All Japan Women Classics #11

Written By Alfredo Esparza

All Japan Women Classics #11

Dump Matsumoto & Rossy Moreno vs. The Crush Gals (Chigusa Nagayo & Lioness Asuka) in a 2-out-of-3-falls match.

Taped 1/5/1985.

Dump Matsumoto, Rossy Moreno and the usual crew that arrives with Dump enter the ringside area and immediately start to threaten everyone ringside. The Crush Gals enter and the girls in the crowd start to scream loudly. Chigusa Nagayo points at Matsumoto. Both Crush Gals start to talk to Matsumoto who threatens to hit them with her kendo stick. The heel referee also confronts the Crush Gals. The heel referee trips with all the ribbons thrown into the ring. Fans cheer loudly.

Dump Matsumoto keeps her kendo stick while both Crush Gals grab their black belts. Brawl ensues as the bell rings to start the match. Matsumoto hits Nagayo with her kendo stick while Asuka chokes Rossy Moreno with her belt. Dump goes after Asuka with her kendo stick. Rossy Moreno grabs hold of one of the belts and attacks Asuka with it. Referee is able to get Dump and Nagayo out of the ring. Asuka and Moreno start the match.

Moreno and Asuka exchange punches. Rossy knocks Asuka down with a body attack. Asuka starts to kick away at Moreno and knocks her down. Lioness Asuka wants Moreno to tag in Matsumoto. Dump gets in the ring and she tags in Nagayo. Both have weapons. Dump swings away with her kendo stick at Nagayo. Referee is able to take the belt away from Nagayo but Asuka runs in with another belt to attack Matsumoto. Moreno and some of the women ringside interfere to stop Asuka.

Referee tries to take away the kendo stick from Matsumoto but that doesn’t happen. Matsumoto finally gets rid of the stick and continues her attack on Nagayo. Nagayo nearly gets a roll-up pin attempt on Dump but that’s quickly countered into a chinlock. More interference with Crane Yu landing a leg drop off the middle rope on Nagayo. Moreno back in the match and she whips Nagayo into the ropes and catches her with a boot to the mid-section.

Moreno with a hair whip sends Nagayo into the corner. Asuka back in and she catches Moreno with a dropkick and follows with a double thrust chop! She whips Moreno again and gets her with a forearm. She starts to drop a knee across her chest and follows with a slam for a near fall. Moreno kicks out but Asuka quickly gets her in a sleeper hold. Snapmare by Asuka but gets Moreno back into a sleeper hold. She tags Nagayo back in and they get Moreno with a double leg sweep. Nagayo gets Moreno in a facelock. Fans continue to cheer on Crush Gals.

Nagayo with a slam on Moreno and a pin attempt but Moreno keeps bridging out of pin attempts. Matsumoto gets in the ring with her kendo stick but Asuka comes in with a belt. Referee grabs hold of the belt and he and Asuka fight over it while Matsumoto starts to hit Nagayo with the kendo stick. Matsumoto hits Asuka with the stick as well. They whip Nagayo into the ropes and Crane Yu and Dump hit her with the stick. Dump whips her into the ropes again but this time Nagayo catches her with a spin kick and goes for the pin but the referee doesn’t count the fall.

Rossy Moreno rolls Nagayo to the outside were she’s attacked by Crane Yu and company. Moreno and Matsumoto go after Asuka. They send her crashing into the ring post. Someone is overheard yelling on the mic. Nagayo grabs the stick used to ring the bell and then gets in the ring and attacks the referee. Referee is able to get the weapons out of the ring.

Nagayo and Moreno now in the ring and she does some spins in the air. She tags in Asuka who lands an elbow off the top rope and Nagayo hits one as well at Moreno’s back. Matsumoto gets back in the ring and continues to hit Asuka with the kendo stick. Crane Yu starts to hit Asuka with a stick as well ringside. Rossy and Nagayo brawl outside the ring.

Dump and Rossy get back in the ring while the referee starts a count on the Crush Gals. Asuka gets back in the ring and she brings back her belt. Her and Dump stare each other down and start to swing their weapons around. Referee is able to get the weapons out again. Test of strength between Matsumoto and Asuka. Dump with a kick to the mid-section. Nagayo tags back in and catches Dump with a kick. She goes for a Scorpion Deathlock but the referee gets distracted. Rossy Moreno attacks Nagayo from behind to break her attempt at a deathlock!

Lioness Asuka misses a dropkick at Rossy Moreno. Nagayo is able to get Matsumoto in the Scorpion Deathlock. Devil Masami grabs the referee and puts him in a chinlock. Dump’s army interferes and makes the save. Side slam by Nagayo on Moreno. She follows with a piledriver on Moreno. Nagayo slams Moreno and Asuka lands an elbow off the top rope. She slams Moreno and Nagayo follows with a diving headbutt off the top rope for the pin to win the 1st fall.

