Written By Alfredo Esparza

World Class Championship Wrestling 10/23/1982

Taped 10/12/1982 at the Sportatorium. Aired on 10/23/1982.

Bill Mercer and Jay Saldi are on commentary. Mercer mentions that they will be airing a special report on Kerry Von Erich and an injury he suffered against The Great Kabuki. They’ll also be interviewing Gary Hart about the bounty on Kerry Von Erich.

Bill Mercer heads over ringside to interview Gary Hart before the match. He mentions that they were going to interview Gary Hart but he refused to do the interview and would not be appearing ringside. Mercer mentions that Fritz Von Erich said that they have proof that Gary Hart was involved in the bounty on Kerry Von Erich.

The Great Kabuki (w/ Armand Hussein) vs. Al Madril

Bugsy McGraw is shown sitting front row eating popcorn. They have a discussion about the red mist that The Great Kabuki spit last week because some of it got in Gary Hart’s eyes and he had issues. The announcers talk more about Gary Hart’s involvement in the bounty and Mercer mentions that Hart win in Atlanta last week trying to collect the money from the bounty and mention Roddy Piper.

The Great Kabuki takes Al Madril down to the mat. They break away and lock up again and this time Madril tosses Kabuki aside. That upsets Kabuki. Madril gets Kabuki in a side headlock and punches him a few times. Mercer mentions that Bundy was interviewed recently and he seemed to believe that Hart only had Kabuki out to collect on the bounty and showed favoritism towards Kabuki. Bundy wanted Hart to give him more money or he was leaving H & H. Al Madril keeps Kabuki in an armbar.

The Great Kabuki reaches and grabs Madril’s face but he can’t break out of the armbar. Madril punches at Kabuki’s shoulder. He switches over to a hammerlock and then drops his knee across Kabuki’s arm. Madril keeps Kabuki in the armbar for a long stretch of time. Kabuki finally chops Madril’s side and follows with a thrust kick. He chops away at Madril. Madril falls to the floor as Hussein can be heard screaming some words to Kabuki. Kabuki chops Madril and sends him to the floor again.

Al Madril kicks at Armand Hussein while on the outside of the ring. Kabuki keeps Madril out of the ring by chopping him. Al Madril gets back in the ring and he punches away at Kabuki. He sends him into the corner and Kabuki goes for a kick but Madril is ready and grabs it. Madril punches at Kabuki and then lands a dropkick at him. Kabuki with a takedown on Madril followed by chops at his chest.

Kabuki goes for a nerve hold across the shoulder. Madril tries to power out of the hold. He kicks at Kabuki and then punches him. Kabuki counters with a super kick. He spins around but Madril catches him with a kick and then slams him into the mat. Madril goes for the pin but Kabuki kicks out. Kabuki catches Madril with a kick.

Another nerve hold applied by The Great Kabuki. Fans cheer on Madril asking him to get up as Armand Hussein yells at Al to give up. Hard chop to the back of Madril’s neck. Three minutes left in the match. Kabuki delivers another chop. He goes for the pin but Madril kicks out. Neckbreaker by Kabuki and he gets another two count on Al. Madril punches back! They exchange punches. Madril’s fired up and sends Kabuki into the corner. He whips him to the corner and Kabuki catches him with a kick.

More chops from Kabuki. He whips Madril into the corner and Al climbs up and goes for a body press on Kabuki for a near fall. Kabuki whips Madril into the ropes and Al gets him with a sunset flip for a two-count. Abdominal stretch by Al Madril on Kabuki. He puts the pressure on as time starts to run out. Kabuki hip tosses Madril off and then catches him with a thrust kick as 15 seconds are left. Madril with a cradle for another near fall. Bell rings ending the match in a 15-minute draw.


The Great Kabuki attacks Al Madril after the match. He goes after Madril’s left leg! The same move he used to injure Kerry Von Erich. Bugsy McGraw comes out and shoves Kabuki out of the ring. Bugsy and the referees check on Madril’s knee.

The Checkmate (w/ Armand Hussein) vs. Ken Mantell

Armand Hussein using some type of British accent to speak to The Checkmate. Side headlock by The Checkmate on Ken Mantell that was quickly countered by Mantell into a headscissors. Checkmate escapes and goes for a pin attempt but Mantell kicks out and they break apart. Leg takedown by Mantell. He gets Checkmate in a leglock but Checkmate kicks him off. Test of strength with Mantell getting the early advantage but it’s all a trick as Checkmate rolls up into a ball. He then gets back up as Mantell backs away.

Side headlock into a wristlock by Mantell. Checkmate reverses and takes Mantell down. They get back up but Mantell takes Checkmate down and they get locked up in a double leg scissors. Referee Tom Renesto has them break the hold. They lock-up again near the ropes and Checkmate gets in a forearm on Mantell. Mantell does the same and gets warned by the referee.

