Written By Alfredo Esparza

CWA Memphis Championship Wrestling 11/22/1980

Taped 11/22/1980 at the WMC Studios in Memphis, Tennessee.

Dave Brown goes solo on commentary this week. Brown mentions that Larry Latham and Danny Davis have issues due to last week when Scott Irwin got involved in the tag match to help his brother Dr. Bill Irwin, he knocked out Latham along with everyone else. Latham and Davis had a disagreement but now say they’ve resolved their issues.

Brown mentions that Lance Russell took the day off and he brings in Jerry Lawler to join as the guest commentary for this week’s show. Lawler made a joke about Russell.

Ken Lucas & Rick Morton vs. Buddy Wayne & David Oswald

David Oswald and Ken Lucas start the match. Lucas with a quick takedown on Oswald. Some matwork to start the match. Lucas with an armdrag takedown and he tags in Morton. Rick Morton works on Oswald’s left arm. He quickly tags Lucas back in and he continues to work on Oswald’s arm. Quick tags from Lucas and Morton as they keep wearing Oswald down.

Oswald reaches his corner and tags Buddy Wayne who goes to work on Morton but they both exchange punches and Morton tags in Lucas. Ken Lucas with a shot at Wayne. He takes Wayne down to the mat. Wayne snapmares Lucas but Ken keeps hold of his arm and tags in Morton. Wayne backs away. He grabs Morton by the arm and lays in some forearms. They get in the corner and Oswald with some forearms at Morton.

Morton whips Oswald into the ropes and catches him with a knee to the mid-section. Lucas tags in & keeps going after Oswald. Morton back in and drops a knee across Oswald’s arm. Lawler praises David Oswald on commentary and thinks he can be a main eventer at some point as he sees some similarities to how Bill Dundee moved up Memphis cards. Wayne tags in and he and Morton tangle a bit before Oswald gets back in.

Oswald misses an elbow on Morton. Morton with a punch to Oswald’s mid-section. He follows with an atomic knee drop for the pin but Wayne makes the save for Oswald. Morton tags in Lucas who punches Oswald and then drops a knee. He follows with a knee lift on Oswald. A two-count as Oswald kicks out. Oswald is able to tag in Wayne who beats on Lucas. Wayne tags Oswald back in. Morton and Lucas deliver some punches.

Morton catches Oswald with a dropkick. He tags Lucas and whips Oswald into the ropes and Lucas catches him with a sleeper hold. Morton keeps Wayne from making the save. Lucas gets the win with the sleeper hold. Wayne tells Lucas to wake Oswald up and he does so.

WINNERS: Ken Lucas & Rick Morton

Koko Ware vs. Bub Smith

Lawler makes jokes about Bub Smith’s size. Ware takes down Smith as Lawler continues to make jokes about Smith. Another takedown by Ware and he gets Smith in an armbar. Hammerlock by Ware. Smith reaches the ropes to break the hold. Smith gets Ware in a side headlock and takes him down but Ware quickly reverses it into a headscissors.

Dave Brown asks Lawler about bigger wrestlers being taken down on the mat and whether it’s more difficult for them to get back up. Lawler mentions that Phil Hickerson was a big guy but was very light on his feet and could get back up quickly. The King then mentions that maybe Smith has another job and can’t stay in shape. Smith escapes the headscissors.

Ware gets Smith back into the headscissors. Lawler mentions that Ware was a good athlete in high school. Smith reaches the ropes and yells at referee Jerry Calhoun. Ware with another takedown. Side headlock by Ware. Smith gets Ware on the ropes and gets him with some forearms. He whips Ware into the corner but Ware climbs up and lands a dropkick on Smith and covers him for the pin.

WINNER: Koko Ware

Michael St. John handles promos this week. Bill Dundee joins him and talks about an upcoming match with Tommy Rich and Jimmy Hart. Tommy Marlin joins them and also talks about Tommy Rich. He tells Rich that his mom will be sitting ringside and tells him the friendship with him is over. Dundee tells Rich that not even his mom likes him right now.

