Championship Wrestling From Florida 4/14/1984

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Championship Wrestling From Florida 4/14/1984

Taped 4/11/1984 in Tampa, Florida. Aired on 4/14/1984.

Episode opens with a Dusty Rhodes video that leads to a referee Bill Alfonso interview about the NWA World Heavyweight title cage match between Dusty Rhodes and Ric Flair. Alfonso mentions that he had to DQ Rhodes for using the cage as a weapon and jumping off it with an elbow on Flair.

Gordon Solie talks about the situation and welcomes everyone to this week’s episode as he’s joined by Barbara Clary and Buddy Colt. Colt mentions that Jimmy Valiant and The Destroyer will be in Florida next week.

Barry Windham and Mike Rotundo join Solie and company for an interview. Windham talks about them defending the titles in some very rough matches. They talk about the Guerreros and Black Bart & Ron Bass trying to challenge them for the belts. Rotundo says they are willing to take on all competition. Solie asks them about Mike Davis getting a return match against Ric Flair. They both believe in Davis and think he can beat Flair.

The give a rundown for the “Boogie Woogie Jam ’84” tour and talk to Windham and Rotundo about their matches against Ron Bass and Black Bart.

Billy Jack joins Gordon Solie on commentary for the next match. He says he’s out there to scout the NWA World Heavyweight Champion.

“Nature Boy” Ric Flair vs. Mike Davis

This is a non-title rematch. Flair and Davis shove each other to start the match. Davis gets Flair on the ropes but is forced to break cleanly. Shoulder block off the ropes by Davis and he gets Flair in a side headlock. Flair tries to get a nearfall on Davis but Mike keeps the headlock on . Flair shoves him into the ropes and gets in a forearm but Davis fires back with a series of forearms and then backdrops Flair.

Flair backs away and Davis waves him over. Flair drives a knee into the mid-section but Davis knocks him down. Davis goes for sunset flip off the ropes for a near fall. He goes back to a headlock on Flair. Flair takes him into the corner and gets his shoulder into Davis mid-section. He snapmares Davis out of the corner. Suplex blocked by Davis and he gets Flair in a suplex for another near fall.

Davis goes for an abdominal stretch on Flair. Flair breaks it up and hiptosses Davis. He misses an elbow. Davis goes for a vertical body block on Flair but Ric catches him and drops him across the top rope. Flair follows with several elbow drops on Davis and covers him for the pin.

Flair shoves the referee out of the way and continues to beat on Mike Davis. Billy Jack runs in and throws Flair off of Davis. Flair attacks Billy Jack. Billy Jack reverses a suplex and gets Flair in a full nelson. Several wrestlers come out to pull Bill Jack off Flair.

WINNER: Ric Flair

Dusty Rhodes joins Gordon Solie to talk about teaming with Jimmy Valiant against The Assassins. They show a video of Jimmy Valiant with him cutting a promo about how the Assassins and Paul Jones cut his beard.

The air a video featuring Mike Graham that includes an interview about his injury and how his feud with Kevin Sullivan and Buzz Sawyer has gotten out of hand. He shows that Sawyer bit his hand .

Chief Joe Lightfoot vs. Hector Guerrero (w/ Chavo Guerrero)

Hector Guerrero offers his hand to Joe Lightfoot and he turns it down. Guerrero with a quick takedown on Lightfoot. He whips Lightfoot into the ropes but that gets reversed and he backdrops Hector and follows with some armdrags. Guerrero heads to the outside. Chavo Guerrero yells at the referee. Hector gets back in the ring and Lightfoot gets him in a side headlock.

Hector Guerrero slams Lightfoot’s head into the top turnbuckle and follows with a couple of uppercuts. He slams Lightfoot and misses a splash as Lightfoot moves out of the way. Lightfoot with a slam for a near fall and he goes back to gettig Hector in a chinlock. Chavo distracts the referee and Hector gets in a cheap shot. He catches Lightfoot with some uppercuts and follows with a legdrop. He gets a two count on Lightfoot.

Lightfoot goes for a sunset flip off the ropes but Hector blocks it. Guerrero with a backbreaker on Lightfoot and he goes for another pin attempt. Uppercut by Hector with Lightfoot chopping him. Lightfoot knocks down Guerrero. Chavo Guerrero climbs the ropes and distracts Lightfoot which gives Hector a chance to attack him. Lightfoot continues to control the match with chops. He whips Guerrero into the ropes.

Lightfoot tries to go for another chop at Guerrero, but Hector ducks and Lightfoot instead hits the referee. He whips Guerrero into the ropes and catches him with a chop. Chavo Guerrero runs in and hits Lightfoot with a weapon. He then covers Lightfoot for the pin but the referee notices that it’s Chavo who pinned Lightfoot and stops the match. He gives the win to Lightfoot.

