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Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 10/2/1982

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 10/2/1982

Taped 9/29/1982 at the WPCQ Studios in Charlotte, North Carolina. Aired on 10/2/1982.

Bob Caudle is on commentary.

Sgt. Slaughter & Pvt. Don Kernoodle join Bob Caudle for an interview with Caudle mentioning that they are the new World Tag Team Champions. Sgt. Slaughter talks about wrestling in Japan and entering the tag team tournament to win those titles. He claims to have beaten Antonio Inoki and Giant Baba to win those titles and that Kernoodle got the win for the team. Kernoodle calls their team the best in the world and all other tag teams are underdogs.

Sgt. Slaughter & Pvt. Don Kernoodle vs. King Parsons & Mike Davis

Don Kernoodle and Mike Davis start the match. Paul Jones joins Caudle on commentary. Kernoodle tries a leg takedown on Davis with no luck. He tags in Sgt. Slaughter. Davis tags in Parsons who gets Slaughter in a side headlock. Kernoodle tags in as Slaughter whips Parsons into the ropes and catches Parsons with a dropkick. He follows with a body slam for a near fall.

Kernoodle with another takedown but Parsons fights out of it. He tags Slaughter back in. Slaughter with a knee to the mid-section a few times. He kicks Parsons a couple of times. Kernoodle gets in a cheap shot. Davis tries to help Parsons. Kernoodle tags back in and attacks Parsons. Takes him down to the mat with a front facelock. Parsons tries for a takedown with no luck. Slaughter tags back in.

Sgt. Slaughter drops Parsons across Kernoodle’s knee. They double-team Parsons in their corner. Slaughter with an elbow at Parsons and gets a two-count. Front facelock by Slaughter and he tags in Kernoodle. Kernoodle with a neckbreaker and a near fall. He gets Parsons in a headlock. Parsons escapes and gets Kernoodle in a front facelock. He tags in Davis.

Davis comes in and catches Kernoodle with a dropkick. He missse a second dropkick. Kernoodle sends Davis into Slaughter’s elbow and tags in Sarge. Slaughter with a kneedrop across Davis face and then gets him in a headlock. Wristlock by Sgt. Slaughter. He kicks Davis and then drops him across his knee. Slaughter slams him again across his knee and then stomps on him. He then suplexes Davis into the top rope! Slaughter tags in Kernoodle. They continue to punish Davis who tries to fight back. He surprises Kernoodle with a roll-up. Kernoodle kicks out and tags in Slaughter.

Sgt. Slaughter grabs hold of Davis and whips him into the ropes and catches him with a clothesline. He drops Davis across the top rope and goes for the pin but pulls him back up. Slaughter tags Kernoodle who hits a clothesline off the middle rope for the pin.

WINNERS: Sgt. Slaughter & Mike Davis

Jay Youngblood & Ricky Steamboat vs. Ben Alexander & Ken Timbs

Ricky Steamboat and Ken Timbs start the match. Paul Jones continues on commentary. Steamboat with some armdrags on Timbs followed by a wristlock and quick tag to Jay Youngblood. Youngblood with a chop to Timbs arm as he enters the ring. Timbs quickly tags in Ben Alexander. Youngblood chops Alexander down and tags in Steamboat. Steamboat attacks Alexander’s arm but Alexander gains momentum in the corner until Steamboat gets in some chops.

Steamboat tags in Youngblood. Youngblood with chops at Alexander. He goes for a pin but only gets two. Alexander punches Youngblood and tags in Timbs who chokes Youngblood. Timbs with a knee drop on Youngblood. Youngblood slams Timbs into Alexander and then whips him into a Steamboat chop. Steamboat and Youngblood with a double chop.

Steamboat goes for a kneedrop for a near fall onTimbs. He attacks Timbs’ left arm. He tags in Youngblood and Jay catches Timbs with a dropkick but Alexander stops the pin attempt. Timbs with a shoulder block into the mid-section and he tags in Alexander. Backdrop by Alexander on Youngblood. Body slam but Alexander misses the elbowdrop. Jay tags in Steamboat.

Alexander catches Steamboat with a boot and follows with a knee lift. Fans cheer on Steamboat. Steamboat goes for a cradle for the pin. Timbs comes in and attacks Steamboat. Paul Jones mentions that he heard that Steamboat was in a body building competition recently and he heard the judges were all Ricky’s relatives. Caudle doesn’t believe him. Steamboat fights back and sends Timbs into his corner. Alexander charges at Steamboat but Ricky takes him down.

