Championship Wrestling From Florida 4/7/1984

Written By Alfredo Esparza

Championship Wrestling From Florida 4/7/1984

Taped 4/4/1984 in Tampa, Florida. Aired on 4/7/1984.

Gordon Solie talks about the Star Wars wrestling series that will be happening the following weekend. He’s joined as usual by Buddy Colt and Barbara Clary.

Video cuts out so we return with Mike Graham joining Solie to talk about an incident that happened to him during a recent match. He talks about a Bunkhouse match were Graham teamed with Barry Windham against Kevin Sullivan and Buzz Sawyer from 3/31. Sullivan tied up Windham to the ropes so he and Sawyer placed a plastic bag over Graham’s head. Windham is able to escape and Mike Rotundo runs out to help them out.

Mike Graham said he’s not going to let this go and vows to get revenge against Sawyer and Sullivan.

They air the contract signings for the U.S. Tag Team Championship title match between Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo vs. Chavo & Hector Guerrero from the offices of Championship Wrestling from Florida. Gordon Solie joins them for the signing. They all sign the contract. Chavo Guerrero mentions how proud they are to represent Mexico against two great athletes like Windham & Rotundo. He then says that his father (Gori Guerrero) has known Barry’s father (Blackjack Mulligan) for a long time and wanted to give Barry some salsa that they made for this special occasion. Chavo then tosses it at Windham and the Guerreros run away.

Barry Windham and Mike Rotundo join Gordon Solie and Buddy Colt at the announcer’s table to talk about what happened with the Guerreros. Windham says he wants more than the tag titles as part of the match and he vows payback against the Guerreros. Mike Rotundo stays on commentary as Windham is scheduled to wrestle Black Bart.

Barry Windham vs. Black Bart

They lock-up and Windham blocks a punch by Bart and starts pounding away. Windham catches him with a dropkick and follows with a legdrop. He grabs Black Bart in a chinlock but Black Bart fights out of it and whips Windham into the ropes and back drops him. Bart then drops Windham onto the top rope. He sends Windham into the corner but Windham fights back with some upper cuts.

Windham slams Bart but misses an elbow drop. Black Bart with a boot to the head. He slams Windham’s head into the top turnbuckle. Bart drops Windham onto the top turnbuckle but he’s quickly back on attack and sends Bart away with some kicks and forearms. He gets Bart into the corner and punches at him. Bart fights back and knocks Windham down. He lands on top of him in a pinning position and covers him while using the ropes as leverage. Referee sees it and stops the count.

Black Bart raises his arm in victory but the referee isn’t calling the match. Barry Windham goes for a roll-up from behind and covers him for the pin.

WINNER: Barry Windham

Black Bart complains about the loss to the referee.

Gordon Solie again talks about Florida Star Wars which will run from April 8th thru April 15th. Barry Windham and Mike Graham join Gordon Solie but video cuts out.

They air a promo featuring Black Bart, Buzz Sawyer, The One Man Gang & Kevin Sullivan talking about their upcoming matches in Miami. The One Man Gang carries Kevin Sullivan on his shoulders and as Sullivan cuts his promo about going up against Andre The Giant, OMG keeps saying “Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum”.

Dusty Rhodes joins Gordon Solie to talk about his match in Miami Beach against Ric Flair. He says it is an important match and he’ll be the next NWA World Heavyweight Champion.

Kevin Sullivan vs. Mike Graham

Kevin Sullivan charges into the ring but Mike Graham is ready and catches him with a series of right hands. Sullivan falls to the outside but Graham chases after him and continues to attack Sullivan. They get back into the ring and Graham continues and Sullivan’s forehead starts to bleed a few seconds into the match. Graham whips Sullivan into the ropes and catches him with another right hand.

Graham continues to punch away on Sullivan. He gets Sullivan in the figure-four leglock. The Midnight Rider shows up and grabs Sullivan by the hair. He delivers an elbow at Sullivan. He brings along a bullrope and climbs up onto the top rope and places part of the rope onto the top of the studio roof. Solie mentions it is a Hangman’s noose.

The Midnight Rider ties up Sullivan’s hands. He then places the noose around Sullivan’s neck. They pick him up and Buddy Colt says “they are going to hang ’em!” Graham and The Midnight Rider start to hang Sullivan. Sullivan holds on to the ropes and Buzz Sawyer comes out and grabs him and tries to get Sullivan out of the noose. CWF cuts away from the scene and all we get is Gordon Solie calling the action.

WINNER: No Contest

Buzz Sawyer is able to get Sullivan out of the Hangman’s noose and helps him out of the studio.

Gordon Solie talks to Mike Graham and The Midnight Rider. Graham says he’s willing to use violence against Sullivan if that’s what he prefers. The Midnight Rider vows to hang Sullivan.

Chavo & Hector Guerrero talk about their upcoming matches including in Miami Beach and Homestead. Chavo says they are wearing their full revolution regalia. Hector yells a few words.

They air a special feature on Ron Bass. It ends up being a music video with highlights of his matches in Florida and in Memphis.

They air a Missing Children’s segment were they give info on kids that are missing and give a phone number for anyone that has information to call.

Highlights of Harley Race vs. Dusty Rhodes are shown with Dusty Rhodes winning the NWA World Heavyweight title.

They re-air the highlights of the Barry Windham & Mike Graham vs. Buzz Sawyer & Kevin Sullivan match with J.J. Dillon joining Gordon Solie. Dillon gets upset that they are re-airing this match and says they should be showing the earlier incident when The Midnight Rider attacked Kevin Sullivan and he screams that everyone knows that it is Dusty Rhodes under that mask. Dillon repeats that Rhodes is an outlaw and that he just spent six weeks doing a weekly feature on this. He gets upset and says it is 1984 and no one should be hanging another person and calls Dusty Rhodes a disgrace! Gordon Solie disagrees and says Dusty Rhodes stands for “right, truth and justice”.

SHOW THOUGHTS: This show was pretty wild as you would expect from Florida. They only had two matches on the show with a lot of arena highlights included and interviews but this was wild. Mike Graham vowing revenge on Sullivan and Sawyer early on the show only to have him and The Midnight Rider hang Sullivan later on was something that you definitely can’t get away with now and even back then most places wouldn’t have allowed that to make TV. They censored part of it so someone knew that would catch some heat but weeks later they did an even crazier angle. Guerreros tossing salsa at Windham at the contract signing was funny. Windham vs. Bart was entertaining. Not the smoothest looking match but just two big guys throwing punches and kicks at each other. Closing segment with J.J. Dillon was pretty great. Somehow he’s the bad guy when he’s pointing out no one should be hanging a person and that was followed by Solie standing up for Dusty Rhodes. Fun episode.


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