All-Star Wrestling 7/15/1978

Written By Alfredo Esparza

WWWF All-Star Wrestling 7/15/1978

Taped 6/28/1978 at the Fieldhouse in Hamburg, Pennsylvania. Aired on 7/15/1978.

Vince McMahon is on commentary.

Dino Bravo & Johnny Rivera vs. Johnny Rodz & Jose Estrada

Rodz and Estrada stir things up prior to the match going into the other side of the ring. Johnny Rivera and Johnny Rodz start the match and Rodz gets Rivera in his corner where he and Estrada beat on Rivera. Estrada tags in and continues to beat on Rivera. He sends Rivera into Rodz’ boot and continues to beat him with forearms. He tags in Rodz who lands an elbow off the top rope on Rivera. Estrada follows with the same top rope elbow.

Rivera fights back against Estrada and Rodz. He’s able to get to his corner and tag in Dino Bravo. Bravo whips Estrada into the ropes and hits him with a punch to the mid-section. Rodz tags in and he gets in a few shots at Bravo but Dino catches him with a forearm smash followed by a knee lift. He whips Rodz into the ropes and catches him with a dropkick for a near fall.

Rodz is able to tag in Estrada who gets in a few shots at Bravo and he tags Rodz back in who hits an elbow off the top rope at Bravo’s back. Dino Bravo is able to reach his corner and tag in Rivera. Rodz grabs Rivera and pokes his eyes and sends him into his corner. Estrada tags back in and continues to beat on Rivera. He slams Rivera and tags in Rodz who lands a boot off the top rope.

They start to attack Rivera’s left leg. Each taking turns stomping on it while it’s draped across the bottom rope. Estrada with a snapmare and again Rodz jumps off the top rope with a boot at Rivera’s left leg. They continue to do that same spot on Rivera. Rodz continues to kick at Rivera’s left leg. Rivera kicks Rodz off and tags Bravo.

Dino Bravo with some forearms and punches at both Rodz and Estrada. He whips Estrada into the ropes and picks him up in an airplane spin. He grabs Rodz and does the same to him. He drops Rodz on top of Estrada and covers both for the pin. Dino Bravo gets the win for his team. He then carries Rivera over his shoulders back to the dressing room.

WINNERS: Dino Bravo & Johnny Rivera

“The Russian Bear” Ivan Koloff (w/ Capt. Lou Albano) vs. SD “Special Delivery” Jones

Vince McMahon mentions Capt. Lou once took Ivan Koloff all the way to the World Championship. Koloff complains about Jones to the referee before getting into a test of strength. He kicks Jones and follows with a front facelock. Albano makes gestures ringside and can be heard screaming. Albano jokes that Koloff was applying so much pressure that he was turning Jones white which led to Vince responding with, “hardly” and continuing on with calling the match. Koloff with a knee to the back.

Jones goes after Koloff but gets distracted by Albano. Koloff tosses Jones to the outside and Albano gets in a cheap shot at Jones. Jones tries to get back in the ring but Koloff attacks him. He chokes Jones. Koloff heads to the outside and rams Jones into the ring post. Someone tosses a paper into the ring and Koloff grabs it and uses it on Jones. He gets rid of it and Jones gets fired up and headbutts Koloff!

Fans cheer Jones loudly. Koloff backs away and then kicks Jones. Jones reverses a whip into the corner. Koloff begs off Jones but then kicks him. He starts to choke Jones. Albano is ringside and threatens to hit Jones. Koloff keeps choking Jones while the referee gets distracted by Albano. He slams Jones across the top rope. Jones gets whipped into the ropes and Koloff with a back body drop. Koloff goes for a backbreaker and gets the pin.

WINNER: Ivan Koloff

SD Jones brawls with Koloff and Albano after the match. He gets a punch in on Albano but Koloff tosses him to the outside. Koloff then picks up the steps and rams Jones into them.

Capt. Lou Albano and The Yukon Lumberjacks gets interviewed by Vince McMahon. Albano asks that the fans be quiet for five seconds. Vince asks them what it’s like to be managed by Albano and Lumberjack Eric says Albano is usually calmer but the people are causing him to get upset. Eric calls the fans no class. Pierre calls Albano the greatest manager in the world. They have the belts and the money now. Albano mentions that he’s managed seven world tag team champions and issues a formal challenge to Dino Bravo, Gorilla Monsoon, Dominic DeNucci, Bob Backlund and Ivan Putski. Eric interrupts Albano and says many deserve titles and thinks there are better challengers than those mentioned by Albano.

Albano then says they are willing to offer $10,000 to any men who can last 10-minutes against the Yukon Lumberjacks. McMahon asks Eric about winning the tag titles in a controversial fashion. Eric gets upset at Vince and tells him that he is insulting them. Vince then asks Pierre what he thinks about how they won the belts and he tells Vince everyone’s happy that they won. Albano praises his team.

