Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-South Wrestling 6/5/1983

Taped 5/25/1983 at the Irish McNeil’s Boys Club in Shreveport, Louisiana. Aired on 6/5/1983.

Boyd Pearce & Ted DiBiase are on commentary. Pearce asks DiBiase about his injury that no one believes is legit. DiBiase talks about his doctor and tells Pearce that he’ll bring x-rays of his hand next week to prove Duggan broke his hand. He then switches over to talk about the match between Butch Reed and King Kong Bundy last week and has them show a VTR of everything that happened last week.

Pearce mentions that while they were showing the VTR that matchmaker Grizzly Smith told him that Butch Reed was not going to wrestle on this week’s show and that he would be replaced by Johnny Rich. DiBiase says Reed was humiliated last week and he doesn’t blame him for not showing his face this week.

Johnny Rich vs. Tony Zane

Johnny Rich starts off by getting Tony Zane in a side headlock. They hit the ropes with Rich taking Zane down a couple of times and getting him back in the side headlock. Zane tries to escape with no luck and Rich takes him down to the mat. DiBiase is impressed with Bundy and mentions that he’s tried to recruit him to join The Rat Pack.

Rich keeps control of the match and slams Zane a few times. He follows with a knee drop for a near fall. Back into the side headlock. Zane shoves Rich into the corner and whips him into the corner but Rich reverses. Rich misses an attack into the corner and hurts his shoulder. Zane goes to work on the left shoulder. He tosses Rich into the corner and then slams him. Zane gets a near fall.

Rich fights back with some punches and forearms. He whips Zane into the ropes and backdrops him. Rich goes for a three-quarter nelson cradle on Zane for the pin.

WINNER: Johnny Rich

Mr. Wrestling II vs. Mr. Olympia (w/ Gen. Skandor Akbar)

Mr. Olympia attacks Mr. Wrestling II on the ropes but Mr. Wrestling II makes a comeback and tosses Mr. Olympia around the ring. He catches Mr. Olympia with a knee lift and that sends Mr. Olympia to the outside. Mr. Olympia’s wobbly outside the ring and gets help back into the ring. Mr. Wrestling II continues his attack as soon as he enters the ring. TWO gets Mr. Olympia in a side headlock.

Mr. Olympia escapes and he and Mr. Wrestling II exchange punches. Mr. Wrestling II with a closed fist followed by a slam for a near fall on Olympia. Front facelock by Mr. Wrestling II. Referee checks if he’s choking Mr. Olympia. Ted DiBiase continues to talk about his hand injury. Mr. Olympia escapes and kicks and punches TWO. Dropkick knocks Mr. Wrestling II down. Mr. Olympia goes for pin attempts but TWO keeps kicking out. He whips Mr. Olympia into the ropes and grabs him in a sleeper hold.

Fans start to chant, “Go TWO Go”. Mr. Wrestling II escapes the sleeper! Mr. Olympia gets him back in the sleeper but Mr. Wrestling II rams him into the corner. TWO with some punches at Mr. Olympia and a whip into the ropes. He catches Mr. Olympia with a knee lift.

Skandor Akbar climbs up on the ring apron. Mr. Wrestling II goes after him. Mr. Olympia then rolls Mr. Wrestling II up for a pin. TWO kicks out and that sends Mr. Olympia crashing into Akbar. Mr. Wrestling II catches Mr. Olympia with two knee lifts and covers him for the pin.

WINNER: Mr. Wrestling II

Akbar tries to attack Mr. Wrestling II after the match but Mr. Wrestling II fights him off.

Boris Zurkhov vs. Tom Jones

Tom Jones takes Boris Zurkhov down to the mat to start the match. Zurkhov reaches the ropes and then quickly attacks Jones. DiBiase praises Zurkhov as the newest member of the Rat Pack. Jones and Zurkhov exchange punches. Zurkhov with a big forearm across Jones chest.

Jones takes Zurkhov down and attacks his legs. He gets a nearfall but Zurkhov back up and he tosses Jones to the floor. Big elbow across Jones head as he gets back into the ring. Jones keeps fighting back against Zurkhov. Zurkhov catches Jones off the ropes and drops him across the top rope. He follows with a neckbreaker and then climbs to the middle rope and drops a knee across Jones chest for the pin.

WINNER: Boris Zurhkov

Mr. Wrestling II vs. King Kong Bundy

Bundy’s opponent was suppose to be Art Crews but Mr. Wrestling II shows up instead. Mr. Wrestling II shows up and says he bought out Crews contract and tells everyone that he handled half his feelings earlier on the show against Mr. Olympia and says he knows everyone remembers what Bundy did to him and he wants him in a match now. Bundy agrees.