Dr. Bill Irwin & Scott Irwin vs. David McGee & Tom Maley

Scott Irwin and David McGee start the match and Scott takes him down with a side headlock. He delivers some hard punches at McGee. Dr. Bill tags in and continues to beat on McGee and slams him. He gets in an elbow drop on McGee but refuses to pin him. Irwin slams McGee’s head into the turnbuckle. He then whips McGee into the ropes and kicks him. Bill tosses McGee again into the corner.

Scott Irwin tags in and continues to beat on McGee. He slams McGee and that allows him to tag in Tom Maley. Maley charges at Scott but he’s quickly knocked down. Some forearms across Maley’s back. Bill yells at the fans. Scott with a big forearm and kick at Maley before tagging in his brother. Bill with a side slam. He whips Maley into his corner and Scott gets back in the ring.

Scott tosses Maley across the top rope and the Irwins stomp on him for a bit. Bill tags in and slams Maley. He follows with a running knee drop for the pin. The Irwins then attack both of their opponents. They toss Maley to the outside. Scott picks up McGee with a bear hug and Bill jumps off the ropes with a kneedrop at McGee.

WINNERS: Bill Irwin & Scott Irwin

Ken Lucas and Rick Morton charge into the ring and attack the Irwins who head to the outside. Dr. Bill Irwin screams at them as he and his brother walk away.

“Beautiful” Bobby Eaton (w/ Jimmy Hart) vs. David Price

Bobby Eaton and Jimmy Hart complain that Jerry Lawler is sitting at commentary. Eaton beats on Price and delivers a few punches and stomps. Lawler claims Hart is just trying to make a buck off talent like he has with Ellering and Valiant and now with Rich and Eaton. He then tells Brown that Eaton’s an airhead and asks him if he’s ever interviewed him. Eaton punches Price a few times and kicks him. A lot of punches thrown by Eaton.

Eaton gets Price in a side headlock. He follows with another punch thrown at Price. Eaton sends Price into the turnbuckles. He follows with a running legdrop. Hart tells Eaton not to pin Price just yet. Eaton whips Price into the ropes and catches him with a knee to the mid-section. He slams Price again and then runs out of the corner and lands an elbowdrop on Price for the pin.

WINNER: Bobby Eaton

Dave Brown heads over to interview Jimmy Hart and Bobby Eaton. Interview isn’t on here.

Michael St. John returns to promote some upcoming shows.

Sgt. Danny Davis & Larry Latham vs. Eddie Gilbert & Tommy Gilbert in an expiration of time match.

Danny Davis screams at Dave Brown to remind him that he’s “Sargeant” Danny Davis. Larry Latham and Eddie Gilbert start the match. Lawler jokes that Latham looks like Santa Claus but he’s mean. Latham gets Eddie in a side headlock. Eddie escapes and gets Latham in an armbar. Latham complains that his hair was pulled. Latham tags in Davis.

Eddie gets Davis in a hammerlock. Davis goes for a pin attempt but Eddie counters it into a headscissors. Davis escapes and gets Eddie in a side headlock. Eddie recovers and starts slamming Davis and Latham in the ring. Davis heads to the outside. Referee gets Latham out of the ring and Davis back in.

Davis gets back in the ring and takes Eddie down to the mat. He gets Eddie in an armbar and tags in Latham who punches Eddie and gets him back in the armbar. Latham gets him in the center of the ring but Eddie is able to get close enough to tag in Tommy Gilbert. Tommy fires some shots at Latham who backs into his corner and Davis complains about Tommy. All four men get in the ring.

Tommy elbows Davis out of the ring. Eddie whips Latham into Tommy for an elbow. Tommy goes for the pin but Latham kicks out. Latham is able to tag in Davis who lands a double forearm across Tommy’s back. Tommy drops Davis across his leg and tags in Eddie. The Gilberts take turns beating on Davis. Tommy jumps off the ropes onto Davis ankle. He gets Davis in a toe hold.

Davis kicks Tommy off and monkey flips him. Tommy’s able to grab Davis by the leg and drop him but Danny’s able to reach out and tag in Latham. Tommy with some kicks at Latham. He gets Latham in a front facelock. Latham picks Tommy up and body slams him. He follows with a forearm but Tommy reaches out and tags in Eddie.

