Written By Alfredo Esparza

World Class Championship Wrestling 10/16/1982

Taped 10/12/1982 at the Sportatorium in Dallas, Texas. Aired on 10/16/1982.

Bill Mercer and Jay Saldi on commentary. They hype up the Freebird, Michael Hayes, debuting on this show. Saldi mentions that there will be probably be more Freebirds on their way. They get distracted as Saldi’s teammate Harvey Martin is in attendance to watch this show. Mercer calls him in and Martin says he’s there to watch.

David Von Erich joins Bill Mercer and they talk about the bounty on Kerry Von Erich. He says they have proof that it exists but they are not ready to reveal it.

David Von Erich vs. Capt. Frank Dusek

Capt. Frank Dusek shoves David Von Erich into the corner but David reverses it and the referee has to break them apart. Dusek with an armbar leads to some wristlock reversals by both. David gets him in an armbar. Dusek shoves David into the ropes and Von Erich knocks him down and gets him back in an armbar. Capt. Frank tosses David into the corner and he starts to beat on David.

Von Erich fights back with some punches to Dusek’s mid-section. Dusek with a headbutt to Davis’ stomach. He whips David into the ropes but David ducks an elbow and catches Dusek with a jumping high knee! A near fall but Dusek kicks out. Back and forth in the corner with both just throwing punches at each other. Referee David Manning breaks them apart.

Bill Mercer talks about the bounty and mentions he’s going to interview Gary Hart about it. He mentions that Hart was in Atlanta recently trying to collect a bounty on Roddy Piper.

David Von Erich sends Dusek crashing into the corner. He follows with the knee lift. Von Erich whips Dusek into the ropes and back drops him and goes for a near fall. Dusek recovers and gets David in an abdominal stretch. David flips Dusek off him but Dusek charges at David in the corner. Dusek gets upset at referee David Manning and takes a swing at him. Manning punches him. Von Erich cradles Dusek for the pin.

WINNER: David Von Erich

Jose Lothario & Al Madril vs. Checkmate & The Magic Dragon (w/Armand Hussein)

Al Madril and The Magic Dragon start the match. The Magic Dragon chops Al Madril on the ropes. Madril counters with a punch to the Dragon’s face. He takes the Dragon down to the mat. Dragon counters but Madril uses his speed to take Dragon down with an armdrag. Checkmate tags in. He and Madril counter each other hold for hold.

Madril tags in Lothario who gets Checkmate in a headlock. Checkmate with a wristlock that gets reversed but Checkmate kicks him off. Lothario gets Checkmate on the mat and goes to work on his left leg as he stretches it out. Checkmate escapes and lands on top of Lothario before they break away. Bugsy McGraw has shown up ringside.

Test of strength with Lothario taking Checkmate down. Checkmate rolls up into a ball and then takes Lothario down. Lothario tags in Madril. Checkmate tags in The Magic Dragon who delivers chops and kicks at Madril. He gets Madril in a hammerlock and drops the knee across Madril’s back. Hussein talks to referee Bronco Lubich telling him Madril’s gonna give up which Madril refuses to do.

Madril runs around while the Dragon has him in a hammerlock and then stops and that sends the Dragon to the floor. The Magic Dragon heads back in and the two exchange chops and punches. Madril with a flying shoulder block off the ropes knocks down the Magic Dragon. The Dragon continues the attack on Madril. He catches Madril with a shoulder block of his own. Whips him into the ropes again and catches Madril again with a shoulder block but both get knocked down.

Hussein climbs up to the ropes as he tries to get the Magic Dragon to tag Checkmate. Both Checkmate and Lothario are tagged in. Lotharrio with some punches. He whips Checkmate into the ropes and backdrops him, only Checkmate lands on his feet and then rolls up into a ball. Lothario has no idea what to do. Checkmate surprises Lothario and attacks him. He gets Lothario in a nerve hold.

Checkmate gets Lothario in a reverse chinlock. Bugsy McGraw is still ringside eating popcorn. The Magic Dragon gets in and the two attack Lothario. Referee tells the Magic Dragon to get out of the ring. Checkmate returns and keeps Lothario on the mat. Lothario surprises Checkmate off the ropes by catching him with a backbreaker. He tags in Al Madril who fires several punches at Checkmate.

Lothario tags in and he lands a top rope stomp on Checkmate but he can’t get the pin on him. Madril tags back in and goes for the pin on Checkmate. Checkmate backs away and Madril pauses his attack which is a mistake as Checkmate lunges at him with a headbutt to the mid-section. He stomps on Madril and tagsin The Magic Dragon.

The Magic Dragon with a headbutt and then he slams Madril into the corner turnbuckles. The Magic Dragon climbs up the ropes and flips off. He follows with a double reverse flip and catches Madril with a kick. The Magic Dragon then misses a senton off the ropes. Madril follows with a backdrop and he goes for the pin but Checkmate makes the save.

