Written By Alfredo Esparza

Mid-South Wrestling 5/28/1983

Taped 5/25/1983 at the Irish McNeil’s Boys Club in Shreveport, Louisiana. Aired on 5/28/1983.

Boyd Pearce and “Cowboy” Bill Watts are on commentary.

They air a video where kids get interviewed about being fans of pro wrestling specifically Mid-South Wrestling. One kid talks about “The Dog” going against The Rat Pack. Another kid says he watches wrestling, Happy Days, Good Times but his favorite is wrestling. He names a few wrestlers. Another little kid mentions he watches Benny Hill along with wrestling. (Now I use to watch Benny Hill as a kid too, but I didn’t think it was a show for kids!)

Watts mentions that Ted DiBiase claims he has a broken right hand. JYD and Duggan don’t believe him and think he’s using this as a way to get out of wrestling them.

Reiser Bowden interviews Ted DiBiase, Skandor Akbar along with Mr. Olympia and Boris Zurkhov. Akbar introduces Boris Zurkhov as one of Russia’s greatest stars. He says Mid-South needs to put a stop to Duggan. DiBiase claims that Duggan attacked him in a parking lot with a 2X4 and broke his right hand and can’t defend the Mid-South Tag Team titles with his partner.

DiBiase says that thanks to Akbar they were able to bring in Zurkhov and he’s going to allow him to take his place in tag team title matches. Akbar mentions that they have a title match in two weeks against JYD & Murdoch so they need to fine tune this new tag team.

Boris Zurkhov & Mr. Olympia (w/ Gen. Skandor Akbar & Ted DiBiase) vs. Johnny Rich & Tim Horner

Boris Zurkhov and Johnny Rich start the match and Rich gets the early advantage tossing him into the corner. Zurkhov tags in Mr. Olympia and he gets caught in a side headlock as we see DiBiase and Akbar sitting ringside. Mr. Olympia misses an elbow drop but he’s able to counter Rich a few times before tagging back out and Zurkhov’s back in against Rich.

Zurkhov knocks down Rich upon entering the ring. He quickly tags Mr. Olympia back in and Mr. Olympia whips Rich into the ropes and knocks hm down. Rich escapes and tags in Horner. Mr. Olympia with some forearms. Horner and Mr. Olympia work quickly but Mr. Olympia keeps him down and tags Zurkhov back in. Zurkhov with a clothesline but Horner follows with a body block and tags in Rich again.

Zurkhov with a knee to the mid-section of Johnny Rich. Mr. Olympia back in and he continues the attack. He tags in Zurkhov and backdrops Rich. Zurkhov follows with an elbow drop for a near fall. Zurkhov slams Rich and tags in Mr. Olympia who lands an elbow on Rich for another near fall. Quick tags by Zurkhov and Mr. Olympia. Rich goes for a dropkick at Zurkhov but misses. Zurkhov misses an elbow.

Tim Horner tags in and catches Zurkhov and Mr. Olympia with dropkicks. Rich comes in and all four are in the ring. Zurkhov knocks Rich out of the ring. Horner catches Mr. Olympia with a Thesz Press for a near fall but Zurkhov makes the save. Zurkhov gets Horner with a neckbreaker and follows with a middle rope knee drop for the pin. Mr. Olympia dropkicks Johnny Rich out of the ring to keep him from helping Horner.

WINNERS: Boris Zurhkov & Mr. Olympia

“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan vs. Tony Zane

Tony Zane attacks Hacksaw Duggan as he enters the ring but Duggan starts to pound away at Zane. Big forearms across Zane’s body. He slams Zane into the corner turnbuckles and then whips him into the ropes and catches him with a reverse elbow. Duggan slams Zane and follows with a knee drop. He slams Zane’s head into the mat.

Duggan whips Zane into the ropes and gets him with a clothesline. He then knocks Zane down with the spear and covers him for the pin.

WINNER: Hacksaw Duggan

Reiser Bowden mentions that “Capt. Redneck” Dick Murdoch didn’t show up tonight and they are going to let the fans choose a tag team partner for JYD for this match and for the tag team title match in two weeks. They will determine it by the applause the wrestler gets. Johnny Rich, Tom Jones, Tito Santana, Butch Reed and Hacksaw Jim Duggan enter the ring and Duggan gets the loudest cheers out of everyone.

“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan & The Junkyard Dog vs. “The Black Ninja” Kendo Nagasaki & Yoshi Yatsu

JYD and Duggan attack Nagasaki and Yatsu as soon as they enter the ring. All four men brawl in the ring until both Nagasaki and Yatsu head to the outside. JYD and Nagasaki continue the match and JYD hits him with a headbutt before tagging in Duggan. Duggan with some forearms and whips Nagasaki into the ropes and gets him with a reverse elbow. Thrust kicks from Nagasaki and he tags in Yatsu.

Duggan gets fired up and sends Yatsu into JYD’s head. JYD whips Yatsu into the ropes and clothesline him. He tags in Duggan who spears Yatsu for the pin. JYD takes down Nagasaki. He backdrops Nagasaki and then Duggan spears Nagasaki out of the ring.

WINNERS: Hacksaw Duggan & The Junkyard Dog

Tito Santana vs. Rip Rogers

Tito Santana gets Rip Rogers on the ropes before breaking cleanly. He follows with a side headlock on Rogers. Watts starts to explain that Tito Santana has issues with Gran Markus. He mentions that Markus claims Tito Santana and Chavo Guerrero are “mojados” (wetbacks) because they are Mexicans living in the U.S. and are traitors. Watts disagrees with this and says any Mexican or any foreigner living in the U.S. came here because they were seeking a better way to live. He keeps going on about how people forget how the U.S. was built by people coming from other countries.

