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Memphis Wrestling 9/27/1980

Written By Alfredo Esparza

CWA Memphis Championship Wrestling 9/27/1980

Taped 9/27/1980 at the WMC Studios in Memphis, Tennessee.

Lance Russell and Dave Brown are on commentary.

They air a commercial for a furniture store featuring “Handsome” Jimmy Valiant.

Dr. Bill Irwin & Gypsy Joe vs. Carl Fergie & Tom Maley

Carl Fergie and Dr. Bill Irwin start the match off and Irwin quickly goes for a waistlock. Fergie reverses it and takes Irwin down to the mat with a headscissors. Irwin escapes. Fergie gets Irwin with a hammerlock and takes him back down to the mat. They get back up and Fergie keeps hold of Irwin’s left arm. Irwin kicks away from him and tags Gypsy Joe.

Gypsy Joe gets Fergie in a side headlock but Fergie whips him and backdrops him. Fergie with a side headlock but Gypsy Joe pulls Fergie’s hold to break the hold. Fans yelling as Joe cheats. Fergie with an armdrag and follows it up with a headlock takedown. Joe again pulls Fergie’s hair to break the hold and gets him in a chinlock. Joe tags in Irwin.

Dr. Bill with some fists at Fergie but Fergie bounces off the ropes and punches Irwin. He’s able to tag in Tom Maley who takes Irwin down to the mat with a side headlock. Irwin whips Maley into the ropes and picks him up and powerslams him. Dr. Bill picks Maley back up and gets him with a side suplex for another near fall. Ref stops the count as Fergie tries to help his partner. Gypsy Joe back in the match.

Gypsy Joe chokes and beats on Maley. He kicks Maley a few times and goes back to choking him again. Joe tags Irwin back in and they beat on Maley in the corner. Fergie gets in to help his partner and all four men brawl until the referee gets Fergie out of the ring. Joe and Irwin continue to beat on Maley.

Irwin drops Maley onto the top rope. He whips Maley into the ropes and kicks him in the mid-section. Irwin sends Maley into the corner and Gypsy Joe tags back in. Joe stomps on Maley. He rakes Maley’s eyes. Gypsy Joe continues to beat on him in the corner and tags in Irwin. He whips Maley into the ropes and Irwin clotheslines him. Irwin follows with a splash for the pin.

WINNERS: Bill Irwin & Gypsy Joe

Promos for upcoming Louisville show with Tommy Rich talking about his upcoming match with Jimmy Valiant and Killer Karl Krupp talks about his upcoming CWA World Heavyweight title match against Billy Robinson.

King Cobra vs. David Oswald

King Cobra gets David Oswald with a hold but Oswald quickly reaches the ropes. He’s able to get Oswald on the mat with an armbar but Oswald gets back up. They run the ropes and King Cobra gets him with a monkey flip followed by an armdrag into a wristlock. He goes to work on Oswald’s left arm.

King Cobra flips Oswald over and drops a knee across his left arm. He keeps Oswald on the mat with an armbar. Oswald gets King Cobra in the corner and gets in a couple of cheap shots at him. King Cobra responds with a headbutt and snapmares him and lands a knee across his chest. He goes for the pin but Oswald kicks out and King Cobra gets Oswald back in a facelock.

Oswald gets King Cobra on the ropes and gets in a few knees and punches at King Cobra. King Cobra fights back with some punches and goes for the pin but only gets a 2 count. He goes for another pin but Oswald kicks out. King Cobra with a powerslam and he goes for another pin but Oswald kicks out. King Cobra whips Oswald into the ropes and backdrops him. He gets Oswald again in a wristlock.

King Cobra keeps Oswald in an armbar but he refuses to give up. He gets in a few knees into Oswald’s arm. King Cobra with a submission hold that he tries to go for a pin on Oswald but Oswald escapes. Oswald back up and he attacks King Cobra with some punches. King Cobra fights back and punches him and then whips him into the ropes and catches him with a dropkick. He gets Oswald with a second dropkick and follows with a flying headscissors for the pin.

WINNER: King Cobra

Tommy Rich shows up and grabs the mic and yells at Koko Ware.

“Wildfire” Tommy Rich vs. Koko Ware

They lock-up and Rich gets Ware in a side headlock. Ware whips him into the ropes but Rich catches him with a punch followed by a knee lift. Ware fights back and knocks Rich down. He gets Rich in a facelock but Rich breaks the hold by pulling Ware by the hair.

Rich gets Ware in the corner and gets in a fist. He continues to attack Ware. Rich uses his foot and drags it across Ware’s eyes. Koko Ware fights back and catches Rich with a dropkick. He follows with a fist drop for a near fall but Rich stops the count by getting his foot on the rope.

Some cool rope running ends with Rich catching Ware with a punch. Rich tosses Ware into the referee and then tosses Ware over the top rope to the floor. Rich follows Ware and slams him on the floor. He gets back in the ring and tells the referee to count Koko Ware out. Ware almost gets back in the ring on his own but Rich decides to grab hold of him and suplex him back into the ring.

Rich goes for the pin and gets the win. Tommy Rich smiles as he won the match. He heads over to the announcer’s table and Lance Russell tells him he’s not pleased with how he won.

WINNER: Tommy Rich

Lance Russell promo for the upcoming Louisville show.

