Written By Alfredo Esparza

CWA Memphis Championship Wrestling 10/25/1980

Taped 10/25/1980 at the WMC Studios in Memphis, Tennessee.

Lance Russell & Dave Brown are on commentary.

“Beautiful” Bobby Eaton (w/ Jimmy Hart) vs. Mike Merony

Bobby Eaton wears a crown to the ring and Lance Russell mentions that Hart has Eaton wearing it and calls him the new “King”. Eaton with some forearms to the back of Merony’s neck. Merony tries to fight back but Eaton with some punches. They get tied up on the ropes but Eaton hits him with an elbow to the neck.

Eaton whips Merony across the ring and hits him with an elbow. Merony punches back but Eaton fires a right hand that keeps Merony down. Eaton with a chinlock on Merony. Merony pulls him off but Eaton bounces back and attacks him. Boot to the head at Merony. Eaton with a body slam and he follows with an elbowdrop for the pin but Merony kicks out.

Eaton with a front facelock on Merony and Merony surprises him with a small package for a near fall. Eaton quickly escapes and gets Merony again in a chinlock. Merony elbows his way out of the hold and grabs Eaton in a headlock but Eaton picks him up for a backdrop suplex. Eaton follows with a running kneedrop on Merony for the pin but he picks him up. He follows with a punch at Merony’s face. Eaton again gets Merony in a chinlock.

Merony breaks out of the chinlock and gets Eaton by the wrist. The two brawl in the corner as Merony fights out of there and sends Eaton to the other side of the ring. Merony whips Eaton into the corner and charges at him but Eaton raises his knees up and knocks Mike down! Eaton slams Merony and climbs to the middle rope and lands a fist drop for the pin!

WINNER: Bobby Eaton

Tommy Rich & The Magnificent Zulu promo for the Louisville Gardens Tuesday show. The Magnificent Zulu poses while Lance Russell talks about him being undefeated in the territory. Rich pokes fun at Dundee who will be wrestling Zulu on that show. He then talks about his opponent Austin Idol. Rich says Idol doesn’t have the guts to wrestle him. He knows Idol will be in Louisville and vows to keep the Southern Heavyweight title.

Tommy Rich heads to the announcer’s table and insults the fans saying he doesn’t need any of them and calls them jerks.

Tommy “Wildfire” Rich (w/ Jimmy Hart) vs. Tony Boyles

Rich poses with the Southern Heavyweight title before the match starts. Bell rings and they lock-up with Boyles getting Rich on the ropes. They break but Rich argues with the fans. Boyles does it again and the crowd cheers him on. Rich complains that his hair was pulled as does Hart. They end up on the ropes again but this time Rich lands an elbow at the top of Boyles head.

Rich beats on Boyles with elbows and kicks him. Boyles fights back but Rich hits him with a right hand. Rich goes for the suplex on Boyles. He slams Boyles and yells at the fans. Elbow drop from Rich. He gets in a few more punches on Boyles and kicks him as well. Rich with an elbow across Boyles head. He follows with an uppercut. Rich whips Boyles into the corner and snapmares him out. He follows with a fist drop off the middle rope. Rich whips Boyles into the ropes and catches him with another elbow and covers him for the pin.

Short match that Rich controlled throughout.

WINNER: Tommy Rich

Tommy Rich and Jimmy Hart head to the announcer’s table. Rich asks Hart what the show is lacking which Hart says it lacks personality. Rich tells Russell and Brown to scoot over and sits in the middle of them to join them on commentary.

Lance Russell asks Tommy Rich if he doesn’t think he needs to go over and shower since he just wrestled. Rich tells him to be quiet and refers to Dave Brown as “Howdy Doody” and says he’s going to be quiet this week because he’s going to be doing the commentary. Russell keeps trying to get Rich to leave but he refuses.

Ken Lucas & Ricky Morton vs. Danny Davis & The Angel

Tommy Rich pokes fun at Ricky Morton’s jacket and takes the microphone away from Dave Brown again to do commentary. Danny Davis and Ken Lucas start the match. Rich tells Russell and Brown that he use to think they were great announcers but since he’s traveled around the country and heard other announcers like Gordon Solie, he’s realized that they are not as good as they think they are. Ken Lucas gets Davis in a side headlock and tags in Morton. Morton takes down Davis with a shoulder and they go at it with some quick moves with Morton being able to get Davis in a side headlock.

