Written By Alfredo Esparza

SMW TV #52 (1/23/1993)

Taped 12/12/1993 at East High School in Morristown, TN. Aired on 1/23/1993.

Bob Caudle and Dutch Mantell are on commentary. Mantell holds up signs again that say he has a degree and you don’t.

The Dixie Dynamite vs. “Nature Boy” Paul Lee

Paul Lee struts as The Dixie Dynamite charges at him and backs away. Dynamite shoves Lee into the corner and breaks cleanly. Paul Lee complains about hair pulling and then poses a bit. Takedown by Dynamite and more complaints from Lee. Wristlock by Dynamite and Lee punches out of it.

Paul Lee with a hard chop across the chest of Dynamite. He then struts out of the corner but Dynamite does as well and when Lee turns, Dynamite dropkicks him. More strutting by Dixie Dynamite. Dynamite with a wristlock on Lee. Armbar into the corner and Lee punches out of it. He whips Dynamite into the ropes but Dynamite reverses only to have Lee catch him with a neckbreaker. Lee slams Dynamite.

Paul Lee follows with a knee drop and then climbs up to the top rope and misses a legdrop. Dynamite whips him into the corner and catches him with a clothesline. Lee tries to escape but hits himself with the ringpost. Dynamite catches Lee with a superkick and gets the pin.

WINNER: The Dixie Dynamite

They recap the feud between Kevin Sullivan and Brian Lee. Highlights from their match in Barbourville, Kentucky. One of Sullivan’s disciples interferes and knocks out the referee. Sullivan gets a spike and starts to beat on Lee. They cover the video with a giant red X with the word “Censored” across it. Sandy Scott comes out and tells Sullivan to leave or he’ll be suspended.

They air a Brian Lee promo from after that match. He’s upset in the locker room throwing things.

SMW Commissioner Bob Armstrong joins Bob Caudle to talk about the latest between Kevin Sullivan and Brian Lee. He says he’s behind Brian Lee and promises to find somebody to help Lee get rid of Kevin Sullivan. He also says that it doesn’t matter how many letters Sullivan and his attorneys send in they are not paying for his psychiatric therapy.

Tracy Smothers promo for an upcoming show in Barbourville, Kentucky. He talks about earning a shot at The Dirty White Boy and he’s going to prove he deserves it by beating DWB. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express talk about wrestling the Heavenly Bodies in Barbourville, Kentucky.

The Dirty White Boy & Mr. Ron Wright join Bob Caudle for an interview. DWB says Tracy Smothers owes him $10,000 for costing him a match. He vows revenge and will get rid of Smothers. Mr. Ron Wright is upset that Reno Riggins hasn’t accepted his offer. He tells Caudle that Riggins better get ready because he needs a lot of help as he’s wrestling Smothers next. Caudle makes DWB upset when he suggests that Riggins could win $1,000 if he beats Smothers.

Tracy Smothers ©vs. Reno Riggins for the SMW Beat The Champ TV Title

Tracy Smothers notices that Mr. Ron Wright has shown up ringside. They lock-up and Smothers gets Riggins in the corner but breaks cleanly. Riggins with a side headlock but Smothers counters into a hammerlock. Some good counter wrestling to start the match. Riggins looks over at Mr. Ron Wright. More attempts by each man to take the other down.

Reno Riggins gets Smothers in a side headlock but he’s able to get away with the ropes and they have a good exchange until Riggins gets him in an armbar. Smothers tosses Riggins into the corners. Riggins lands on the ring apron and climbs up to the top rope and hits a body press for a near fall. He whips Smothers into the ropes and goes for a cartwheel into an elbow. Smothers counters with a forearm at Riggins as he jumps onto the ropes.

Smothers goes for a body press of his own for a near fall. Riggins and Smothers exchange holds. Riggins tries for a headlock and Smothers escapes and he’d get Riggins in a headscissors. They get back up and upset at each other for a bit but then high-five each other. Mr. Ron Wright gets upset and tells Riggins to punch Smothers.

They lock-up again and continue to counter each other’s holds. Side headlock by Riggins and Smothers picks him up but Riggins lands on him. Some near falls by Riggins and Smothers including going back and forth with a small package. They lock-up each other’s arms and try to get a pin. Riggins with a sunset flip off the ropes and Riggins gets a two count. Smothers quickly gets back up and gets Riggins in a pin and gets the win.

WINNER: Tracy Smothers

Tracy Smothers joins Bob Caudle for an interview and calls Reno Riggins over and says he’s a tremendous young athlete. Smothers tells Riggins that he has a lot of talent and doesn’t need Mr. Ron Wright. He warns Riggins that he’s been on that side and it’s not worth it. Smothers says he’s as good as many of the best he’s wrestled.

Riggins thanks Smothers and the fans and hasn’t decided to accept or decline Mr. Ron Wright’s offer.

“Down & Dirty with Dutch” featuring Tim Horner. They recap last week’s confrontation and brawl between Tim Horner and Paul Orndorff. Mantell sides with Tim Horner and says he doesn’t agree with what Paul Orndorff did last week. Horner tells Orndorff to fight him on his own and not with The Dirty White Boy or Mr. Ron Wright getting involved.

They recap the bad blood between The Heavenly Bodies, The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express and The Stud Stable. Highlights of The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express reunion against The Stud Stable are shown. More highlights of all the teams interfering in each other’s matches. The Stud Stable eventually get frustrated that they had not gotten a shot at the SMW Tag Team Titles against The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express. That then leads to a feud between The Stud Stable and The Heavenly Bodies.

They return from break to continue recapping the 3-team rivalry with more focus on how The Stud Stable and The Heavenly Bodies went after each other more in the following weeks including having wild brawls between the two and The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express getting involved.
More promos for the Barbourville, Kentucky show. The Dirty White Boy talks about his match with Tracy Smothers.

SMW Commissioner Bob Armstrong joins Bob Caudle and announces that he has chosen a #1 Contender to the SMW Tag Team Titles and that it is The Stud Stable. They will get their shot on next week’s TV episode against The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express.

Jim Cornette & The Heavenly Bodies join them and Cornette yells at Armstrong. They want the title shot. Armstrong tells them that The Stud Stable hasn’t had a chance. Cornette tells them that The Stud Stable doesn’t deserve a title shot. He then tells Dutch Mantell that he’s always liked him but he wants him to tell The Stud Stable that he doesn’t want them around. Mantell and Armstrong leave. Cornette then says that he’s never liked Mantell and thinks he should get a haircut and shave.

The Stud Stable shows up. Fuller, Golden and Mantell celebrate. Both teams start shoving each other and then head to the ring.

The Heavenly Bodies (“Sweet” Stan Lane & Dr. Tom Prichard) (w/ Jim Cornette) vs. The Stud Stable (“The Tennessee Stud” Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden) (w/ “Dirty” Dutch Mantell)

Wild brawl in the ring as four men are in the ring and Mantell and Cornette are ringside. Fuller tosses Prichard to the outside and they brawl ringside. Golden and Lane also brawl outside. The Stud Stable has the edge early on. Lane escapes and save Prichard. All four continue to brawl outside the ring. They run out of time as the two teams get back in the ring.

WINNERS: The Heavenly Bodies

SHOW THOUGHTS: This was a good episode recapping some of the big feuds going on in SMW. Didn’t have as many matches as it only really had two new matches and the third match was just the brawl starting out between the Heavenly Bodies and The Stud Stable. The Smothers vs. Riggins match was good. Show focused more on progressing storylines and that worked really well.


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