Steamboat slams Alexander and tags in Younblood. Jay with a slinshot plancha onto Alexander for a near fall. Younblood whips Alexander into the ropes and knocks him down and then drops a knife-edge chop on him for the pin. Timbs tries to make the save but Steamboat stops him.

WINNERS: Jay Youngblood & Ricky Steamboat

Jim Dalton & Juan Reynosa join Bob Caudle for an interview. Dalton says anyone you get in the ring is a tough man to wrestle and calls Reynosa a champion in Mexico. Reynosa says they’re getting down to business. Dalton says any champion can be defeated and thinks they’ll beat Jack Brisco tonight. Reynosa says Rotundo has no brains. Caudle doesn’t agree while Dalton agrees with Reynosa that Rotundo has no brains.

Jack Brisco & Mike Rotundo vs. Jim Dalton & Juan Reynosa

Jack Brisco and Jim Dalton kick things off! Dalton trash talks Brisco and gets a few cheap shots in the corner. Brisco recovers and back drops him out of the corner. He slams Dalton and tires to go for his leg but Dalton kicks him off. Reynosa and Rotundo both tag in. Paul Jones continues on commentary. Rotundo armdrags Reynosa and follows with a dropkick.

Reynosa gets in a few punches on Rotundo and gets him in a headlock. Rotundo tries to escape but Reyonsa keeps him held and tags in Dalton. Dalton and Rotundo exchange shots before Dalton takes him down. Paul Jones can’t believe that he’s heard that Mike Rotundo wants to challenge Dory Funk Jr. for that $100,000 Golden Challenge. Dalton keeps pulling Rotundo’s hair to keep him down and tags in Reynosa.

Rotundo makes a comeback and quickly tags in Brisco. Brisco with a wristlock and he attacks Reynosa’s left arm. He stomps on Reynosa’s face. Brisco takes him down and keeps him in an armbar. He tags Rotundo back in and Reynosa tries to punch his way out of the wristlock. He rakes Rotundo’s eyes and tags in Dalton. Dalton whips Rotundo into the ropes and elbows him.

Dalton uses the ropes on Rotundo. He punishes Rotundo but Mike recovers and tags in Jack Brisco. Brisco with a back drop. He quickly tags Rotundo who picks up Dalton in the airplane spin and then drops him down and covers him for the pin.

WINNERS: Jack Brisco & Mike Rotundo

Bob Caudle starts the interview segment and Jimmy Valiant charges in screaming about how without music he can’t function. He tells Jos LeDuc that he’s going to kill him. Ricky Steamboat and Jay Youngblood talk about teaming up and challenging Sgt. Slaughter and Don Kernoodle and want to get the tag titles back.

Wahoo McDaniel is upset at Sgt. Slaughter and his two privates (Kernoodle & Nelson). They show video of them attacking McDaniel. He mentions that Slaughter got suspended for five weeks. Wahoo vows to beat Slaughter in the ring.

Dory Funk Jr. vs. Keith Larson in a $100,000 Golden Challenge match.

Bob Caudle shows the check and mentions that in order for Larson to win it, he has to pin Dory Funk Jr.

Keith Larson with an armdrag on Dory Funk Jr. early to start the match. Funk Jr. with a waistlock takedown but Larson escapes. Side headlock by Dory into a takedown on Larson. They get back up and Larson escapes but Dory puls his hair and catches him with some upper cuts. Mike Rotundo shows up in the studio to watch the match.

Dory Funk Jr. goes for a cradle for the pin on Larson. Funk Jr. tries to get the pin on Larson by keeping him on the mat. They head into the corner and Funk continues to punish him. Uppercuts by Dory Jr.! Elbowdrop for a near fall by Funk Jr. Back into a front facelock. They show Paul Jones on commentary and he’s wearing a suit and says he has had many compliments on how he’s dressed.

Funk Jr. gets Larson with an elbow. Double underhook suplex by Dory Funk Jr. for another near fall as Larson keeps kicking out. Another uppercut by Dory. Larson tries to fight back against Dory! He fires up and sends Funk Jr. backing away. He gets in some rights at Funk Jr. but Dory takes him back down to the mat and into an armbar. More uppercuts. Larson reverses a whip into the corner.

Larson tosses Funk Jr. across the ring and gets him with a dropkick. Near fall for Larson. They get tangled up in the corner. Dory Funk Jr. with a backdrop driver on Larson and he goes for a near fall. Paul Jones mentions that if Dory keeps doing this challenge long enough, someone will beat him because anyone can get beat at any time and says it’s the law of averages.