Second fall starts with Nagayo and Moreno in a test of strength. Nagayo gets the advanatage and tags in Lioness Asuka who gets Moreno with an atomic kneedrop. Moreno heads to her corner and tags in Matsumoto. Dump gets handed a fork. She chases after Asuka with it. The referee grabs it and hides it in his pocket for a bit and then hands it back to her. Nagayo tags in and gets attacked by Matsumoto with the fork! She strikes at Nagayo’s forehead a few times!

They head to the outside were Matsumoto continues to attack Nagayo. Devil Masami tries to break it up but can’t. Crane Yu goes after Nagayo as well. Asuka then gets tossed to the outside by Moreno. Nagayo gets back in the ring and Moreno goes after her forehead. Fans cheer loudly for Chigusa! Moreno bites at Nagayo’s forehead. She tags Matsumoto back in.

Matsumoto with a headbutt at Nagayo a few times. She splashes her for a pin but Nagayo bridges out. Dump whips her into the ropes and catches her with a clothesline and then goes for another splash for a near fall. She picks Nagayo up and gets her with a piledriver for the pin but again Nagayo bridges out of the pin. Another weapon is used by Matsumoto and she punches Nagayo and then covers her for the pin. Dump and Rossy win the 2nd fall.

Brawl continues as the third fall bell rings. Dump takes Asuka into the crowd and stikes her with some brass knuckles. She grabs the announcer’s table and tosses it aside. She starts to beat on all the women who are ringside.

Meanwhile in the ring Rossy Moreno and Chigusa Nagayo continue the match. Nagayo catches Rossy with a spin kick. She elbows Moreno and grabs hold of her arms. Nagayo takes Moreno down and tries to go for a Scorpion Deathlock. Matsumoto sneaks into the ring. Nagayo tags Asuka in and they continue to work on Moreno’s legs. She gets Moreno in a suplex. Fans cheer for Lioness Asuka who is bleeding from her forehead. Matsumoto makes the save for her partner.

They brawl in the ring with Matsumoto attacking Asuka’s forehead. She slams Asuka and covers her for the pin but Asuka bridges out. Dump tosses Asuka into the ropes but Asuka gets her in an abdominal stretch. Dump’s army interferes. Matsumoto grabs hold of a chain and starts to use it on Asuka. Moreno and Nagayo get in the ring as well.

Nagayo goes after the referee again. More of the women interfere. Asuka catches Dump with a clothesline. She goes after Dump’s leg but Moreno makes the save. Moreno misses a senton on Asuka who then gets her in a giant swing! Asuka goes for the pin but Moreno raises her shoulder. Tope suicida to the outside by Nagayo at Matsumoto! Everyone brawls outside again!

Referee counts everyone out. Lioness Asuka made it into the ring as the bell started to ring.

WINNER: Double Count Out

Akemi Sakamoto vs. Hisako Uno (Akira Hokuto) – New Person Tournament Finals

Taped 12/12/1985 at the Ota Ward Gymnasium in Tokyo, Japan.

Sakamoto kicks Uno as soon as the bell rings. She slams Uno and drops on top of her. Sakamoto with a facelock on Uno. She quickly switches over to a body scissors on Uno. Uno fights her way out of the hold by picking her up and slamming her down on the mat. Uno whips Sakamoto into the ropes and knocks her down with a body block.

Uno goes for a suplex but Sakamoto is too heavy for her. She’s able to slam her instead. She goes for a suplex again but Sakamoto reverses into a slam of her own. Sakamoto gets Uno in a half Boston Crab. Sakamoto follows that up by whipping Uno around the ring but Uno counters with an armbar. Uno with some arm whips into a cross armbreaker. Sakamoto fights her off on the hold. She escapes and lands an elbow on Uno. Sakamoto gets Uno in a side headlock.

Uno escapes and counters with a headscissors. Sakamoto escapes and splits apart Uno’s legs. Uno with some forearms at Sakamoto’s chest. Sakamoto picks her up and whips her into the ropes. Uno counters with a pair of cross body blocks and a pair of dropkicks. She slams Sakamoto and keeps her on the mat. Front facelock by Uno. Sakamoto escapes and whips Uno into the ropes and catches her with an elbow. She follows with some kicks and hip tosses. Sakamoto goes for the pin and gets the win.

WINNER: Akemi Sakamoto

SHOW THOUGHTS: Good episode. The tag match was a good wild brawl. Really enjoyed the final fall when all hell broke loose but the Crush Gals did some cool spots during that fall. The second match was okay with the most interesting part of it was seeing an early Akira Hokuto match.


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