Written By Alfredo Esparza

CWA Memphis Championship Wrestling 10/18/1980

Taped 10/18/1980 at the WMC Studios in Memphis, Tennessee.

Lance Russell and Dave Brown are on commentary. They give a rundown of the entire card.

Guy Mitchell vs. Mike Meroni

Guy Mitchell quickly punches Mike Meroni at the start of the match. He beats on Meroni and stomps on him. Mitchell grabs Meroni in a facelock and takes him to the corner to continue to beat on him. More forearms thrown at Meroni who tries to fight back but keeps getting knocked down.

Some boots at Meroni from Mitchell. More forearms across Meroni’s chest. Mitchell again takes Meroni into the corner and kicks and stomps on him. He slams Meroni to the mat and follows with a stomp. Mitchell punches Meroni and then grabs him in a nerve hold. Reverse neckbreaker by Mitchell and he covers Meroni for the pin.

WINNER: Guy Mitchell

Guy Mitchell heads over to talk to Lance Russell. He tells everyone that he came here to show everyone what he can do and wants to be interviewed after he beats a capable opponent.

Tony Charles joins Lance Russell for an interview. Russell mentions all the titles that Charles has held and wants to know some background. Charles talks about having played rugby. They talk about fishing and joked about a fish he almost caught and how ugly it was.

Austin Idol promo for an upcoming match against Tommy Rich at the Louisville Gardens. Idol tells Rich that he’s the man and holds the world title. He vows to beat up Tommy Rich.

“Beautiful” Bobby Eaton (w/ Jimmy Hart) vs. Carl Fergie

Carl Fergie argues with Jimmy Hart as they start the match. Fergie gets Eaton on the ropes but is forced to break. Eaton gets upset over Fergie threatening to punch him. Fergie with a wristlock takedown into an armbar on Eaton. Eaton pulls Fergie’s hair to get him on the ropes. Fergie knocks Eaton down with a shoulder block and gets Eaton in an armbar again.

Fergie with an elbow across Eaton’s left arm. Eaton is able to reach the ropes to break the hold. Eaton gets Fergie with a wristlock but that gets quickly reversed by Fergie. “Beautiful” Bobby reaches the ropes. Fergie continues to attack Eaton and keeps him close with a wristlock. Eaton with a punch and he whips him into the corner and charges at him but Fergie steps aside and takes Eaton down into an armbar.

Small package for a near fall by Fergie. Eaton gets back up and pokes Fergie in the eyes and starts to beat on him. Jimmy Hart starts to celebrate. Eaton whips Fergie into the ropes and backdrops him. He follows with a knee drop and a two-count. Punches thrown by Eaton but Fergie punches back and sends Eaton across the ring.

Fergie punches Eaton and whips him into the corner. He backdrops him and gets a two-count. Fergie gets Eaton back into an armbar. Eaton escapes and pulls Fergie down by the hair and gets him in a wristlock. Hart continues to talk ringside and Lance Russell tells him to stay where he belongs. Eaton with a kick and a hair pull to keep Fergie down. Fans start to cheer on Fergie.

Eaton and Ferbie exchange punches until he knocks down Fergie. He elbows Fergie off the ropes and follows with a legdrop for a near fall as Fergie kicks out. Fergie gets in a few punches and knocks Eaton down. He takes Eaton down with a shoulder block. Fergie hits the ropes and Hart trips him. Eaton goes for an elbow drop but Fergie moves out of the way. Fergie goes after Jimmy Hart and Eaton attacks him from behind. Eaton follows with a fist drop off the ropes for the pin on Fergie.

WINNER: Bobby Eaton

Lance Russell is joined by Sonny King for an interview. Sonny King says he’s going to restructure the Memphis area and that everyone is going to have to do what he says. He talks about straightening out his latest charges head. He introduces everyone to The Magnificent Zulu and how he’s going to send him after Austin Idol, Jimmy Valiant and Bill Dundee. King vows to have every title under his control and that Lance Russell will have to consult with him about every match that airs on TV.

The Magnificent Zulu (w/ Sonny King) vs. Tony Boyles

Tony Boyles tries to stay away from The Magnificent Zulu who towers over Boyles. Boyles tries to take Zulu off his feet but that doesn’t work out. Zulu beats on Boyles in the corner with some punches. He whips Boyles into the corner and continues to punch away at Boyles. Zulu with a body slam. He picks him up and slams Boyles again.

Zulu tosses Boyles into the turnbuckles. He whips him into the ropes and kicks Boyles. He tosses him again into the ropes and grabs Boyles in a bear hug for the submission win. Bell rings and Zulu takes a few seconds longer to break the bear hug.

WINNER: The Magnificent Zulu

Chief Thundercloud & Lone Eagle vs. Butch Cassidy & Jimmy Kent in a mixed (midget/regular-sized wrestler) tag match.