Checkmate whips Madril into the ropes and catches him with another headbutt. He then stomps on Madril. Checkmate goes for another headbutt but Madril ducks and Checkmate flies to the outside floor. Madril continues to attack Checkmate as he returns to the ring and tries to unmask Checkmate. The Magic Dragon and Jose Lothario get in the ring. Checkmate recovers and chokes Madril.

Checkmate and Al Madril collide and knock each other down. They both tag their partners in . Lothario and The Magic Dragon exchange some punches. Lothario knocks down Checkmate. He dropkicks the Dragon and then goes for a backbreaker. He whips Dragon into Madril who punches him. Madril with a shoulder block and a pin attempt. Madril goes for a sunset flip but the bell rings. Match ends in a draw.

WINNERS: Time Limit Draw

NWA World Heavyweight Champion “Nature Boy” Ric Flair is interviewed about a bounty placed on Kerry Von Erich. Flair said he heard the rumor that Kerry Von Erich had been injured by The Great Kabuki and Gary Hart in Oklahoma and that his knee injury would keep him sidelined for a few weeks. Ric Flair said he was sorry to hear about it and that everyone knows there are risks to injuries in wrestling. Interviewer asks Flair about the rumor that he placed a $10,000 bounty on all the Von Erichs, primarily on Kerry. Flair denies it and says he’s a wealthy man and $10,000 wouldn’t be much to him. If he wanted a bounty done on the Von Erichs, it would be done right away.

Interviewer tells Flair that Fritz Von Erich claims he has footage that Flair was involved in what happened in Oklahoma to Kerry. Flair denies it and says Fritz just wants one of his sons to become world champion. Ric Flair says Kerry is not in his class and says he is the greatest wrestler ever. He says if Kerry wants him in a match, he get the contract, give him an incentive and he will be there.

Gran Markus II (w/ Armand Hussein) beat The Samoan

Gran Markus II misses a forearm on the ropes as The Samoan ducks and then catches Gran Markus II with a headbutt. Gran Markus II with a wristlock takedown. Bill Mercer mentions that Terry Gordy is also heading to World Class. Gran Markus II takes down The Samoan with a headlock. He escapes the headlock. Gran Markus II continues to control the match.

Gran Markus II with a headlock on The Samoan. The Samoan tries to break out but Gran Markus II pulls him back down by the hair. The Samoan escapes and catches him with a headbutt. The Samoan does a cartwheel and then dropkicks Gran Markus II. Armdrag by the Samoan and into an armbar. Gran Markus II escapes and punches him. He follows with a clothesline and then slams him. Markus then goes for a senton for the pin.

WINNER: Gran Markus II

Michael “P.S.” Hayes vs. Roberto Renesto

Roberto Renesto heads to the outside as Michael Hayes chases after him. Hayes gets the fans to clap as Renesto returns. Bill Mercer mentions that while David Von Erich was in Georgia he and Hayes became friends. They also talk about some of what Hayes did including feuding with Jimmy Snuka in Georgia. Hayes shoves Renesto into the corner. Renesto backs away as Hayes goes after him with a closed fist.

Hayes again takes a swing at Renesto who backs away. Renesto cowers away from Hayes. Fans cheer on Hayes. Hayes tosses Renesto to the outside. He brings Renesto back into the ring and then punches him. Hayes follows with an elbow drop. Renesto backs away and gets in a punch on Hayes. He slams Hayes head into the top turnbuckle but that doesn’t do anything to Hayes.

Hayes ends up sending Renesto over the top rope to the floor. He does a bit of a strut as Renesto makes his way back into the ring. Hayes gets Renesto with a bulldog and then follows with a piledriver for the pin.

WINNER: Michael Hayes

Renesto attacks Hayes after the match but Hayes gets in a few more punches and then backdrops him. Renesto leaves the ring.

Michael Hayes grabs the mic. He mentions that Freebird Fantasia was going to go across the nation and they brought it to Dallas. Hayes then mentions that Terry Gordy is on his way too. He introduces himself to the World Class fans by cutting a promo about himself and Gordy. He says now they get paid to do what they use to do that got them in trouble. He mentions coming from Bad Street and that they lived in the last house.

“Wild” Bill Irwin joins Bill Mercer and Jay Saldi as they are closing the show to talk about Michael Hayes who he’ll be wrestling on the following show. He vows to beat Hayes and says Hayes will be running back home to cry on his big brother’s shoulder.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode with the tag match being the best match on the show. However, Michael Hayes debut was the focus of this episode. His match wasn’t particularly good but the post-match promo was great. The Ric Flair interview segment was good as well. I can’t recall who this Gran Markus II is because it’s obviously not the original Gran Markus (some websites have him listed) and it isn’t Gran Markus Jr. who got that gimmick later in the ’80s. He didn’t do too much in his match.


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