Dory Funk Jr. with a piledriver on Larson. Again Larson kicks out of the pin attempt. Funk Jr. with a suplex and another pin attempt. He slams Larson but misses an elbow drop as Larson rolls out of the way. Larson with some punches. He whips Funk Jr. into the ropes and goes for a leapfrog but gets caught up by Dory Jr. and he falls on his knee. Dory Funk Jr. goes for the spinning toe hold and gets the submission win.

WINNER: Dory Funk Jr.

Mike Rotundo jumps into the ring and confronts Dory Funk Jr., who walks out of the ring. Jones gets upset that Rotundo jumped in and says Funk Jr. was a gentleman leaving. Jones throughout commentary keeps bringing up that someone told Mike Rotundo that he was a good wrestler and that is inaccurate.

Pork Chop Cash and Ron RItchie join Bob Caudle for an interview to talk about The House of Humperdink. Ritchie thinks that they bring something different into the match and that might help them beat LeDuc and Valentine. He also talked about Humperdink. Pork Chop talks about Humperdink and says if he sticks his nose into the match he’ll punch him. He says they are going to give their opponents some “knuckle sandwiches”.

Greg “The Hammer” Valentine & Jos LeDuc (w/ Sir Oliver Humperdink) vs. Pork Chop Cash & Ron Ritchie

Jos LeDuc and Ron Ritchie start the match. Clean break from LeDuc in the corner. He gets Ritchie in a side headlock. LeDuc tags in Valentine who kicks at Ritchie. Side headlock by Ritchie but Valentine whips him into the ropes and catches him with a knee. Backbreaker by Valentine and tags in LeDuc who lands a legdrop on Ritchie. Front facelock by LeDuc. Ritchie punches at LeDuc with no luck and LeDuc gets him with a knee. He sends Ritchie into the corner. Hard chop by LeDuc stops a Ritchie comeback.

Valentine tags back in and gets him with an atomic drop. Hard forearms by Valentine and he takes Ritchie Down. Ron Ritchie fights back as Jos LeDuc tags in. LeDuc catches Ritchi with a couple of big right hands that send Ritchie down. More punches from LeDuc. He takes him to Valentine who elbows Ritchie’s head.

Ron Ritchie keeps fighting back but LeDuc keeps punching at him. Ritchie sends LeDuc into the corner but LeDuc with a hard chop. He tags in Valentine. Valentine whips Ritchie into the ropes and Ritchie kicks him and finally tags in Pork Chop Cash. Cash with some punches at Valentine. Heabutt by Cash sends Valentine reeling into the ropes. More punches from Cash at Valentine.

Valentine grabs hold of Cash as he keeps getting attacked by Cash. He suplexes Cash and tags in LeDuc. Jos LeDuc with some kicks. Cash with a headbutt at LeDuc. LeDuc with a nice dropkick at Cash. He tags in Valentine and whips him into the ropes, Valentine then elbows Cash. Side salto suplex by Valentine for a near fall.

Pork Chop Cash takes down Valentine and tags in Ritchie. Ritchie whips Valentine into the ropes and catches him with a punch. Hard chops in the corner by Ritchie. Valentine fights back with forearms. Back and forth between these two just chopping and hitting each other hard! Valentine with an elbow followed by a backdrop driver. Elbowdrop by Valentine and he tags in LeDuc. LeDuc with a backbreaker for the pin!

WINNERS: Greg Valentine & Jos LeDuc

Paul Jones interviews The House of Humperdink and talks about how everyone thinks this group is getting bigger and stronger. Sir Oliver Humperdink talks about the greatness the family has had. Jos LeDuc talks about beating Jimmy Valiant for the TV title and says he’s a better man than him. Humperdink mentions that Wahoo McDaniel knows about pain that he suffered at the hands of Greg Valentine. Valentine wants a match for the U.S. Title held by McDaniel and says he’s the only man that ever put Wahoo in the hospital.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode that mostly focused on tag team wrestling. Paul Jones joined Bob Caudle on commentary and was good rooting for the heels and making some outlandish comments about the babyfaces. Best one was him constantly saying someone told Rotundo that he was a good wrestler and that person was wrong. Matches were all in that 6-7 minute TV time range. Thought they were okay. Jim Dalton continues to be impressive on promos. I wasn’t too familiar with him prior to watching him on here and for a jobber-level wrestler in this territory his promos are far better than most. They did tease Rotundo challenging Dory Funk Jr. for the $100,000 and they did build up a few rivalries throughout the show.


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