Watts accidentally calls Rip Rogers, “Rip Taylor”. Some fast counter-wrestling between Santana and Rogers. Rogers gets in a cheap shot at Santana and elbows him. He slams Santana’s head into the turnbuckles but Tito reverses a whip into the corner and follows with a series of dropkicks. Santana then catches Rogers with a forearm to the head. He then follows with a spinning toe hold but then bridges over to get the pin on Rogers. Good finisher.

WINNER: Tito Santana

King Kong Bundy vs. Tom Jones

King Kong Bundy quickly attacks Tom Jones with a series of forearms. He knocks Jones down to the mat. Big forearms across Jones chest in the corner. Bundy whips Jones into the ropes and gets him with a reverse elbow. Big knee drop on Jones. Jones tries to fight back but Bundy kicks him and elbows him to the mat.

Jones keeps trying to fight back but Bundy with some elbows. Bundy follows with a bulldog. He then gets Jones with the Avalance for the 5-count!

WINNER: King Kong Bundy

“Hacksaw” Butch Reed enters the ring and asks Reiser Bowden to come into the ring. Reed talks about how JYD went with Duggan as his tag team partner because that’s what the people wanted. He says that he isn’t playing second fiddle in Mid-South and wants to take on the best so he calls out King Kong Bundy. Reed tells Bundy this is a personal challenge.

King Kong Bundy vs. “Hacksaw” Butch Reed

Bundy heads to the ring and the two start to brawl with Reed getting the early advantage. Reed whips Bundy into the ropes but Bundy gets him in a bear hug and then charges into the corner and crushes Reed. Bundy with some elbows across Reed’s head and he follows with a knee drop. Bundy picks Reed up but Reed escapes and gets Bundy with a forearm. He follows with a series of dropkicks followed by a bit shoulder block that sends Bundy through the ropes.

Referee tries to calm Reed down as Bundy heads over and grabs a chair. Reed and the referee go after the chair with the referee trying to keep it out of the ring. Reed pulls the chair away from the referee and sends the referee flying to the outside. Hacksaw Reed then hits Bundy with the chair a few times until he finally knocks him down. He covers Bundy for the pin but Bundy shoves him off. Reed goes for the shoulder block off the ropes and knocks Bundy down but Reed ends up falling to the outside. Bundy gets back up onto his feet. Reed climbs back into the ring. Bundy splashes him and the referee counts 3 but Bundy tells him to give him a five-count and Bundy wins!

WINNER: King Kong Bundy

The Super Destroyer vs. Terry Allen (Magnum T.A.)

The Super Destroyer with a takedown on Terry Allen. Drop toe hold by The Super Destroyer but Allen fights back and backdrops Destroyer and follows with a couple of hiptosses. Side headlock by Super D and he knocks down Allen. Allen catches Super Destroyer with a couple of dropkicks followed by some armdrags that send Super Destroyer to the outside.

Super Destroyer gets back in the ring and Allen grabs hold of Super D’s foot only Super D kicks him with his other leg directly at his neck. He beats on Allen and backdrops him. Watts mentions that Rhodes talked about Terry Allen and how Grizzly Smith decided to book him in Mid-South. He mentions Terry Allen in Florida is known as Magnum T.A. Super D slams Allen.

Magnum T.A. gets caught in a backbreaker by Super Destroyer. Super D puts Allen up on the top rope but Allen fights him off and jumps off the ropes and attacks Super D. He slams Super D and they exchange forearms. Allen slams Super D out of the corner and goes for the atomic drop and covers him for the pin! Upset win!

WINNER: Terry Allen (Magnum T.A.)

El Gran Markus vs. Art Crews

Gran Markus with a waistlock takedown but Crews escapes. Nice back and forth to start the match until Markus knees him in the mid-section. Side headlock by Crews and he takes Markus down with some shoulder block. Gran Markus with a knee to the mid-section to regain control of the match. Markus proceeds to beat on Crews and gets him with a hard chop.

Crews with a forearm off the ropes and he gets in a few shots at Gran Markus. He whips Markus into the corner but Markus catches him with a boot to the face. Front facelock by Crews but Markus escapes and beats on Crews. They exchange chops and Crews whips Markus into the corner and backdrops him. Crews goes for the pin but Markus kicks out.

Crews misses a dropkick and Markus uses this to get control of the match. Crews fights back with some hard chops. Crews slowly charges at Markus who gets him with some knees and punches. Art Crews whips Markus again into the corner and misses a dropkick. Gran Markus picks Crews up over his shoulder and slams him down. He follows with two elbow drops and covers Crews for the pin.

WINNER: El Gran Markus

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode. They did a great job of building up the upcoming Mid-South Tag Team Title match that was originally going to be Ted DiBiase & Mr. Olympia vs. The Junkyard Dog & Dick Murdoch. That was changed with DiBiase’s claim that Hacksaw Duggan broke his right hand and Murdoch didn’t show up to the show. The fans were then allowed to pick JYD’s new partner and they went with Duggan. DiBiase had Boris Zurkhov announced as his replacement in his tag team title matches. Reed vs. Bundy was a good match. This show introduced Magnum T.A., Boris Zurkhov and Gran Markus. I believe this was Tito Santana’s first match here as well but they had shown a few matches of his from Houston previously. Magnum T.A. looked and was booked like a star in his first match here beating a very good opponent in The Super Destroyer.


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