All Japan Women Classics #12

Written By Alfredo Esparza

All Japan Women Classics #12

Bull Nakano © vs. Yumi Ogura for the All Japan Women Junior Title

Taped 12/12/1985 at Ota Ward Gymnasium in Tokyo, Japan

Both women enter the ring with championship belts. They hand them over to the referee. Bell rings and Ogura quickly goes after Nakano. She whips her into the ropes and hits her with a cross body block for a near fall. They go for some wristlock reversals with Ogura gaining the advantage and kicking at Nakano. Nakano reaches the ropes and then knocks Ogura down.

Nakano rubs Ogura’s face across the top rope and then chokes her while she’s laying on the mat. Ogura recovers and takes down Nakano. She gets her in a leglock and drops her knee across her leg for extra punishment. Ogura drops to the mat while still holding onto Nakano’s leg. Nakano tries to fight her off and reverses it into a leglock of her own. Ogura screams in pain. She reaches the ropes.

Bull Nakano pulls Ogura by the leg around the ring and starts to stomp on her right leg. She keeps attacking Ogura’s right leg. Nakano goes after Ogura’s head and drops a knee across her throat! She whips Ogura into the ropes but Ogura counters with a body press off the ropes. She follows with some running topes at Nakano and gets a near fall on her after a dropkick.

Ogura goes for a surfboard on Nakano. She follows with a camel clutch on Nakano. Nakano tries to escape but Ogura gets her in a body scissors. Bull grabs her by the throat but can’t escape. She rakes Ogura’s legs and then tries to power out of the body scissors. She picks Ogura up but Ogura’s able to take her back down. Ogura misses a body press at Nakano and gets tangled on the ropes.

Nakano grabs hold of her nunchucks and hits Ogura who’s tangled on the ropes! She tosses Ogura to the outside and throws her into the guardrail. Bull stomps on Ogura’s hand as she tries to enter the ring again. Nakano whips Ogura into the ropes and hits her with a body attack. She suplexes Ogura and goes for the pin but Ogura bridges out. Bull goes to work on Ogura’s neck twisting her head. She sits on Ogura and jumps on her wearing Ogura down.

Bull takes her to the ropes and bites her forehead. The fans yell loudly. Ogura is thrown around like a rag doll by Nakano. Bull sends Ogura into the corner and charges at her but Ogura jumps up and gets Nakano in a pin attempt that Bull quickly escapes. Nakano whips Ogura into the ropes but Ogura catches her with a dropkick. It has no effect on Bull who starts kicking at Ogura. She picks Ogura up by the neck and drops her to the mat. Nakano goes for the pin but can only get a two-count.

Ogura gets slammed to the mat. Nakano climbs to the top rope and misses a legdrop! Ogura whips Nakano into the ropes and catches her with a running knee twice followed by a dropkick. She gets Nakano with a double underhook suplex but can’t get the pin as Bull fights out of the pin. Ogura with an armbar on Nakano.

Ogura gets Nakano in a bow and arrow submission hold. Nakano escapes but Ogura stomps on her and takes her into the corner where she continues to kick her. Hair pull out of the corner on Nakano. Ogura goes for an armbar and switches over to the cross armbreaker. Ogura whips Nakano into the ropes but Nakano knocks her down. Nakano grabs her nunchucks and hits Ogura at the same time grabbing her for a German suplex.

Nakano whips Ogura into the ropes and hits her with her nunchucks again. She whips her once again and catches her with her nunchucks again. Nakano slams Ogura and then climbs to the top rope and lands a body press on Ogura. She then backdrops Ogura and covers her for the pin.

WINNER: Bull Nakano

Crush Gals (Lioness Asuka and Chigusa Nagayo) come out to sing. Both wearing some over-sized clothes that I guess was the style at that time. They air about 7-8 minutes of this impromptu concert.

Jumbo Hori vs. Yukari Omori – Hori’s Retirement match

Taped 12/12/1985 at Ota Ward Gymnasium in Tokyo, Japan

Omori with a clothesline on Jumbo Hori followed by a slam for a near fall. Hori counters with a headscissors to break out of the pin attempt. She tosses Omori into the ropes and then picks her up over her shoulders and slams her. She does it a second time and lands a splash for a pin attempt. Omori kicks out and Hori grabs her in a chinlock.

Jumbo Hori with a surfboard on Omori. She gets in a kick and goes for a knee across Omori’s arm. Omori grabs her with a headscissors. Hori gets up and tries to trip up Omori but can’t. Omori drops her and gets Hori in a Boson Crab but loses her grasp. She starts to punish Hori a bit including slamming her to the mat. Omori with a body scissors on Hori.

Hori escapes and slams Omori a couple of times. She goes for the pin but Omori kicks out again. Front facelock by Hori into a roll-up on the mat but she keeps hold of Omori. Omori escapes that hold but Hori keeps her in a bodyscissors. Omori escapes and gets Hori in an abdominal stretch that Hori quickly breaks. Hori powerbombs Omori and climbs to the top rope and lands a body press on Omori.

Hori with a backdrop for the pin but Omori breaks free. They exchange chops across each other’s chest. Omori takes Hori down as the bell rings ending the match in a draw.

WINNER: Time Limit Draw

After the match both women shake hands and raise each other’s arms. The lights turn off and the retirement ceremony for Jumbo Hori starts. Music plays as the announcer speaks about Jumbo Hori. Hori stands quietly in the center of the ring. The All Japan Women’s roster each enter and hand her flowers. A tearfull farewell for Jumbo Hori. The ring the bell 10 times. Devil Masami carries Jumbo Hori on her shoulders as they left the ring.

More tears backstage as we get footage of all the women crying as Hori leaves.

SHOW THOUGHTS: An okay episode. The Nakano vs. Ogura match was pretty good. Jumbo Hori’s final match was okay with the highlight really being the retirement ceremony. Thought all that was handled well. The Crush Gals mid-show concert was entertaining.


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