Danny Davis gets back up and tags in The Angel. Rich continues to insult Ricky Morton and cheer on the heel team. The Angel takes down Morton but Morton escapes with a headscissors. He tags in Lucas. The Angel gets Lucas with a wristlock but Lucas reaches the ropes. Lucas with a takedown on The Angel but he gets his hold reversed into an armbar.

The Angel chokes Lucas and tags in Davis who gets him in an armbar. Lucas tries to escape but Davis keeps the hold on until Lucas tags in Morton who drops an elbow on him. Morton gets Davis in a standing headlock. He takes Davis down to the mat. Davis whips Morton into the ropes but Morton leap frogs over him and hip tosses Davis. He then tags in Lucas who gets Davis in an armbar.

Lucas with a wristlock and he tags in Morton who keeps that hold on and takes Davis down and stretches out Davis arm. Davis escapes and tags in The Angel. Rich keeps cheering on Davis and The Angel. Morton whips Angel into the ropes and backdrops him. He goes for the pin but The Angel kicks out. Morton tags in Lucas who keeps nailing Angel with some punches. He goes after Davis as well. Lucas and The Angel brawl in the ring.

The Angel gets in a cheap shot on Lucas and covers him for the pin but Morton makes the save. Davis tags in and gets Lucas with a thumb jab to the throat. He covers Lucas for the pin but Lucas kicks out and takes Davis down to the mat and punches him. Davis is able to tag The Angel back in. The Angel gets Lucas in a front facelock but Lucas tags in Morton who gets a near fall on The Angel.

The Angel lands a fist to the mid-section and sends Morton into the ropes. He catches him with a knee to the mid-section and gets a two-count. He whips Morton in and gets him with a backdrop for another near fall. Davis tags in and punches Morton. He whips Morton into the ropes and elbows him. Davis follows with a legdrop for a nearfall on Morton.

Ricky Morton fights back against Davis and tags in Lucas. Lucas whips Davis into the ropes and gets him with a punch. He tags in Morton who comes in with a sunset flip for the pin on Davis. Rich complains about Morton winning with an “illegal move” because Morton went over the top rope.

WINNERS: Ken Lucas & Ricky Morton

Lance Russell tells Tommy Rich that during the break they would appreciate it if he left but Rich doesn’t want to leave.

Lance Russell promo for Louisville Gardens show.

Koko Ware vs. Tom Maley

Tommy Rich is still on commentary and continues to insult Russell and Brown. Koko Ware gets Tom Maley in a side headlock. Rich insults them asking if they are dancing in the ring which Brown replies that they are wrestling. Ware with a takedown on Maley. Some good matwork between the two. Ware with a hammerlock takes down Maley.

Maley escapes with a snapmare. Rich points out that the stars like Lawler and Dundee aren’t around and claims he ran them out. Maley sends Ware into the ropes but Ware with a leapfrog followed by a dropkick at Maley. They both go for dropkicks at the same time and knock each other down. Ware with an armbar and tries for leglock but Maley shoves him into the ropes. Ware bounces off the ropes and does a cartwheel. He grabs both of Maley’s arms and slides over and covers him for the pin.

WINNER: Koko Ware

Tommy Rich yells at both and tells Lance Russell that he didn’t miss anything. Rich then insults Tony Charles as he enters the ring. He makes fun of Charles nose. Charles yells at Rich. Rich calls him Tony “The Nose” Charles.

Tony Charles vs. David Oswald

Charles with a quick takedown into a pin attempt on Oswald but Oswald’s feet are on the ropes. Top wristlock by Oswald which Charles escapes and takes him down again. Charles with a wristlock into an armbar. Oswald tries for a headscissors but Charles blocks it off and gets him in a headscissors of his own. Oswald escapes and goes for a headlock but Charles is quick with a reversal.

