Written By Alfredo Esparza

CWA Memphis Championship Wrestling 11/8/1980

Taped 11/8/1980 at the WMC Studios in Memphis, Tennessee.

Lance Russell and Dave Brown on commentary.

Eddie Gilbert vs. David Oswald

Waistlock to start by David Oswald but Eddie Gilbert quickly takes Oswald down. Gilbert with a takedown that surprises Lance Russell. Back up and Oswald with a wristlock that Gilbert reverses. Takedown into an armbar by Gilbert. Gilbert goes for a small package for a near fall. Oswald escapes but Eddie keeps him in an armbar and takes him back down to the mat.

Eddie Gilbert takes Oswald down with a big forearm to the face and again gets him back in an armbar. Oswald grabs him by the leg and they both fall to the mat but Gilbert keeps control of the match. Gilbert back with a takedown on Oswald. Oswald whips Gilbert into the ropes but Gilbert slides him down and counters Oswald into a pin attempt for the win.

WINNER: Eddie Gilbert

Tommy Marlin promo about being attacked by Tommy Rich. He talks about being friends with Rich’s father and mother for years and how his brother was Tommy’s father’s best man at their wedding. He vows to whip Rich’s fanny all over the auditorium at Louisville on Tuesday.

They air some highlights from Tupelo, Mississippi from a Billy Robinson vs. Guy Mitchell match. Mitchell wins the match when Robinson simply ducked Mitchell and Mitchell flew over the top rope so the referee disqualified Robinson. After the match, Mitchell attacked Robinson with a chair. Billy Robinson interrupts Russell by the announce table and demands a rematch with Mitchell. Eddie Marlin is there as well and he and Russell talk about the result of the match and agrees with Robinson that he will book them in a match as soon as possible.

Billy Robinson joins Lance Russell in the studio and is told that he has a match with Guy Mitchell next.

Guy Mitchell and Jimmy Hart show up and Mitchell has his arm in a sling. Hart claims that Robinson blatantly threw Mitchell over the top rope and that they had to take him to the doctor and Mitchell has a dislocated shoulder. Mitchell then questions Robinson’s integrity. Robinson heads over and confronts Mitchell. Mitchell removes the sling and attacks Robinson and slams him on the floor. Robinson gets back up and the two brawl in the studio until several wrestlers and referees break them apart.

Billy Robinson and Eddie Marlin join Lance Russell after the brawl. Marlin promises Robinson that he had a match with Mitchell. Robinson repeats that he wants Mitchell in the ring again.

Ken Lucas & Rick Morton vs. David McGee & The Angel

Jimmy Kent was listed as The Angel’s tag team partner but he got replaced by David McGee.

Rick Morton and David McGee start the match. Morton with a takedown on McGee and he keeps him on the mat outwrestling him. McGee reaches the ropes to break the hold. Morton keeps control of the match and gets McGee in an armbar. He goes for a pin attempt on McGee but McGee escapes.

The Angel tags in and Morton gets him with an armdrag. The Angel threatens to punch Morton with what looks to be a loaded glove and the fans yell at the referee trying to get him to check it. Referee checks the glove and it seems to be clean at that moment. The Angel quickly attacks Morton and sends him to the floor. He catches Morton with a knee and keeps on attacking him until the referee stops him but Morton gets in a few shots and tags in Ken Lucas.

Ken Lucas with a big right hand at The Angel and he backs away. The Angel goes into his trunks for a weapon and again the fans scream that he’s loading up his glove. Lucas with some elbows across The Angel’s arm. Morton tags in and continues the attack until the Angel tags in McGee. Morton tags in Lucas who knocks down McGee with a knee lift. He covers McGee for the pin a few times. The Angel makes the save.

Rick Morton tags in and catches McGee with a dropkick. He tags in Lucas and whips McGee into the ropes and Lucas catches him with a knee to the mid-section. Front facelock by Lucas on McGee. Morton tags back in and he gets McGee in a headlock. McGee whips Morton into the ropes but Morton counters with a leapfrog followed by a hiptoss.