This is a mixed tag team match with a regular-sized wrestler teaming with a midget wrestler. Butch Cassidy and Lone Eagle start the match. Cassidy gets in a cheap shot and Lone Eagle chases after him. Cassidy gets him with a top wristlock and takes him down to the mat. Jimmy Kent holds Lone Eagle and punches him in the corner as Cassidy distracts the referee. Cassidy gets in a few more cheap shots and slams him. He follows with a legdrop on Lone Eagle.

Jimmy Kent grabs hold of Lone Eagle and lifts him up in the air and chokes him while the referee is distracted. Cassidy tags in Kent so Thundercloud has to get in the ring but Kent wants to wrestle Lone Eagle which is against the rules. Front facelock by Kent but Thundercloud motions to Lone Eagle who jumps on his back and gives Kent a chop across the head. Kent chases after Lone Eagle and ends up getting punched by Thundercloud.

Chief Thundercloud takes Kent down to the mat. Test of strength with Thundercloud escaping and getting Kent tied up. Kent breaks out and gets in a few forearms and kicks at Thundercloud. He whips Thundercloud into the ropes but misses a knee into the corner. Kent waves in Butch Cassidy to do the same spot as Lone Eagle did earlier in the match but Cassidy ends up falling on top of Kent who gets upset with him.

Lone Eagle and Butch Cassidy get back into the ring. Side headlock by Cassidy. Lone Eagle whips Cassidy into the ropes and chops him. He gets Cassidy in a side headlock. Cassidy reverses it into a headscissors but that gets broken up. Lone Eagle chops Kent who jumps into the ring and chases after him but Thundercloud makes the save. They do a war dance in the ring.

Cassidy with an armbar on Lone Eagle but he reverses it and that leads to Cassidy reaching for the ropes. Side headlock by Cassidy and he sends Lone Eagle into the middle turnbuckle followed by Kent’s boot. Elbowdrop from Cassidy for a near fall. Cassidy and Lone Eagle exchange shots. Cassidy tags in Kent who grabs Lone Eagle and refuses to let him go. Thundercloud gets in the ring.

Kent slams Thundercloud and goes for a pin but Thundercloud kicks out. An elbow by Kent. Thundercloud catches Kent with a tomahawk chop off the ropes and covers him for the pin. Kent complains to the referee about the loss.

WINNERS: Chief Thundercloud & Lone Eagle

“Superstar” Bill Dundee & Tony Charles vs. Dr. Bill Irwin & Bob Steel in an expiration of time tag team match.

Tony Charles and Bob Steel start the match. Side headlock by Charles and he takes him down for a pin attempt but Steel kicks out. Charles with another takedown on Steel. He gets him in a wristlock and then takes him down into a pinning position but Irwin makes the save.

Steel gets Charles in a headlock but Charles takes him down for the pin but Steel reaches the ropes. Steel tags in Irwin. Irwin takes down Charles but Charles counters him and rolls him over near the ropes. Nice counter wrestling by Irwin and Charles including Irwin getting him in a headscissors. Irwin pulls Charles hair and gets him in the corner where he delivers a knee to the midsection. Charles makes a comeback and tags in Bill Dundee.

Bill Dundee punches Irwin and gets him in a headlock. He goes for a pin but Irwin kicks out. They zig zag across the ropes and Dundee takes him down for a near fall. He follows with a side headlock but Irwin reverses that into a headscissors. Dundee quickly escapes and gets Irwin in a side headlock again. He tags in Charles who takes Irwin down to the mat and gets him in a chinlock. Steel tags in but Charles is ready and takes Steel down.

Dundee gets involved. All four men get in the ring briefly. Steel gets Charles in a toe hold but Charles knocks him over and gets him in a leglock. Irwin tags back in. He gets in a boot at Charles and attacks him. Irwin slams Charles but misses a knee drop. Charles tags in Dundee but Irwin’s ready and gets in a few punches. Irwin with a big knee at Dundee. He backdrops Dundee and tags in Steel. Bob Steel gets caught by Bill Dundee in a small package for the pin. Dundee and Charles win.

WINNERS: Bill Dundee & Tony Charles

Tommy Rich promo for his Louisville Gardens match against Austin Idol. He puts Idol down and says he’s not a heart throb. Rich says his best decision ever was hiring Jimmy Hart as his manager because he got him that match immediately. He vows to end Idol which Russell mentions they’ve had a long-running feud. He says after he gets thru with Idol no one is going to want to look at him.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Okay episode with the highlights being the Idol and Rich promos. I thought the matches were okay with some good action from the Eaton and the two tag matches. I remember enjoying midget wrestling thinking it was something different on wrestling shows and more entertaining. I think by the ’90s minis were a big thing in lucha and were considered good performers besides being entertaining. However, now having watched some older midget wrestling matches from the U.S., a lot of them were very talented. I thought Butch Cassidy and Lone Eagle were really fun to watch and worked a good fast-paced match. Tony Charles is always fun to watch and he was good in the tag match.


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