Written By Alfredo Esparza

EMLL 6/29/1984

Taped 6/29/1984 at Area Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico.

Samurai Shiro & Tony Salazar vs. Masakre & El Satanico

Video is joined in progress in the third fall which is unfortunate but at least we have a good 12 minutes worth of this match.

El Satanico and Masakre beat on Shiro while Salazar tries to make the save. All four men brawl in the ring. Dr. Alfonso Morales is trying to recall when Samurai Shiro and Kamikaze Misawa first showed up in Arena Mexico and recalls them being introduced earlier in the year when Hijo del Santo was making one of his early appearances there.

Tony Salazar heads over and attacks El Satanico to get him off Shiro. Koshinaka chops El Satanico as they get back in the ring. Salazar goes after Masakre and takes him to the outside. Shiro with a headscissors on El Satanico. He follows with an elbow that sends El Satanico to the outside. Masakre charges after and kicks Shiro who falls to the floor. El Satanico and Masakre toss Shiro into the ringpost.

El Satanico gets back in the ring and Tony Salazar gets him in a pair of bulldogs. Masakre gets in the ring and makes the save. They toss Salazar into the corner and gets him in a submission hold. Samurai Shiro makes the save. He uses his speed to escape the rudos grasp. Salazar catches them with punches. Masakre accidentally kicks Satanico out of the ring. Salazar catches him with a pair of dropkicks. He catches Masakre by surprise for the pin. El Satanico enters the ring and he rolls over Masakre onto Salazar and he holds them both down with Salazar’s shoulders on the mat for the 2nd pinfall.

Samurai Shiro gets back in the ring and catches El Satanico with a flying hip attack. He covers El Satanico for the pin but Satanico kicks out. Hip toss by El Satanico and he goes for a second attempt but Shiro catches him by surprise and gets him in a pin to win the match! Dr. Alfonso Morales is really impressed with how Shiro caught him in the pin.

WINNERS: Samurai Shiro & Tony Salazar

Challenges are thrown by Samurai Shiro and Tony Salazar at Masakre and El Satanico. Shiro challenged El Satanico for the NWA World Middleweight title. Tony Salazar challenged Masakre to a mask vs. hair match.

Dr. Alfonso Morales interviews the Box y Lucha Commisson member who talks about Shiro being at the level of El Satanico to deserve a shot at the title. He also talked about some updates they have in terms of what they do on the medical end for luchadores and boxers.

La Fiera gets interviewed by Dr. Alfonso Morales. He gets asked what he’s been doing during the week and La Fiera says all he’s done is work and doesn’t remember his injury. Morales tries to stir things up between La Fiera and Lizmark telling La Fiera that he’s heard he loses sleep thinking about Lizmark which La Fiera denies.

El Faraon, La Fiera & Sangre Chicana vs. Lizmark, Americo Rocca & Rayo de Jalisco Jr.

Rudos attack the tecnicos as they make their way into the ring. Brawl ensues outside. La Fiera attacks Lizmark and tosses him into the ringpost. Sangre Chicana and El Faraon beat on Americo Rocca in the ring. La Fiera joins them. First fall starts and the rudos keep attacking the tecnicos and keeping Lizmark and Rayo de Jalisco Jr. out of the ring.

El Faraon uses his ring jacket to choke Rocca! They kick at him. Rayo tries to get in the ring and Chicana kicks him out. La Fiera catches Lizmark with a forearm. He and Sangre Chicana attack Lizmark while El Faraon uses his jacket to continue to choke Rocca. Rayo finally gets in the ring but the rudos keep control of the match. Rocca gets tossed right into Rayo. Chicana attacks Rayo outside the ring. La Fiera tosses Lizmark to the outside.

