other until Horner catches him with an armdrag and back into a side headlock. Again Rip whips him into the ropes but this times catches him with an elbow. Double ax handle across Horner’s back. He whips Horner hard into the corner. Snapmare and pin attempt by Rogers but Horner kicks out. Rogers slams Horner and goes for another near fall.

Rip whips Horner into the ropes but Horner catcheshim with a sunset flip. Horner delivers some rights at Rogers. Reversal by Rogers into the corner but Horner climbs up the ropes and catches Rogers with body press for the pin.

WINNER: Tim Horner

Magnum T.A. vs. Tony Zane

Magnum T.A. grabs hold of Tony Zane’s leg and takes him down to the mat. Zane reaches the ropes. Boyd Pearce tells Buddy Nichols that Magnum came to Mid-South on the recommendation of Dusty Rhodes. Magnum gets Zane in a waistlock but Zane escapes however Magnum is able to take him down and get him in armbar. He switches over to a wristlock. Back to an armbar.

Zane backs Magnum into the ropes but Magnum takes him down with a shoulder and follows with a dropkick. Back into an armdrag into an armbar. Magnum takes him down to the mat while keeping hold of his left arm. Elbow across the arm as Magnum gets back up onto his feet. Zane whips Magnum into the ropes but Magnum catches him with a slam and again takes him back down into an armbar.

Zane gets in a few punches on Magnum as they get on the ropes. Magnum hits the ropes and catches Zane with a flying body press however Zane reverses it into a pin attempt. They get back up and Magnum catches him with a few punches. Zane reverses a whip into the ropes and Zane charges at Magnum who catches him with a sunset flip. Zane kicks out but Magnum continues the attack. Magnum gets Zane with an atomic knee drop for the pin.

WINNER: Magnum T.A.

Tito Santana vs. Mike Vachon

Tito Santana with a quick takedown on Mike Vachon. Pearce mentions that Mike Vachon is Maurice “Mad Dog” Vachon’s son. Santana with a hammerlock but Vachon reaches the ropes. He goes for that again and Vachon reaches the ropes. Tito with a takedown and into a side headlock on Vachon. Vachon rolls him over for a plin attempt but Tito gets up.

Vachon whips Santana into the ropes but Tito knocks him down and then Santana slams Vachon. Back into a side headlock. Vachon whips Santana into the ropes but Tito leapfrogs him and follows with a dropkick and again back into a side headlock. Mike Vachon gets Santana in the corner and delivers a few shots before Tito fights back and punches him a few times. Roundhouse right at Vachon. He punishes Vachon.

Tito Santana goes for the toe lock and bridges over for the pin. Announcers are not sure if he won but bell rings declaring Tito the winner. Referee has to break the hold as Santana and Vachon’s legs are tied together.

WINNER: Tito Santana

King Kong Bundy & The Super Destroyer vs. Craig Carson & Denny Alberts

The Super Destroyer and Denny Alberts start the match. Alberts with a surprising early advantage with a wristlock on Super D that doesn’t last very long as he slams him and then catches him with a kick. Bundy tags in. Super D tosses Alberts right into Bundy. Bundy slams Alberts. He gets him with a forearm.

Bundy tags in Super Destroyer who continues to beat on Alberts. Whip into the ropes and an elbow that sends Alberts falling into his corner. Carson tags in and Super Destroyer punishes him as soon as he gets in the ring. Bundy tags back in and again Super D tosses Carson into Bundy. Bundy with an elbow knocks Carson down.

Carson swings wildly but Bundy continues to beat on him. Elbow across Carson’s head. Bundy whips Carson into the corner and catches him with a knee. He tags Super Destroyer back in who catches Carson with a big forearm. Carson fights back. Knee lift and he tags in Alberts. Super Destoyer quickly beats on Alberts and catches him with a dropkick. Bundy tagged back in and again Alberts thrown into his big body.

Bundy grabs hold of Alberts in a bear hug. He drops Alberts to the mat and tags in Super Destroyer. Back and forth from both Super D and Alberts but Super D catches him with a kick. Super Destroyer places Alberts onto the top rope and drops him with a superplex for the pin. However, Super D decides not to pin him and tags Bundy instea. Bundy picks him up and lets Alberts tag out. Carson in and Bundy picks him up and powerslams with the Atlantic City Avalanche for the pin. Bundy tells the referee to count until five and his team gets the win.

WINNERS: King Kong Bundy & The Super Destroyer

“Hacksaw” Butch Reed joins Reiser Bowden for an interview. Reed was scheduled for a match last week against Tony Zane and didn’t show up so Bowden wants to know why. He says the Mid-South territory has tough competition. Reed says he came here to wrestle some serious competition and ended up being matched against “Too Light” Tony Zane and that bothered him. He says he could have beaten Zane any day during the week and two times on Sunday. He feels he’s been treated like a fool in Mid-South.