Capt. Lou Albano delivers forearm smashes at Eric and Pierre. He then tries to do the same on Vince but Vince isn’t having none of that and threatens to punch him.

George “The Animal” Steele vs. Dave Darrow

George Steele walks to the ring and Vince McMahon calls him one of the ugliest creatures he’s ever seen step into the squared circle! LOL! Steele grabs hold of Darrow and punches his face. He swings at him and takes Darrow down to the mat with a facelock. The Animal chokes Darrow but breaks the hold before the five count. He punches Darrow again.

Steele heads over to the top turnbuckle and starts to bite it and pull stuff out that he uses on Darrow. He goes back and pulls more of the inside of the turnbuckle and rubs the stuff all over Darrow’s face. Referee warns Steele. Steele pulls out a weapon and he hits Darrow who falls to the outside. The Animal yells at the fans.

The Animal grabs hold of Darrow who returns to the ring and slams him into the timekeeper’s table while he’s trying to climb back into the ring. Darrow finally back in the ring and Steele uses the middle rope to choke him. Steele tosses Darrow over the top rope. You can see the debris of all the stuffing Steele took out of the turnbuckle on the floor. Steele kicks Darrow back to the floor.

Steele grabs Darrow by the hair and then punches him to knock him back down to the floor. Vince is surprised why Darrow keeps trying to get back into the ring and he does so yet again and this time he’s stomped on by Steele. The Animal slaps Darrow and when the referee tries to get the weapon he’s using, he puts it in his mouth to hide it. Steele picks up Darrow with a one-armed chicken-wing to get the submission win. Steele heads over to the turnbuckle and continues to bite and lick it.

WINNER: George Steele

“Crazy” Luke Graham (w/ The Grand Wizard) vs. Frank Williams

Luke Graham and Frank Williams shake hands to the surprise of everyone. They exchange waistlocks and do some counter-wrestling. He starts to pull Williams hair. Referee has him break the hold. Test of strength ends quickly with Graham kicking Williams. Williams is able to get Graham in a wristlock but Graham reaches the ropes and kicks Williams.

Front facelock by Graham. He follows with a hiptoss and into a headlock on the mat. Graham follows with a headscissors. Referee checks to see if he’s choking Williams. Graham turns over but Williams quickly escapes the hold. Vince McMahon starts to talk about WWWF World Champion Bob Backlund. Graham with a boot at Graham followed by a forearm smash. He goes for a pin but instead starts to choke Williams.

Graham continues to beat on Williams. Williams fights back and slams Graham’s head into the top turnbuckle. He whips Graham into the corner and continues to punch him. Graham grabs a weapon out of his trunks and hits Williams with it a few times. He covers Williams for the pin and wins the match.

WINNER: Luke Graham

The Yukon Lumberjacks (Yukon Eric & Yukon Pierre) vs. Tony Garea & Chief Jay Strongbow

Yukon Eric and Tony Garea start the match but Strongbow tries to trip up Eric as they start the match. Some good mat work to start the match. Garea counters Eric’s wristlock. Eric then counters Garea and puts him in the corner where he slaps Garea! Pierre tags in. He shoves Garea into the corner.

Garea slaps Pierre who gets upset and complains to the referee. Pierre then gets Garea down with a headlock by pulling his hair. Garea breaks out of the hold and tags in Strongbow who comes in and Pierre starts to beg away from him. Strongbow with a side headlock. They criss-cross the ring and Strongbow catches him with a sleeper hold. Pierre escapes and tags in Eric who gets in a few elbows on Strongbow. He punches away at Strongbow. Pierre chokes Strongbow in the corner as Eric heads over and tosses Garea off the ring apron.

Pierre tags back in but the Lumberjacks continue to attack Strongbow. Garea tries to make the save but Eric fights him off. Garea finally tags back in but Pierre attacks him and takes him to his corner. Eric chokes Garea. Pierre tosses Strongbow out of the ring. The Lumberjacks continue to attack Garea while keeping Strongbow out of the ring.

Yukon Eric heads to the outside and attacks Strongbow. He returns to the ring and he and Pierre stomp away on Garea. Strongbow heads back into the ring but Eric knees him back out of the ring. The Lumberjacks continue to beat on Garea and toss him to the outside. All four men brawl outside the ring. Strongbow uses a stool on both Lumberjacks. He attacks Capt. Lou Albano as well. They slam the Lumberjacks into each other. Gorilla Monsoon shows up and tries to break things up.

WINNER: Double Disqualification

SHOW THOUGHTS: Okay episode. The main event between The Lumberjacks vs. Tony Garea & Chief Jay Strongbow had a wild finish. The Capt. Lou Albano and Yukon Lumberjacks interview was good with Capt. Lou just giving them forearms at the end for no reason and wanting to give Vince a few too which was pretty fun. There were some good moments in the opening tag and the Koloff match as well. George “The Animal” Steele was quite the spectacle in his match.


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