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Championship Wrestling From Florida 4/21/1984

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Championship Wrestling From Florida 4/21/1984

Taped 4/18/1984 in Tampa, Florida. Aired on 4/21/1984.

Gordon Solie is joined by J.J. Dillon and he welcomes back “Cowboy” Ron Bass and praises him for his recent success in Japan. Dillon hands Bass his Southern Heavyweight title. They announce that Bass came back with a new match concept which Bass reveals to be a “Kamikaze Death Match” which doesn’t have a referee and you can do anything in the ring. He vows to wrestle anyone in that type of match including Rhodes, Windham and Billy Jack.

Ron Bass asks J.J. Dillon why he hasn’t gotten a world title shot and how he returned the week after Ric Flair wrestled in the territory. He starts to shove Dillon and warns him that if he doesn’t get him that title match, he’s going to lose a meal ticket.

“Superstar” Billy Graham vs. Mike Fever

“Superstar” Billy Graham comes to the ring to the song “Kung Fu Fighting” and does some martial arts moves in the ring before the match. The fans yell at Graham. Graham takes his time as he removes his robe.

Graham takes down Fever and follows with a chop to the throat as Fever was getting up. He whips Fever into the ropes and catches him with a double thrust chop. Graham whips him again into the ropes and catches him with another chop. He follows with a full nelson on Fever and takes him down to the mat and keeps it locked in. Graham picks Fever up while keeping the full nelson on and finally Fever submits. Superstar Graham tosses Fever to the mat.

WINNER: Billy Graham

Graham continues to stomp on Fever after the match.

“Superstar” Billy Graham joins Gordon Solie for an interview. He moves Solie to the other side claiming he wants the camera to get his good side and he gives his usual cool rhyming catchphrases. He insults the Florida ladies claiming they are too ugly. He says only a handful of women can touch his body and mentions Cheryl Tieg, Christie Brinkley and Loni Anderson among a few others. He also says no man alive can bend his arm and says he arm wrestled a gorilla in Zimbabwe which made Solie smile.

Graham mentions there’s a man in the territory that has built up a reputation but Graham warns him not to even look his way or he’ll break his arm like he did that gorilla. He then leaves yelling out, “I am the greatest”!

Barry Windham, Billy Jack & “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes vs. Black Bart, Kendo Nagasaki & Kharma (w/ Panama Gang)

Barry Windham and Kharma start the match. They roll around the ropes and into the babyface corner. Windham breaks cleanly. Windham catches Kharma with a dropkick and he tags in Black Bart. Nagasaki and Bart both go after Windham. Nagasaki stays in the ring and Billy Jack tags in and gets him in a side headlock.

Dusty Rhodes tags in and continues the attack on Nagasaki. He elbows Nagasaki’s leg and tags in Windham. Windham with an elbow and he quickly tags in Billy Jack. They keep working on Nagasaki’s right leg. Rhodes tags back in and continues to attack the right leg. Black Bart tags in and he and Rhodes go back and forth. Rhodes elbows all the heels.

Everyone gets in the ring. Bart and Rhodes head to the outside and Rhodes gets Bart in the figure-four leglock. One Man Gang hits Rhodes with a cane. Everyone continues to brawl as the referee calls for the bell and DQs the heels for One Man Gang using the cane to hit Rhodes.

WINNERS: Barry Windham, Billy Jack & Dusty Rhodes

Billy Jack joins Gordon Solie to talk about his upcoming match against Buzz Sawyer. He says Sawyer is the toughest man he’s ever wrestled. Billy Jack says Sawyer can try his best to beat him but he’s not going to lose the Florida title and won’t disappoint the fans.

Kevin Sullivan and Buzz Sawyer interview takling about Dusty Rhodes, Billy Jack and Mike Graham. He hypes up Sawyer going up against Billy Jack. The Panama Gang with Black Bart & Ron Bass talk about their U.S. Tag Team Title match in a cage against Windham and Rotundo.

Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo join Gordon Solie at the announcers table to talk about The Panama Gang, Black Bart & Ron Bass. They are holding part of a cage while talking about the tag match.

“Mad Dog” Buzz Sawyer (w/ Kevin Sullivan) vs. Mike Rotundo

Kevin Sullivan joins Gordon Solie at the announcers table for this match. He talks about Abudadein and about Dusty Rhodes as the match seems to be going on. Solie mentions the match is underway and they finally focus on it as Sullivan heads over to Sawyer’s corner.

Mike Rotundo gets Buzz Sawyer in a side headlock. He keeps it locked in no matter how many ways Sawyer tries to escape. Sawyer whips Rotundo into the ropes and catches him with a forearm. Rotundo fights back with some kicks and forearms and gets him back in a side headlock. Sawyer rolls Rotundo over into a pin attempt. Mike Graham is on commentary with Solie and Buddy Colt.

Sawyer bites Rotundo’s face in the corner. He slams Rotundo into the corner and follows with a forearm. Rotundo catches Sawyer with a knee and an upper cut. He takes Sawyer back down with a side headlock. Sawyer whips Rotundo into the ropes and catches him with a dropkick. Sawyer and Sullivan are both smiling. Sawyer tosses Rotundo to the floor. Sullivan attacks Roturndo.

Sawyer slams Rotundo into the retaining wall. They both get back in the ring and Sawyer continues to attack Rotundo. Bear hug on Rotundo as Sullivan taunts Graham. Belly-to-belly suplex by Sawyer for a near fall on Rotundo. Waistlock by Sawyer on the mat. Rotundo tries to break out of the hold. Sawyer picks him up for a suplex.

Sawyer follows and misses a diving headbutt on Rotundo. Rotundo chops and forearms Sawyer and follows with a dropkick. Rotundo’s fired up and punches away at Sawyer. He whips Sawyer into the corner and gets him with the airplane spin. Sullivan climbs up on to the ring but the bell is heard ringing. Solie mentions the match is over with a time limit draw. Rotundo goes after Sullivan. Sawyer attacks Rotundo and then power slams him.


Take Five with Barbara Clary with an interview with The Panama Gang and Black Bart. Gang wants them to show his leg brace and he is upset at Dusty Rhodes for injuring him. He wants fans to call Black Bart, Mr. Black Bart. They show a clip of Rhodes injuring Gang. Gang and Bart laugh at Gang saying Rhodes has a “hog jaw”.

“Chief” Joe Lightfoot vs. Mr. Olympia

Mr. Olympia attacks Joe Lightfoot and he slams him. Lightfoot makes a comeback with some chops. He whips Mr. Olympia across the ring and chops him. Lightfoot follows with another chop and covers Mr. Olympia for the pin. Really short match.

WINNER: Joe Lightfoot

J.J. Dillon joins everyone at the announcers table to talk about Ron Bass and says there is no apology necessary for what happened earlier on the show.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Okay episode. Highlight of the show was the Buzz Sawyer vs. Mike Rotundo match. Ron Bass returning from Japan and showing a bit of frustration with Dillon over him not getting a world title match was a good way to open the show. I was hoping for a few more minutes of the six-man tag match but that was very short maybe a few minutes.


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