Written By Alfredo Esparza

ECW Hardcore TV #50 (3/29/1994)

Taped 3/5/1994 at the ECW Arena in Philadelphia, PA. Aired on 3/29/1994.

Show opens with highlights hyping up the upcoming Ultimate Jeopardy show.

Matty In Da House talks about the current ECW Champions. This show features matches from before J.T. Smith and The Public Enemy won their respective ECW titles. Matty talks about how the night before the title changes,these matches happened.

Bob Smith joins Joey Styles on commentary.

The Bruise Brothers (Ron Harris & Don Harris) vs. The Public Enemy (Johnny Grunge & “Flyboy” Rocco Rock) in a Falls Count Anywhere match to determine the #1 Contenders to the ECW Tag Team Title.

The Public Enemy argue with the fans as they wait for the Bruise Brothers to make their entrance. The Bruise Brothers rush into the ring and all four men brawl in the ring. Bruise Brothers kick them to the outside and the brawl continues outside the ring. The Harris twins toss them into the guardrails and tables ringside. They toss them over the barricade and the brawl continues in the crowd.

Joohnny Grunge and one of the Harris twins exchange punches. Rocco Rock jumps off a scaffold onto one of the Harris twins. Punches exchanged and chairs thrown. Grunge uses a beverage on one of the Harris twins. Ring announcer warns the fans about getting involved and wanting them to stay away. All four brawl to the back of the building. All we see is chairs thrown around, punches exchanged, and tha Harris twins hair flowing back and forth.

Rocco Rock gets tossed into the wall. Styles and Smith can’t tell the Harris twins apart. Rock tries to jump off the table onto Harris and gets caught both times and the second time he gets slammed into the wall. Cameras focus mostly on Rock and one Harris twin. Rock uses a cable wire to choke a Harris twin. They climb up to the announcers area and Rock gets slammed onto the table.

Joey Styles appears on screen, screaming about this being ECW. All four are back together again and the brawl continues. The Harris twins just keep tossing the Public Enemy all over the place. They toss Grunge into a standing table. Rock grabs a chair and hits the twins. They go back to the announcers area and the Harris twin slams Grunge’s head into the table. Rock makes the save for Grunge. He climbs up onto the stage and does a front somersault attempting to hit one of the Harris twins but he moves out of the way and Rock hits Grunge. The other Harris twin covers them both for the pin.

WINNERS: The Bruise Bros.

The Public Enemy get upset and take out their frustrations beating up Joey Styles.

Matty In Da House recaps the tag match that happened later that evening.

They show The Public Enemy attacking The Bruise Brothers after they won the ECW Tag Team titles from Kevin Sullivan & The Tazmaniac. They use pipes to beat on them.

Bruise Brothers promo talking about the ECW Tag Team Champions The Public Enemy. They have the camera angled to make it seem that we’re seeing them from the perspective of Public Enemy who are shorter than them.

The Public Enemy gloat about being the new ECW Tag Team Champions and claim they won them fair and square. They say they are not squared and that when they were in jail they had girlfriends that looked like them.

A video hyping up 911 appearing on the April 16th ECW Arena show. Highlighted by him choke slamming everyone in the ring.

Sabu (w/ Paul E. Dangerously) vs. Mike Awesome for the ECW Television Title

Sabu charges into the ring and dives at Mike Awesome’s legs but Awesome moves out of the way. Awesome and Sabu exchange right hands. He picks up Sabu and slams him into the turnbuckles. Awesome then charges at Sabu and clotheslines him off the ropes to the floor. He follows with a springboard dive over the guardrail to the floor at Sabu. Awesome almost fell off the ropes which made it look a little riskier.

They edit to Sabu doing a split-legged moonsault onto Awesome in the ring. Awesome moves out of the way. Sabu grabs his knee. Awesome back up and he punches Sabu. He follows with a suplex but instead tosses Sabu onto the top rope. He then clotheslines Sabu off the ring apron to the floo and follows with a dive at Sabu!

911 then runs in and attacks Mike Awesome as he tried to powerbomb Sabu. Sabu grabs a table and they place him onto it. There’s another edit and Styles mentions Sabu’s going back up again which he does to send Awesome thru the table. 911 rolls Sabu and Awesome back into the ring. Sabu covers Awesome for the pin.


Paul E. Dangerously pretends to climb as he mocks Mike Awesome crying about losing to Sabu and blaming 911. He tells Awesome if he wants a piece of 911, he can call and they’ll set it up. He also talks about April 16th being the return of Sabu.

Matty In Da House talks about Shane Douglas winning the ECW Heavyweight Title. They also air the match finish of J.T. Smith winning the ECW TV Title from The Tazmaniac last week.

Salvatore Bellomo vs. The Sandman hype video airs.

Matty In Da House talks about the April 16th show.

They air video of Shane Douglas and all the heels celebrating his ECW Heavyweight title victory. Several heels show up congratulating Douglas. Mr. Hughes holds the mic as he cuts a promo and gets interrupted by others. The Sandman offers him a woman for $20. The Public Enemy show up and congratulate Douglas. They grab his belt and walk away with it until Sherri points out that they were going to walk off with it. They return the belt to Douglas. Commissioner Tod Gordon shows up and congratulates him.

Music video (Lenny Kravitz “Are You Gonna Go My Way”) recapping Shane Douglas and Terry Funk’s feud follows.

Road Warrior Hawk promo closes the show. He talks about challenging Shane Douglas for the ECW Heavyweight Title.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Okay episode with one match that aired complete while the other one was heavily edited. Shane Douglas promo late on the show was great. Same w/ Paul E. Dangerously promo. Good stuff there. Show was more about recapping matches that happened before the previous two episodes and hyping upcoming shows.


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