Chavo Guerrero tosses the referee to the outside. Lightfoot chops away at Chavo. Hector attacks Lightfoot. Chavo picks Lightfoot up and Hector lands an elbow off the ropes on him. The Guerreros get disqualified.

WINNER: Joe Lightfoot via DQ

Billy Jack joins Gordon Solie to talk about an upcoming match with Karma who he says all he knows about is that he is associated with Kevin Sullivan. He vows to keep the Florida Heavyweight title for the fans.

J.J. Dillon with Black Bart talk about Ron Bass returning and their plan to get the tag team titles back. Black Bart claims Windham and Rotundo stole the belts from them. Dillon says they won’t be nice guys anymore.

Kevin Sullivan and Buzz Sawyer talk about their upcoming match against Dusty Rhodes and Jimmy Valiant. Sullivan says they hate everybody. Sawyer howls as Sullivan talks about getting lynched the previous week. He vows to show them the most devastating thing they’ve ever seen.

Dusty Rhodes returns to talk about teaming with Valiant against Sullivan and Sawyer. He talks about Sullivan hanging by his neck feeling the power of The Midnight Rider. He says Valiant is repaying the favor he did for him.

Kevin Sullivan (w/ “Mad Dog” Buzz Sawyer) vs. Dennis Brown

Sullivan is holding a hangman’s noose as he waits for his opponent. He attacks Dennis Brown and tosses him to the outside. Sullivan tosses him around and brings him back into the ring. He slams Brown and then stomps him. Sullivan with a suplex and then he tosses Brown back to the outside. Sawyer tosses Brown into the guardrail.

Sullivan heads back to the outside and drops Brown across the railing. He brings Brown back in and gets him with a shoulder breaker for the pin.

WINNER: Kevin Sullivan

Kevin Sullivan and Buzz Sawyer head over to the announcers desk. Sawyer howls as Sullivan speaks about everything he prophesied has come true. He claims that inside of Dusty Rhodes lives a part of him and that’s why they exiled him 10 years ago.

Sullivan says he has evil inside of him but has never hung a man like Rhodes did. He says everyone knows that The Midnight Rider is Dusty Rhodes. Sullivan says Rhodes didn’t get the job done. He mentions being summoned to the temple and seeing the Lady Of The Lake. Sullivan says he and Rhodes are one.

Sullivan talks about how “daddy’s boy” cut his hand (Mike Graham) and that others who conspired against him is dealing with an issue because of what they did to him.

The Guerreros cut a Spanish promo ripping on Cubans and telling them to see the real “raza”, Mexicans.

Barry Windham and Dusty Rhodes join Barbara Clary to talk about an upcoming Lakeland, FL show with Windham wrestling Ron Bass in a Kamikaze Death Match. Windham has no idea what kind of match that is. Clary tells him that Bass informed them on the rules for this match and that it has no referee, with a stretcher ringside, and the only way to win is if your opponent is carried out on a stretcher.

Dusty Rhodes will be wrestling in a tag team match at Lakeland and mentions he has a mystery partner against Kevin Sullivan and Buzz Sawyer. He decides to reveal his partner by showing a music video and it turns out to be “Exotic” Adrian Street. Rhodes jokes that he doesn’t see how anyone would call it an “Odd Couple” match. Windham jokes that he doesn’t see anything odd about them and suggests Rhodes wear his lavender pink trunks.

They air a Missing Children’s bulletin.

“The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes vs. The One Man Gang

They lock-up and The One Man Gang shoves Rhodes into the corner and takes him down with several forearms. Rhodes rolls to the outside and OMG follows him. They brawl in the crowd. OMG sends Rhodes back into the ring. Rhodes is bleeding from his forehead. Dusty makes a comeback with elbows and a mule kick! Bionic elbow by Rhodes but OMG stops him and whips him into the ropes and knocks him down.

The One Man Gang goes for a splash but Rhodes moves out of the way. Rhodes drops an elbow across OMG’s right foot and gets him in a figure-four leglock. The One Man Gang submits! Rhodes keeps the hold on and refuses to break it. Dusty drops an elbow across The One Man Gang’s knee.

Black Bart, the Guerreros and other wrestlers head in to check on The One Man Gang. They bring out a stretcher for The One Man Gang.

WINNER: Dusty Rhodes

Dusty Rhodes heads over to the announcers desk and yells out, “There’s the beef, Gordon Solie! There’s the beef!” J. J. Dillon shows up as all the heels stretcher out The One Man Gang.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Okay episode. Didn’t have the craziness from the previous week but they kept talking about it and that was discussed when Sullivan and Rhodes were in matches and while cutting promos. The action for the most part was pretty good but matches were kept pretty short. Thought the best match on the show was the Hector Guerrero vs. Joe Lightfoot match. Ric Flair dominated most of his match and it was kept short just to set-up Billy Jack making the save and getting Flair in the full nelson. The One Man Gang got stretchered out and after that his next appearances are as a heel manager and as The Panama Gang.


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