Bundy charges at Mr. Wrestling II. He attacks Mr. Wrestling II but TWO fights back! Bundy whips Mr. Wrestling II into the ropes and clotheslines him. He starts to choke him on the mat while the referee warns him. Bundy stomps on TWO. Big forearms across Mr. Wrestling II. TWO fights back with some punches that send Bundy into the corner.

Bundy reverses a whip but misses a splash into the corner. Mr. Wrestling II catches Bundy with a couple of knee lifts. He charges at Bundy but Bundy tosses Mr. Wrestling II over the top rope. Referee disqualifies Bundy. Bundy goes outside and piledrives Mr. Wrestling II on the floor!

WINNER: Mr. Wrestling II via DQ

Magnum T.A. vs. “The Black Ninja” Kendo Nagasaki

Kendo Nagasaki decides to attack Magnum T.A. with his kendo stick right as the bell rings! Magnum T.A. is ready and catches him with a flurry of punches and a dropkick. Magnum T.A. grabs the kendo stick and starts to hit Nagasaki with it until the Black Ninja heads to the outside.

Nagasaki gets back into the ring and Magnum T.A. catches him with some armdrags and dropkicks. He whips Nagasaki into the ropes and kicks him. Magnum misses an elbow and Nagasaki starts to kick and chop him. Magnum T.A. fights back and DiBiase is impressed with him. Slam and legdrop by Magnum T.A. He whips Nagasaki into the ropes and catches him with a dropkick.

Magnum T.A. with a back slide for a pin attempt on Nagasaki. He continues to deliver forearms and takes him down with a fireman’s carry takedown. Fans start to scream. Yatsu shows up! Magnum T.A. brings him into the ring and headscissors both of them. They double-team on Magnum T.A. Nagasaki spits out his mist but Magnum T.A. ducks and he instead gets Yatsu. Magnum T.A. gets Nagasaki with a dropkick and does the same to Yatsu. He gets Nagasaki with an atomic knee drop and covers him for the pin.

WINNER: Magnum T.A.

“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan vs. The Super Destroyer

Hacksaw Duggan points at Ted DiBiase but they quickly start the match. Duggan whips Super Destroyer into the corner and backdrops him. Super Destroyer heads to the outside. Duggan with some forearms and kicks at Super D who’s getting back into the ring. Hacksaw stomps on him and beats on Super D in the corner.

Duggan is relentless and gets Super Destroyer in a front facelock. Super Destroyer escapes and punches and headbutts Duggan until Hacksaw blocks a right and delivers some forearms. They choke at each other. Duggan tosses him to the mat and misses a knee drop. Super Destroyer with more punches and elbows. Duggan fights back again.

Duggan whips Super Destroyer into the ropes and clotheslines him. He follows with the spear and covers Super Destroyer for the pin. DiBiase continues to mention how Duggan broke his hand and wants to get back in the ring to face him.

WINNER: Hacksaw Duggan

George Weingeroff vs. Rip Rogers

George Weingeroff with a quick fireman’s carry takedown on Rip Rogers. He keeps taking down Rogers. Rogers with a waistlock takedown but Weingeroff quickly reverses it. Ted DiBiase mentions that Weingeroff is considered “legally blind” but can still see up close. Weingeroff with some slams and a dropkick on Rogers for a near fall.

Weingeroff with a side headlock as DiBiase continues to praise him and tell his backstory. Rogers gets him in a headscissors but Weingeroff is quickly out of the hold. Side headlock by Weingeroff. Rogers whips him into the ropes but Weingeroff counters him.

They end up on the ropes and Rogers catches Weingeroff with a cheap shot. He can’t keep control of the match as Weingeroff is back on the attack. Hard chop by Weingeroff. Rogers grabs hold of him and whips him into the corner. He hiptosses Weingeroff and goes for the pin. Rogers whips Weingeroff into the ropes but Weingeroff gets him with a sunset flip for a near fall. Weingeroff goes for several pin attempts.

Rogers whips Weingeroff into the ropes and elbows him. He misses an elbow drop. Weingeroff goes for another pin attempt. He tosses Rogers but misses a dropkick. Rogers goes for a slam but Weingeroff lands on him. TV time runs out.

WINNER: Time Limit Draw

SHOW THOUGHT: Good episode with Ted DiBiase as the guest host and he continued to talk about how Hacksaw Duggan broke his hand and he can’t wrestle for a few more weeks. Mr. Wrestling II vs. Mr. Olympia was the best match on the show. They also had Mr. Wrestling II go after everyone who has done him wrong recently as he got to go after Mr. Olympia, Skandor Akbar and later on the show King Kong Bundy. Magnum T. A. looked impressive in his match. Even the last match had some good action in it.


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