Written By Alfredo Esparza

World Class Championship Wrestling 10/2/1982

Taped 9/28/1982 at The Sportatorium in Dallas, Texas. Aired on 10/2/1982.

Bill Mercer and Jay Saldi are on commentary.

Jay Saldi interviews the Von Erichs. Kevin tells everyone to get close to their TV because it is “Party Time”.

David, Kevin & Kerry Von Erich vs. King Kong Bundy, Armand Hussein & Wild Bill Irwin

Armand Hussein talks to everyone. Mercer mentions there is a new referee, John Renesto, who hails from Los Angeles, California and had been working on the west coast. Bronco Lubich is also in the ring as the lead referee. They have two referees for this match.

Kerry Von Erich wants to start the match against King Kong Bundy. Bundy heads to the corner and tells Irwin to start the match. Irwin charges in and Kerry tags in David Von Erich. Irwin and David start the match. David quickly tags in Kevin who drops an elbow across Irwin’s left arm. He takes Irwin down and grabs him in an armbar. Irwin can be heard yelling. Mercer mentions that the Von Erichs have never lost a six-man tag match.

Irwin whips Kevin into the ropes but Kevin leapfrogs him and grabs hold of Irwin and takes him down with a side headlock. Irwin pulls Kevin’s hair but Kevin gets to his corner and David Von Erich tags back in and takes Irwin down with a side headlock. Hussein argues with referee John Renesto. Irwin whips David into the ropes and they criss-cross the ropes with David tagging Kerry while this is going on. Kerry comes in and punches Irwin in the mid-section.

Kerry with a snapmare followed by an elbow for a near fall on Irwin. Irwin fights back but Kerry keeps control of the match. Irwin picks up Kerry but Kerry keeps him in a side headlock. Kevin keeps Hussein from interfering. Kerry misses a dropkick at Irwin and Hussein tags in and quickly attacks Kerry. Kerry fights back but Hussein tags in Bundy.

King Kong Bundy and Kerry Von Erich go back and forth. Kerry tries to tag his brothers but Bundy keeps him away. He slams Kerry into the corner turnbuckles. They triple-team Kerry in the corner. Hussein tags back in and continues to beat on Kerry who tries to fight back. Kerry reaches his corner and tags in David. David quickly attacks Irwin and backdrops him. Crowd cheers loudly. David punches Irwin and then catches him with a high knee for a near fall.

Irwin with a punch at David and he is able to tag in Hussein who continues the attack on David Von Erich. Big forearms across David’s chest. He tags in Bundy who attacks David with a blow to the back. More elbows at David’s back. David tries to fight back. Bundy whips him into the ropes and powerslams him to the mat. Bundy tags in Hussein. Forearms by Hussein at David. David and Hussein exchange punches. David keeps trying to escape Hussein. Bundy tags back in.

King Kong Bundy with a kick at David. Kevin and Kerry get involved. Kerry punches away at Bundy. Referee believes Kerry tagged in. Kerry beats on all the heels in their corner until Bundy rakes his eyes. Irwin tags back in and elbows Kerry and then whips him into the ropes and catches him with a side backbreaker. He only gets a two count which upsets Irwin. He slams Kerry again and lands a headbutt on Kerry. Kerry kicks out of another pin attempt. Irwin goes for another headbutt but Kerry moves out of the way and tags in Kevin Von Erich.

Kevin Von Erich whips Irwin into the ropes and catches him with a dropkick and gets a near fall. He keeps attacking the heels in the corner. Irwin gets sent into the corner a few times. Kevin with a knee to the back and then he tosses Irwin across the ring. Headscissors by Kevin on Irwin. Kevin releases the hold and lands a knee on Irwin. He then whips him into the ropes and all three Von Erichs catch Irwin with dropkicks that send him to the floor.

Hussein and Bundy get Irwin back into the ring where Kevin gets him and tries to get the claw on him. He’s able to get the claw on Irwin’s stomach but Irwin escapes and takes Kevin into his corner. Bundy tags back in and elbows Kevin sending him across the ring. Kevin is able to tag in Kerry who comes in punching away at Bundy but Bundy rakes his eyes. All six men start to brawl. David tosses Irwin to the outside.

They’re able to restore order on their own. Bundy lands a knee across Kerry and gets a two-count. He tags in Hussein who continues the attack but Kerry catches him with a claw. Hussein tags in Bundy again. Kerry punches away at Bundy. Kevin and David get involved. David gets in the ring and gets Bundy in a sleeperhold. Kevin gets Irwin with a claw as they start to give a count. The bell rings and the match ends in a draw.


Capt. Frank Dusek vs. Bugsy McGraw

The announcers talk about Bugsy McGraw’s outfit which Jay Saldi says he looks like he’s a rugby player. They mention that Frank Dusek just returned from a Japan tour which Saldi says also included Hulk Hogan and talked about how Hogan was making $10,000 a week on this tour. Bill Mercer then mentions Dizzy Hogan (Ed Leslie) and mentions he was suppose to be coming into World Class.

Match starts off with them exchanging forearms. McGraw heads to the corner and hits the turnbuckle a few times. Dusek does the same but McGraw catches him with a punch. McGraw sees there is a microphone ringside and points at it and says “microphone” for only reasons Bugsy would know.

Dusek gets McGraw in a rolling headlock. McGraw sends him into the ropes and they criss-cross each other until McGraw trips up Dusek. He dances a bit after. Dusek gets upset and they run the ropes again. Dusek tries to trick McGraw but Bugsy stomps on him. Dusek rakes McGraw’s eyes and starts to kick and punch him. He lands a running knee at McGraw. More punches but Bugsy delivers some of his own. He knocks Dusek down with a haymaker.