Charles gets Oswald in a hammerlock. Oswald backdrops him but Charles holds on and goes for a pin with a sunset flip. Tony Charles hooks Oswald’s leg again for another pin attempt. Oswald escapes and again goes for a hold but Charles is quick with a reversal. Charles gets Oswald in a toe hold. He switches over to another pin attempt that Oswald escapes.

Oswald shoves Charles into the ropes and lands a few forearms at him. Charles counters with a forearm that knocks Oswald down. He does it a few more times. Oswald reverses a whip into the corner and backdrops Charles. Charles bounces back up and gets Oswald with a dropkick for the pin.

WINNER: Tony Charles

Rich yells at Charles and tells him someone is going to slap that smile off his face. Charles tells Rich that he isn’t man enough to do it which Rich replies that he doesn’t want people upset with him for slapping an old man.

Carl Fergie, Robert Gibson & Tojo Yamamoto vs. Dr. Bill Irwin, Gypsy Joe & Jimmy Kent in an Expiration of Time Six-Man Tag Team Match

Dr. Bill Irwin congratulates Tommy Rich for his work on commentary. Rich starts to insult the babyface trio. Russell gets upset at him and tells him to stop. Rich notices that Yamamoto took off his shoes and tells Lance that Yamamoto is now just “two-foot tall”.

Robert Gibson and Gypsy Joe start the match. Some quick reversals with Joe getting Gibson down with a leglock. Gibson grabs hold of Joe’s head. Gypsy Joe with a hair pull on Gibson and the referee warns him. Some good back and forth with Joe going for Gibson’s hair again. Dr. Bill Irwin tags in against Carl Fergie.

Irwin gets slammed by Fergie. Rich insults Fergie calling him a “Country Bumpkin”. Irwin gets in a cheap shot at Fergie’s ribs. He does it again only this time Fergie punches Irwin back. Fergie with an armdrag into an armbar. Irwin shoves Fergie into the ropes and goes for a slam but Fergie falls on top of Irwin. They both get back up and Fergie with an armdrag takedown into an armbar.

Yamamoto tags in and keeps Irwin in a wristlock. He quickly tags in Gibson. Tojo gets in a chop. Gibson goes for an abdominal stretch on Irwin and everyone gets in the ring. Rich insults Yamamoto. Gibson with a punch to Irwin’s head. Fergie and Kent both tag in. Kent rakes Fergie’s eyes but Fergie with a forearm at Kent. He gets Kent in an armbar.

Gibson tags back in and takes Kent down to the mat. Irwin charges in and kicks Gibson off Kent. Yamamoto tags in and keeps attacking Kent’s leg with a toe hold. Fergie tags in and he continues to attack Kent’s left leg. Kent rakes Fergie’s eyes and tags in Gypsy Joe.

Gypsy Joe beats on Fergie but Fergie fights back. He tags in Yamamoto who delivers some hard chops at Joe. He whips Joe into the ropes and chops him. Tojo goes for the pin but Joe kicks out. Robert Gibson tags in and catches Joe with a dropkick. Test of strength and Gibson breaks out and tags in Fergie. Fergie punches Joe and goes for the pin but Joe kicks out. Front facelock by Fergie.

Gypsy Joe reverses the facelock and pokes Fergie’s eyes. Irwin gets in a forearm on Fergie. Kent punches him in the mid-section. Irwin tags in and gets Fergie with a backbreaker. He whips Fergie into the ropes and gets a knee to the mid-section. He gets a near fall. Irwin with a kick to Fergie but Fergie fights back again. Irwin with some punches but Fergie tags in Gibson.

Gibson and Gypsy Joe go at it. Joe and Kent with a double-team kick at Gibson. Gibson whips Kent into the ropes and backdrops him. Gibson goes for a step-over toe hold and bridges over into a pin for the win over Kent!

WINNERS: Carl Fergie, Robert Gibson & Tojo Yamamoto

Bill Dundee promo for the upcoming Louisvile Gardens show.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Fun episode. The matches were all pretty short. Some good action in the matches as they had quite a number of good workers including Bobby Eaton, Tony Charles, Koko Ware and Robert Gibson. Tommy Rich on commentary was hilarious albeit when talking about Tojo Yamamoto that was not something anyone should say nowadays and if they did wouldn’t get away with it.


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