Lucas back in to beat on McGee. He holds onto McGee with a wristlock. The Angel runs in and Morton chases him out of the ring. Morton tags back in and continues to beat on McGee who is able to reach out and tag The Angel. The Angel loads up his glove as he enters the ring. He punches Morton in the mid-section and follows with an elbow for the pin but Lucas makes the save. The Angel tags in McGee who backdrops Morton. He goes for a slam but Morton escapes and shoves him into the ropes and rolls him up for the pin.

WINNERS: Ken Lucas & Rick Morton

Tommy Rich and Jimmy Hart join Lance Russell to talk about Rich’s title match on the show. Rich says he’s not like Valiant or Dundee that never give young guys a chance and mentions how when he was there before he only got one shot at a title. He mentions that he’s going to give guys like Rick Morton and Eddie Gilbert a title shot. He says they have 8 names in a helmet that they are going to choose who will get the match. Rich is going to draw out the name but decides to let Lance Russell draw out the name. He says nobodies deserve a chance too. Russell pulls out Tony Boyles name out of the helmet.

Rich grabs the mic and calls for Tony Boyles and says that Boyles could become a superstar if he can pin him in the ring. He tells the fans to applaud Boyles.

“Wildfire” Tommy Rich (w/ Jimmy Hart) vs. Tony Boyles for the AWA Southern Heavyweight Title

Tommy Rich kicks Boyles before the bell rings. He starts stomping away at Boyles. Boyles reverses a whip into the ropes but Rich is quickly able to regain the advantage. Rich slams Boyles and kicks and elbows him. Suplex by Rich. He punches Boyles and then whips him into the ropes and catches him with an elbow. Rich covers Boyles for the pin and the match is over in under two minutes.

WINNER: Tommy Rich

Tommy Rich heads over to the announcers table and shakes hands with Russell as he and Jimmy Hart leave the studio. Russell states that Boyles is a young guy who has talent but was just not ready to go up against Rich. Lance then starts to say that Rich and Hart made the drawing legit and he and Dave Brown start to pull out the names from the helmet and they find out that every note in there has the name “Tony Boyles” on it! They both look disappointed that they got tricked by Rich.

“Superstar” Bill Dundee, Carl Fergie, “Handsome” Jimmy Valiant & Robert Gibson vs. Dr. Bill Irwin, “Beautiful” Bobby Eaton, Jimmy Hart & Larry Latham

Jimmy Hart comes out wearing a Superman oufit with a crown in place of the S in the middle of his chest. Hart removes his cape and takes the tag titles to the announcers table.

Robert Gibson and Bobby Eaton start the match. Fast-pace action between the two and Eaton quickly tags out to Latham. Latham gets a whip reversed by Gibson who backdrops him. Fergie tags in and he kicks Latham and gets him in a front facelock. He whips Latham into the ropes and Dundee backdrops him. Dundee whips Latham into his corner and Irwin hugs Latham before tagging in.

Dr. Bill gets taken down by Dundee. Irwin runs the ropes and gets caught by a Dundee forearm. Dundee whips Irwin into the corner and Dundee climbs up and punches him across the head. Referee warns Dundee. Irwin rakes Dundee’s eyes but Dundee knocks him down. The heels get Dundee in their corner and they all attack him with Hart choking Dundee.

Dundee is able to escape and he and Irwin continue to brawl. Referee calls for the bell. Everyone gets in the ring and a wild brawl ensues. Referee disqualified the heel team for bringing in a chain into the ring. Irwin complains that Dundee brought in the chain. Odd finish.

WINNERS: Bill Dundee, Carl Fergie, Jimmy Valiant & Robert Gibson

Tommy Rich promo with Lance Russell about the Louisville Gardens match against Tommy Marlin.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Okay episode. Best part of the show was the segment with Tommy Rich giving a “nobody” a shot at his title and bringing out a helmet with 8 names in it only to later be revealed that all 8 notes in the helmet had the name “Tony Boyles” written on them. Lance and Dave did a great job reacting to all that. The studio matches were all kept pretty short and I was really hoping we’d get a little more from the main event especially with there being some early Bobby Eaton and Robert Gibson interaction. Show moved quickly though but not really much on the show.


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