Sonny King & The Angel vs. Mike Meroni & Tony Boyles

The Angel and Tony Boyles start the match and The Angel quickly takes down Boyles to the mat. Boyles reverses it into a headscissors but The Angel escapes and tags in Sonny King. King beats on Boyles and gets him in a chinlock. He picks up Boyles and whips him into the ropes and catches him with a punch to the mid-section. King tags in The Angel.

The Angel gets Boyles in a front facelock but Boyles reaches his corner and tags in Mike Meroni but The Angel takes him down quickly with a knee to the mid-section. The Angel slams Meroni and gets a 1 count on him. King tags back in and punches Meroni again. He whips Meroni into the ropes and kicks him. King slams Meroni and tags in The Angel who whips Meroni into the ropes and tosses him aside. The Angel slams Meroni and drops a knee across his head. Suplex by The Angel and he covers Meroni for the pin.

WINNERS: Sonny King & The Angel

Eddie Gilbert & Tommy Gilbert vs. David McGee & Tom Stanton

Tom Stanton and Tommy Gilbert start the match. Tommy with a side headlock takedown that Stanton tries to roll him over for a pin by holding the tights. Tommy heads over to his corner and tags in Eddie who gets Stanton back down on the mat. Stanton rakes Eddie’s eyes and follows with a slam. He heads to the top rope but Eddie cuts him off and slams him off the top rope.

Stanton tags in David McGee but he gets caught by Eddie Gilbert with a flying forearm. Eddie follows with a pair of slams on McGee. Wristlock by Eddie and he leg sweeps McGee down to the mat and now has Stanton in an armbar. Eddie tags in Tommy Gilbert.

Tommy Gilbert with some upper cuts on McGee. He slams McGee and follows with a knee drop. He tags Eddie back in and he whips McGee into the ropes and tags Tommy back in. Eddie then punches McGee and Tommy catches him with a knee lift for the pin. Eddie takes out Stanton to keep him from making the save.

WINNERS: Eddie Gilbert & Tommy Gilbert

“Superstar” Bill Dundee & Tojo Yamamoto vs. Frank Savage & Jimmy Kent

This is an expiration of time match. Frank Savage and Bill Dundee start the match. Dundee with a takedown on Savage. Savage back up and he gets some knees into Dundee’s mid-section while on the ropes. That upsets Dundee who threatens to kick Savage. Dundee tags in Tojo Yamamoto who gets in a few shots at Savage. He gets a warning from the referee for pulling Savage’s hair.

Tojo Yamamoto backs Savage into the corner and Yamamoto takes him down. Jimmy Kent attacks Yamamoto. Dundee runs in and attacks Kent. All four men start to brawl in the ring. Yamamoto tosses Kent to the outside while Dundee and Savage are going at it near the ropes. Tojo chops Savage. Dundee tags back in and catches Savage with a dropkick.

Bill Dundee gets Savage in a facelock. He follows with a right hand and then whips him into the corner but Savage kicks him and starts to beat on Dundee. Elbow at Dundee as he came off the ropes. Jimmy Kent tags in and he and Dundee exchange punches. Dundee whips Kent into the corner and catches him with a forearm. He follows with an elbow drop but Savage runs in. Tojo runs in as well.

Dundee and Tojo double-team Kent with Tojo hitting him with a chop. Dundee goes for the pin but Savage makes the save. Kent tags Savage in. Frank Savage with a body slam and then misses an elbow drop on Dundee. Dundee goes for a pin on Savage but only gets a 1 and a half. Dundee whips him into the ropes and backdrops him. Savage tries to fight back but Dundee tags in Tojo.

Yamamoto beats on Savage. Kent tries to make the save but Dundee keeps him away. Dundee grabs hold of Savage as Yamamoto chops him. Kent tries to grab hold of Yamamoto but Tojo sees him and chops him off the ring. Savage keeps fighting back but Tojo and Dundee keep attacking. Tojo and Dundee send Savage and Kent crashing into each other. Dundee covers Kent for the pin while Tojo has his foot on Savage’s throat. Referee doesn’t count a pin attempt.

Dave Brown isn’t sure if there was a pin but Lance Russell tells him that he didn’t think the referee even had a chance to do a count with everything going on in the ring. More chops from Tojo at Savage. He goes for the claw on Savage but Kent makes the save.

Jimmy Kent and Bill Dundee get in the ring. Dundee whips Kent into the ropes and armdrags him. He kicks and punches at Kent. Kent fights back in the corner and whips Dundee into the corner. Dundee climbs the corner ropes and hits a body press onto Kent for the pin.

WINNERS: Bill Dundee & Tojo Yamamoto

More Louisville promos with Lance Russell, Bill Dundee and Jimmy Valiant.

Lance Russell interviews Koko Ware who mentions that he recently had a few matches against Les Thornton. Ware mentions that he’s only been wrestling for the past two years. Russell mentions that Ware had a 60-minute draw with Les Thornton who is the current NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion. Ware said he was glad to be back in the area.

SHOW THOUGHTS: Okay episode. I enjoyed the Tommy Rich vs. Koko Ware and final tag match. Other than the Koko Ware interview there weren’t any in-studio interviews so that felt a bit weird when watching Memphis wrestling. A few of the matches were kept pretty short which made it an easy show to watch but it just didn’t have a lot going on this week other than Tommy Rich.


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