Reed claims that one of the men who’s been treating him like a fool is a friend of his and that is The Junkyard Dog. He says that in order to be at the top you have to beat the top dog and he thinks that is The Junkyard Dog. Reed mentions how he’s taken care of Ted DiBiase, Mr. Olympia, Kamala and King Kong Bundy. He tells Bowden that he’s only taking care of himself.

Reed was upset that last week people wanted “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan to be JYD’s partner and that cut into his time. He didn’t appreciate that JYD listened to the fans and picked Duggan as well. Reed promises to go to the top and knows how and that is by winning the North American Heavyweight title. He admits JYD is a good wrestler and a drawing champion and then issues a challenge to JYD. The fans start to boo Reed.

Bowden is shocked at Reed’s comments. Reed tells him that friendship doesn’t put food on his table and all he cares about winning. He agrees that JYD has helped him get to Mid-South and he appreciates it but feels it is his time to go to the top by winning the North American Championship.

The Junkyard Dog heads over to the ring and the fans start to chant “JYD” for him. He asks Reed what is wrong with him. JYD tells Reed that he helped him get to Mid-South, got him his apartment and bought his furniture. He tells Reed that is the reason “their people” can’t get to the top because of people like him. Reed gets upset and they brawl in the ring.

Ted DiBiase runs in and attacks The Junkyard Dog. Reed joins DiBiase in beating on JYD. Fans start to chant for Duggan. Reed and DiBiase leave the ring. Referees head into the ring to check on JYD.

Bill Watts joins Boyd Pearce and talks about howe everyone is shocked at what just happened between Butch Reed and The Junkyard Dog. The tag team title match is now off.

They air a match from Houston, Texas between Ted DiBiase and Charlie Cook from before DiBiase broke his hand.

Ted DiBiase vs. Charlie Cook

Match is joined in progress as it’s from Houston, Texas with Paul Boesch on commentary. DiBiase catches Cook with a clothesline. He points at his forehead as if he came up with a smart move. He goes for a piledriver but Charlie Cook tosses him over. Cook with some punches at DiBiase. He whips DiBiase into the corner and backdrops him. More punches thrown by Cook.

Cook knocks DiBiase down. He continues to punch DiBiase. Cook whips DiBiase into the corner but Ted moves out of the way. Cook falls into the corner. DiBiase goes for the figure-four leglock but Cook kicks him off. Ted slams Cook’s head into the top turnbuckle a few times. More punches thrown by DiBiase and he whips Cook into the ropes and powerslams him.

Referee calls for the bell and tells DiBiase that he was disqualified for using a thumb to the throat. DiBiase attacks Cook after the bell rings and tosses him to the outside. He grabs a chair and hits Cook with it. DiBiase punches the referee.

WINNER: Charlie Cook via DQ

“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan & Johnny Rich vs. Boris Zurkhov & Mr. Olympia (w/ Gen. Skandor Akbar)

Non-title tag match with TV time remaining. All four men get into a brawl. Duggan attacks Akbar and they head to the outside while Rich gets double-teamed by Zurkhov and Mr. Olympia in the ring. Bell rings and Duggan returns to his corner to start the tag match.

Mr. Olympia beats on Johnny Rich in the ring and slams him. Zurkhov tags in and continues to beat on Rich. Mr. Olympia quickly back in and he whips Rich into the corner and then hiptosses him. Quick tags by Zurkhov and Mr. Olympia. Rich makes a comeback and sends Zurkhov into the top turnbuckle. He tags in Duggan.

Duggan takes on both. He slams Mr. Olympia. Rich helps briefly before the referee stops him. Duggan and Zurkhov brawl in one corner. Mr. Olympia loads up his boot to kick Duggan but Rich sacrifices himself and gets kicked instead. Mr. Olympia and Zurkhov beat on Duggan. Double clothesline on Duggan. Neckbreaker by Zurkhov. He misses a knee drop. Mr. Olympia kicks Rich back to the floor.

Mr. Olympia back in the ring and he and Duggan exchange punches. Zurkhov helps but Duggan catches both with a clothesline. He kicks and punches at both. Rich makes his way back up ringside. Zurkhov accidentally knees Mr. Olympia! Duggan spears Zurkhov out of the ring! He picks Mr. Olympia up and slams him. Rich climbs to the top rope. Duggan spears Mr. Olympia and then throws Rich at Mr. Olympia. Rich covers Mr. Olympia for the pin as the fans cheer wildly!

WINNERS: Hacksaw Duggan & Johnny Rich

Pearce and Watts mention next week’s main event is Tito Santana vs. King Kong Bundy.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode that really picked up momentum when Butch Reed came out for his interview. First half felt like a very average show with the matches being used to build up guys like Magnum T.A., Tito Santana, Tim Horner, King Kong Bundy and The Super Destroyer. Reed’s interview and heel turn was well done especially after he felt slighted last week when the fans chose Duggan to team with JYD. DiBiase getting involved in the JYD and Reed brawl had everyone guessing if Reed was joining DiBiase and Akbar. Tag main event was the best match on the card. Wild match with Duggan carrying his team and tossing Rich on Mr. Olympia to get the win.


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