Written By Alfredo Esparza

CWA Memphis Championship Wrestling 11/15/1980

Taped 11/15/1980 at the WMC Studios in Memphis, Tennessee.

Lance Russell and Dave Brown on commentary.

Koko Ware vs. David Oswald

Lance Russell praises Koko Ware’s incredible dropkick. They lock-up and end up on the ropes a few times with each breaking cleanly. Ware with a waistlock takedown on Oswald. Some good matwork early on. Koko whips Oswald into the ropes and after a bit of time backdrops him and gains control of the match with an armbar on Oswald.

Oswald escapes with a headscissors on Ware. Koko escapes but gets caught in a monkey flip. Ware lands standing up and he goes after Oswald again before being told to break the hold by the referee. Koko with a takedown into a wristlock and stretch on Oswald. Oswald struggles in his attempt to escape the hold. Ware converts the hold over into an armbar. David Oswald grabs Ware’s hair to escape but Ware kicks him off and again gets him in an armbar.

Ware flips Oswald over into a headscissors but he’s near the ropes and has to break the hold. Koko keeps going after Oswald’s left arm and punishes it. Oswald gets Ware in the corner and gets in a few forearms and then whips him into the other corner. More elbows and he whips Ware again into the ropes but Ware climbs up the ropes and catches Oswald with a dropkick and covers him for the pin.

WINNER: Koko Ware

Ken Lucas & Rick Morton vs. Jimmy Kent & The Angel

Ken Lucas and Jimmy Kent start the match. Kent shoves Lucas but Lucas catches him with a takedown. Lucas with a hiptoss. He gets Kent in a headlock and tags in Morton. Kent whips Morton but Ricky gets Kent back down to the mat with a side headlock. Kent whips him into the ropes again but Morton with a forearm knocks Kent down. Lucas tags back in and he continues to punish Kent. He takes Kent down with an armbar.

Morton tags back in and continues to work on Kent’s left arm. Quick tag to Lucas and Kent backs away. Side headlock by Kent and tags in The Angel who gets Lucas in a front facelock. Lucas reverses it and tags in Morton. Morton punches The Angel and then whips him into the ropes. He follows with an atomic knee drop and goes for the pin but Jimmy Kent runs in to make the save but ends up tripping over the referee.

The Angel is able to use the distraction to gain an advantage over Rick Morton but that doesn’t last very long as Morton tags Lucas in and Lucas knocks down both the Angel and Jimmy Kent. Morton tags back in and gets Angel in a wristlock but The Angel tags Kent back in. Lucas tags back in and punches Kent a few times. Ken whips Kent into the ropes but Kent blocks a body press attempt. Kent gets in a boot on Lucas and beats on him for a bit.

Lucas makes a comeback and tags in Morton who catches Kent with a dropkick. Morton whips Kent into the ropes again and tags Lucas who gets Kent in a sleeper hold. Morton keeps The Angel from entering the ring. Lucas knocks out Kent with the sleeper and gets the win for his team.

WINNERS: Ken Lucas & Rick Morton

Dr. Bill Irwin shows up and argues that Ken Lucas used an illegal hold to win the match. He heads over and argues with Lance Russell and the fans. Irwin challenges Lucas to a match and removes his robe. Russell wants him to take his robe and tells Irwin he has another match later but Irwin wants a match with Ken Lucas.

Lance Russell is joined by Tommy Rich, Bobby Eaton and Jimmy Hart for a promo for their upcoming match at the Louisville Gardens. Rich laughs about what is going to happen to Ken Lucas next. He vows that the same thing will happen to Dundee and Tony Charles. Eaton vows that they’ll beat their brains out.

Ken Lucas vs. Dr. Bill Irwin

Mike Merony is scheduled to wrestle Dr. Bill Irwin. Irwin doesn’t want Merony and wants Ken Lucas to come out since he just challenged him. He says he’ll destroy this man to prove it to Lucas.

As Irwin heads over to the ring, Ken Lucas jumps into the ring and replaces Mike Merony. Lucas takes down Irwin a few times. Irwin with an armdrag but can’t stop Lucas from taking him back down. Dr. Bill with a few forearms across Lucas shoulders but Ken Lucas is able to beat on Irwin. They get tangled up on the ropes and have to break it up. That gives Irwin an advantage.

Dr. Bill Irwin with a body slam and elbow drop for a pin attempt. Lucas kicks out and then kicks Irwin. More punches thrown by Lucas at Irwin. Lucas with a knee lift and he goes for the pin but Irwin reaches the ropes. Irwin counters with some right hands at Lucas followed by dropping him over the top rope. Irwin goes for a running foot stomp and then continues to beat on Lucas. Lucas fights back and they exchange punches in the corner.