Checkmate gets Mantell in a reverse chinlock. They go back to the mat and do some good reversals. Mantell goes for a roll-up for the pin. Checkmate rolls thru and he almost gets a pin but Mantell reaches the ropes. Another leg takedown into a toe hold by Checkmate. Mantell tries to knee Checkmate across the back so Checkmate gets up and kicks at him. He delivers a series of knees to Mantell’s back. Checkmate then gets Mantell in a Boston Crab but Mantell flips him over.

Mantell slides Checkmate over for a pin attempt. He then gets another pin attempt on Checkmate with a sunset flip. Checkmate quickly back up and gets Mantell in a pin.

WINNER: Checkmate

They show a video feature on Kerry Von Erich and the surgery he recently had. Bill Mercer interviews Dr. John Anderson who did the surgery on Kerry’s knee. Dr. Anderson said Kerry would not be able to wrestle for 3-4 weeks. Kerry Von Erich is then interviewed and mentions his knee does hurt but he’s dealing more with mental torment going on about the bounty.

Kerry believes that it was worth more than $10,000 for Flair because he was going to be out for several weeks. He vows to return and get back at Flair, Kabuki and Hart. Kerry also said that it probably hurt Flair more because he lost $10,000 and he’s coming back. Mercer asks if Kerry has proof that there was a bounty on him and he says they do have that proof and will share it later.

Michael “P.S.” Hayes vs. “Wild” Bill Irwin

Fans start to chant “Chauncey” at “Wild” Bill Irwin and he heads to the outside upset at the fans. Hayes starts to clap and strut a bit. The fans cheer him on. Irwin misses a punch at Hayes and gets taken down by an armdrag. Bill Mercer mentions that next week Michael Hayes and Terry Gordy will be in tag team action next week. Irwin sends Hayes into the ropes and hiptosses him. Hayes catches him with his boots and then armdrags Irwin back down and gets him again in an armbar.

Irwin whips Hayes into the ropes but Hayes catches him with a punch and then gets him in the side headlock. Wild Bill whips Hayes again and tries for a slam but Hayes blocks it and instead Hayes slams Irwin. He follows with another armdrag takedown on Irwin and he keeps him in an armbar again. Jay Saldi remarks that he saw Michael Hayes wrestle at the Omni in Atlanta and seeing him right now it looks like he put on a few pounds and says, “He looks enormous!” Saldi tries to say it’s not an insult but because he’s seen him with Terry Gordy and Hayes looks much smaller next to him that one doesn’t realize that Hayes is a pretty big guy too.

Hayes pulls Irwin’s hair and takes him down to the mat. Irwin back up and pushes Hayes into the corner and drives a knee into the mid-section. He follows with a headbutt at Hayes and then whips him into the corner. Hayes catches Irwin with a pin attempt out of the corner. Fans continue to cheer loudly for Hayes. Irwin again shoves Hayes into the corner but Hayes counters and sends Irwin into the corner. He follows with a kneedrop across the head. Hayes gets Irwin in a chinlock.

Irwin whips Hayes into the ropes and catches him with a running kick at Hayes head. He slams Hayes into the corner and whips him again into the ropes and catches him with a knee to the mid-section. Wild Bill continues his attack on Hayes. Hayes shoves Irwin into the corner. He kicks at Irwin and then delivers some punches. Hayes with a flying bulldog. He goes for a piledriver but Irwin flips him over the top rope. Referee disqualifies Irwin.

WINNER: Michael Hayes via DQ

Michael Hayes jumps back into the ring and he and Irwin brawl. Irwin heads to the outside.

David Von Erich vs. Roberto Renesto

Roberto Renesto attacks David Von Erich before the bell rings and he’s still wearing his cowboy hat and ring jacket. David fights back and gets Renesto in the claw and covers him for the pin. He wins the match in 9 seconds. David removes his cowboy hat to salute the fans. AWESOME!

WINNER: David Von Erich

Michael Hayes joins Bill Mercer and Jay Saldi for an interview and mentions it is great to be in Dallas, Texas. He talks about his brother Terry Gordy coming in next week and they are out for the American Tag Team titles. He insults King Kong Bundy and Wild Bill Irwin. Hayes says the Freebirds like to party so fans might see them at a local Honky Tonk and says some words for the ladies.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode. They gave an update on Kerry Von Erich’s injury and they continued to talk about the bounty placed by Ric Flair on him that Gary Hart & The Great Kabuki collected. The Great Kabuki vs. Al Madril had a pretty good match that went to the 15-minute draw. I think Checkmate vs. Ken Mantell was more enjoyable than that. However, I think the 9-second win by David Von Erich was enjoyable just for how he won so quickly and how cool he looked doing so. Hayes vs. Irwin set-up their tag match for next week.


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