McGraw heads to the outside and grabs a cup. He gets a second one. He drinks from one and offers some to Dusek who slaps the cup away. McGraw then tosses the other drink at Dusek’s face. Dusek charges at McGraw who tosses Capt. Frank over the top rope. Referee disqualifies McGraw. Bugsy McGraw agrees with the referee and shakes his hand. Dusek charges at McGraw who again tosses him over the top rope to the floor.

WINNER: Frank Dusek via DQ.

They air highlights of the Ric Flair vs. Kerry Von Erich NWA World Heavyweight Title match.

Bill Mercer interviews Gary Hart with The Great Kabuki and The Magic Dragon about supposedly working out a deal with Ric Flair to take out Kerry Von Erich. Mercer suggests Hart was paid by Flair which Hart quickly tells him that no one has to pay him to want to get rid of any of the Von Erichs. He tells Mercer that Flair doesn’t need anyone’s help to get rid of anyone because he’s the greatest World Heavyweight Champion. Mercer starts to ask him about Flair’s bounty. Hart continues to deny getting paid by Flair.

The Great Kabuki & The Magic Dragon (w/ Gary Hart) vs. Al Madril & The Samoan

The Great Kabuki spits out some red mist which accidentally gets into Gary Hart’s eyes and he grabs his coat to take it out. Kabuki then spits out green mist. Al Madril and the fans start to laugh at Hart. Saldi talks about The Samoan being related to Afa and Sika, The Wild Samoans.

The Samoan and The Great Kabuki start the match. Wristlock by The Great Kabuki. The Samoan whips Kabuki into the ropes and catches him with a tomahawk chop and a pair of headbutts. The Great Kabuki gets back up and catches him with a thrust kick. Both exchange chops with Kabuki getting him in an armbar and tags in The Magic Dragon.

The Magic Dragon gets The Samoan in an armbar. Gary Hart is shown still trying to remove the mist from his eyes. Al Madril tags in and punches away at The Magic Dragon. The Great Kabuki gets in the ring and Al Madril lands on both with a body press! He whips Kabuki into the ropes and hits him with a shoulder block for a near fall. He tags in The Samoan who goes against both of his opponents. The Magic Dragon tags in and holds onto to the ropes when The Samoan goes for a dropkick that he ends up missing. The Magic Dragon catches The Samoan with a lariat and then gets him in a headscissors sleeperhold.

Al Madril and The Great Kabuki get in and exchange chops. The Magic Dragon submits The Samoan for the win.

WINNERS: The Great Kabuki & The Magic Dragon

Bill Mercer talks to Checkmate and Checkmate mentions how much he loves this place. Gary Hart interrupts and tells Mercer that he can’t talk to any of his men unless he gives him the okay. Checkmate then tells Mercer that if the governor tells him not to talk, then he won’t talk and leaves. Hart tells Mercer that he’s in charge.

Checkmate (w/ Gary Hart) vs. Brian Adias

Gary Hart is still wiping his eyes from the Great Kabuki’s mist. Jay Saldi mentions that he spent time talking to Checkmate prior to the match. Quick takedown by Checkmate on Adias. Adias gets Checkmate in an armbar but Checkmate quickly escapes and attacks Adias left arm. He counters every move done by Adias.

Saldi mentions that Checkmate told him the reason he joined Hart’s stable was because he needed to make a dollar. Adias climbs up onto Checkmate’s shoulders and rolls him up for a pin attempt but Checkmate quickly escapes. Brian with a headlock but Checkmate rolls out and sends Adias into the ropes. He catches Adias with a series of knees to the mid-section. He gets Adias with a nerve hold while he continues to attack him.

Brian Adias gets back up and fights back with some punches. Checkmate rolls up into a ball on the mat. Adias asks referee Bronco Lubich what’s going on and while he’s doing that, Checkmate gets back up and attacks Adias. He catches him with some knee lifts and a headbutt. Bill Mercer compared Checkmate’s tactic to that of an armadillo rolling up into a ball.

Checkmate goes for a roll-up on Adias but they are near the ropes and Adias shoulder is up. More knee strikes by Checkmate at Adias. He goes for a pin attempt but Adias escapes. They exchange forearms. Adias attacks Checkmate on the ropes and whips him into the corner and gets him with a headscissors. Checkmate escapes and splits Adias legs. Follows with a stomp to the mid-section and continues to use the knee lift on Adias.

Checkmate sends Adias into the corner and charges at him. Adias moves out of the way and lands an elbow drop on Checkmate. He gets a near fall. Jay Saldi talks about how excited he is to see new talent in the World Class area like Checkmate and hypes the arrivals of Fishman, Dizzy Hogan and Michael Hayes.

Checkmate again rolls himself up into a ball and then surprises Adias with a headbutt. He then gets Adias with an abdominal breaker, followed by a flying headbutt. Checkmate then picks up Adias for a piledriver but Adias slides off and Checkmate just ends up pinning him.

WINNER: Checkmate

Wild Bill Irwin joins Bill Mercer to talk about his title match against David Von Erich next week. He admits that David Von Erich is the man and that he’s the fighter of the Von Erichs. Irwin says the Texas Heavyweight title was made prestigious by him and that he wants it back.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode. The six-man tag match was fun. Thought the other three matches were just okay. Tony Charles as Checkmate looked good in his TV debut but the finish of the match didn’t look good. Kind of funny to see one of his big spots being rolling up on the mat like he’s dead, similar to an armadillo, and then striking when his opponent isn’t expecting it. Also thought it was amusing to see Gary Hart get some of the mist in his eye and him sell it the rest of the time.


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