Lucas knocks Irwin down to the mat and gets a two count. He whips Irwin into the ropes and kicks him. He cradles Irwin for the pin but Irwin reaches the ropes. Irwin with some forearms and knees at Lucas. He whips Lucas into the ropes and punches him in the mid-section. He goes for the pin but Lucas kicks out at two. Lucas back on offense with some punches thrown at Irwin.

Lucas with a knee drop for another pin attempt. He goes for another pin attempt but Irwin kicks out. Front facelock by Lucas. Irwin whips Lucas into the ropes and they both knock each other down. Bot back up and Lucas whips Irwin into the ropes and gets him in the sleeper hold. Someone from the audience jumps into the ring and attacks Lucas with his boot.

WINNER: Ken Lucas

Some wrestlers jump in to help Lucas but Irwin and this unnamed person clean house. Finally Bill Dundee and Rick Morton holdin a chair get them to leave.

Dr. Bill Irwin and his partner head over to talk to Lance Russell. Dr. Bill Irwin introduces his brother Scott Irwin. Bill mentions that his brother must have noticed Lucas used an illegal move and had to interfere. Scott Irwin said that the sleeper hold is a banned hold and he was there to keep things straight. Lance Russell disagrees with both Irwins and says the move is legal as long as the referee is calling it. Scott tells him the referee was a “blind old man” and Bill claims Lucas was choking him. The Irwins say they are going to take care of everyone.

Tommy Rich and Jimmy Hart come out again and Rich was pleased to see what happened to Ken Lucas. Rich claims that Lance Russell changed all the names last week when he pulled them out. They let Russell look at a few names in the hat and Rich decided to let Jimmy Hart pull out a name and it ends up being David McGee.

“Wildfire” Tommy Rich (w/ Jimmy Hart) vs. David McGee for the AWA Southern Heavyweight Title

Tommy Rich takes David McGee down with a side headlock. McGee tries to escape but Rich keeps him locked in the hold. He breaks the hold as McGee is under the ropes. Hart hands Rich an elbow pad. Rich with a leg takedown on McGee. McGee reaches the ropes to break the hold.

Rich gets in an elbow and some punches in the corner and take McGee back down to the mat with a chinlock. He twists up McGee and pulls him up. Rich picks him up and then whips him into the ropes and lands an elbow across the top of McGee’s head. He covers McGee for the pin and gets a pretty easy win.

WINNER: Tommy Rich

Rich and Hart head over to the announcers table and pick up their things with Rich saying he’s got a few others to go through.

Lance Russell runs down the upcoming Louisville Gardens card.

Sonny King shows up and heads over to the announcers table. King talks about a weapon he carries with him to the ring and how he’s never used it. He talks about teaming with Zulu and how they beat the Gilberts but now Zulu wants a match with Sonny King.

“Superstar” Bill Dundee & “Handsome” Jimmy Valiant vs. Buddy Wayne & Larry Latham in an Expiration of Time Tag Team Match

Larry Latham and Jimmy Valiant start the match. Latham quickly attacks Valiant who’s busy playing with his baseball cap. Wayne jumps into the ring and he and Latham hit each other by mistake. Valiant covers Latham for the pin and the first fall ends in 20 seconds.

Second fall starts with Valiant and Latham. Valiant and Dundee with a quick tag exchange and Dundee with a forearm knocks Latham down and gets a near fall. Latham back up and he gets Dundee in his corner and tags in Buddy Wayne. Wayne with some forearms and knees at Dundee. He gets Dundee back in the corner and he and Latham with some double-teaming on Dundee.

Latham tags back in and he punches Dundee and then slams him as Dave Brown mentions there is only 3 minutes left in the match. Valiant makes teh save for Dundee in a pin attempt. Wayne and Latham with quick tags but Dundee recovers and tags Valiant who elbows Wayne. Dundee goes for the pin but Wayne puts his foot over the bottom rope. Double foot stomp by Dundee as he leaves the ring.

Jimmy Valiant punishes Wayne and tags in Dundee. Dundee catches Wayne with a dropkick and then splashes him for a pin attempt. Latham pulls Dundee off of Wayne and comes back in to the ring. Latham tags Wayne back in and Valiant with an elbow. Valiant tags in Dundee who goes for a sunset flip and pin on Wayne for the win.

WINNERS: Bill Dundee & Jimmy Valiant

Bill Dundee joins Lance Russell for a promo for the Louisville Gardens show. He praises Tony Charles as a wrestler and vows that they’ll beat Rich and Eaton. Ken Lucas talks about the attack by the Irwins and facing them in a tag title match with him teaming with Rick Morton.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Okay episode that was highlighted by Dr. Bill Irwin getting saved by his brother Scott Irwin in a fun angle with the Irwins beating on Ken Lucas. The ongoing Tommy Rich angle with him giving young talent a shot at the Southern Heavyweight title was entertaining. Matches were pretty short though.


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