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ECW Hardcore TV #49 (3/22/1994)

Taped 3/6/1994 at the ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Aired on 3/22/1994.

Show opens with a recap of last week’s match between Sabu and The Tazmaniac.

Joey Styles welcomes us to another episode of NWA Eastern Championship Wrestling. He mentions two main events on this show.

ECW Commissioner Tod Gordon talks about the upcoming Ultimate Jeopardy show. That’s followed by a Road Warrior Hawk “Iron Man” music video.

The Bruise Brothers (Don Harris & Ron Harris) vs. Chris Ford & Damien Stone

The Bruise Brothers attack their opponents as soon as they make their entrance. They toss them around the outside of the ring before finally taking them into the ring. They catch Ford with a double boot to the face and cover him for the pin. Quick win. They toss Ford out of the ring and continue to beat both Stone and Ford up outside the ring.

WINNERS: The Bruiser Brothers

They recap the Jimmy Snuka and Tommy Dreamer feud.

Jason joins Joey Styles to talk about the 8-man cage match with every wrestler putting something on the line at Ultimate Jeopardy. Styles thinks Jason has the biggest risk should Mr. Hughes lose because he’d have to be in the cage alone against 4 men. Jason asks the fans if that’s what they are hoping and blames the fans if it happens. He asks if Gordon is upset at him because he’s short or bold and says he’s willing to buy Gordon a toupee if that makes him happy. Jaon threatens Joey Styles.

The Rockin’ Rebel & The Pitbull (w/ Jason) vs. The Young Dragons (Young Dragon #1 & Young Dragon #2)

This is listed as Jason’s Highlight Reel of his new tag team. Styles mentions this match was taped three weeks ago at the ECW Arena. Jason makes his return to the commentary set. The Pitbull starts off the match against one of the Young Dragons. The Young Dragon goes for the kick but The PitBull catches him with a savant kick off his own. He follows with a double underhook suplex.

The Pitbull tags in The Rockin’ Rebel and he grabs the Young Dragon and drops him with a side slam. He tosses The Young Dragon into his own corner and he tags in the other Young Dragon. Jason gets upset with Joey Styles who keeps bringing up the cage match where he might have to spend 5 minutes alone with the opposing team. Rebel with a legdrop on the Young Dragon. He tags in The Pitbull. Rebel whips the Dragon into a Pitbull clothesline.

Jason leaves the commentary area. The Pitbull keeps beating on the Young Dragon. He places him on the top rope and kicks him off the top rope onto the table outside the ring. Rockin’ Rebel slams the Young Dragon onto the table and then drops an elbow across him and also breaks the table. He sends the Young Dragon back into the ring and The Pitbull gets him with a neckbreaker.

Rockin’ Rebel and The Pitbull with lots of tags. The Pitbull climbs up the ropes and Rebel passes him the Young Dragon. The Pitbull powerbombs him off the middle rope for the pin. They follow up and powerbomb the other Young Dragon and get the pin on him too for the win.

WINNERS: Rockin’ Rebel & The Pitbull

They air Tazmaniac & J.T. Smith music videos hyping up their TV Title match later on the show!

“The Franchise” Shane Douglas (w/ “Sensational” Sherri Martel) vs. Pat Tanaka

Shane Douglas slaps Pat Tanaka’s face a few times and then shoves him down to the mat which brings a smile to Sherri Martel’s face. They quickly start the match and Tanaka catches Douglas with a double forearm and then takes him down to the mat. He drops his head at Douglas mid-section and Shane rolls to the outside. Martel checks in on Douglas.

Douglas gets back into the ring. He complains to the referee about hurting his mid-section. They tie up again and Tanaka gets Douglas in a side headlock. Shane pulls Tanaka’s hair and whips him into the ropes but Tanaka catches him with a reverse kick. He follows with a chop at Douglas and gets him in a wristlock. Douglas pokes Tanaka’s eyes and punches him. Tanaka recovers and gets Douglas in a headscissors. Sherri yells at the referee.

Douglas escapes briefly and gets Tanaka in a side headlock but Tanaka gets him back in a headscissors. Shane escapes again and ends up going for a pin attempt on Tanaka but Pat bridges out and gets Douglas in a backslide for a pin attempt. Douglas kicks out. Tanaka gets whipped into the ropes and Sherri tried to trip him. He turns to look at Sherri and Douglas then catches him with a clothesline.

Shane Douglas follows with a vertical suplex and goes for a pin but Tanaka kicks out. He grabs Tanaka in a headlock. Tanaka fights out of the headlock with kicks and chops. Douglas whips Tanaka into the ropes and catches him with a kick that sends Tanaka to the outside. Sherri charges at Tanaka with a clothesline!

Pat Tanaka gets back on the ring apron and Douglas continues to attack him. Douglas places Tanaka on the top rope and gets Tanaka with a superplex. He doesn’t go for the pin and instead twists Tanaka’s head. Elbow across the top of Tanaka’s head. More punches thrown by Douglas in the corner. He whips Tanaka into the other corner hard!

Douglas whips Tanaka again into the other corner but he recovers and elbows Douglas. Tanaka gets Douglas in the corner and delivers some chops at him. He whips Douglas into the corner and then body drops him. Tanaka goes for a powerbomb but Sherri interferes. He gets Douglas in it but Sherri distracts the referee. Tanaka grabs hold of Sherri and he’s about to powerbomb her but Douglas recovers and catches him with a clothesline and covers him for the pin.

WINNER: Shane Douglas

They show a recap of The Sandman and Tommy Cairo’s feud. That’s followed by a video of 911 chokeslamming a bunch of people.

The Tazmaniac © (w/ Woman) vs. J.T. Smith for the ECW TV Title

The Tazmaniac with a kick at Smith followed by a headbutt. He whips Smith into the ropes and catches him with a clothesline. More punches thrown at Smith. Tazmaniac with a belly-to-belly suplex on Smith and he covers him for the pin but pulls him off the mat.

J.T. Smith fights back! He knocks The Tazmaniac down to the mat and then follows with a powerslam for a near fall. Elbow drop by Smith and another near fall. Smith whips Taz into the corner and catches him with a flying clothesline. The Tazmaniac is down. Smith whips him again into the corner and catches him with a dropkick that sends Taz to the outside.

The Public Enemy show up ringside and harrass Woman. J.T. Smith heads to the outside to help Woman out. He returns to the ring and The Tazmaniac brings him back in with a suplex but Smith lands on top of him for the pin. J.T. Smith wins the ECW TV Title!

WINNER: J.T. Smith

The Public Enemy get in the ring and attack The Tazmaniac. Kevin Sullivan runs out to help Taz. Mr. Hughes runs out and he attacks Tazmaniac. Terry Funk runs out and he attacks The Public Enemy. Shane Douglas runs out as well. “Iron Man” starts to play and Road Warrior Hawk joins in the brawl. All eight men brawl in the ring. Hawk slams Rocco Rock.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode. Best match on the show was the Shane Douglas vs. Pat Tanaka match. The other three matches were kept pretty short but throughout the show they made sure to hype up the upcoming Ultimate Jeopardy show and had matches and highlights that were used well to build that up. J.T. winning the TV title by surprise was cool. Jason had a pretty good promo about possibly getting stuck in the cage against Kevin Sullivan, The Tazmaniac, Terry Funk and Road Warrior Hawk.


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