Latham punches Eddie several times. He tags in Davis who continues to punch at Eddie and gets him in a bear hug. Eddie fights out of it with some punches. Davis is able to tag Latham back in. More punches thrown at Eddie. He kicks Eddie and tosses him into Davis knee in the corner. Davis back in and he continues the attack but eventually misses an elbow drop.

Eddie tags in Tommy Gilbert. He whips Davis into the ropes and punches him in the mid-section. Tommy charges at Davis and catches him with a knee lift for the pin. Gilberts win the first fall.

Tommy Gilbert and Danny Davis start the second fall. Davis takes down Tommy but Gilbert gets back up and goes for a slam. Davis holds on. Fireman’s carry takedown by Tommy but Davis keeps the arm locked. He tags in Latham. Tommy takes Latham down to the mat but Larry keeps the armbar locked until a leg takedown by Tommy.

Larry Latham with a takedown on Tommy and keeps him in an armbar. He pulls Tommy’s hair to knock him down but Tommy punches him and he’s able to tag in Eddie. Eddie holds onto Latham so Tommy can punch him but Tommy thinks about it and gets out of the ring. Instead Danny Davis goes over and attacks Eddie but hits Latham instead.

Eddie keeps Latham in a headlock. Latham picks up Eddie but Eddie keeps him in the headlock. Tommy comes in as the referee argues with Davis. Davis complains that they didn’t tag. Eddie tags back in and keeps Latham in the headlock. Latham picks Eddie up and drops him across his knee. He slams Eddie and follows with a knee drop. Davis tags in and gets Eddie in a front facelock. Eddie powers out of the hold but Davis pulls his hair. Tommy tries to get in but referee stops him and while that’s going on Latham comes in and punches Eddie.

Referee forces Davis to get back in the ring. Eddie with a small package for a near fall on Davis but Latham makes the save. Davis has Eddie in a front facelock as they get in the corner. Eddie whips Davis into the corner but Davis catches him with a knee. Latham back in and he continues to beat on Eddie. He goes for the pin on Eddie but he gets the foot on the bottom rope. Davis tags back in.

Davis slams Eddie Gilbert and drops a knee across his chest for a two count. Eddie fights back against both but Latham tags in and cuts him off with a front facelock. Eddie drives Latham into the corner but Davis tags in and lands an elbow on Eddie. Eddie fights back and tries to tag in Tommy but Davis and Latham keep him from tagging out.

Eddie with some punches but Latham again gets him in a front facelock. Gilbert fights out of it but Latham pulls his hair and gets him again. Tommy tries to help but the referee stops him. Davis back in and he misses a knee drop on Eddie. Latham tags back in. Eddie punches him and crawls under Latham’s legs to tag in Tommy.

Tommy Gilbert beats on both Latham and Davis. He sends Davis to the floor. Tommy tries to charge at Latham but ends up crashing into Davis who’s back up on the ring apron. Latham gets Tommy with a backbreaker and keeps him above his knee. Davis jumps off the ropes and he stomps on Tommy and covers him for the pin. Match is tied 1-1.


Tommy Rich and Jimmy Hart promo about their upcoming match and Rich laughed about what he did to Tommy Marlin and how him and Hart beat on him. Rich mentions that he’s whipped Dundee a few times. Hart laughs about what they did to Marlin. Michael St. John tells Rich that he’s heard enough and Rich kicks him out and continues to talk about what they are going to do to Marlin and Dundee.

Dave Brown and Jerry Lawler return and Brown mentions that the match ends in a draw because they don’t have time for a third fall. Lawler is confused and thought that they had a third fall.

Jimmy Valiant shows up with a gym bag. He tells them that he has his limo double parked. He shows his wrestling boots as Brown and Lawler tell him the show is over.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode. Usually it’s the chaos throughout a Memphis wrestling show that makes it memorable but this show had a good main event tag match. The other matches were kept a bit short. Lawler filling in for Lance Russell was entertaining on commentary cracking jokes and providing some knowledge.


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