The rudos keep attacking Americo Rocca! They hang him feet down off the ropes and choke him until he finally falls to the floor. La Fiera attacks Rayo de Jalisco Jr. El Faraon stomps on Rayo. Lizmark gets back in the ring and La Fiera backdrops him. El Faraon and Sangre Chicana double-team Americo Rocca as they send him to the floor. All three rudos in the ring destroy Lizmark while the two referees watch. The fans yell at the referees.

Rayo de Jalisco Jr. jumps in but gets attacked. Quebradora by Sangre Chicana on Lizmark followed by a half Boston Crab with Sangre Chicana and El Faraon submitting him. La Fiera then beats on Americo Rocca and drops on him off the middle rope. El Faraon slams Lizmark into the ring board. Sangre Chicana and La Fiera pin Rocca and the rudos win the first fall.

Second fall starts much like the first fall with the rudos controling the match and roughing up the tecnicos. They attack each tecnico one by one until Rayo gets in the ring while Lizmark is being beaten. Two rudos keep attacking Lizmark while La Fiera keeps the other two tecnicos out of the ring. La Fiera drops a knee across Rayo’s back while El Faraon holds him across the ring apron.

The rudos focus is on attacking Lizmark. La Fiera goes after Americo Rocca as well and tosses him back into the ring. Americo Rocca makes a brief comeback against El Faraon but rudos keep beating on the tecnicos. Lizmark mounts a comeback attacking all the rudos with kicks and knocking them down. Americo Rocca joins in on the fun and lays in some forearms and slaps at all the rudos. Rayo then takes his turn.

Rayo de Jalisco Jr. then hits a tope suicida to the outside at El Faraon. Americo Rocca hits a dive at Sangre Chicana and both crash onto the floor. That leaves Lizmark and La Fiera in the ring. La Fiera goes flying over the top rope with a “salida de bandera” to the floor. Lizmark follows with a plancha off the top rope at La Fiera! Tecnicos get back in the ring before the 20-count and get the second fall win.

Americo Rocca heads back outside and attacks Sangre Chicana. Rayo chases after El Faraon. Third fall starts with Lizmark beating on El Egipcio in the ring. Americo Rocca and Sangre Chicana come in and Rocca slams Chicana head-first into the turnbuckles! Chicana heads to the outside. Rayo goes after La Fiera and tosses him into the ring post.

La Fiera heads back into the ring and Lizmark kicks him across the ring. El Faraon enters and Lizmark kicks him. Americo Rocca then gets in and knocks El Faraon to the outside. Lizmark gets back into the ring and wants Sangre Chicana. Sangre Chicana extends his hand but Lizmark takes him down and legdrops him. Sangre Chicana fakes a foul but the referees don’t believe him.

Lizmark with an elbow across Sangre Chicana’s stomach and he goes for a half crab. El Faraon makes the save. He gets Lizmark with a pair of knee lifts that send him to the floor. Rayo and Rocca each get beaten by the rudos. El Faraon knocks Rayo off the ring apron. Sangre Chicana kicks Rocca and then slams him to the mat. El Faraon gets Rocca in a surfboard-type submission hold. La Fiera beats on Rayo Jr. Sangre Chicana then punches Rayo out of the ring. La Fiera kicks Lizmark out of the ring.

La Fiera with a backdrop on Lizmark. He then gets Lizmark with el martinete and that takes out Lizmark. Referees raise the rudos arms in victory. Rocca had submitted to El Faraon. Dr. Alfonso Morales mentions that the piledriver use to be banned in Mexico.

WINNERS: El Faraon, La Fiera & Sangre Chicana

The announcers give a recap of some of the other matches that aired on this episode as they close the show. The rudos and tecnicos continue to go back and forth brawling while the show is coming to an end.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Well the good thing is that this footage exists even if we only get about 10-12 minutes of the tag match but it would have been cool to have seen the entire show. Lots of brawling in these matches as they were building up a couple of rivalries with the tag match leading to a Samurai Shiro vs. El Satanico singles match. Main event saw the rudos control the bulk of the match. The tecnicos comeback in the 2nd fall was really good with the three dives to the outside.


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